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Jay Lethal got another shot at Tommaso Ciampa’s TV title Plus, a new monster tag team debuted.

In 2 weeks, Michael Elgin will battle A.J. Styles.

Team Benchmark (“Benchmark”Bill Daly and “The Hype” Will Ferrara) vs One Strength (Hanson and Raymond Rowe)

Daly was the guy who pulled out of the Top Prospect Tourney because he felt he was above it. Code of Honor requested. Team Benchmark showed disrespect by refusing the gesture. Will got in and went after Hanson. Dumb move. Scoop Launch by Hanson. Double Shoulder Tackle by One Strength. Knife Edge Chop and Forearm by Rowe. Snap Belly to Belly. Rowe whipped Will into his partner. Knee Strike. Daly made the save. Bill took the tag and hit a huge fist. Kneelift by Daly. Cartwheel by Hanson. Tag to Will, who got Clotheslined out of his boots. Tag to Rowe. Warp Speed Fallaway Slam by Rowe. Huge Forearm by Rowe. Will was pitched to the corner an Hanson tagged in. Double Stomps on poor Will. Hanson tossed Will into the corner and then nailed a Back Drop Suplex. Tag to Rowe. Punch to Will’s ribs. Knife Edge Chop by Rowe. Daly with a Knee to Rowe’s back. Daly tagged in and nailed Short Knees. Scoop Slam by Daly. Fist Drop by Daly. Rowe fought back and Will tagged in. Spinning Powerslam by Rowe. Daly with a Big Boot. Hanson took out Daly with the Big Boot. Will ducked the Spin Kick o’ Doom but fell to Raymond Rowe’s Death Rowe.

Your Winner: One Strength (Rowe and Hanson)
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.75 out of a possible 5

“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin came out to talk with Hanson and Rowe. Elgin wanted to discuss respect. In Ring of Honor, people have to earn it. Elgin said both men had earned his respect. He wanted them to know that he had their backs. The only thing he asked, in return, was that they had his. Both Rowe and Hanson agreed.

Ring of Honor talked about coming to New Orleans. Several of the stars will be at Wrestlecon (as will I). You can see who all will be there by going to:


Outlaw Inc. came out. Eddie Kingston was wearing Cliff Compton’s hat. I hate their annoying entrance “music”. Homicide insulted the crowd. Kevin Steen was already in the ring. Homicide said they took care of Steen’s problem with Compton. Homicide invited Steen to become an “Outlaw”. Steen confirmed what they wanted and then semi-respectfully declined. Steen started to leave but got jumped by Kingston. Nigel McGuinness rushed down to stop the carnage. He let Outlaw Inc. choose which member they wanted to put against Kevin Steen.

Kevin Steen vs Homicide

Sweet. These are two former World Champs. Homicide jumped Steen after playing Rock, Paper Scissors to determine who would fight. Homicide went wild on Steen but Mr. Wrestling began to fight back. Kingston screamed at Steve Corino, from the word “Go”. Snap Mare and Yakuza Kick by Steen. Backsplash Senton by Steen. Homicide’s mouth was busted open. Homicide faked a Suicide Dive. He jumped off the apron and Steen blasted the ribs. Steen sent Homicide into the barricades.

Steen threw Homicide back in the ring. Homicide ducked the Short Arm Clothesline but fell to the Swinging Side Slam. Homicide with a Back Elbow and Swing DDT (Tornado DDT). Steen with a kick Homicide with an Uppercut Thrust. Cravat and a bite. Steen came back with a bite of his own. Steen went to the top and hit the Swanton. Kingston was getting fed up, at ringside.

Kingston pulled Homicide out of the ring. Rolling Senton, by Steen, to the floor. He laid out both members of Outlaw Inc. Steen brought Homicide back in and wanted the Package Piledriver. Homicide escaped and went for the Ace Crusher (Stunner). Steen blocked that and hit the Pop-up Powerbomb. Steen went for the Package Piledriver, again. Eddie Kingston rushed in and nailed Steen with the Spinning Back Fist.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Kevin Steen
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

Outlaw Inc. got the ring bell to beat down on Steen. Suddenly, Cliff Compton rushed in and cleaned house. Steen couldn’t believe who just came to his aid. It looked like they might fight. Compton simply left the ring.

Adrenaline Rush talked about heir upcoming battle against the tag champs, ReDRagon.

