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Some major changes were made to he upcoming Wrestlemania card. Never let it be said that the chants of rowdy crowds are always ignored…

Welcome to Memphis, TN! One of my favorite places in the world. Hulk Hogan came out with a special announcement. I was hoping for the announcement that Randy Savage was finally going in the Hall of Fame. No such luck. Hogan decided to create an Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Match for Mania. He showed off a huge trophy cast in the likeness of Andre. Andre, for those who might be too young to remember him, was the King of Battle Royals (competing in thousands of them – and winning most). The crowd loved seeing the red and yellow back in the WWE. Hulk pushed the WWE Network. I have it and I’m seriously happy with it. It does have some issues but, all-in-all, it’s just a fanboy’s ultimate dream come true.

Hogan started to leave but John Cena came out to talk with him. Cena was also set to battle Erick Rowan. Cena talked about he energy of the fans in Memphis. John was thrilled to be in the ring with Hogan. He felt Hogan DID Still Rule. Cena talked about Hogan being at the first Wrestlemania. Cena then pushed the Andre the Giant Memorial Over-the-Top Battle Royal. Cena totally Marked Out for Hogan. Cena said he was going to be the first man to enter his name in the Battle Royal.

Wyatt Family screen flash. Bray announced “We’re Here!”. Bray said Pride was his favorite “Sin”. Bray mocked both Cena and Hogan for their individual catchphrases and mantras. Bray called Cena and Hogan “Liars”. Bray then pronounced Hope “Dead”. Bray knew Cena couldn’t comprehend what Bray was discussing. Bray classified himself as a “God”. Buddha?

Cena said he saw a homeless guy that spent too much time “wasted”. Cena ridiculed the entire Wyatt Family. Cena challenged Wyatt to prove what they claim. Cena wanted to fight Bray at Wrestlemania. Bray said he loved the games with Cena until being caught in the spider’s web. Bray sent Erick Rowan and Luke Harper towards the ring. Cena and Hogan stood firm. Raw went to break.

John Cena v Erick Rowan

Hulk Hogan and the Wyatts were all still at ringside for this interesting battle. Cena slugged away but Rowan with a huge Clothesline. 2 count. Rowan focused on Cena’s Leg and then did the Knuckle Drivers into Cena’s knuckles. Cena powered out but took a knee and Pump Handle Backbreaker. 2 count, again. Erick stomped away and punched Cena in the face. Erick missed an Elbow Drop. Cena with a Crossbody but got caught. Fallaway Slam that sent Cena sailing. Corner Rush by Rowan. 2 count. Cena dodged a Corner Rush and went for another Crossbody. Rowan with a monster Bear Hug. Hogan sang out for Cena to keep going. Rowan threw Cena down and then hit a Scoop Powerslam. I like this guy, Rowan. Rowan went for a Powerslam but Cena slid out and Rolled Up Rowan for a quick 3.

Your Winner: John Cena
Raw Ranking: 2.25

Harper and Rowan were ready to storm the ring to battle Hogan and Cena. They hesitated and then Bray ordered them off the apron. They followed the orders of their Fearless Leader. Hogan’s music then rang out. I love that song. Hogan did the legendary Ear Cup thing. I think he got that from Pat Patterson, but I could be mistaken.

The fans got decide what type of match Sheamus and Christian would have:

1. Falls Count Anywhere
2. 2 out of 3 Falls
3. Memphis Street Fight

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H walked towards the entrance way. They had something to say about Daniel Bryan, next…

Just a reminder that Total Divas comes back on Sunday. Summer Rae will be a cast member, this season. I’m still wondering what happened to JoJo?

Raw looked back at the confrontation between Daniel Bryan and HHH, last week. Daniel ended up on the wrong end of a Pedigree.

The Authority made their way out to the ramp. Stephanie said Daniel Bryan viciously attacked HHH and then got laid out by Daniel. Stephanie said they could fire Daniel for his attack. Stephanie gave out a sincere apology. Stephanie ridiculed Daniel. Stephanie said Daniel will keep his job if he came out and apologized for his recent actions. Stephanie said HHH was above Daniel, professionally and physically. Stephanie said there would be severe consequences if Daniel didn’t do as requested.

