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Here are the official results from Omega Championship Wrestling’s LOCO IN JOCO event on February 23.   All of the 750 advance tickets were sold, yet we packed in as many people as the Fire Marshall would allow. There were close to 1000 people altogether in the venue.  It was an awesome turnout for a fantastic cause, as thousands of dollars were raised last night for The Autism Society of NC. On top of that, the entire event, EVERY MATCH, was phenomenal. THIS IS OMEGA – PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING DONE RIGHT!

1.) C.W. ANDERSON def. CHRIS ESCOBAR by pinfall after a nasty superkick as Escobar was upside down in the ropes. OMEGA officials Mike Maverick and David Taylor had mandated at the start of the bout that the winner would replace Gunner later on in the scheduled OMEGA Championship Tournament Series bout.

2.) REBY SKY def. JAYME JAMESON by pinfall after a Twist of Fate

3.) PWI Ultra J Champion TREVOR LEE def. CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion ARIK ROYAL with a tights-assisted La Magistral cradle to advance in the OMEGA Championship Tournament Series.

4.) PHIL BROWN def. “MAN SCOUT” JAKE MANNING by pinfall. Manning had originally won the bout with illegal use of the ropes until RONNIE FROM LIZARD LICK TOWING reminded referee Redd Jones that he was still a valid referee in OMEGA after serving as guest referee on a previous card and convinced Jones to restart the bout.

5.) MIKAEL YAMAHA def. “Bad Luck” MICKEY GAMBINO via submission with a sharpshooter as Gambino’s record in OMEGA falls to 0-3.

6.) C.W. ANDERSON def. CHRISTIAN YORK by pinfall after another picture perfect superkick to advance in the OMEGA Championship Tournament Series.

7.) MATT HARDY, JEFF HARDY and “HURRICANE” SHANE HELMS def. RIC CONVERSE, XSIRIS and ZANE DAWSON when Helms pinned Xsiris after the Vertebreaker! Many in attendance believed this was the first time Helms has used the Vertebreaker since 2002.

OMEGA returns Saturday April 26 in Cameron, North Carolina at Union Pines High School, the alma mater of Matt and Jeff Hardy. Stay current with OMEGA updates by following them at @OMEGAlives and visiting omegachampionshipwrestling.com.


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