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Lockdown is on the horizon and it’s all on the line for Dixie Carter and MVP. The major players of the PPV were all focused on, this week.

The Flashback Opener talked about the formations of Team MVP and Team Dixie Carter/Bobby Roode. Bobby Roode and MVP both tried to recruit Austin Aries for their teams. Aries eventually screwed over MVP to show that he was going to be part of Team Dixie/Roode.

Jessie G, Robbie E and Bobby Roode came out as an almost-unified force. Zema Ion was in their corner. The 8 men involved would compete in an elimination match to find out the Man Advantage. By the way, the BroMans won back the Tag Titles, in Japan. Roode said he was going to run TNA, his way, after Sunday. Roode was cut off by the arrival of Austin Aries. Aries said he wanted part of Roode’s 10% ownership, when they win. Aries said he would not work under Roode. Aries said he wanted half of Roode’s 10%. Robbie threw in that they were going to be the deciding factor. Jessie said the BroMans were going to want part of the ownership, as well. Austin said MVP couldn’t find anyone to match him for his team…

MVP and the Wolves walked out onto the ramp and then strolled down to the ring. Taz noticed that MVP was still short one guy. MVP admitted to making a bad decision in trusting Aries. MVP started to announce his 4th man but was cut off by the arrival of Dixie Carter.

She told the cameraman to get out of her face. She got right up in MVP’s face. She said MVP’s decision wouldn’t matter and couldn’t care who the 4th man was. Dixie said she was in New York, all week, to secure the win for her team. Dixie rambled on that TNA meant more to her than anything and she would do what was needed to keep control. MVP asked Dixie if she wanted to know who the partner was. MVP said he was a former World Champion and a good friend. MVP said the 4th partner would be Jeff Hardy! Dixie said it wasn’t going to happen as Dixie suspended Hardy’s contract when he walked out. Dixie said Hardy would compete over her dead body. MVP said he could get some Texas Bluebonnet for the wreath for her funeral. Boode got in MVP’s face and then got smacked. All Hell broke loose. TNA decided to take that moment to go to break. Jeez.

MVP, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards vs Robbie E, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode
Six-Man Elimination Match to determine the “Man Advantage” in the Lethal Lockdown Match at Lockdown

Robbie with Shoulder Thrusts, in the corner. Robbie then ran on of the Wolves into the corner and tagged Roode. Roode with a huge Suplex. 2 count. Aries with an Ax Bomber. Robbie tagged in and tried to pin Eddie. Eddie flipped out of the Back Drop Suplex and MVP tagged in. Robbie with a kick. Lift Slam by MVP. Yakuza Stomp by MVP.

Robbie E – Eliminated

Bobby Roode jumped MVP and stomped the knee. Back Elbow by MVP. The Wolves with a Double Team on Bobby. Eddie went for the pin but only got a two. Bobby blasted Eddie’s neck and tagged to Aries. Austin nailed Davey and MVP. Eddie with a boot from Aries. Enziguri on Roode. Aries with a Brainbuster on Eddie Edwards.

Eddie Edwards – Eliminated

Davey and Austin with wild Forearms. Spin Kick by Davey. Backspring Jumping Enziguri by Richards. Austin with the Roaring Elbow. Tags on both sides. Both men hit Clotheslines, with minimal effect. MVP with European Uppercuts and a Clothesline. Aries made the save. Roode rolled up MVP (assist to Aries).

MVP – Eliminated

Bobby with a Kneelif t and punches and stomps. Bobby with the Boot Choke. Aries with the tag and a Whip. Running Back Elbow into the Bulldog Faceplant. Backbreaker by Roode, after a quick tag. Bobby pitched Davey to the floor. Ax Bomber by Aries. 2 count. Miz/Morrison Double Team for a two. Roode tagged right back in . Davey threw Aries into Roode. Davey then Dropkicked Roode, which caused Bobby to DDT Aries. Flying Knee. Davey missed the Warrior’s Way. Davey blocked Roode Bomb. Half Crab but Aries attacked with a chair.

