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TNA was still in London, this week. MVP took on Bobby Roode in a Captain’s Match and Kurt Angle officially accepted his spot in TNA’s Hall of Fame.

The Rewind Segment focused on Lethal Lockdown. MVP put up a choice…a match where complete control of the company was on the line. Dixie recruited Bobby Roode with the promise of 10% ownership of the company if his team were to win. James Storm betrayed Gunner, during the World title match.

Gunner stormed around backstage, looking for his former partner and friend.

BREAKING NEWS: Dixie Carter wasn’t in the building. Yeah! Magnus, Bobby Roode and Ethan Carter III were given matchmaker privileges.

MVP swaggered out to the ring with a contract in hand. MVP went into his Flair-esque promo mode. (Ric still does it better). MVP explained that the main event was sealed and Samoa Joe will be the next to go after Magnus. MVP then brought both men out to the ring to sign the contract. MVP joked about Dixie Carter not being with him. Magnus ignored him and said he told Dixie that London just wasn’t the city it used to be. Magnus said the city had gone straight to Hell. Magnus said he only needed himself to handle his career. He got uppity with MVP and MVP didn’t back down. He did move to the signing. Joe had nothing to say, going in. MVP explained that the match wouldn’t be under “Magnus Rules”, this time. It would be under “Joe Rules”. What does that mean? The match can only be won by Submission, Knock Out or Tap Out. (Isn’t Tap Out and Submission the same thing? I’m just saying…) Joe quickly signed off on the match. Magnus dropped his title belt, moved MVP out of the way and verbally went off on Joe for trying to stack the deck against him. Magnus insulted his challenger, calling him an Animal. Magnus kick started the “Joe is Gonna Kill Ya!” chant. Magnus said he was going to put down Joe like they do with dangerous animals. Magnus said Joe would never represent the company as its World Champion. Magnus then signed the contract. Magnus and Joe went face to face and Magnus wondered if Joe was going to do something. He did…a Headbutt and massive punches. Refs and Security rushed down to try and keep them apart. Joe beat the stuffing out of Magnus. Pat Kenney and Al Snow finally pulled Joe back.

BREAKING NEWS II: The Wolves are the new TNA World Tag Team Champions. At a house show in West Virginia, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards captured the gold from the BroMans (Robbie E and Jessie G).A clip of the win was shown.

Backstage, the trio of Robbie, Jessie and Zema Ion wanted to get back at The Wolves. They went looking for Bobby Roode. The BroMans wanted to be on Team Roode. Bobby set up a Triple Team Match: The Wolves vs Bad Influence vs The BroMans. If the BroMans or Bad Influence win that match, that team would join Team Roode. If The Wolves win, neither the BroMans nor Bad Influence would be on Roode’s squad.

Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards (The Wolves) vs Christopher Daniels and Kazarian (Bad Influence) vs Robbie E and Jessie G (The BroMans)
Triple Team Non-Title Tag Match

Daniels and Robbie were starting but Robbie got too close to the Wolves corner. Davey tagged in and hit Japanese Arm Drags and a Roll Up into a Surfboard. Eddie rushed in and put Kaz in the same move. Hard kicks by Eddie. Daniels blocked a Whip and tagged kaz. Tag to Davey. Ax Bomber to Kaz’s shoulder. Tag back and Eddie hit he same move. Double Team by the Wolves. Kick by Eddie. Kaz reversed a Whip and Daniels with a kick. Eddie clocked Daniels. Daniels tripped Davey and Kaz with the Legdrop. Double Team on Davey. Daniels faked out a tag to the BroMans. Kaz tagged back in and went for a Double Team. It failed. The Wolves tagged and Eddie went wild on both members of Bad Influence. Flipping Powerslam by Eddie. Double Team on Eddie. Davey tripped Daniels. Whip by Eddie but Kaz with a Big Boot. Eddie popped Kaz and hit the Die Hard Drop (Running Jawbreaker) on Kaz. Daniels made the save. Sicide Dive to take out Daniels. Davey with the tag. Warrior’s Way by Eddie. Davey howled and then flew. Robbie with the blind tag. He threw Davey out after the 2nd Warrior’s Way and took the pin.