The Road Dogg and Billy Gunn walked out from the back. They were coming down to watch The Usos in action.

Ryback and Curtis Axel (Rybaxle) vs Jimmy and Jey Uso
Non-Title Match

Ryback put his name in the Andre Battle Royal. I would put my money on Big Show (assuming he’s in it). Big Show did begin his career as the alleged son of Andre the Giant.

The Usos came out to a wild reception. Raw showed how the Usos won the tag belts, last week. Road Dogg said it didn’t feel good to see The Usos with the belts.

Jimmy opened up on Ryback with chops. Arm Drag off a Whip by Jimmy. Tag to Axel. Huge Uppercut laid out Axel. Shoulder Tackle by Uso. Axel ran Jimmy into the ropes, face first. Ryback worked over Jimmy and tagged out to Axel. Jimmy powered out but Axel wouldn’t allow the tag. Jimmy slipped under and tagged. Neck Snap by Jey into a Clothesline. Leg Sweep by Jey. Shot to Ryback. Samoan Drop to Axel. Rikishi Run to Axel and Thrust Kick to Ryback. Thrust Kick to Axel. Flying Tag as Jey took out Ryback. Frog Splash by Jimmy.

Your Winners: The Usos
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Kane talked with the members of The Shield. Kane chided them for losing to The Wyatts, again. Kane said the Summit on Smackdown was unprofessional. Kane said he needed to see if The Shield were disposable. Kane said Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns would face The Brotherhood (Goldust and Cody Rhodes). The Shield mocked Kane for losing to Daniel Bryan, twice, last week. Kane said he was there to give The Shield the opportunity to “Step Up”. Dean said they would do it. Roman with a veiled threat to Kane if he got in their way.

Jack Swagger vs Big E
Non-Title Match

Jack talked with Cesaro and Zeb. He told them that he had this. Knee Strikes by Jack. Whip reversed into a Big E Shoulder Thrust. . He did the same in the opposite corner. Full Mount Punches by Big E. Jack got a two count. Butterfly Lock as Big E (via insert video) talked about being in the Andre Battle Royal. Jack with hard punches to Big E’s skull. Clotheslines by Big E. Rolling Belly to Belly but the IC Champ. Chop Block to Big E’s knee. Jack choked Big E on the bottom rope. Zeb tried to get Cesaro to attack Big E. Jack was distracted and Big E with a Roll Up.

Your Winner: Big E
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Cesaro chuckled at Jack’s loss. Jack sid out of the ring and got right in Cesaro’s face. Cesaro didn’t back down an inch. The two argued like a couple of kids. Zeb went off on both men for stressing him out. Zeb said it was time to end this. Zeb ordered the two of them to shake hands. Jack refused but Zeb kept pushing him until he did it. Cesaro clamped down with the handshake until Zeb forced the break

Undertaker came out to a deafening pop from the crowd. He is so a part of my top 5 wrestlers of all time:

1. Bruiser Brody
2. Abdullah the Butcher
3. Tommy Dreamer
4. Undertaker
5. The Great Kabuki

Undertaker slowly strolled out through the purple fog. JBL said Undertaker’s entrance almost made him quit the business. The announcers discussed if Brock Lesnar had any chance to beat Taker. I don’t think so.

Paul Heyman came out onto the ramp way. He introduced himself to Undertaker. Heyman said Undertaker could preserve The Streak of 21-0, if he chose to do so. Heyman ran down the others who tried to have Streaks. No one has had 5 wins in a row at Mania (not Hogan, Rock, Austin, Bret Hart, no one). Heyman asked Undertaker not to risk The Streak by fighting Brock Lesnar. Heyman didn’t want to see the idol that is Undertaker crumble. Heyman said he worshipped Taker and The Streak. Heyman said Taker should fear Brock. Heyman said Brock would conquer “The Streak”.

