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Houston, Texas is the next stop on the Road to WrestleMania and after a Raw in San Antonio that saw The Shield once again Power Bomb Kane, while Triple H started his attempt at destroying the Yes! Movement, and the bad blood between Randy Orton and Batista heating up, things look to be awfully interesting tonight. On the docket this evening is a four-team tag team match to determine the number one contenders for The Usos championship and John Cena takes on Luke Harper after admitting he’s afraid of Bray Wyatt.

The Director of Operations, Kane opens the show however (the first time in a few weeks without a video package) making his way to the ring. Rather than focus his attention on The Shield, whom he has clearly had his differences with in the past two weeks he instead chose to direct his attention to Daniel Bryan and the events of Occupy Raw in Memphis recently. He called Monday night the end of the Yes! Movement and a glorious moment, showing footage of the Daniel Bryan/Triple H summit from Monday night. Cole also reported that Daniel Bryan’s shoulder had been re-injured in the attack in San Antonio.

The Corporate Monster would tell fans that Bryan deserved the beating and was an insufferable egomaniac being egged on and fueled by the adulation of the fans. Basically, Daniel has no one to blame but himself and the fans. The fans made Daniel Bryan believe he was bigger than WWE, but no one is bigger than WWE. The Authority is better than Daniel Bryan and better than all the fans. He would then read a written statement from The Game expressing regret for Daniel Bryan’s actions and lack of respect for authority what they led him to do.

Fandango and Summer Rae graced the screen as the ballroom dancing couple’s entrance was no appreciated by Kane. Summer Rae is wearing a red dress. Keep this in mind. Fandango’s opponent this evening is Fernando of Los Matadorés accompanied by Diego and El Toritó.

We come back from commercial in the middle of the match and Fandango already squarely in advantage (Cole tells viewers the opening moments of the match were exclusive to the WWE App). Almost all attempts at a comeback for Fernando were quickly put out by Fandango until missing a knee drop off the ropes giving Fernando a chance to utilize high-paced high-risk offense until he was distracted by Summer Rae up on the apron. El Toritó made his way over to Summer Rae whose dress was fluttering around at the time, much like a cape would. The little bull would then chase Summer Rae around the ring distracting Fandango and setting him up to be rolled up by Fernando.

Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow showcased their talents in a warm up for The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania in which they will both be competing. The Intellectual Savior of the Masses was quick to start the match using a barrage of knee attacks and headbutts to send Ziggler reeling before a dropkick forced Sandow to take a breather, something Ziggler was not willing to allow. Ziggler was tripped off the ropes, his head striking the steel steps on the outside Ziggler getting into the ring just before the referee reached nine.

Sandow would continue exercising control over his opponent at one point throwing Ziggler into the security wall before bringing the action back inside the squared circle. A big DDT from The Show Off bought him enough time to get to his feet using a quick flash of offense and a Fameasser to earn the win, gaining more momentum heading into the big battle royal in New Orleans.

Luke Harper had a warning for John Cena coming back from the break, telling him it was not safe and tonight he was the reaper who would carry out Bray Wyatt’s will.

Wyatt would then tell Cena that it made sense that Cena was afraid of him, he is made of hatred, and that Cena’s fear was Wyatt’s power and control. He would conclude saying he rules Cena’s entire world.

The Shield would cut their way through the crowd for the tag team contenders match with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose in action against 3 Man Band (represented by Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre), RybAxel and The Real Americans who are riding high after their victory over the champions Monday night. The match was ordered by The Authority earlier in the week after their attack on Kane, curious that The Shield would be rewarded with an opportunity after this but as one of the best teams in WWE their being in the match should not really be questioned either.

Axel and Ambrose started the match off as the United States Champion was able to handle Axel before Curtis tagged in Mahal, who Ambrose was also able to handle before tagging in Seth Rollins. A blind tag from Ryback ended the advantage for The Shield as Ryback quickly used his power to manhandle Rollins but the teamwork and speed of The Shield overcame that furthering their advantage in the match before going to commercial.

Back from the break and 3MB is in the driver’s seat after a replay from the break reveals Ambrose was the victim of a Cesaro Swing and slingshot into a clothesline from Swagger. Ambrose was now taking a beating from RybAxel. Ryback was able to continuously use his power to his advantage before a blind tag brought Jack Swagger into the match, he and Cesaro picking up where Ryback left off. Ambrose, desperate for a tag was able to knock The Swiss Superman down but failed to make the tag before The Real Americans taking Swagger out with a DDT before tagging Rollins. Rollins was able to take out almost all his remaining opponents almost getting the pin on Jinder Mahal before being broken up by McIntyre. Kane then hit the ringside area and all parties began attacking The Shield as the bell rang, the referee declaring the match a no contest.

Kane and Roman Reigns fought their way up the entrance ramp, where The New Age Outlaws attacked Reigns while RybAxel and The Real Americans decimated Rollins and Ambrose in the ring. Cole began to suspect that the match was a set up for The Shield to be attacked the entire time. JBL for once agrees with Cole who points out that this is one of the few times the numbers have been a disadvantage for The Shield. Kane was sending a message to The Shield after their refusal to attack Jerry Lawler on Monday.