Austin Aries – Eliminated due to Disqualification

Aries continued to destroy Davey. Eddie Edwards rushed in to check on his partner. Several refs checked on Davey Richards. MVP also rushed out. Davey was shrieking in agony. TNA took a break while it was determined if Davey could continue.

Davey’s shoulder was wrapped up and he was being assisted to the back. Davey was getting medical attention. The ruling of the match had not been decided, yet. The tech wasn’t sure how bad the injury was. Earl Hebner gave Davey Richards and hour to recover and return to the ring. If Davey could not return, Team Roode would win the “Man Advantage”.

Your Winner: Delayed

Taz and Tenay discussed the Samual Shaw situation. He has obsessed over Christy Hemme and eventually got into it with Ken Anderson. Shaw jumped Ken and then put him in his Judo Choke Finisher. Shaw sat and said the slap from Christy was beautiful. Shaw was ready to also do something beautiful. Hmmm…maybe they should call his finisher the…Beautiful Dreamer.

Samual Shaw walked out slowly to the ring. Christy Hemme had left the ringside area. Shaw was enjoying a cup of tea. Shaw noticed that Hemme wasn’t there and didn’t look happy, at all. Mr. Anderson’s music then went off and Ken came out to talk. Ken said Christy Hemme would be nowhere near that “Freakin’ Guy”. Ken then introduced himself, in grand fashion. Ken then did the introduction.

Creepy B*stard (Samual Shaw) vs Eric Young

Man, Ken is great as an announcer. The fan adored Eric Young. He jogged around the ring and got on the turnbuckles. Ken took a seat at ringside. Eric with a Roll Up and Jawbreaker to open things up. Corner Mount Punches by Eric. Shaw smiled at the punishment that he felt. Shaw blasted Eric and then kicked away. Ken distracted Shaw but it didn’t help. Shaw choked Eric. The fans chanted Shaw’s new nickname.

Eric with Haymakers. Flair Flip by Eric. Shoulder and Slide into a Universal. Flying Forearm into a Close Quarters Belly to Belly. 2 count. The two went to the floor. Shaw threw the hot tea in Eric’s face. Shaw then put Ken in the Beautiful Dreamer. Ken was out.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Eric Young
Impact Score: 1.25

Shaw told Ken he was going to “claim what is rightfully mine” (Christy Hemme).

Davey was still being checked on. MVP told the trainer to take care of Davey. MVP said he was going to check on something and he would be right back.

MVP went down the fall screaming for Austin Aries. Pat Kenney and Al Snow tried to calm MVP down. MVP accused Aries of having no character.

The Kurt Angle/Ethan Carter III situation was addressed. Ethan thought he had torn up the ACL and MCL in Kurt’s knee. Kurt corrected Ethan that there were no tears. Kurt blasted Ethan and said the two would face off in a cage match.

Dixie was trying to explain why she was in New York. Ethan came in and Dixie was ticked off. She told Ethan to take out Kurt Angle’s knee. Dixie said she was not about to let someone come in and take over. Dixie said MVP would never see what was coming.

Samual Shaw walked around looking for Christy.

After the break, Shaw went into the female dressing room. He was angry that he couldn’t find her. Velvet Sky came out in her bra. Shaw wanted to know where Christy was. Sky said she was in the make-up room.

Ethan Carter III stormed down to the ring. He was jumping up and down and wanted a microphone. Ethan demanded that Kurt Angle come out and answer for last week’s Sucker Punch. Ethan said he used to respect Kurt and Angle was a hero and inspiration to him. Ethan said Kurt feared Ethan’s submission wrestling. Ethan said he had something bigger than Kurt’s Angle Lock. He had a Leg Lock. Ethan rambled on about all the things in Kurt’s leg that he could destroy. Ethan said he became “The New Icon of Wrestling” when he beat Sting. After he destroyed Kurt, he would become the “New Face of American Wrestling”. Ethan said he was about to be known as “The American Icon”.