Taker said that Heyman should take a message to Brock. “The fear of death is far greater than death itself. But the fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all”. I love that quote. Taker said Paul should tell Brock that if Brock shows up at Wrestlemania 30, he will Rest In Peace! Creepy organ music and gongs go off as the faux-lightning flashes filled the arena.

The Brotherhood (Goldust and Cody Rhodes) vs Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns (The Shield)

If you have checked out WWE Network’s Countdown, Goldust’s entrance was voted one of the top 10 entrances of all time.

Seth and Cody opened up the contest. They went to the corner and Seth kicked nad clubbed Cody. Stomps by Seth. Cody blocked a Suplex and hit a Stall version of a Front Drop Suplex. Tag to Goldust. Dust with a punch and Snap Mare. Running Kneedrop by Dust. Seth punched away. Dust reversed a Whip into a Back Body Drop. Cody with a Fistdrop, off the ropes. Whip by Cody. The Brothers Rhodes had just tagged. Seth flipped and landed on his feet. Seth then sent Cody into the corner. Corner Stomps and then a tag to Roman. Solid Punch by Reigns. Headbutt by Roman. Punches and Headbutt by Roman. Palm Strike to the face by Roman. Tag to Seth. Fist Drop and Snap Mare by Seth. Flying Knee by Seth for a two count. Roman with a Whip but he missed a Corner Splash. Tg to Dust. Clotheslines by the Bizarre One. Goldustin Uppercit. Double A Spinebuster by Dust. Back Elbow by Goldust. Twisting Crossbody by Goldust. Dust sent both Shield members to the outside. Dust and Cody flew out to take down Seth and Roman. Dean was about to lose it at what he was seeing. Break time.

Front Face Lock by Roman. Goldust went for a Suplex but Roman reversed it into one of his own. Roman had nailed a monster Samoan Drop, during the break. Tag to Seth. Kick by Rollins into a Snap Mare and Rear Chin Lock. Cody got the crowd going for his big brother. Whip by Seth. Corner Flying Forearm by Seth. Seth rolled to the corner and tagged. Roman with the Samoan Flying Dropkick. The Shield members spent some time chatting away. Goldust began to fight back but a Back Elbow stopped him cold. Tag to Seth. Short-Arm Clothesline by Seth. Wrist Breaker by Seth. Dust got to his feet and punched away. Jumping Enziguri by Seth. Tag to Roman.

Roman with kicks and a Headbutt. Corner Clothelsien on Dust. Snap Powerslam by Goldust. Seth tried to stop the tag but Dust kicked away. Cody with the tag. Corkscrew Sunset Flip. Into the Goldustin Uppercut. Disaster Kick to Roman. Moonsault to Seth. 1-2No! Muscle Buster by Cody. It broke down into total chaos. Cody and Seth with a collision. Roman with a Spear to Goldust. Seth escaped the CrossRhodes and Disaster Kick to nail a Buckle Bomb and Flying Stomp.

Your Winners: Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Raw showed how Natalya made A.J. Tap Out on Smackdown, last Friday.

The Bella Twins vs A.J. Lee and Tamina Snuka

Tamina and Nikki opened up the match with a Collar and Elbow. Tamina pushed away but Nikki came back with wild Forearms. Back Elbow by Tamina. Arm Bar and tag to Brie. Double Whip into a Running Knee Strike. A.J. with a distraction. Tamina with a Thrust Kick that sent Brie sailing out of the ring. Tamina pitched Brie into the ring and stomped away. 2 count. Headbutts by Tamina, over and over. A.J. wanted a tag. Whip by Tamina into a Spin Kick by Lee. Lee sent Brie to the corner. Tornado DDt into a Cattle Mutilator Variation. Sunset Flip by Lee but Brie with a Dropkick. . Tag to Nikki. Dropkicks into a horrible Corner Splash. Jaw Buster by Nikki but Tamina made the save. Brie took out Tamina with a Crossbody over the steps. Lee wanted the Black Widow but Nikki with the Shock Treatment Backbreaker. 1-2-3.

Your Winners: The Bella Twins
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Natalya got on the apron and stared at the Bellas.

