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Maryland Championship Wrestling

Tag Wars 2K14

Joppa Market Place

Saturday March 22, 2014

Over 1,200 People jam packed the building to a near turn away crowd. 1,000 Chairs were filled and several hundred were left Standing Room Only.

  • Drolix defeated Shane Strickland by tap out submission
  • Nui Tofiga & Renee Michelle defeated Cobian and Jesse Kaye in a Mixed tag Team Match after a Somoan drop on Cobian
  • Napalm & Solo (Black Wall Street) defeated Buck Chyld & G-Fed for the MCW Tag Team Championship. After the match Amber Rodriquez turned on Buck & GFed and left with Black Wall Street.
  • MCW Commissioner Kylie Pierce came out and Introduced Barbie Blank (Formerly Kelly Kelly) to the MCW crowd. She thanked the fans for coming out to meet her and for all of their years of support. Commissioner Kylie Pierce then told the MCW fans that she signed a special bonus match for them.
  • Commissioner’s Surprise Bonus match: Former WWE Star Gangrel defeated former 5 Time MCW Champion The Brusier.
  • Chuck Lennox became the #1 Contender for the MCW Rage Championship when he scored the pinfall in his Tag team match. (Lennox & Sean Patrick defeated Ruckus & Lance Anoai
  • Colt Cabana & C-Fed defeated The Hell Cats w/Ryan McBride
  • Hoss Hagood & Bo Nekoda defeated Oliver Grimsley & Fenix Fury in a tag Team leather Strap match
  • Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Adam Flash & Ronnie Zukko defeated J.P. Callahan’s team of Mustafa Aziz Daniels, Mitch Miller & Paul White when Jake hit the DDT on M.A.D and of course put the snake on him after the match.

One of the most amazing events took place right after the main event. Jake took the microphone and asked if he could have 5 minutes of the peoples undivided attention. Not one single person left the building and Jake delivered a very heartfelt message to the fans about his struggles, his support system and his love and appreciation for them for continuing to believe in him and care about him.

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