Your Winners: The BroMans
Impact Score: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Ethan Carter III said he was going to face one of England’s greatest wrestlers (Lord Littlebrook?). EC3 said he was about to become the new face of American Wrestling, replacing Kurt Angle.

Bobby Roode chatted with Austin Aries, backstage. They discussed Aries beating him in a fluke match. Roode knew that MVP had offered him a spot on Team MVP. Roode asked Austin if he could trust MVP. Aries wasn’t sure he could trust Roode. Austin said he knew this was all about the 10% that Roode would get if Team Roode were to win. Austin told Roode “I always do what’s best”.

Ethan Carter III vs Doug Williams

Nice to see Williams back. The fans popped huge for Williams. Ethan took the microphone before the match and taunted Williams about soccer. Man, he’s annoying. Doug clocked the big mouth and nailed a series of European Uppercuts. Whip by Ethan. Morningstar Uppercut by Williams into a huge number of European Uppercuts. Flying Knee by Williams. Ethan broke free and sent Williams to the corner. Doug dodged Ethan and hit a Battering Ram off the top. Reverse Low Blow Kick by Ethan. 1%er.

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III
Impact Score: 1.5 (it was good, for what it was)

After the match, Ethan stomped on the leg and put Doug in the Cross Legbreaker. I’m sure they will come up with a name for the move…like the Carter Clutch.

Backstage, James Storm arrived on the scene. There are going to fireworks, soon. Bank on it.

James storm came out to the ring. TNA looked back at how Storm screwed over Gunner, last week. This is one of the more confusing feuds. Storm turned on Gunner, turned back and apologized and then turned again. Storm told Gunner to come out and get his explanation about last week. Gunner looked ready to rip Storm’s head off. Storm told Gunner to hang on and listen. Gunner wanted to bash Storm’s head in. Storm admitted that he did screw over Gunner because Gunner screwed him out of the briefcase, in the first place. Storm said he had come to peace with it until Gunner was handed the tag team title shot briefcase. He felt Gunner was insulting him with a 2nd place case. Storm said Gunner used him to get over. He whined about never getting a Thank You. Gunner brought up his Marines training and how Marines say Thank You. Storm somewhat insulted the military but Gunner put him in his place. Storm said nobody owes Gunner a Damn Thing. That led to the punches flying. Storm missed with a chair shot. Gunner chased Storm up into the crowd. This is far from over.

With all this talk about military, I want to take a moment to brag about a very special young man. Five years ago, I got a new family. It came with two daughters and 3 grandsons. From day one, the youngest grandson and I bonded. I am proud to let all my readers know that this young man, Tim, just got accepted into the Army. He begins Basic Training in August. At 18, Tim is proving himself to be an honorable and responsible man. Grandpa Jay couldn’t be more proud of you.

Gunner was backstage and still itching for a fight. Gunner called Storm a “Coward”. Gunner said he would wait by the exit door and when Storm showed up, he’d kick his *ss.

Magnus was back in the ring, complaining about he cheap shot. Magnus had Bad Bones with him to battle Joe.

Samoa Joe vs Bad Bones

Bones went after Joe but the big Samoan went wild with punches, kicks and strikes. Knee Strikes by Joe, over and over. Face Washes, with the boot, by Joe. Broski Boot by Joe. Joe put Bones on the top roe and laid him out with the Muscle Buster. Kokina Clutch. Tap Out!

Your Winner: Samoa Joe
Impact Score: 1.75

Magnus looked like he was in serious need of a change of undies.
Austin Aries was on the phone when MVP came up to talk with him. MVP needed a decision from Austin about joining Team MVP. Aries said you can’t trust anyone in the business. Aries said he wanted to see if MVP had the heart and spirit. Aries wanted to scout both MVP and Bobby Roode, so he asked to be the Special Guest Ref of the Captain’s Match. MVP was concerned but agreed to give Aries a chance.