Nigel McGuinness was standing in the middle of the ring to talk with the great RoH fans. He brought up Supercard of Honor 8. The World Title will be defended. He was cut off by the arrival of Jay Briscoe.

Nigel mentioned that there were so many great contenders to the World title. Jay reminded Nigel that he beat Adam Cole in San Antonio. Jay also mentioned that he was never beaten for the RoH World Title. Jay stated that his title was the real World title. Jay said it was time to unify the two title belts. Nigel said it was time to make it clear who the World title holder is. It was time for a Shawn Michaels/Razor Ramon Double Titles Hanging Ladder Match. It will be settled in Ladder Wars. (Oh, if I possibly can, I am going to be there!)

Adam Cole then entered the arena. Cole couldn’t believe what Nigel had just done. He felt Nigel just reached a new level of Stupid. Cole talked about beating Chris Hero and then having to fight Briscoe. Cole said Briscoe’s title was false. Cole accepted the Ladder Wars Match. As Cole talked, Michael Bennett snuck in and nailed Briscoe with the Low Blow. They were beating on Jay until Mark Briscoe rushed in with a chair. Maria stood on the ramp, watching her men.

The Decade was up next with a promotional. Jimmy Jacobs rambled on about the people that have come and gone. Roderick Strong wanted Adrenaline Rush to earn their respect. Next week, Andrew Everett will join Adrenaline Rush to fight all three members of The Decade. Cool.

Highlights of the Matt Taven vs Jay Lethal vs Tommaso Ciampa TV Title match from a few weeks back aired. Truth Martini got in the middle of things, that night.

Jay Lethal vs Tommaso Ciampa
Ring of Honor TV Title Match

Matt Taven was at the announce table. Ciampa jumped Lethal even before the introductions or the bell. The streamers hadn’t even been cleared from the ring. Ciampa threw Lethal in the corner but Jay slid out to the floor. They punched away and got back in. Hip Toss by Lethal, Ciampa nad Lethal went back and forth with Forearm. Jumping Enziguri by Lethal. Whip by Lethal. Ciampa put Lethal on the apron. Springboard Missile Dropkick, by Lethal. Jay missed a 2nd Missile Dropkick. Ciampa with a sling from the apron to drive Lethal into the metal barricade.

Running Knee by Ciampa that drove Letha’s head back into the barrier. Ciampa kept throwing Lethal into the barricade and went for another Running Knee. Lethal came out of the corner for the Hip Toss/Dropkick combo.

Lethal pushed Ciampa back in the ring and got a two count. Modified Brainbuster by Lethal. Ciampa with Knife Edge Chops. Lethal answered with Chops of his own. Scoop Slam by Lethal into a Muta-Slide Legdrop. 2 count. Lethal with a Whip but Ciampa with a kick and Clothesline. Ciampa put Lethal on the top rope and punched him. Elbow Drops by Ciampa, over and over. Ciampa with the Superplex. 2 count. RoH went to break.

We’re back and Ciampa was screaming at Lethal. Ciampa stomped away. Lethal with a flurry of kicks and chops. Lethal went for a Backspring Elbow but Ciampa with the Back Stabber. Lethal came back with a Springboard Dropkick and Suicide Dive. Lethal slid back in the ring. He got back in the ring and nailed a 2nd Suicide Dive. A third Suicide Dive put Ciampa over the railing and into the front row. Lethal put Ciampa back in the ring and did the Savage Elbow! 1-2-No!

Lethal was frustrated that he hadn’t been able to pin Ciampa. The two went to the apron Ciampa with White Noise…on the apron edge. The ref started to count. Truth Martini came strolling out. Truth stared at Taven. The ref almost counted both men out but they slid in at 19+. “This is Wrestling!” rang out. Lethal with a Big Boot. The two men went back and forth. Ciampa with an Inverted Attitude Adjustment by Ciampa. 2 count. Lethal Combination into the Koji Clutch. Ciampa reversed it into the Sicilian Stretch. Lethal made it to the ropes.

Outside, Taven got into it with Truth Martini. Lethal had Ciampa pinned but the ref was distracted. Ciampa with Project Ciampa. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Tommaso Ciampa
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0

Lethal and Ciampa got into a huge argument, after the match. It looked like they were bout to go fist and fire, again, but they calmed down and shook hands. This is far from over.


–Jay Shannon

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