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Welcome back to the 12th anniversary show.

Silas Young vs Matt Taven

Silas came out with his strap. Scarlett Bordeaux was your ring announcer. The ref cleared out the streamers. Code of Honor Handshake. The bell then sounded.

Collar and Elbow to the corner. Silas with a Shoulder Thrust but Matt came back with punches. Side Headlock Takeover by Silas. Silas held Matt’s hair to avoid a Push Off. O’Conner Roll. Dropkick by Taven. Hurancanrana and Roll Through by Taven. Standing Moonsault by Matt and Silas bailed out to the floor. Sila with a Sneak Attack after Taven was distracted by Truth Martini. Enziguri by Taven. Crossbody by Taven for two. Truth grumbled by being fired. Silas pitched Taven onto the apron. Slingshot in but Silas held the ropes. Stomp by Silas. RoH went to break.

Remember fans, many of the stars of Ring of Honor will be at Wrestlecon, April 5th and 6th. I’ll also be there, as well. Look for me and swing by the Rivalry Championship Wrestling booth to say hi. I’ll be there with Greg Valentine and Andy Anderson.

We’re back and Silas was in control with a Rear Chin Lock. Matt tried to punch free but Silas threw Matt down. Truth Martini was there to scout Silas Young. Silas flipped Matt onto the top rope. Silas then nailed a Clothesline to send Matt to the floor. Truth talked about all he did for Matt. Truth said Matt with dumb for firing him.

Silas with a slap and Whip. Step Up Enziguri by Taven. The crowd chanted for Taven. Leg Lariat and Spin Kicks by Taven. Superkick by Taven into the Springboard Moonsault. Matt had missed the Moonsault, earlier. Jawbreaker by Silas. Spinner Backbreaker by Silas. Silas blocked the Angel’s Wings and hit a Clothesline. 2 count. Pearl River Plunge by Silas. Handstand Corner Bomb missed. Big Spin Kick into the Frog Splash by Matt Taven.

Your Winner: Matt Taven
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

After the match, the two men shook hands. Silas didn’t release and then began to pound away. Truth Martini, in a wild red suit that reminded me of Father James Mitchell. Silas blew off Truth and walked past the crimson-clad manager.

Highlight photos of the 12th anniversary show were shown.

RoH ran down some of the upcoming cards. As I posted earlier, The Young Bucks took the tag belts from ReDRagon at the Chicago show on the 8th. Congrats to Nick and Matt, two of the nicest kids that I’ve met in the business. I had the honor of working with them, several times, out here in Northern Nevada.

RoH showed how Hanson won the Top Prospect Tournament.

Tommaso Ciampa vs Hanson
Ring of Honor TV Title Match

Ciampa got up in Hanson’s face as the streamers were being taken out of the ring. Ciampa was getting a huge chant from the fans. Code of Honor handshake. Ring the Bell!

The two went at each other, wild and wooly, with flying fists. Big Boot by Ciampa. Huge Forearms and stomps by the champ, Ciampa. Hanson missed the Spin Kick o’ Doom. Ciampa Back Suplexed Hanson over the rope. Ciampa flew but landed badly, on his head. Running Knee Strike by Ciampa. Ciampa threw Hanson into the barrier. Huge Body Strike that put Ciampa into the fans.

Ciampa pitched Hanson back in the ring. Spinning Powerslam by Hanson. Leap Frog by Ciampa. When Hanson tried the same move, he got planted with a Celtic Cross variation. The two threw wild Forearms at each other. They both bounced off he ropes for more power. Hanson with the No Sell on the Big Boot and Dropkick. Cartwheel by Hanson into a brutal Clothesline. That was cool as Hell. Ciampa escaped a Powerslam and hit a Knee Strike for two. Hanson got out of Project Ciampa and hit the

Your Winner: Tommaso Ciampa
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0

Jay Briscoe talked about beating Adam Cole in San Antonio. Jay said he was the baddest dog in the yard.

Ring of Honor looked at how Chris Hero earned his title shot. Hero pinned Adam Cole in a Triple Team Tag Match, a few weeks back. Michael Elgin (Hero’s partner) wasn’t thrilled but did wish Hero the best.

