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Update from Big Vito

Just wanted to send a quick message to dispel any rumors going around.
Wednesday night I was training my Mixed Martial arts and Wrestling student at Big Vito’s Wrestling Academy.
I was  with sparing a student, kicked through my kick pads, and thought I bruised my leg.
I knew I hurt my shin bone.
The next morning I woke up and it was worse. The bruise now was swollen and looked to be
pushing through my skin.
I went to the hospital in Tampa, just to get it checked out.
The Doc informed me it was more serious than I thought, and they were taking me right into emergency surgery to open my leg.
There Dr Cam Delora, who operated on Vince Papale when he was injured, found a big blood clot and needed to check for compartmental syndrome.
They cleaned out the clot, surrounding area ,and have now closed the incision.
I’m still in the hospital just for precautionary measures and hope to be released later today.
On a personal note :
This was something that just happened quickly. I did not tell my family, my fiance Noel, no one knew until after it was over. I didn’t want anyone to worry.
I asked Noel to post on facebook just to let family and friends that I was doing ok and to not worry. I didn’t want anyone to be upset.
For all the people that think they were “reporting” and putting rumors out there, not sure where you were getting your information from.
The only thing out there is what I asked my girl to put on facebook. All rumors going around false. Breaking news usually contains facts.
A lot of friends and family members have been hearing rumors and are upset. None of these rumors are true.  Personal life is personal life. Some things aren’t about the wrestling business.
I’m sorry if I upset anyone by not informing them, but this was a split second decision for doctors and myself. I’m very sorry that I didn’t get to inform all the important people in my life. Thank you everyone for all the kind thoughts and prayers. I’ll be back up on my feet soon!
And one more thing  I AM the toughest man to ever wear a hospital gown. Ya know something, these hospital gowns are pretty sexy. I’m thinking about taking a couple home.

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