Kurt Angle Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Jeremy Borash was in charge of inducting Kurt Angle into the Hall of Fame. JB ran down Kurt’s accomplishments in Olympic and Pro Wrestling. JB talked about he night that Kurt Angle first appeared in TNA. JB said Kurt made it real…damn real. JB then sent it to a video highlight package about Kurt Angle. JB then brought Kurt Angle to the ring.

JB presented Kurt with a special Rolex watch and inducted him into the Hall. The fans showed their love for Kurt. Kurt thanked the fans and said it was quite an honor for him. Kurt said the Hall of Fame was about the fans. Kurt said, without the fans, TNA would not exist. Kurt said he wasn’t worthy of this, back in October, when he was first set to be inducted. Kurt said the fans were going to make this tough for him (jokingly). Kurt said he had to change things in his life, both professionally and personally. Kurt talked about getting himself clean and having great matches. Kurt thanked The Good Lord for giving him his ability. He then thanked his wife and kids. He said he wanted to make his kids proud. He also waned to thank the talent in the back and, again, he wanted to thank the fans. “It’s a Great Night to be Kurt Angle!”

Ethan Carter III had the audacity to interrupt the ceremony. He faked tears as he mocked Kurt’s comments. The fans booed him out of his boots. Ethan ran his own video, where he attacked Kurt’s leg, over and over. This video was just goofy with the Pop-Up Video feel to it. Ethan said Kurt had big news. Kurt invited Ethan to come in the ring and share the news with the world. Ethan, foolishly, Power Walked down to the ring and took the podium. Ethan took out a paper that had a note “I beat Sting (And Kurt Angle)” was scrawled on the back. Ethan said an unnamed sources confirmed that Kurt had a torn ACL and MCL. Ethan said it was unlikely that Kurt would be able to perform again. Ethan suggested it would be a good idea for Kurt to retire.

Kurt said he was going to tear Ethan’s throat out. Ethan reminded Kurt about the torn ACL and MCL. Kurt then asked Ethan why he didn’t go with “THE” source, as it relates to Kurt’s injury. Kurt said the actual source is correct 100% of the time. Kurt explained that there were no tears in his ACL or MCL. Kurt intimidated the daylights out of Ethan when he asked Ethan if he really wanted to be in the ring with Kurt. Ethan stammered that he didn’t. The steely blue eyes of Kurt stared through the upstart Carter. Kurt couldn’t believe Ethan would pick him for a target. Kurt popped Ethan, sending him out of the ring. Kurt then announced that MVP gave him a “Hall of Fame Present”…a match against Ethan Carter III…at Lockdown…inside the steel cage. Oh, that definitely was a Brown Alert moment for Ethan.

The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne) vs Lei’d Tapa and The Alpha Female

Gail Kim and Chris Sabin were both at ringside. Alpha Female kind of has that 80s Biker Chick look. Actually, when I saw her the first thing I flashed back to was Sandahl Bergman in the old “Hell Comes to Frogtown” movie with Roddy Piper.

Tapa went right after Madison. Madison kicked free. Gail grabbed Madison’s leg. Madison chased her around. Tapa stomped Madison and choked her. Tag to Velvet and Alpha. Velvet with a hard series of kicks that Alpha basically No Sold. Alpha took her to the corner and Velvet kicked away. Velvet flipped Chris in the ring and attacked him. Jawbreaker by Velvet to Alpha. Tapa and Madison tagged in. Dropkick by Madison. Tapa blocked a Whip and sent Madison to the corner. Tapa pulled Madison out of the corner and dropped her hard. Tapa missed a Splash. Gail rushed in and hit the cheap shot. Tapa Cutter!

Your Winners: Lei’d Tapa and Alpha Female
Impact Score: .5

After the match, Alpha put Velvet in a Full Nelson. ODB rushed down to the ring and attacked everyone in sight. Sabin bailed out. ODB with a La Bandera Clothesline on Tapa. Sky went for her finisher but Sabin pulled Alpha out to the floor.

Tigre Uno (Tiger One) is coming to TNA. I didn’t get a good look at him but what I saw seemed massively familiar.

Samual Shaw discussed how he helped Christy Hemme, last week. Shaw headed to the ring to make everyone understand.