Kurt Angle came out because he was sick of listening to Ethan’s rambling. Kurt questioned the concept of Ethan as an “American Icon”. He said Ethan was “An American *ssh-le”. Ethan bailed out of the ring and took off to the back. Kurt was limping badly. Ethan came back and jumped Kurt. He Chop Blocked the leg of Kurt nad then stalked his foe. Ethan threw Kurt in the ring. Dropkick to the knee. Ethan dropped his weight, several times, on the inside of the bad leg. Icon-Lock by Ethan. Kurt shrieked in agony. Ethan refused to release the hold for quite some time. It took two refs to pull him off. Ethan yelled that he heard it (the knee) pop.

Backstage, MVP did the pep talk to Davey> MVP wanted Davey to go back out there and keep going. Davey talked about a meeting in Japan. Davey said his shoulder was hurt but he was still breathing.

The Knockouts were on their way to the ring.

TNA showed off highlights previous Pre-Show Parties.

A new profile ran for Kenny King. Glad to see him back. He’s from my old stomping grounds, Las Vegas. I loved my time there, with a few exceptions. Kenny is now “The King of the Night”.

Gail Kim, Leid’d Tapa and the Alpha Female (w//Chris Sabin on Alpha’s shoulders) vs ODB and The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne)
Six-Women Tag Team Match

Madison went right after Gail. She ran Gail into a couple of corner and nailed a Northern Lights Suplex. Tapa grabbed Madison’s hair and Gail hit a Dropkick. Gail missed a Corner Splash. Tag to ODB. Whip and Corner Splash. Bronco Buster by ODB. ODB attacked both Tap and Alpha. Gail with a Clothesline. Tag to Tapa.

Tapa lifted ODB up onto her Shoulder. Backbreaker. Tapa stomped away on ODB. Whip by Tapa. Corner Clothesline by Tapa. Tapa stood on ODB’s hair and pulled up on the arms. She spat in the ref’s face. ODB started to punch away. Tag to Velvet and Alpha. Sky hit Clotheslines and they had no effect. Kick s did. Flying Neckbreaker by Sky. Gail made the save. Spear by Madison. Sabin got in the ring with the chain as the women went to the floor. Sabin got in Sky’s face and screamed at her. He called her a “Stpid Skank”. She slapped him. She Low Bridged him. Alpha snuck in the ring and put Sky in a Full Nelson. She didn’t have it fully locked in and Sky escaped. In Your Face by Sky.

Your Winners: Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne and ODB
Impact Score: 1.5

Sabin howled like an injured animal over the fallen form of his new female ally, Alpha Female.

Shaw asked some English guy where the makeup room was. Shaw walked away to find his obsession.

TNA thanked the British fans for their support.

Willow was back for another Foley-esque promo. I’ve had a few people suggest that Willow might be Brian Kendrick. I still think it’s Jeff Hardy.

Shaw walked into the makeup room. He found…Mr. Anderson in a Christy Hemme wig. Ken beat the stuffing out of Shaw (though we didn’t see most of it. Ken drew on Shaw’s face with lipstick and threw him into a wall. Ken warned Shaw to leave Christy alone. Shaw cackled after Ken left and said he would see them both…on Sunday.

The James Storm vs Gunner feud was showcased. Gunner kick started the feud by getting the World title briefcase. Storm seemed to come to peace with it but then turned on Gunner during the World Title Challenge Match. Storm said he wouldn’t take a backseat to anyone. Gunner said he was going to end Storm’s career.

Gunner walked out, looking like he worked for Goober and Gomer at the filling station. Actually, he looked like a biker grease monkey. Smile. I really like Gunner, don’t get me wrong. He’s the kind of guy that is the backbone of any organization he would be working for.

