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World League Wrestling

Battle of Otterville

Press Release

World League Wrestling and Harley Race, the 8-Time NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, proudly announces its return to the Mid-Missouri area. On March 14th, WLW will bring some of the best wrestling action around to the Otterville High School in Otterville, MO.

On this night, you will see great wrestling action including ladies wrestling, tag team action, and more! On March 1st, WLW had scheduled an event in Richmond, MO that was postponed due to weather that had was predicted to harshly hit the area. On that night, there was going to be the debut of two (2) new wrestlers for the company. The wrestlers are Kyle Roberts, a young up and comer within the ranks of the Harley Race Wrestling Academy, as well as a masked wrestler by the name of “Air-Raid”. However, with the postponement of the Richmond event, came the postponement of both of their debuts. Now, March 14th will mark the in-ring debut of both Kyle Roberts and “Air-Raid”. When questioned about his debut, Kyle Roberts had this to say: “I have been waiting for a long time for this to happen. Originally, I am from the Green Bay, Wisconsin area. When I figured out that the Harley Race Wrestling Academy was the best place for me to go, I packed up and moved down to the Missouri area. It was a huge change in environment, but it has served me well because my debut is just around the corner!” Air-Raid was not available for comments.

Also on March 14th, you will see the WLW Heavyweight Championship being defended as Jack Gamble faces off against champion Elvis Aliaga. As of late, Aliaga has been on a hot-streak defending his championship around the Missouri area. “You have seen some great wrestlers win and defend the WLW Heavyweight Championship” says Elvis, “But you haven’t seen anyone like me. I go out there every night and show everyone that this warrior from the Philippines has what it takes to be champion, and that I take care of business.” Jack Gamble had this to say about his upcoming championship shot against Elvis, “I have had a lot thrown at me within the past year and because of everything that has happened, it has brought out a new Jack Gamble. Someone that a lot of people haven’t seen before. What does that mean? I’ll never tell because then that’d be giving away some of the best things about me. All I will say is that Elvis, you’ll be having the fight of your life on March 14th, and that’s for sure.”

Also competing on this night will be FORMER WLW Ladies Champion Stacey O’Brien and Devyn Nicole. On March 1st, there was going to be a 3-way dance for the now vacated WLW Ladies Championship featuring O’Brien and Nicole and also former WLW Ladies Champion Miss Natural. Now rescheduled for April 19th, this 3-way bout will happen, but until then, O’Brien and Nicole will face off once again.

Also on this event, the WLW Tag-Team Champions, the Black Hand Warriors, will wrestle in a non-title match against Jamell Harris and local Otterville wrestler John E. Rock. These 2 young wrestlers have just started teaming together but have enough confidence to challenge the reigning and defending WLW Tag Team Champions. They have gotten their wish as Magnuson and Delorean has accepted their challenge, but will not be defending their tag team gold however.

These matches, and more, will be featured on the March 14th show in Otterville, Missouri. Tickets are on sale at Dave’s Country Market (Tipton), B&L Market (Otterville), and Woods Supermarket (Sedalia, MO). Also, the tickets will become available online on Wednesday, March 5th.

Harley Race, the company’s founder and president, was asked about this event and had this to say “World League Wrestling has been something that I have been with since day 1 of this company. For a lot of years, I have been involved in wrestling and had the opportunity to meet a lot of people both fans and wrestlers alike. The community has helped formed the person that is telling you this today. Now, I work to give back to the community. This event will be for the Otterville Junior Class. I never graduated high school and that is one of the things in life that I can’t change now. However, these young students at the Otterville High School are getting the chance to move onto their senior year and graduate high school, and go from there. I am happy that WLW is getting the opportunity to help them out, as well as bringing the great wrestling action that I approve of to the high school there. Fans, I appreciate all of your support, because without you, there wouldn’t be any Harley Race Wrestling Academy, there wouldn’t be a WLW, and there wouldn’t be the Harley Race that there is today. I greatly appreciate all of your support and I look forward to seeing you March 14th, at the Otterville High School.”

As always, WLW is a family-friendly event that is great for kids as well as adults. Tickets are $10 for general admission and $15 for ring-side if purchased in advance. If you purchase them the night of the event, tickets are $12 for general admission and $17 for ringside. Kids 5 & under get in for free.

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