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The World Title scene got just a little more muddied. Plus, Ethan Carter III and RockStar Spud went look for the Blair Witch…no, wait, it was Willow.

The show opened with a look at James Storm’s horrific attack on Gunner and his father. That was one of the worst things that I’ve seen in a long time. Storm and Gunner will fight, later tonight.

MVP came out to talk with the crowd. TNA looked back at last week’s World Title match, where MVP and Abyss were both involved. MVP said he wanted there to be a level playing field for all. He didn’t want shady alliances going on. MVP was ready to make an “Executive Decision”.

He was interrupted by the arrival of Magnus and Abyss. Magmus said Abyss worked for him, all legal and such. Magnus stated that the only time that Abyss was in the ring was when Magnus was. MVP was cool with that. MVP wasn’t going to fire Abyss but he did threaten to show him how vicious he (MVP) could be. MVP knew Abyss was being used and manipulated. He called Abyss the “World’s Ugliest Valet”. MVP offered Abyss a shot at the World Title. MVP also added Samoa Joe to the mix. Next week, Magnus vs Samoa Joe vs Abyss in a Three-Way Dance.

That brought out Samoa Joe. He was really ticked off that MVP took away his one-on-one rematch against the champion. Joe was concerned that he was being put into a “Handicap Match”. MVP clarified that both Joe and Abyss were going to go after the title. Joe was about to lose control over this. MVP asked Joe to step down. Magnus started to leave but Joe attacked him. Abyss then got involved. MVP then took the fight to MVP. Eric Young then rushed in and tore into The Monster. Eric also did a Back Leg Low Blow to Magnus. Commercial time. Really?

Eric Young explained that he wanted to be in the match, next week, to counter Abyss. Eric felt it was his responsibility to stop The Monster. MVP didn’t understand why he should do that. Eric said he would make it so Joe could get Magnus, 1-on-1. MVP didn’t feel Eric had earned the opportunity. Eric went off on MVP about being in the company for 10 years. He ran down all the different things that he has done. He then talked about all the titles he held, including the Knockout Tag Titles. Eric told MVP he would get what he deserves. Joe stepped in and said Eric wasn’t at the head of the line. Joe said Eric wasn’t going to get anything until Joe got what he wants. MVP appreciated Eric’s passion. MVP added Eric Young into the World Title Mach, now a Fatal Four Way. Joe and Eric got in each other’s face. Joe with the Pieface and Eric exploded with a Thesz Press. Eric held his own with the big Samoan. MVP screamed for help to separate them. Joe demanded a match against Eric Young, later in the night. MVP did just that.

Bully Ray showed off his Twitta Machine. Ray warned Bobby Roode that he was about to get a lot of tables.

As MVP stepped in the back, The Wolves requested to fight Abyss and Magnus. MVP wanted to be sure that they knew what they were getting into. They said they did understand the risks.

“The Hunt for Willow” Oh, Good Grief. Spud and Ethan were in the woods. Spud grumbled about his bad leg.

Ethan and Spud were back, after the break, to find and attack Willow. Sigh. Ethan told Spud to shut up and follow him.

Finally, a wrestling match. Only 29 minutes into a 2 hour show.

Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards vs Abyss and Magnus

Magnus decided to open the match. Arm Bar by Magnus but a quick escape. Davey was stomped in the corner. Magnus with a hard punch to Davey. European Uppercut by Magnus. Magnus yelled at Eddie. Davey tried to fight back and tagged to Eddie. Knife Edge Chops and a nice Double Team by The Wolves. 2 count. Eddie tagged back in. Double Headbutt. Eddie ran Magnus into Davey’s head. Abyss with a blind tag. He hit a Clothesline to both Wolves. Break time.

Magnus was back in the ring to inflict more punishment. Magnus aught Eddie and hit a Stall Suplex. Arrogant cover by Magnus. Rear Chin Lock by the World Champ. Eddie fought free but ate a Back Elbow. Magnus with a hard Whip but he took a boot and Hurancanrana. Magnus tried to prevent the tag but couldn’t. Davey took out Abyss and then went wild on Magnus. Magnus reversed a Whip but Davey with the Backsprign Enziguri. Abyss crashed into Magnus. Davey with a Stereo Dropkick. Awesome Bridging German by Davy. The Wolves flipped out of the Double Chokeslam and Dropkicked both knee. Double Round Kicks. Davey flew out of the ring with a Suicide Dive. Eddie with a Single Leg Crab and Magnus tapped out instantly.

Your Winners: The Wolves
Impact Score: 3.5 out of a possible 5

After the match, Abyss looked at the World title belt. Magnus expected Abyss to return it to him but Abyss just took off with it. Magnus was completely confused.

Angelina Love made her way out to the ring. The fans weren’t so happy to see her. She called out Velvet Sky, who has been ignoring her. Love wanted to know what he Hell Sky’s problem was. Velvet walked out in electric blue. Sky said she was “P*ssed Off” about what Love did to Madison Rayne, last week. Love said she did that for them. Love said, without her, Sky was mediocre, at best. Love accused Sky of losing her edge. Sky said a lot has changed in the past two years. Love said she was at home because she was “a headache”. She accused Sky of being the company’s “Bee-Atch”. Love warned Sky that she better pick a side by the end of the Angelina vs Madison match.

