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Crystal Ball: TNA Lockdown 2014

Jay Shannon draws upon all his predictive powers to look at the winners and losers at an upcoming major wrestling event.

This is one of my least favorite Pay-per-views, to be honest. The potential for injury is unreal. Plus, it’s really tough to get decent camera angles through the mesh of the cage. That being said, this one should be action-packed, top to bottom.

One of the major matches: Kurt Angle vs Ethan Carter III has been indefinitely postponed. After Carter’s attack on Kurt, Angle was medically examined and it was found that he now Does have a Torn MCL. I wish Kurt all the best in his recover. Let’s look at the rest of the card.

Manik vs Tigre Uno


This one is one of the easiest predictions that I’ve had to make in a long time. Manik (assuming it is still T.J. Perkins under the hood) is a fantastic competitor. However, Wrestling Booking 101 says that you never promote the Hell out of an incoming talent, only to have him lose during his first match. I do think Manik will give Tigre Uno a run for his money but Tigre is going over in this one. The only reason he wouldn’t would be if he got disqualified for not stopping or something stupid like that.

Predicted Winner: Tigre Uno
Predicted Grade: 3.5

Christopher Daniels, Kazarian and Chris Sabin vs Great Muta, Sanada and Nakanoue


This one is going to steal the show, count on it. Muta is still a fantastic competitor. I did some research on the other two (Thank you, YouTube) and Muta’s partners are phenomenal. Everything in me is saying that the TNA Bad Guys are taking this one. However, comparing all six men, I’m going on a limb with this one.

Predicted Winners: Great Muta, Sanada and Nakanoue
Predicted Grade: 4.25

Mr. Anderson vs Samual Shaw


Anderson came out on top in his feud with Bully Ray. It would make no sense for Anderson to easily dispatch “Creepy B*stard”. The feud would vanish, as would the storyline with Christy Hemme. Shaw needs to win this one to push the feud into something bigger and better at Slammiversary. Expect Shaw to put down Anderson with his Beautiful Dreamer Judo Choke.

Predicted Winner: Samual Shaw
Predicted Grade: 2.5

“Cowboy” James Storm vs Gunner
Last Man Standing Match


Experience is going to come into play during this match. Gunner will have Storm beaten but will show compassion to his mentor and former friend. Storm will take full advantage of it and do something truly underhanded, like using a rope to tie Gunner down. That will likely lead to a Bullrope Match at Slammiversary, which Gunner will win. But the first volley in this physicality tennis match will go to The Cowboy.

Predicted Winner: “Cowboy” James Storm
Predicted Grade: 2.5

Madison Rayne vs Gail Kim
Knockout Championship Match


Gail now has two huge women at her side, Lei’d Tapa and Alpha Female. The cage should neutralize them but you never know. I still think that Madison is going to survive the cage and retain her title. Expect ODB and Velvet Sky to come out to off-set Tapa and Alpha.

Predicted Winner: Madison Rayne
Predicted Grade: 2.0

Team Dixie (Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Robbie E and Jessie G) vs Team MVP (MVP, Jeff Hardy, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards)
Lethal Lockdown Match, Man Advantage to Team Dixie


This one has several things going in Team Dixie’s favor. Eddie Edwards is obviously injured, going in. Team Dixie has the Man Advantage. Plus, Dixie said she talked to “New York” to bring in something that no one will see coming. I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out who or what that might be. I’ve heard a strong rumor that we might see Chris Adonis (formerly known as Chris Masters) but I can’t confirm that. MVP will be on home ground, as the PPB is in Miami, Florida. I’m also expecting Dixie to pull something where MVP would no longer be allowed to call himself MVP (either going into the match or likely at the next Impact and forward). A lot of people have suggested that the surprise is Vince McMahon. I am almost certain that there is no way that Vinny Mac is showing up there. With Dixie’s cryptic comments of “They will never see it coming”, I’m wondering if Jeff Hardy is going to turn on his teammates. I don’t think Dixie is going to need the “surprise”, Roode and his crew are going to take apart Team MVP and relegate MVP to a new identity (“You don’t deserve to be called an MVP, anymore.”)

Predicted Winners: Team Dixie/Roode
Predicted Grade: 3.5

Magnus vs Samoa Joe
TNA World Title Match under “Joe Rules”


Unlike the Team Dixie vs Team MVP match, the fact that Joe seems to have all the advantages will not put the World Strap around his waist. I have an odd feeling that since Ethan Carter III doesn’t have anything to do (with Kurt out hurt), he’s going to get in the middle of the thing. Joe is going to just shred Magnus for the majority of the match. Magnus will call for help, several times, with no one coming out. RockStar Spud will come out to distract Joe. Ethan will then somehow crack Joe in the head with a chair or something. (The ref will likely be knocked out). Magnus will then put Joe in the Cloverleaf. The ref will wake up and see Joe out cold. He will think that Joe passed out from the pain and Magnus retains.

Predicted Winner: Magnus
Predicted Grade: 3.25

In Conclusion:

TNA really needs to pull out all the stops with this Pay-per-view. They have dropped back to very few PPV shows. If this one doesn’t score well, TNA might find itself completely abandoning the Pay-per-view concept. I really want to hear that this PPV has done really well.


–Jay Shannon

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