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Welcome to Manchester, England. Gunner was set to Cash In his World Title Briefcase against Magnus. Also, Dixie Carter responded to MVP’s challenge to a Lethal Lockdown battle for control of TNA.

The show opened with a graphic for Nelson Frazier Jr. (Mabel/Viscera/Big Daddy V) who we lost, earlier this week. Classy.

From there, the Gunner vs Magnus situation was explored. Magnus got the World title handed to him. Gunner won the Feast or Fired Briefcase to get this World title shot.

Backstage, Magnus asked Dixie if she talked to “him” about tonight. Dixie sent Magnus out to deliver the news. Magnus said if Dixie were to fall, he wouldn’t go down with her. Magnus then told Ethan Carter III that they had to get along or everyone would fail. He then told RockStar Spud to keep The Wolves at bay. (Yeah, like he could stop Eddie and Davey).

Magnus and Dixie strolled out to the ring. Magnus then told MVP to get out to the ring for their big announcement. The lights went down and the clock began to tick. The Godzilla roar and military march kicked in and MVP came out in his suit and tie. Magnus was ready to explain something to The Investor. He introduced himself to MVP and explained he was the Heavyweight Champion. He took shots at MVP’s criminal background. Magnus said 9 yeas in jail would be nothing compared to 9 minutes of battling him. The crowd broke out with the “Paper Champion” chant. Magnus threatened MVP that he would make an example of MVP, if The Investor stepped out of line.

MVP mocked Magnus’ constant announcement of his championship run. MVP brought up the Paper Champion thing. MVP said he was there for an answer. The fans started a “Yes!” chant for the answer. After a long-winded intro, Magnus finally accepted the challenge. Magnus explained that he would not be in the match as he would be defending his title against Samoa Joe. Magnus was certain that he would be able to beat Gunner. MVP was not happy that Magnus was looking past “A legit Bad *ss” in Gunner. Magnus started to say he would make MVP his “Bee-Atch”. Bad move. MVP blasted the Brit and went off on him, big time. EC3 rushed down to get involved. He jumped MVP from behind. Spud had security blocking The Wolves. It didn’t work as The Wolves took out the black shirts and then sent Spud sailing. Gunner hit the ring, first, to send Magnus and Ethan to the floor. The Wolves came up and Magnus pushed Ethan into The Wolves and bailed. Ethan tried to attack but Eddie held EC3 and Davey with a wicked Spin Kick to the ribs. The Wolves take me back to the days of the Rock and Roll Express, the British Bulldogs and others great team of the like.

The Bobby Roode situation was examined. Dixie promised Bobby a title shot and then screwed him over. Dixie called Bobby a “Sore Loser”. Bobby said it was too much for him and it was over. Bobby was sent out by security, last week. This week, Bobby was asked about his future. Bobby said he would get it said, in the ring, in front of the world.

Ethan stormed backstage and went off on Magnus for literally throwing him to the Wolves. Magnus said Ethan should still have his back, because it was what was right and what was best. Ethan, sarcastically, said he’d be there for his “Friend”.

Samoa Joe was in the ring and ready for a fight. He issued an open challenge to anyone of the DixieLand Forces.Jessie and Robbie, the BroMans, and Zema Ion came out as a group. They got in the ring and surrounded him. Joe, at first, wanted to know which one of them would have the guts to face him. He then decided to just fight them all…

Samoa Joe vs the BroMans and Zema Ion
3-on-1 Handicap Match

Joe tor e into Robbie with punches and a vicious Clothesline. Flying Tackle on Jessie. Zema clubbed away but Joe reversed a Whip and just side stepped a Crossbody. Joe wanted the Muscle Buster on Ion but the BroMans jumped him. Jessie with a Dropkick as Robbie and Zema held Joe. Zema with a Moonsault. 2 count. Double Whip but he BroMans. Both BorMans were whipped, one at a time, into Joe. Triple Kick on Joe. Zema tried for he pin but it wasn’t happening. The Bromans held Joe but he pulled them together to take the Missile Dropkick from Ion. Russian Leg Sweep/DDT combo on the BroMans. Suicide Dive to take out the tag champs. Knife Edge Chop on Ion. Ion blocked the Muscle Buster and went for the Tornado DDT. Joe pushed out and hit the Corner Uranage and the Muscle Buster! Kokina Clutch. Ion tapped out.