A video ran about how James Storm and Gunner came together as a team.

Ethan and Spud were still in the woods.

Bully Ray was about to make Bobby Roode’s life…interesting.

Ethan and Spud came up on a creepy barn. Spud didn’t want to enter the barn so Ethan went in. Ethan freaked out Spud by faking an attack. Spud got kidnapped by Willow. Classic Three Stooges kind of thing. Ethan thought Spud was playing a game but froze as he heard the maniacal cackle from Willow.

The next chapter of the James Storm/Gunner relationship was profiled. It all centered around the Feast or Fired Briefcase.

The Hour Turner segment saw Bully Ray walk out and bring the crowd to their feet. Bully called for a few of his “Friends” to bring out some tables. Several fans strolled out with tables. Ray joked about the number of tables at ringside. Ray wanted to know if everyone knew who he was…the man who ran Dixie Carter out of TNA. Ray explained that he did what he did to protect Bobby Roode from becoming the next Dixie Carter. Ray said it was time to see Bobby go through multiple tables…

Out strolled the “It Factor”. Bobby said Ray didn’t intimidate him. Bobby admitted that he was blinded by the desire to become part owner of the company. Now, his vision was clear and he was ready to get back to being the “Real” Bobby Roode. Bobby then asked “Do you know who I am?”. Ray told him to quit running his mouth and get in the ring and fight. Bobby wouldn’t let Ray “call the shots”. Bobby told Ray that he would pick the time and place but Ray said it was going to happen now. Bobby refused to fight and started to leave. Ray came out and clubbed the back. Ray punched Bobby down the ramp. Ray then slammed Bobby’s face into the ring steps. Ray ripped open the shirt and hit a wet slap to the chest. Ray put Bobby on the first table but Bobby escaped. Ray with another hard Slap to the chest. Ray slapped the table when Bobby moved. Bobby with a hard punch. Bobby then focused on the injured hand of Ray. Measured Punches and kicks by Bobby. Bobby wanted to Suplex Ray through a table, on the floor. Bubba Cutter blocked. Bobby went after Ray’s shoulder. Bobby moved one of the tables nearer to the ring. Bully wanted to Powerbomb Bobby but Roode with the Back Body Drop to send Ray into the ring. Ray dodged the Buffbuster. American Dream Bionic Elbow. Ray put his boot through a table. Roode had moved. Bobby went after the leg that went through the table. Bobby fought out of a Powerbomb. Bobby sent Ray through a table. Ray seemed to be out cold. Roode slid out of the ring as Ray began to stir.

Abyss strolled into Magnus’ dressing room. Magnus wanted his title belt back. Abyss wasn’t happy that Magnus tapped out so quickly. Abyss said he didn’t like to lose. Magnus expected Abyss to lose to him. He didn’t want The Monster to let MVP mess with his mind.

James Storm and Gunner got ready for their huge fight, in a few minutes.

Knux was with a girl to look at some flood damage. Knux said he would help the girl fix tings. Knux said “The Old Man” wouldn’t talk to him. I think she might be an old girlfriend. She called him “Max”. She sent him to speak with “The Old Man”.

Angelina Love vs Madison Rayne
Non-Title Match

Madison wetn right after Love with a Clothesline and kicks. Love went to the floor to escape the brutality. Love missed an Elbow Drop and Madison ran Love into the turnbuckles. Velvet Sky came out to watch. Madison flew out of the ring. Sky cheered for her friend, Madison. Love took exception. Roll Up, by Madison, for two. Madison with a modified Crucifix Slide Pin attempt. Jawbreaker by Love after the kick out. Madison went out to the floor and Sky did the cheerleader ting. Love yelled at Sky. Madison kicked out of the pin attempt. Love raked Madison’s back and yelled at Sky. Love choked Madison on the middle rope. Love tore at Madison’s face. Forearm shot by Love. Flying Face Plant that took down both women. The two exchanged hard shots and Madison took the advantage. Madison with a Back Elbow and Shoulder Tackle. Northern Lights Bridging Suplex by Madison. Dropkick by Madison. Love ended up at Sky’s feet. Love went off on Sky and took a Baseball Slide Dropkick. Sky was torn. Madison pitched Love in. Sky with a DDT, on the floor. Sky then rolled Madison into the ring. Sky laughed at her former friend. Love took the easiest of pins.

Your Winner: Angelina Love
Impact Score: 2.0

ODB talked with her hubby about fighting Samoa Joe. She told Eric to be careful because the World Title match was next week. He didn’t care about the title.

MVP chatted with Kenny King. King was happy to be “home”. King was ready to fight but MVP didn’t have an open slot. He made sure to have something for King, next week.

