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The show began with a flashback to Jay Briscoe getting put into the Ring of Honor main event at Supercard of Honor 8. There will be a Ladder Wars battle to unify the two versions of the RoH World title. Michael Bennett got involved and that brought out Mark Briscoe. That whole scenario has set this week’s main event: The Briscoes vs Adam Cole and Michael Bennett.

Roll the opening montage!

We are live (via tape) from Philly.

Andrew Evereet and Adrenaline Rush (TaDarius Thomas and ACH) vs The Decade (Jimmy Jacobs, Roderick Strong and B.J. Whitmer)
Six-Man Tag Team Match

The Decade refused the Code of Honor Handshake. Andrew started against Strong. Collar and Elbow into a Strong Hammerlock. Reversal. Re-Reversal into an Arm Bar. Andrew and Strong went back and forth with Strong getting the Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle into a Huranrana. Andrew with a nice Dropkick. Tag to TD. Scoop Slam. 1 count only. Strong rushed TD to the corner and tagged Whitmer. He stomped and chopped away. Knife Edge Chop by Whitmer. Drop Down into an Arm Drag and Dropkick. 2 count. Jacobs tried to attack TD but failed. Snap Powerslam by Whitmer. Whitmer pitched TD to the outside. Strong and Jacobs double teamed TD on the floor. RoH took a break.

Fans, if you are going to New Orleans for the April 4th-6th Super Weekend of Wrestling (Wrestlemania, Wrestlecon, Ring of Honor, Mid-South Reunion Show), you can still get tickets for Supercard of Honor 8. They are available through ROHWrestling.com. If my schedule permits, I will be there, dressed in either my red or black official “1Wrestling.com” gear. You can also see many of the RoH stars at Wrestlecon. I’ll be there, as well, between Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and my buddy, Andy Anderson.

The dance card had changed as ACH was being attacked by Strong. ACH did his best to fight out of the enemy corner with wild kicks. Tag to TD. TD laid out Whitmer and rocked Strong with kicks. Whitmer came in to attack but got nailed. Black Magic by TD. TD with massive kicks to Strong. Jacobs came in to stop a German Suplex Pin by TD. TD ended up fighting all three Decade members. It broke down to a Mosh Pit after Andrew took the pin. Andrew with a Moonsault to the floor to take out Jacobs and Strong. He then hit one to Whitmer, in the ring. Jacobs made the save. TD with a Flip Dive to take out Jacobs and Whitmer. ACH then hit one of the most insane Flip Dives that I’ve seen. Everett missed the 450 Splash and Strong with the Suplex Backbuster to take the win.

Your Winners: The Decade
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75 out of a possible 5

Michael Elgin discussed his upcoming battle with A.J. Styles. Elgin admitted that he requested the match. Elgin said he needed to beat Styles to prove himself worthy of eventually taking the Ring of Honor World Title. Elgin told Adam Cole to pull up a seat and watch what he will be facing, very soon.

Romantic Touch vs R.D. Evans

Steve Corino said Evans win steak was up to 40-0. Veda Scott was with her man. Dang, she is gorgeous. Evans now has a valet named Ramon that carries signs with the streak listed on it.

Evans with a School Boy at the bell for a 2. Universal into a Monkey Flip. Touch with a Corner Monkey Flip after a little Bump and Grind. Knife Edge Chop by Touch. Flair Flop by Evans. Flipping Back Roll by Evans. Touch grabbed Scott’s hair and freaked her out. One-Legged Dropkick by Evans. Evans went to the corner. He missed the Benoit Diving Headbutt. Back Body Drops by Touch. Evans with a hard kick. Touch ran Evans, crotch first, into the corner and then banged his head into the corner. Flair Strut by Touch. Rick Rude Shimmy by Touch. Flying Neckbreaker by Touch for a two. Whip by Touch but Evans with the Backslide. 2 count.

Dropkick by Touch that sent Evans to the floor. Flip Dive by Touch. Scott backed away from Touch. She lured him around and then went under the ring. He went after her to “Get some”. The ref was counting. Evans slid in the ring at 19. Romantic Touch was still under the ring.

Your Winner (by Count Out) R.D. Evans 41-0
Honor Roll Ranking: 1.75

Touch lit up a cigarette as if celebrating a romantic conquest. Evans got on the microphone and bragged about the New Streak. Evans claimed he would be the only Real Man Standing when it was all said and down. That brought out Silas Young, who took exception to Evans “Last Real Man” comment.

Welcome to the debut of the Fish Tank (hosted by Bobby Fish). He and Kule O’Reilly were interviewing Cheeseburger. ReDRagon then beat him up. Next week, ReDRagon will battle Brutal Burgers.

