Posted March 2nd, 2014 by Bill Apter

The world lost a wonderful person far to early when Nelson Frazier Jr. passed away on February 19, 2014.

I am blessed to say that Nelson Frazier Jr. was my friend and that I knew him outside of the wrestling persona’s he portrayed throughout his career. I want to share the Nelson I knew with others as a tribute to his life. I think we often forget there are real people behind the characters and Nelson was a wonderful person.

Nelson loved wrestling. I will never forget telling him that certain people took issue with my love of wrestling. Nelson became almost indignant and could not believe that anyone could find fault with a person watching wrestling on television. He said “wrestling is nothing but good clean fun”. Nelson accomplished much during his wrestling career. What he was most proud of was the fact that he set a goal and achieved it. Nelson said that when he first began to train some people said all they wanted was one match in the WWE. Nelson could not believe this philosophy and said his goal was to not just get there, but to get there, stay there, and perform at the top of the card. Nelson took great pride in the fact that he set a high goal and achieved it. This characteristic was not limited to wrestling, Nelson applied it to all parts of his life.

Nelson had so many great moments throughout his career. Some of his favorites were winning the tag team championship, hardcore championship and King of the Ring. One of his proudest, if not the proudest, was being one of the first to beat the Undertaker on a pay per view. Nelson was very proud of his work with the Undertaker over the years and had incredible respect for him. He was also vey proud of returning to the WWE as a part of the Stone Cold Steve Austin Mr. McMahon feud. Nelson was also quick to say the the commentary of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler played a large role in creating the magical moments that we will never forget.

Nelson loved the journey of his career. Some of his greatest memories were during the early days of his career. He loved to reminisce about the help J.J. Dillon gave him when he first arrived as part of Men on a Mission. He loved to talk about his change to King Mabel and the role J.J. Dillon played in that. Upon meeting J.J. Dillon he said he got the idea for the Mabel character from the Johnny Cash song “A Man Named Sue” and that Nelson played the character perfectly. Nelson loved being part of the Ministry of Darkness. One of the first conversations I had with Nelson was about when he was kidnapped by his real life friend The Undertaker and transformed from Mabel into Viscera. I told him I remembered when it took place at the Royal Rumble and thought it was funny because it was so unpredictable. Nelson immediately started laughing with me and said “you thought it was funny, I was laughing and shocked at the time. I was thinking who would think the Undertaker is going to kidnap Mabel”. Nelson loved his role as “The Love Machine” and really enjoyed working with Trish Stratus, who he thought very highly of. Nelson had nothing but good things about Trish. He thought she was truly a good person and truly respected what she accomplished during her career. Nelson always said that Trish Stratus was far and away the best female wrestler he had ever worked with.

Nelson also had many great moments outside of the WWE. One such moment was the reaction he got from the crowd during his one appearance in the old ECW. The crowd erupted and Paul Heyman later told him if he had known that would have been the reaction he would have brought him in much sooner. I believe a run of Nelson playing the role of monster heel in the old ECW would have been something great that we all would have enjoyed.

Nelson was also a fan who loved to talk wrestling. He liked to talk about old school wrestling and angles from the past. He appreciated wrestling history and had the same types of memories of those who never got close to a wrestling ring.

Nelson loved his fellow wrestlers. I can say that he never said a bad word about anyone. Nelson was very proud of this and never understood how others could come out later and say negative things. He prided himself on never engaging in this behavior. He valued the friendships he made and loved to see those he worked with in the past. One of his favorites was Bret Hart. Nelson saw Bret at a show a few weeks before his passing. He told me how they sat and spoke and how much he enjoyed catching up. Nelson was very proud of the relationship he had with Vince McMahon. Nelson truly respected Mr. McMahon and he was proud of the fact they built a strong relationship and he was able to work for the company on many different occasions. Others that Nelson talked fondly about include the Undertaker, MVP, Trish Stratus and Marty Wright.

Nelson was very humble and truly loved his fans. Nelson truly appreciated the role his fans played in his career and he realized he owed his success to them. Nelson loved talking to his fans at shows, autograph sessions and when they approached him at restaurants. He loved taking pictures with them and answering their questions. People would approach me and ask if it was ok to approach him. I would say that would make him very happy and it always did. Some of my best memories are watching how happy Nelson was when fans approached our table at Kaloons.

But there was so much more to Nelson then wrestling. He was a loving and devoted husband. He loved his wife Cassandra more than anything. She was the world.

Nelson was a wonderful singer with a beautiful voice and he recently signed a recording contract. He planned on pursuing his love of singing and make it his second career. I negotiated Nelson’s contract and he was looking forward to showing his fans what a wonderful singer he was. Nelson was an actor, who was a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild. He looked forward to doing more acting and keep entertaining his many fans. He loved entertaining his fans in anyway he could. This was Nelson’s passion, entertaining his many fans.

Nelson was a man of faith who worshipped god and said but for his grace nothing is possible.

Nelson was also, how I knew him best, a good and loving friend. You could call Nelson at anytime to talk about wrestling and about life. He was incredibly wise and would always give a perspective that would help no matter what the situation. He was always there to talk with and laugh with. He loved a good joke and funny situations. We pulled a “rib” on someone a few months ago that was a riot. He loved to laugh about things like how nothing will make you feel worse then eating bad pork. All of us were lucky to become his friend and this friendship was a gift from god, a true blessing.

May Nelson Frazier Jr. rest in peace in the Kingdom of our lord. He touched all he met and will be missed but never forgotten.

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