Samoa Joe vs Eric Young
Special Challenge Match

Joe seemed to be meditating, in the corner. The bell rang and the two circled each other. Joe talked to Eric and then shoved him. Eric with punches but Joe threw him out of the ring. Eric slid in and hit a hard Dropkick and punches. Joe with a knee to the ribs. Eric came back with a punch and Flying Forearm. 2 count. Eric stomped away on Joe and ran him into the corner. Flair Flop by Eric. Kneelift by Joe. Eric tumbled into the ring.

Joe laid out Eric and then stalked his prey. Joe with the Knife Edge Chop. Whip into the Running Back Elbow and Jumping Enziguri. Joe couldn’t believe Eric kicked out. Headbutt and Snap Mare by Joe. Chop and Kick into the Flying Kneedrop. 2 count, again. The fans were divided in their support. Double Clotheslines that put Eric and Joe down hard.

The men slowly rose and Eric with wild Haymakers. Discus Forearm and Clothesline by Eric. Scoop Slam by Eric. Eric went up to the top but had to abandon the idea. Corner Uranage by Joe. 1-2-no. Big Boot by Eric. Eric missed a Moonsault. Eric tried to fight out of the Rear Naked Choke. Eric pushed off the corner. Joe cinched in the Kokina Clutch and Eric passed out.

Your Winner (by submission): Samoa Joe
Impact Score: 2.5

Earl Hebner came out to talk with Brian Hebner. He explained that Joe’s shoulders were pinned. The two Hebners discussed it all the way to the back.

Ethan was out in the woods, looking for Willow and/or Spud. Ethan was determined to find Spud.

There was a backstage incident that got Samual Shaw suspended. Shaw burst into Christy Hemme’s dressing room. He had her freaked out. She slapped him and ordered him to leave. He ended up cutting a strand of her hair. She was in tears as the creepy one left. Next week, Shawn will face Anderson in a Straigth Jacket Match.

The final video package about the Gunner vs Storm war aired.

James Storm vs Gunner
No Disqualification Street Fight

Storm seemed to have a new darker music but it was hard to hear. Gunner rushed down and the two fought on the ramp. Gunner punched away and sent Storm into the ring steps. Gunner got a table and set it up. Storm attacked and sent Gunner into the rign steps. Gunner blocked Storm and punched away. He slammed Storm into the ring apron. The “Toys” started to emerge from under the ring. Gunner with a Snap Suplex, on the floor. Storm pulled Gunner into the ring steps. Storm smashed some kind of container into Gunner’s face.

Storm rammed Gunner’s face into the apron. Storm with a Running Boot to Gunner’s face. Storm with a Suplex on the ramp. Storm screamed at the fans. Gunner blocked Storm’s attempt to send him into the steps. Gunner slammed a chair into Storm’s ribs. Gunner put a trio of chairs in the ring. Flying DDT off the ropes, by Storm. TNA took a quick break.

Corner Splash by Gunner. Blanchard Slingshot Suplex by Gunner. 2 count. Gunner picked up a chair and can lid. He abandoned the lid to wedge the chair between the ropes. Gunner and Storm with Can Lid blasts. Dang. Storm came back and blasted Gunner. Spear by Gunner. 2 count, plus. Storm went to the eyes and ten punched away. Back Elbow by Gunner into a Sunset Flip. Storm rolled through and used a Catapult to send Gunner into the wedged chair. Back Stabber! Savage Elbow! Gunner barely kicked out. Storm with a beer bottle that he se in the ring. Storm got on the apron. Gunner Speared Storm through the table by way of a Suicide Dive Spear! Gunner got the two count. Gunner got a pair of chairs and set them up. Gunner ran Storm into the corner and sat Storm up top. Gunner with a Superlex through the chairs. Storm barely kicked out. Gunner wanted the Gun Rack but Storm with the Code Breaker and 2 Last Calls. 1—2—Kick Out! “This is Awesome!” rang out in unison.

Storm went out to find a beer bottle. Gunner got the other one. Gunner nailed Storm with the bottle. Gunner with his version of the F5!

Your Winner: Gunner
Impact Score: 4.0

It was time for the final Willow segment. Ethan screamed for Jeff and then Willow. Ethan wanted Spud returned. Ethan found the tied up Spud. Willow with a big echo thing to freak out Ethan. Willow came out of nowhere to assault Ethan and leave the opened umbrella on him. Spud cried to be released. Ethan said it was “Game On!”

Well, my friends, I won’t be here for next week’s Impact. I take off on Tuesday for a nice cross-country drive from Nevada to New Orleans. I have my video camera and 3 tapes to capture some of the great countryside. (I HATE to fly, if I can avoid it). I hope to see some of you great fans down in the Big Easy. I’ll be at Wrestlecon on Saturday and Sunday. I’ll also be at the Mid-South Reunion Show on Friday night. Stop by the Rivalry table and say hi. I may be at the Ring of Honor shows but I’m still not sure. While I won’t be doing next week’s Impact Recap, I should have a fun Wrestlecon Wrap-up, complete with some great photos. I’ll be back around the 9th with a delayed recap of Raw. Again, I hope to see you all at Wrestlecon and Mid-South Reunion.


–Jay Shannon

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