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The show opened with a look back at last week’s Triple Team Tag Team Match. Chris Hero pinned Adam Cole, which earned him a future World Title Match. It was Adam Cole and Matt Hardy vs Chris Hero and Michael Elgin and the Briscoe Brothers. Michael Elgin promised that the next time he was in a Pittsburg ring, he would have a title belt around his waist.

Roll the opening montage.

Roderick Strong joined the announce team for the first match.

Andrew Everett vs Cedric Alexander

Code of Honor handshake. Collar and Elbow into a Cedric Headlock. Andrew reversed it but Cedric rolled under to send Andrew flying. Arm Wringer by Cedric. Andrew rolled around to reverse the move. Arm Drag by Cedric. Cedric with a Head Scissors Takeover. Andrew dodged the Spin Kick. The fans were loving it. Go Behind by Andrew. Cedric sent Andrew flying. Leg Lariat by Andrew. Big Boot by Andrew. Rolling Japanese Arm Drag by Andrew. Andrew flipped up and over the ropes. Nice move. Cedric had slipped into the ring and used a Dropkick to send Andrew to the floor. Cedric went out and Knife Edge Chopped Andrew. Cedric went for a pin but couldn’t get the three. Break time.

We’re back and Cedric was in control. A Back Elbow dropped Andrew and brought a two count. Rear Chin Lock by Cedric. Jawbreaker by Andrew. Strong continued to whine about not getting respect. Modified Back Body Drop by Cedric. Snap Mare by Cedric, into a Running Kick. 2 count. Cedric and Andrew traded hard strikes. Andrew with wild kicks. Step Up Enziguri by Cedric. Elbows by Andrew into a wild Dropkick. Cedric went to the floor. Springboard Moonsault ot the floor by Andrew. Dang, that was impressive. Andrew rallied the fans as he got on the apron. Springboard Missile Dropkick by Andrew. Andrew with the Flying Forearm, Float Over and Hurancan-Driver. Cedric’s head bounced off the mat with an evil-sounding thud. 2 count (and I’ll be darned if I can figure out how Cedric kicked out). Andrew went for another Hurancan-Driver but Cedric converted it into Inverted White Noise. 1-2-no. Cedric charged the corner but Andrew moved. Andrew almost got a pin but Ceddy kicked out. Running Corner Dropkick by Cedric. The announcers joked about the “Late” Austin Aries (not dead, but gone from RoH). The two fought in the corner and Andrew missed a top rope move and Cedric finished him off with a Sideways Back Stabber. The announcers gave it a name but the video feed was jumpy and I couldn’t catch it.

Your Winner: Cedric Alexander
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0 out of a possible 5

The fans showed incredible respect to both men. They shook hands and the fans exploded. Strong threw a water bottle at Cedric as a sign of disrespect. Cedric picked it up and poured the water over himself.

Ring of Honor looked at “The Night the Hoopla Died”. Truth Martini was fired by the former TV Champion, Matt Tavin. Truth then fired the Hoopla Hotties. Matt thanked Truth for taking him to the title. He said he was beyond Truth. He then fired Truth. Truth denied that he had been fired. During the Triple Threat TV Title Match, Truth tripped Tavin. The allowed the champion to hit Project Ciampa and retain.

Kyle O’Reilly vs Kevin Steen

Bobby Fish, Kyle’s tag partner, was in Japan. Kyle had no back-up, this week. Steen wanted to know where Cliff Compton was hiding. Compton attacked Steen, a few weeks back. It was time for a quick commercial and a promo for Hanson vs Tommaso Ciampa for the TV title. That match is going to be ultra brutal, make book on it.

The fans started the Ole Ole Bouncing Souls sing-along. Ring of Honor Handshake. The ring was so filled with streamers. Steen stared daggers at Steve Corino, who was at the announce desk.

Collar and Elbow into a Go Behind. Steen reached the ropes for the break. Go Behind by Steen. Kyle worked on the arm but Steen went to the ropes, again. Kyle worked over Steen’s arm but Kevin couldn’t reach the ropes to force the break. Steen rolled into a Kip Up and Dropkick to take an advantage. Corino showed respect as Steen hit a pair of Arm Drags and a Snap Mare. Crucifix Back Slide for two, by Steen. Steen with another Arm Drag into an Arm Bar.