A sneak peak of NCIS Los Angeles aired. Not a particular favorite of mine but I don’t care for any of those kinds of shows (NCIS, Criminal Minds, Law and Order, etc…). Those are the wife’s favorites.

Renee talked with the stars of NCIS Los Angeles.

Daniel Bryan stormed to the ring. Daniel said the Yes Movement was going to take over Raw. Daniel knew that Stephanie was not sincere with her apology, earlier. Daniel said the Authority was trying to intimidate him, which wasn’t going to happen. Daniel said he wanted to fight HHH. Daniel said he would not be intimated by The Authority or anyone else. Daniel refused to apologize for standing up for himself. Daniel said it was time for this to end. Daniel said HHH refused to listen to anyone. Daniel said The Yes Movement would “Occupy Raw”. Daniel brought dozens of people to surround the ring. Daniel would not leave the ring until he got the match he wanted. Daniel called the members of the Yes Movement to come and join him in and around the ring. The ring filled up with people as Raw took a break.

There had to be more than 100 people in and around the ring, all wearing Daniel Bryan shirts. HHH and Stephanie came out and just lost it. Daniel screamed for HHH to answer the challenge. The fans started a deafening “No!” chant. HHH said Daniel got his Occupy Forces, filled with Trolls and Hippies. (Cool!). HHH said it was time for reality to crash down. HHH gave everyone 30 seconds to leave or be arrested. They refused to go. HHH made fun of a fat guy in the front row. He called for security. Daniel said they could take everyone outside and do their own show, outside. HHH screamed at security to throw everyone out. There were only 2 security guards. The guards thought about it and walked back up the ramp. Stephanie shrieked, like a banshee, at the guards. Stephanie said Danielw as the wrong horse to back.

Daniel said Stephanie had underestimated the WWE Universe and its power. First Rule of Business: If the people don’t come through the door, the door permanently closes. HHH said it was time for a match.

Damien Sandow vs ?

Damien started down the ramp but stopped short. Daniel told Sandow to come on down and get in the ring, as part of the Yes Movement. Sandow decided to leave. Sandow and HHH argued about this whole situation. Stephanie yelled at Sandow for disrespect. Stephanie talked about the four generations of McMahons that have owned wrestling. She almost lost her voice screaming at the fans and Daniel to leave.

HHH finally lost it and gave Daniel the match. Daniel upped the ante and said if he beats HHH, he gets added to the WWE World Title Match. HHH accepted that, as well. HHH accepted after telling Daniel how he protected Daniel, over the last year or so. HHH warned Daniel that The Game would not stop until he destroyed Daniel Bryan. Security had to stop HHH for reaching the ring. Security dragged HHH to the back as Stephanie screamed at her hubby for his decision.

Jerry Lawler got in the ring to announce the kind of match that was about to happen. The Memphis Street fight took 67% of the vote.

Sheamus vs Christian
Memphis Street Fight

The was a full drum kit at ringside. It was Cherry Red (which I would love). Raw looked at Christian’s recent backstage assault on Sheamus. Sheamus’ arm got ripped open in the mugging.

The bell off and so did the two fighters. Sheamus with wild punches and Hip Toss. He missed the Brogue Kick. La Bandera Clothesline by Sheamus. Shemaus bounced Christian off the barrier and announce table. Sheamus took a guitar but ended up hitting the ring post. Christian drove another guitar into Sheamus’ ribs. Sheamus reversed a Whip and sent Christian into the ring steps. Sheamus stood on Christian’s head. Christian tried to run away but Sheamus caught him. Christian setn Sheamus to the floor. Stomps by Christian. Tornado DDT, on the floor! Officials came out to check on both guys. Break.

Back to the wild action. Sheamus ended up hitting the ring post, when he charged the corner. Sheamus with a kendo stick. Christian went off on Sheamus with the kendo stick. He was like a rabid 8-year old going after a piñata. Christian with more punishment by way of the kendo stick. Sheamus dodged a charging Christian. Sheamus began to punch away. Kitchen Sink by Christian.

