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TNA IMPACT Wrestling Wrestlers of the Week 3.13.14
By Neil Borenstein

Each week here at 1wrestling.com, I will select three of the top wrestlers from TNA’s IMPACT Wrestling and present them to you in inverse order as the show’s Wrestlers of the Week. In choosing the show’s top three superstars, performances from that week’s IMPACT Wrestling and any relevant preceding programming – such as Pay-Per-Views – will be taken into consideration.

TNA IMPACT Wrestling Wrestlers of the Week for March 13, 2014

3. Brittany — for pulling out an upset in her IMPACT Wrestling debut against Gail Kim:

There were a couple additions to the Knockouts roster on IMPACT Wrestling this week. One of them was Angelina Love, who tried to reunite with Velvet Sky by pushing to reform The Beautiful People. The other was Brittany, who would face the daunting task of wrestling Gail Kim in her IMPACT Wrestling debut.

Squaring off with Kim is generally intimidating enough, but Lei’D Tapa being in the corner of the former-Knockouts Champion tends to make it worse. However, Brittany was able to work Tapa’s presence in her favor to score the upset.

As Brittany worked over Kim in the corner, Tapa entered the ring and charged in to deliver a splash. Brittany managed to move out of the way, though, sending Tapa into Kim instead. Brittany then grabbed Kim, shoved her into Tapa to take her out of the equation and then rolled up Kim to get the three count.

Kim, who had a brawl with Tapa after the match, remains one of the best female wrestlers in the business, so it was no small feat for Brittany to be quick-thinking enough to get that upset over her.

2. Bully Ray — for recovering from an assault suffered when he entered the arena to take out his attackers throughout the broadcast:

It’s never wise to put all your trust in Bully Ray, and Dixie Carter learned that the hard way at Lockdown. She thought she had him locked in as her insurance policy, serving as the special guest referee in the Lethal Lockdown Match between Team Dixie and Team MVP, which would provide either Carter or MVP control of wrestling operations.

When Roode looked to put MVP through a table with a Roode Bomb, Ray stood in his way. Things got physical, and Ray put Roode down for MVP to close things out. The victory by MVP gave him control of wrestling operations, essentially took away any real presence Carter would have and put all members of Team Dixie in a bad spot — not the least of whom was Roode, who would not get his 10 percent share of TNA.

That group of distressed Carter folks included Robbie E., Jessie Godderz, Zema Ion, Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud and Roode. They promised to take care of Ray when he arrived at the arena, something they only managed to do halfway. When Ray got the building, they ambushed him and left him on the ground, as Roode berated him for screwing him over. But the damage wasn’t enough to prevent Ray from getting up.

Throughout the evening, Ray made it a priority to go after the guys who attacked him. He started with Robbie E., Godderz and Ion as they tried to collect themselves in the locker room after losing to Sanada and Tigre Uno. ECIII was attacked in the back by Ray, who didn’t have to take care of business against Spud because Willow did that for him. And when Ray came down to the ring to explain himself at the end of the night, he had his chance to garner revenge against Roode.

Ray explained that he did what he did at Lockdown in an effort to save Roode from becoming another Dixie Carter had his team won. Ray wasn’t in the mood to do a lot more talking, though, and he called Roode out to finish up the fight against all the men who attacked him when he arrived at the building.

Roode answered the call, and they immediately brawled. They traded fists, which was an exchange Ray won and finished off with an elbow. Ray then pulled a table out from underneath the ring and put it into the ring, setting it up near the corner. Ray turned around into a spinebuster from Roode, who looked to put Ray through the table with a Roode Bomb. Ray elbowed out, however, and connected on a Bully Cutter. Ray then lifted Roode up to slam him through the wood with a powerbomb, leaving Ray to close the show looking down at his fallen foe.

Roode and the cast of Dixie Carter cronies tried to put Ray in his place early on, but Ray systematically got his revenge and proved that he is more than ready to take the fight at Roode.

1. Mr. Anderson—for getting his revenge over Samuel Shaw in a rematch from Lockdown:

Mr. Anderson’s attempt to cut down the “creepy bastard” that is Samuel Shaw at Lockdown failed. When Shaw pulled Christy Hemme into the cage, Anderson’s main priority was to get her out. While he managed to do that, Shaw was able to deliver a low blow and slap on the standing choke, which put Anderson out and allowed Shaw to escape the cage.

Anderson would have his chance at revenge this week on IMPACT Wrestling. He was scheduled to go one-on-one with Shaw, who took the creepy up a notch when he started to talking to the top half of a mannequin as if it was Hemme. He even brought it to the ring with him for the match against Anderson.

Shaw wasted little time going at Anderson, attacking him at the top of the ramp during his entrance. They brawled to the ringside area, and eventually made their way in, with Shaw catching Anderson with a knee to the midsection. Anderson blocked a move in the corner to deliver an elbow to the gut of Shaw. But when the two proceeded to exchange punches, Shaw got the upperhand by going at Anderson’s throat.

When Shaw hit the ropes, he ran into a closeline from Anderson, who followed with a punch, elbow shot and swinging neckbreaker. Anderson lifted Shaw up for the rolling fireman’s carry slam, before stepping back into the corner where the Hemme mannequin was as Shaw tried to beg him off.

Anderson threatened to punch the mannequin, which got Shaw down to his knees, begging Anderson not to. So instead, Anderson lifted the mannequin up, gave it a kiss and threw it at Shaw, who opened himself up for a Mic Check by wasting time catching the mannequin and placing it back down. Anderson covered up after hitting his finisher and secured the pinfall. Anderson then announced his own victory, directing his announcement toward the mannequin.

Without the real Christy Hemme ringside for Shaw to use as a pawn, Anderson had a much easier go of winning the physical and mental battle against him.

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