Gunner talked about how things changed when he won the Briefcase. Storm got jealous and stabbed Gunner in the back. Gunner felt Storm was a coward that ran away. Gunner said being in a cage brought back a lot of “Dark Memories”.

Storm came out to interrupt Gunner’s comments. Storm mocked Gunner’s military commitment. Storm said Gunner would be making excuses that Storm cost him the World title, years down the road. Gunner said he wanted Storm in the cage for a super fight, *ss whuppin. Gunner said he’d like to make it a Las Man Standing Match. Storm was offended that Gunner wanted to test his manhood. Storm said he was more of a man than Gunner would ever be. Storm mocked Gunner’s religious beliefs. Storm then nailed Gunner with a Cheap Shot. Storm with the Last Call Superkick to the face. There was a minor “HBK” chant form the crowd. Storm then took off for he back.

In the back, Roode talked with Brian Hebner. He was tired of waiting to finish the match. MVP finished taping up Davey’s shoulder. The continuation of the match was next…

Bobby Roode vs Davey Richards
Finals of the Elimination Match

TNA showed how Davey was injured, earlier. Roode kicked at the shoulder and punched away. Roode slammed the arm into the ring post. Arm Breaker over the shoulder, by Bobby. Arm Wringer by Davey punched away. Arm Yank by Bobby. Jumping Kneedrop to the shoulder. Bobby snapped the arm over the top rope. Bobby told the ref to ask if Davey wanted to quit. Bobby missed a Kneedrop. Davey tried to psych himself up. Davey with a Big Boot. Davey couldn’t climb the ropes. Modified Dragon Screw Leg Whip, in the ropes, by Davey. Davey punched with the good arm and tried to shake out the bad one. Enziguri by Davey. Mike Tenay mentioned the passing of Billy Robinson, this past week. He was a fantastic star and taught several generations of future stars. May your rest be a peaceful one.

Davey with a Suicide Dive. Davey went up top and hit the Missile Dropkick. 2 count. Davey with several Round Kicks. Davey missed a huge kick. Davey escaped the Roode Bomb. Davey with a Half Crab. He couldn’t quite get it fully applied. Roode kicked the bad shoulder, repeatedly. Davey charged and struck the ring post. Bobby nailed the Roode Bomb. He then applied the Canadian (Crippler) Crossface. Davey tapped out but Rodoe would not release it.

Your Winner: Bobby Roode
Impact Score: 2.5
Team Roode gets the Man Advantage in Lethal Lockdwon.

Tigre Uno was profiled. He will face Manik on Sunday.

Magnus chatted with Dixie. Magnus was feeling a bit left out of Dixie’s planning. Dixie told Magnus to go out and beat Samoa Joe. She informed him that he would have no back-up on Sunday.

Tenay and Taz ran down the finalized card for LockDown. I’ll have my Crystal Ball predictions, later this week-end.

Samoa Joe’s path to the title shot was highlighted. Joe bellowed for Magnus to come out to the ring and listen to him. Magnus did come out. Magnus said Joe should know better than to question Magnus’ courage and who he is. Magnus reminded Joe that they stood side-by-side. Magnus accused Joe of turning his back on Magnus. Magnus said the Main Event Mafia was a joke. Magnus crowed about becoming the World Champion. Magnus knew that Joe was filled with rage. Rage will by Joe’s undoing, according to Magnus. Magnus admitted that he used to look up to Joe. Magnus said Joe couldn’t control his rage and that made him weak. Magnus was certain that he would leave Lockdown as the champion.

Joe confirmed that Magnus was right about everything, almost. Joe said he often liked to deliver extra pain and shed blood. Joe claimed he often blacked out and didn’t know what he was doing. Joe reminded Magnus that their match would be under “Joe’s Rules”. Joe said Magnus would not be able to walk out of the cage, Sunday. Magnus blasted Joe and punched nad kicked away. Joe reversed thing s and exploded on the champ. Kokina Clutch! Magnus repeatedly tapped out.

Fade out…both the show and Magnus

–Jay Shannon

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