Your Winner (by Submission): Samoa Joe
Impact Score: 2.5 out of a possible 5

A tech was getting Christy Hemme set with her wireless microphone. Samual Shaw, secretly, took out the techie nad swiped the other half of the control to be able to spy on his obsession. This is getting really creepy.

Next week, Kurt Angle goes in the Hall of Fame.

Bobby Roode talked with James Storm. Bobby is seriously hinting that he is done with wrestling. He is frustrated and fed up with what he has gone through. Storm asked Bobby if he was really thinking about quitting. Bobby didn’t quite answer him but it certainly looked as if Bobby was ready to pack his stuff and go home. TNA really can’t afford to lose anyone else.

Elsewhere, Austin Aries came in to chat with MVP. MVP asked Austin to join his team for the Lethal Lockdown match at Lockdown. Austin complained about all the false promises and such that he has dealt with in recent months. Aries wanted to know what was in it for him. MVP talked around the actual answer, only saying that he would make positive changes if he gains control. Aries said he would think about it and let MVP know.

A profile of the Maximum Impact Tour ran. The European fans are something really special. I was fortunate to meet several wrestling fans, in Poland, a couple years back. The video looked at the backstage fight between Madison Rayne and Gail Kim. That led to…

Madison Rayne vs Gail Kim
Non-Title, Knockout Street Fight

Madison was ready with the Toys for Gail and Lei’d Tapa. She blasted Gail, on the ramp, with a cookie sheet. She warned Tapa to back off. Madison then pitched Gail into the ring and nailed Clotheslines. Chick Kick by Madison. Madison then Dropkicked the cookie sheet into Gail’s face. Gail wedged a pan into the corner. Gail avoided crashing into it and then kicked away at Madison. Gail found a kendo stick and choked Madison.Clotheslien with the Kendo Stick by Gail. She then tossed it aside and sent for a Figure Four. Madison kicked Gail into the wedged pan and then sent her to the floor with a kick. Tapa slammed the pan on the ring apron. Madison went to the apron to fly and landed on Tapa. Madison spun around and kicked Gail. Tapa then rammed Madison into the ring apron. Ouch. Gail with the Corner Figure Four.

Gail let the move go and got a steel chair. Madison kicked the chair in Gail’s face. Madison rolled Gail back in the ring. Madison droped Gail but Tapa got in the ring. Madison blasted Tapa with several things. They had minimal effect. In the middle of all the distractions, Gail cracked Madison in the back of the head with the title belt. Gail had a huge nosebleed, most likely from the chair that was kicked into her face. Mike Tenay wondered if Gail had a broken nose. Gail still managed to pin Madison.

Your Winner: Gail Kim
Impact Score: 1.75

A snippet of the Gunner profile video aired.

Mr. Anderson was showing pictures of his twins to Christy Hemme. Samual Shaw looked on. This isn’t going to be good.

The full Gunner profile aired. All of Gunner’s family talked about Gunner’s early life and his intensity, growing up. They all talked about the military and the early days in wrestling. Gunner talked about driving hundreds of miles for little or no pay. I can relate. I’ve been known to ride nearly 100 miles, each way, to work all night as an announcer and end up with a couple of photos, some stale pizza and a luke warm diet soda. You do have to pay your dues.

Backstage, James Storm waned to talk to Gunner. Bobby Roode was on deck to make his announcement.

Ethan Carter was asked about his injuring and ending Kurt Angle’s career. Ethan praised Kurt for what he has done in the business. Ethan said Kurt would be breaking news, next week, at the Hall of Fame ceremony. He told the cameraman to be patient.

Storm asked Gunner if he was ready for this big title match. Storm said all the hard work would pay off, tonight. Gunner said this match was for all his buddies that never made it home from the military. Storm said there was no feeling like holding the World title. Storm told Gunner to live this moment for himself. Gunner then handed the tag team briefcase to Storm for them to use, later on down the road.

