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San Jose-Wrestling for Charity at the St. John Vianney Community Center:  Sledge pinned TruexVinny Massaro pinned Marcus LewisJR KratosJulio PedrozaRik Luxury defeated El Mero Mero Kaka MengVictor SterlingEdris Jackson in a Six-Man Tag Elimination Match…Joey Ryan pinned Jeff CobbGangrelEl Chupacabra defeated Hell’s Henchmen (Dalton Frost & KMJ)Dave Dutra pinned Jeckles to become the new WFC Heavyweight Champion.  (2/28/14)


Sanford-Southern Championship Wrestling at the Sanford Civic Center:  Johnny Armani pinned Sweet Thang WillieRhett GiddinsJason Cade defeated Rico CassanovaThump DupreeDevon Dudley pinned Chance ChampionLuscious Latasha pinned Justine SilverChasyn Rance pinned Joey MayberrySantana Garrett pinned Chelsea DiamondLondon Vice pinned Irish Jack.  (3/1/14)


Dolton-Project Revolution Wrestling at the PRW Studio:  Chris Kable pinned Jon FrancisHadriel pinned Assassin Prince AltierThe MoonDawgz (Bryan Knight & Jack McDaniels) defeated Team YOLO (Matt Creed & Justa Mazing) to become the new PRW Tag Team Champions…Selene Gray pinned KO Kendra to become the new PRW Women’s Champion…The Sheik Osama Hussein pinned Chris ClassicMark ReconcileScott PowersRobert Gibson defeated the 3rdWorld Order (Colonel Prince Hakeem, Sergeant Death & Ryu Shinzaki) in a 6-Man Tag Team Match.   (3/2/14)

Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena:  Golden DragonKuni Silencio and Mike Matthews defeated 2 Hot 4 You (Chico Suave & Valentino) and Will   DollaMike Anthony defeated Dante DVS by DQ…Revelion Chicana (El Traidor & Dark Scorpion)Atomico defeated La Corporacion (El Funebre, El Emerador Azteca & El Destructor Alfa)El Rebelde Noriega pinned VenomFuria RojaGPAJoey Marx defeated La Maldicion (Punisher 747, Ovirload & Mojo McQueen)El Syndicato (Bryce Benjamin, Marcus & Mason Conrad) defeated The Legend Discovery The Soul Touchaz (Acid Jaz &Marshe Rockett).   (3/2/14)


Columbia-Hoosier Pro Wrestling at the 4-H Fairgrounds Family Arts Center:  Hillbilly Jed pinned The Wicked ClownSever pinned the Fiji WildmanTroy Van Zant pinned Tom Van ZantCousin Cooter pinned Big MikeLylah Lodge pinned Camron Star8-Bit Punks defeated Dash VentureDemarcus James to become the new HPW Tag Team Champions…Rob RamerDonny IdolRicky Ruckus defeated Rob ConwayTJ Kemp JKO.  (3/1/14)


Quincy-Pro Wrestling Experience at the Quincy Armory:  Mike McCarthy vs. Jon Thornhill went to a No-Contest…Tony AtlasCaleb Konley pinned The Soviet AssaultJimmy Jacobs pinned Chasyn RanceJeremy ProphetRex Lawless vs. Brian RichMarko Estrada went to a No-Contest..Brian Cage pinned Danny Duggan to become the new Heavyweight Champion.  (2/28/14)


Franklin-1st Class Wrestling at Wrestletown, USA:  Jameson Hennessey pinned Dan Roberson to advance to the finals of the 10-Man/10 Grand…Ryan Freeman pinned Matt Vengeance to advance to the finals…Chris Morgan pinned Mark Magnum to advance to the finals…Bruiser Schmidt pinned Outlaw to advance to the finals…Doug Charlz vs. Blanco Warrior went to a Time-Limit Draw and both advance to the finals…Butcher Dixon defeated Nate FlamesNick Davidson in a Triple-Threat Match…Jerry Andrews pinned DreezQueen City Killers defeated Southern Pride (Jonboy & Johnny H.)Jerry Andrews pinned DreezBlanco Warrior pinned Doug Charlz to win $10,000.   (2/28/14)

Piqua-Dynamic Championship Wrestling at the National Guard Armory:  Bruce Grey defeated Jake CristZakk Spadez in a Triple-Threat Match…Morris the Mecca of Manhood defeated Frankie Gambino in a Mask vs. Dress Match…Logan Cain pinned Brandon JamesAmanda defeated Big MamaSin D in a 3-Way Ladies Match…Tommy Blaze defeated Casey Coleman in a Piqua Street Fight…Vandal defeated Evan Steel in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match (Singles Match, Submission Match & Strap Match)…Mac McPhat pinned Big Jim Hutchinson.   (3/1/14)

Waynesville-Legends of the Squared Circle at the Waynesville Middle School Gym:    Big T won a 15-Man Battle Royal…Sharkboy defeated American Kickboxer IIJay West in a Triple-Threat Match…Matt RyanShawn DravenThe Black Dragon defeated The Un-AmericansJerry AndrewsHBO.  Due to pre-match stipulations, HBO would get his head shaved…Jimmy Wang Yang pinned Eddie GonzalesHeather Owens pinned KaelaThe GPA (Pete Swags & Todd Mullins) defeated Scarry Garry in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match…Big T defeated Ryan Stone by DQ…Brutal Bellman defeated Dean Baldwin in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. (3/1/14)

Zanesville-Southern Championship Wrestling at the Newton Township Fire Department:  TX Cross pinned Derrick SwayMike Howerton pinned Deamon KhanI Bryen Douglas pinned HaloTom McClane pinned JakePaul HarleyDave Crist defeated SpadeRockin’ RedneckJT Hogg pinned Mark Mattox to become the new U.S. Champion…The Great American Beast pinned Mason PriceRok Wyler defeated Bobby Watson by DQ.  (3/1/14)


Portland-Blue Collar Wrestling at the North Portland Eagles Club:   Big Vicious Meat defeated Orochi Warriors to become the new UIWA/BCW Tag Team Champions…Buddy Highway pinned Psycho SailorEmperor Void pinned Corporal PunishmentKeith Atkins pinned PetrovMarty JannettyTex Thompson defeated Damon Scythe & Lonestar the 51%.  (2/28/14)


Jasper-AIWF Youngblood Wrestling at the YBW Arena:  Mikey G. pinned Joshua CroweMatt Bradley pinned Justin Blaze to become the new U.S. Champion…Suicide Kings (Thomas Cage & Maniac) defeated Adam PowersMikey GEric Michaels pinned AcidYoung & Reckless (Brandon Young & Freddie Reckless) defeated Masters of Mayhem (Robbie Evans & SuperBeast) and Fugitives of Sin (Cra-Z-C & Jason Williams) in a Triple Team Elimination Match to become the new YBW Tag Team Champions…The Executioner pinned Jay Anthony.  (2/22/14)

Lewisburg-All-Star Wrestling at the House of Pain:  The Ringmaster pinned Cody Morton….Yukon Jack pinned Sexy CLawrence pinned Jeremiah PlunkettMikey Dunn pinned Norman CrossShaneSteve Morton defeated ForsakenMephistoLarry Cooter pinned JP JonesJeremiah Plunkett won the Battle Royal.   (3/1/14)

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