MizTV was back on the viewers’ screens once again as Miz was there to announce his participation in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and promised to win the trophy, touting his undefeated record at WrestleMania. The Miz’s guest this evening is another participant in the battle royal, a man compared to Andre his entire career and former tag team partner of The Miz, The Big Show. Show thanks Miz for letting him on the segment and tells Miz that the comparisons to the Hall of Famer and he can not think of a better way to cement his legacy than to win the battle royal. The Miz then highlighted The Big Show’s lack of success at WrestleMania. After threatening The Miz, Big Show then learned that he was not the only guest as Titus O’Neill, Kofi Kingston, Alberto Del Rio, Big E, Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry, Goldust, Sheamus, were all introduced, the Celtic Warrior suggesting a fight. The Miz suggesting everyone take out the biggest threat in The Big Show. All hell began to break loose amongst the announced participants before Sheamus and Show squared off quickly with Sheamus hitting the arena floor. Miz then tried to re-enter the fray only to be tossed out with one hand by The Big Show. The Big Show showing everyone why he is the favorite in the upcoming battle royal.

Big E and Alberto Del Rio are next to square off after squaring off a little earlier on Miz TV. Del Rio, winner of the 40-man 2011 Royal Rumble and the reigning Intercontinental Champion were tit for tat in the very early stages of the match before Del Rio used his savviness to gain and maintain control before falling victim to two clotheslines and a belly to belly suplex. That would really be the only offense Big E would have during the match from that point on as a backstabber almost stole the victory for Del Rio, but did succeed in giving him control momentarily before E was able to shove Del Rio into the corner setting him up for a shoulder charge to the midsection that Del Rio smartly avoided before connecting with a crescent kick to a downed Langston for the pin fall.

Santino is then having a bruise covered up in the make up department, asking the make up artist how he makes an unnamed woman (that is presumably Emma) more than a “fun buddy,” professing his love for everything she does. While spilling his guts to the make up artist, Emma hears the conversation quietly sneaking up on the Milan Miracle before catching him off guard, causing the two to bump into each other.

Mr. T was announced as the addition to the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame for the Class of 2014. Mr. T, who was part of WrestleMania 1 and 2 and is a well deserved induction that will not disappoint or draw the venom of the fans. It is fitting that on the 30th anniversary of an event that he helped bring into the spotlight that Mr. T be inducted into the hall.

The Bella Twins are in tag action against Summer Rae and Natalya. AJ Lee is once again on commentary for the match. Natalya and Nikki started the match off with Bella getting advantage of the second generation Superstar before it looked like Natalya was temporarily blinded and tagged out by Summer Rae, much to Natty’s chagrin, quickly and audibly letting Summer know she was fine. Natalya would further fail to hide her disappointment by questioning her partner. Summer Rae however was in command, focusing the attack on Nikki Bella’s well documented shin, before Nikki was able to roll out of the way of a leg drop and tag in twin sister Brie who quickly went to work on ballroom dancing Diva.

A tag to Natalya however caused further disagreement between she and Summer Rae after they bumped into each other, setting the two up for a missile drop kick from Brie Bella for the pin on Natalya and the W.

As the Bella Twins celebrated in the ring, Natty went to the ringside mat to confront Summer Rae. The Bellas meanwhile both stared down Tamina Snuka and Divas Champion AJ Lee.

A replay of Paul Heyman’s speech from Tuesday night on Main Event was played for the benefit of those who had not seen it. This of course was quickly interrupted by The Undertaker who appeared in the ring behind Heyman and choked Heyman while promising to slay Lesnar in New Orleans.

RybAxel, 3MB and The Real Americans are in Kane’s office where the Director of Operations congratulates the men on a job well done. As a reward RybAxel were given a Tag Team Championship match against The Usos. Zeb Colter asked what the reward for The Real Americans would be, reminding Kane they prevented The Shield from winning the match and hold a victory over The Usos. Kane rewarded them with a Tag Team Championship match as well. Heath Slater, clearly anticipating the same for he and his 3MB cohorts asked for their reward, which was an entry for each member in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The Outlaws and Kane then reveled in their beating of The Shield, Kane saying he always knew he could count on Billy Gunn and Road Dogg to restore order.

Lana then once again hyped up the Bulgarian Brute, Alexander Rusev, who then proceeded to address Houston in Bulgarian. Michael Cole then gave an update on Daniel Bryan saying that surgery is not needed but that he is suffering from a partially dislocated shoulder.

John Cena’s time was now as the leader of The Cenation hit the ring to prepare for his main event match against Luke Harper as Houston sounds white hot for the Superstar tonight.

Harper put his unorthodox style to work in the early going stretching every rule imaginable and focusing the attack on Cena’s head. Cena had a chance to steal the advantage but a quick crescent kick put that to bed. Cena was able to get in control hitting Harper with a Five Knuckle Shuffle, but a distraction from Erick Rowan at ringside was enough to steal Cena’s attention away from Harper and delivering an Attitude Adjustment. After sending Harper to the outside, Cena was able to lock him in an STF that was broken up when Harper bit Cena’s hand, sidetracking Cena and putting Harper back in pole position. Cena was able hit Harper with a Frankensteiner out of an attempted Power Bomb, only to have Harper respond with one of his own for a two-count. Cena was able to steal the victory only after ducking a clothesline and turning it into an Attitude Adjustment for the pin before quickly running out of the ring and avoiding the attacks of The Wyatt Family to close the show, with Wyatt promising retaliation telling Cena “it’s my move now.”

For the first time since The Wyatt Family have begun focusing on Cena, Cena finally looks to be in control of the situation, but that control is very slight and could be easily taken back b

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