Adam Page vs Cedric Alexander

Roderick Strong was at the announce desk.

Code of Honor handshake. Collar and Elbow into a Arm Bar by Page. Takedown. Another Collar and Elbow into an Arm Wringer by Cedric. Page rolled through to break the hold and deliver a Snap Mare. Arm Bar by Page. Reversed Whip into a Universal. Nice Dive by Cedric. Arm Drags by both men. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors by Cedric into a series of Knife Edge Chops. Back Roll into a Cedric Dropkick.

Reversed Whip by Page. Cedric flipped Page up over the ropes. Page took a horrible bump and may have hurt his neck. The ref checked on Page. Cedric backed off until Page got in the ring. Forearms by Cedric. Reversed Whip into a Flip over the ropes. Page flipped into the ring. Page trapped Cedric in the ropes and blasted him. Uppercut by Cedric. Boot by Cedric. Enziguri off the ropes by Cedric for a long two. Page missed a Clothesline. Cedric with a Thrust Kick. Snap Powerslam by Page. 2 count, again.

Cedric fought out of the Alabama jam. Modified White Noise Cutter by Cedric. Shooting Star Press to the floor by Page. That got Strong to come to his feet. Strong shouted advice but it was ignored. Page put Strong back in the ring and went up top. He missed the Crossbody, off the top. Hesitation Dropkick into the Lumbar Check.

Your Winner: Cedric Alexander
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75

Strong got in the ring to go off on Cedric. Ceddy walked away. Strong then gave some advice to Adam Page. Interesting.

Adam Cole and Michael Bennett (w/Maria Kanellis) vs Mark and Jay Briscoe

Something odd is going on with Cliff Compton. More next week…

The Briscoes have held the tag belts on 8 occasions. Jay and Adam opened the match. Cole tagged to Bennett before a single move happened. Headbutts by Jay, followed by hard kicks. Tag to Mark. Mark ran Bennett into the corner nad threw major bombs. Knife Edge Chops by Mark and then tag to Jay. Running Boot by Jay. Headbutt by Jay. Eruopean Uppercut by Jay into a Back Elbow. Tag to Mark. Clubbing blow to the back. Headbutt by Mark and measured punches. Whip reversed but Mark with a Float Over. Dropkick by Bennett. Tag to Cole. Mark with an little Redneck Kung Fu. Hi-Yeah!

Tag to Jay. He stood on Adam’s neck. Headbutt by Jay. Tag to Mark. Jay with an Over the Head Slam and Mark with a Springboard Double Stomp. Maria grumbled that the Briscoes kept cheating. Tag to Jay, who kicked away and hit the European Uppercut. Jay with another Headbutt. Tag to Mark. Double Whip but Cole bailed out to the floor to avoid the Double Tackle. The fight ende dup on the floor. Bennett and Cole ended up tasting the Back Elbow and Enziguri. Bennett with a Dropkick, form the floor. 2 count. RoH took a quick break.

Bennett threw Mark down but they ended up in the Cole/Bennett corner. Quick tags. Mark with a tag and he went after Bennett with a fury. Dropkick by Jay. Bennett with a Destroyer Punch. Hurancanrana and Funk Neckbreaker by Jay. 2 count. Jay with a Falcon Arrow. Mark with the Froggie-Bo. Mark took out Cole with a Through-the-Ropes Dropkick. Back Body Drop, on the floor, by Cole. Bennett with a Side Effect to get the two. Cole demanded the tag. Full Mount Punches by the World Champ. Jay blocked a Suplex and pounded the ribs. Low Dropkick and Shining Wizard by Jay. 1-2-no.

Palm Strikes and Forearms by Bennett and Cole. Jay fought both men, a Mark was still down and hurt. Double Shoulder Tackle by Cole and Bennett. Mark with a Springboard Double Dropkick. Mark pitched Bennett over the top rope. Mark then flew off the apron with a Blockbuster. Mark got up but Bennett didn’t. Cole was cornered by the Briscores. Double stomps and kicks by the brothers. Double Shoulders. The Briscoes called for the Doomsday Device but Bennett Speared Mark off the apron. Cole went for the Destroyer but Jay avoided it. Florida Keys blocked. Cole with a big kick. Cole wanted the Florida Keys but Jay fought out. Double Clotheslines. Low Kick by Cole. Big Boot by Jay. Superkick to the back of Jay’s head. Cole escaped the Jay Driller, the first time, but fell to a 2nd attempt!

Your Winners: The Briscoe Brothers
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0

Jay grabbed both title belts and slung them over his shoulder. Ladder Wars is going to be awesome.


–Jay Shannon

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