Christian went out to find another kendo stick. He brought a fresh kendo stick into the ring. Sheamus with a punch to Christian, as Captain Charisma flew. Double Sleges by Sheamus. Shoudler Thrust and Mr Wrestling II Kneelift. Sheamus was covered in massive welts. Sheamus got the kendo stick but didn’t get to use it. Rolling Senton (Pearl River Plunge). 2 count. 10 Beats was blocked. Christian snapped Sheamus’s back over the top rope. The two fought over the kendo stick. Sheamus got control and went berserk on the Canadian. White Noise for a two count. 10 Beats (plus 7 more). Bulldog Bounce Powerslam.

Sheamus got psyched for the Brogue Kick but Christian bailed out. Christian tried to pull Sheamus’ groin into the post but Christian pulled Christian in. Irish Curse Backbreaker, off the steps! Sheamus threw a bunch of chairs into the ring.

Sheamus then got he bass drum from the drum kit. He took it into the ring and set it in the corner. Christian blocked the run and kicked away. Christian cracked Sheamus with the chair. He then stacked two on Sheamus’ chest and hit the Frog Splash. Ouch! 2 count, yet again. Christian freaked out. Christian picked up the drum and started towards Sheamus. Brogue Kick, through the drum!

Your Winner: Sheamus
Raw Ranking: 3.25

Brad Maddox talked with Randy Orton and Batista. Both men were upset that Daniel Bryan might end up in the WWE World title match. Brad said The Authority wanted the A+ Players to unite to take care of Daniel Bryan. Randy offered the olive branch but Batista just walked off.

The cute Bulgarian chick came out to introduce Alexsander Rusev. She so reminds me of the chick from Rocky IV. Rusev came out and rambled on in Bulgarian.

The Wyatts cut another cryptic promo. Bray accepted the match against John Cena. He told John that Cena was the one with everything to lose. He then started to sing a Rolling Stones tune.

Randy Orton and Batista vs Daniel Bryan and Big Show
Special Challenge Tag Match

Randy punished Daniel to open the show. Headbutt by Randy. Whip by Daniel into a Low Bridge. Suicide Dive by Daniel Bryan. Raw took a final break.

Daniel with a Rear Chin Lock. European Uppercut by Daniel but Randy came back with the Kitchen Sink. Tag to boo-Tista. Running Boot and Shoulder Thrusts by Batista. Batista worked over Daniel’s lower back. Batista took Daniel to the enemy corner and tagged out. Randy with a series of Headbutts. Snap Powerslam by Randy for a two count.

Batista with a tag after a partial Orton Stomp. Suplex by Batista. Batista went to the outside and hit a Running Clothesline to Daniel’s neck. Spinebuster put Daniel into the ring apron. Batista pitched Daniel back in the ring. Whip by Batista but Daniel got his boots up. Clothesline by Batista for a two. JBL was losing his temper towards Michael Cole. Tag to Big Show. Clotheslines to Batista. Corner Butt Rush and a Side Slam to Batista. Randy rushed to attack Show. Batista clipped Show’s knee. Tag to Randy. Show kicked out of the pin, easily. Tag to Batista.

Show with an Open Hand Slap. Spear by Batista. Batista did his Ultimate Warrior Impression by shaking the ropes. Batista called for he Batista Bomb but Show with the Back Body Drop. Tag to Randy and Daniel. Daniel with wild punches. Corner Flip into the Flying Clothesline but Daniel. Daniel with a Dropkick to Batista. Kicks by Daniel. Daniel went up top and flew. He missed the Benoit Flying Headbutt. Daniel trapped Orton in the Yes Lock. Batista made the save. Big Show with a Thrust Kick. Randy with an RKO to Show. Batista accidentally Speared Randy. Dragon’s Fang Knee to Batista. Randy dodged the chargin Daniel Bryan. Rope Assisted DDT by Randy to Daniel. Daniel with a Backslide but only a two. Dragon’s Fang Knee by Daniel Bryan. 1-2-3!

Your Winners: Big Show and Daniel Bryan
Raw Ranking: 3.5


–Jay Shannon

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