Kyle with a sharp kick but Steen reversed a Whip. Flying Forearm and slap by Kyle. Steen slapped Kyle so hard that O’Reilly tumbled out to the floor. Chant of the Week: “You Got B*tch Slapped!” The two went at it, on the floor. Knife Edge Chop by Steen. Steen then kicked Kyle low. Steen showed off several fan signs. Kyle grabbed the ropes to avoid a Floor Piledriver.

Back in the ring. Steen with the Clothesline and Backsplash Senton. RoH went to another break as the commercial for the post-match celebration of A.J. Styles’ return aired. Next week, Styles will battle Jay Lethal. Steen with a Leglock on Kyle but O’Reilly reached the ropes. Knife Edge Chops by Steen. Kyle’s chest was blood red. Float Over by Kyle into a Slide Under. Hammerlock with a Leg Sweep by Kyle. Steen kicked out at one. Arm Snap over the Shoulder. Kyle then ran Steen’s shoulder into the corner and twisted the arm around the ropes. Kyle with hard kicks. Steen punched away with his good arm. Forearm Shiver by Steen. Kyle held the ropes to block a whip. Divorce Court Armbreaker by Kyle. Keylock by Kyle. Man, I so appreciate Corino and Kelly for calling the moves by their actual names.

Kyle threw Steen into the corner but Kevin exploded out with a Clothesline. Knife Edge Chops by Steen. Kyle, again, held the ropes to avoid a Whip. Steen flipped Kyle over the top rope. Steen was pulled out and sent into the ring post. Kyle flew off the apron and got kicked. Steen then Powerbombed Kyle onto the ring apron. That is the hardest area of the ring. Steen rolled Kyle in and then went for the Swanton. 1-2-no. Steen’s left arm was all but useless. Kyle kicked out of a Sharpshooter. Guillotine by Steen got free. Cannonball Corner Splash by Steen for two. Steen couldn’t keep Kyle down, due to Steen’s injured shoulder. Kyle escaped the Package Pildriver. Kyle then converted the F-Cinc into the Arm-a-Geddon (Cross Armbreaker). Tornado DDT was blocked but Kyle still managed to drop Steen with a Head Kick.

Kyle put Steen on the top roe and nailed a Forearm Shot. Steen fought out of a Superplex attempt. Steen bit Kyle on the face and hit a modified Dreamer Driver, off the ropes. RoH had to go to another break.

Both men were down and stunned. Steen got up and put Kyle mouth guard in his own mouth. Yuck. Kyle reversed the Package Piledriver into another Arm-a-Geddon. Steen reached the ropes. Kyle finally realized the Steen had his mouth guard. Hard kicks by Kyle. Steen threw the mouthpiece into Kyle. Powerbomb into the Package Piledriver. Could be…might be…foot on the bottom rope by Kyle. Cliff Compton showed up and Steen went out to confront him. Kyle surprised Steen with a Dropkick. Ax and Smash by Kyle, back in the ring. For the third time, Kyle applied the Arm-a-Geddon. Steen rolled up and turned it into the Sharpshooter. Kyle eventually tapped out.

Your Winner: Kevin Steen
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5

Cliff came back and taunted Steen with the streamers. “Mr. Wrestling” chant broke out. Steen invited Cliff to come be a part of “Steen City”. The cameraman and the ref got dropped. Security came out to take Cliff away. Cliff ripped up a fans’ sign. The ref got laid out with the F-Cinc. Cliff rushed the ring and the right was on. Security got taken out and Steen lifted Cliff and F-Cinc’d him over the top rope and to the floor! The fight continued on the floor. Hip Toss by Steen. Cliff was Whipped into the barricade. Steen pulled the tarp off the announce table and put the table near Cliff. Steen pitched Cliff into the barrier, again. Steen took Cliff to the apron. Security tried to stop Steen. Cliff with 3 Low Blows. Cliff put Steen on the table and climbed to the top rope. Cliff pushed security away and Frog Splashed, to the floor, to send Steen through the table!


–Jay Shannon

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