Samual Shaw came out as TNA looked back at how Shaw attacked Anderson, last week. Christy Hemme looked so uncomfortable. Shaw quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson about being misunderstood. Shaw said Hemme misunderstood him. He asked her to come in the ring with him, so they could talk. He promised to respect her space. She reluctantly agreed to come in the ring. Shaw said he enjoyed their time together and he knew she did, as well. Shaw then went on a weird rambling rant about lustful people and how he had to protect Hemme. Shaw said he wanted more than just a physical relationship…he wants it all…

Out came Ken Anderson. Ken had a nasty shiner and looked ready to beat the creepiness out of Anderson. Shaw tried to spin this and suggest that Anderson was one of the lustful types that wanted Hemme. Ken told Shaw to shut up. He called him a “Creepy B*stard”, which went into a major chant from the crowd. Ken told Shaw that the relationship with Hemme wasn’t real. Anderson pulled up his sleeves and said it was time for a “Real” *ss Whuppin’. Shaw said he wasn’t creepy (the fans disagreed). Shaw then turned on Hemme and said if he hadn’t been a gentleman, Hemme would be receptive because women like her are always available. She slapped the taste out of his creepy mouth. Shaw went to attack Hemme but Ken made the save. Shaw sent Hemme into Ken. Shaw then applied his Japanese Sleeper on Ken. It’s a Judo Choke.

That led to another bizarre promo for Willow. I swear it sounds like they recruited Mick Foley to do the high-pitched vocalizations.

Storm was ready to leave. The fight was about to kick into full gear.

Gunner and Storm went fist city in and around the big rigs. Both men got their shots in and took just as many. Storm tried to choke Gunner with a restraining strap. Gunner ran Storm into the semi doors. Storm tried to fight back but Gunner Hip Tossed Storm across the loading dock and punched away. Storm ran off as Kenney and Snow came out to try and restrain Gunner. Storm hid behind a metal cage-like wall. Gunner said he would get Storm at Lockdown.

The announcers ran down the updated Lockdown card. It looks pretty solid.

The Joseph Park/Abyss situation was examined. Eric young said he hasn’t heard from Park since Park said he was going to go and get “fixed”. Eric hoped that Abyss didn’t return. I’m so hoping that Park just might go looking for his “Father”.

Bobby Roode vs MVP
Special Guest Ref: Austin Aries

After a quick break, it was time to fight. The two were hesitant to lock up but eventually went into the Collar and Elbow. They went around the ropes and into the corner. Austin stepped between them to force the break. Side Headlock by MVP. Takeover. Roode into a Led Scissors. The fans changed for Austin Aries. Handstand and MVP with a baby shove to insult Roode. The two stood face to face and talked trash. Collar and Elbow into an MVP Side Headlock. Bobby cracked the ribs but MVP would not release. Shoulder Tackle into the Universal. MBP with a Clothesline after several counters and re-counters. Kneelift by Roode. MVP reversed a Whip and hit the Running Boot, in the corner. MVP went up the ropes but Bobby yanked him off and MVP crashed hard.

Bobby with the Funk Neckbreaker for a two. Bobby drove his knee into MVP’s back. Snap Mare into a Flying Knee Drop, by Roode. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by Bobby. MVP got to his feet and MVP punched away. Whip by MVP but Bobby came back with the Buffbuster. Suplex by Roode into a missed Flying Knee Drop. Bobby missed a Corner Rush. MVP with wild punches and a Whip. Corner Clotheslines by MVP. High Collar Exploder Suplex by MVP. Kip Up by MVP into a Jawbreaker. Ballin’! Elbow Drop. Fisherman’s Suplex by MVP but only a 2 count. Forearm into the Playmaker Attempt by MVP. Booby escaped and sent MVP to the corner. Double R Spinebuster by Bobby. 1-2-no.

MVP nailed a botched version of the Playmaker and only got a 2. The two threw massive bombs at each other. MVP got the advantage but took an Enziguri from Bobby. MBP with a Dorpkick to Bobby’s knee. MVP charged but Aries laid him out with the Roaring Elbow. Roode Bomb!

Your Winner: Bobby Roode
Impact Score: 2.5


–Jay Shannon

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