Adam Cole vs Chris Hero
Ring of Honor World Title Match

The streamers made it hard to see Hero during part of his entrance. Cole then walked out with ultimate arrogance and confidence etched on his face. The Philly crowd showed their extreme (pun fully intended) dislike for the RoH champ. Hero looked like he could be C.M. Punk’s twin brother. (Speaking of Punk, he will be a panelist on Talking Dead, next Sunday). Scarlett made the introductions. The crowd was 100% in Hero’s corner. They took a break before the match got going.

Jay Lethal cut a promo about his TV title match, next week, against Tommaso Ciampa. That match is going to be incredible. Ciampa is quickly becoming a favorite of mine and I’ve always appreciated Lethal’s abilities.

Code of Honor Handshake. Hero stalked the champ and tied up in a Knuckle Lock. Cravat by Hero. Hero with a Back Heel Trip after an Ankle Pick. Hero rolled Cole into a pin attempt but only got two. Cole bailed out to the floor.

Hero with a Leg Swing and Roll Up. Knife Edge Chop by Hero. Cole avoided the corner, likethe plague. Side Headlock byHero but Cole with the Shoulder Tackle. Universal into a Big Boot, in mid-air, to Cole’s chest. Scoop Slam and Backsplash Senton by Hero. Jumping Spin Elbow Drop by Hero. Seated Cravat by Hero but Cole kicked and punched free. The ref forced Cole to back off. Knife Edge Chop but Cole avoided the follow up Big Boot. Cole went to the floor to break the momentum.

Cole with a quick in-and-out to reset the count. Cole reminded Hero that Chris had to beat him, not the other way round. Hero caught Cole with a surprise Superkick, on the floor. Running Boot to Cole’s face. Hero pitched Cole back in the ring and then Whipped him to the ropes. Cole held the ropes but Hero with the Hero Kick (Running Boot). Hero flipped up and over the ropes, landing on the apron. Cole swept the leg and hit an Enziguri. 2 count.

Cole choked Hero over the middle rope until the ref forced him to stop. Cole with a pair of kicks to the face. Cole bounced off the ropes, twice, and then settled down for a Rear Chin Lock. Hero got to his feet but Cole pulled him down. Hero blocked a Suplex and caught he champ in a La Magistral Cradle. Cole got free and connected with the Shining Wizard. There was a odd sound coming from the crowd. RoH took a quick break.

After a few commercial messages, it was back to action. Hero with a series of Knife Edge Chops. Hero went for he Roaring Elbow but Cole blocked it. Release Suplex by Hero. It was just odd how both men landed. Cole rushed the corner but Hero escaped. Heor with the Rolling Neckbreaker. Kip Up. Flying Elbow. Big Boot by Hero, instead of the Roaring Elbow. Baseball Slide Dropkick by Hero. Hero stood on a chair and absorbed the love of his fans.

Back in the ring, Hero with a variation of his Roaring Elbow, after a Springboard Stomp. Cole escaped the Electric Chair but not the Big Boot. Wild Cravat Suplex, by Hero. 2 count, again. Hero with a sharp punch and kick. Hero put Cole up top and went for a Superplex. Cole fought out. Hero with another Big Boot. Cole with his own Big Boot and then nailed a wicked Bell Ringer DDT (Similar to a Rope-Assisted Tombstone Piledriver). Cole yelled at the crowd and then stopped to hear the odd sounds from the crowd. Cole pulled Hero up by the hair. Cole pushed Hero and told Christ o stay down. Cole yelled at the crowd but hero with a wild punch to the face. 1-2-no. Roaring Elbow but Cole went all the way to the floor. Hero went out to get him. “You Killed Cole!” rang out from the crown. Hero struggled to lift Cole. He brought him to the ring. Cole rolled right back out of the ring. Heor with another Big Boot. Hero went to throw Cole in the ring but Cole hit a German Suplex, on the floor.

Back in the ring, Cole with hit Neckbuster finisher. Hero kicked out at two. Cole with a Gut Wrench The ref got laid out by a Back Elbow. CrossRhodes by Hero. Cattle Mutilation variation by Hero. Cole tapped out but there was no ref. “You Tapped Out!” rose from the crowd. Nigel McGuinness checked on the ref. Cole escaped a Funk Neckbreaker and hit an Enziguri. Superkick by Cole into Florida Key. 2ount. Cole with a Double Florida Key Suplex to retain the title.

Your Winner: Adam Cole
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25


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