Bobby Roode came out to talk to the fans. He grumbled about how things had gone bad for him lately. He “broke character” to thank the fans for so many years of support. He then announced that he was retiring from wrestling!

Dixie Carter came out and informed Bobby that he was under contract and didn’t get to just walk away. After some bickering, Dixie decided to up the ante for Bobby. She invited him to captain her team in Lethal Lockdown. He didn’t want any part of it, until she offered him 10% of TNA, if Team Dixie were to win and she stayed in control.

Jeremy Borash talked with the Online Gut Check Winner, Bad Bones…from Germany. He started to cut a promo, until Samual Shaw took out Mr. Anderson. Christy Hemme was knocked out. Shaw picked her up and walked off with her in his arms.

Bad Influence talked with Bobby Roode about joining his Team Dixie team. Bobby said Christopher Daniels and Kazarian are good but they needed to prove that they were the best to join his team. They were somewhat insulted by the comment.

The Wolves (Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards) vs Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian)

Eddie started against Kaz. Collar and Elbow into a Go Behind by Eddie. Kaz with a Trip but Eddie kicked out. A fast flurry of moves by the two men. Daniels with the tag and a hard punch. Shoulder Tackle by Daniels. Daniel then clocked Davey. Knife Edge Chop by Eddie. Tag to Davey. Double team on both B-I members. The Wolves are amazing. Daniels was almost pinned after the double team. Scoop Slam by Davey. Davey went up but Kaz caught him. Daniels with the Sneak Attack on the distracted Richard. Kaz ran Davey into the apron and threw him back in the ring. Double team by Bad Influence but they couldn’t make the pin.

Cravat by Kaz. Davey got nailed with a Rolling Leg Lariat. Daniels with a wicked Flying Stomp on Davey. Davey pushed th two men he was facing into each other. Enziguri by Davey and tag to Eddie. Elbow Strikes, all around. Eddie took Kaz off the apron and hit machine gun Knife Edge Chops to Daniels’ chest. Jumping Enzguri into a Running Clutch Stunner. Uranage by Daniels on Eddie. Daniels missed the BME. The Howling by the Wolves. Bad Moon Rising Warrior’s Way Double Stomp off the top rope…by both members of The Wolves!

Your Winners: The Wolves
Impact Score: 3.25

Christy woke up and Samual Shaw took care of his “Princess’. He ran off the cameraman.

A bizarre promo for Willow ran. Last week, I didn’t get to see this character because of issues with the cable. Seeing this bizarre critter, I’m certain it’s Jeff Hardy. The voice sounds like Mick Foley on helium. Just flashing back, Jeff Hardy did wrestle as Will O’ the Wisp. Put the first two “words” together and you get Will-O or Willow.

A profile of Magnus then aired. It was similar to the Gunner promo from earlier.

Bobby Roode will battle MVP, next week. Can’t wait to see that one.

Gunner vs Magnus
World Title Match…under Magnus Rules (No Disqualification, No Count-Out)

The rules were added, at the last minute. JB did the official introductions. Gunner got a massive pop. Even though he is from England, the Manchester crowd hated Magnus.

The bell sounded and Gunner and Magnus circled each other. Magnus went out to the floor. Brian Hebner started to count him. Magnus got back in the ring. Go Behind by Gunner. Arm Wringer by Magnus. Gunner reversed it and twisted Magnus’ arm. Magnus rolled through and reversed the move. Hammerlock into the Side Headlock by Magnus. Magnus blocked the Push Off. Magnus took Gunner down to the canvas. Magnus used Gunner’s hair to avoid a 2nd Push Off attempt. The ref didn’t quite see it. Magnus took Gunner over while blocking the Back Drop Suplex. Magnus with he Rear Chin Lock. Gunner rolled backwards, a couple of times, to try and pin the champ.

They got to the feet and Gunner got dropped by a Shoulder Tackle. Back Elbow, by Gunner, off the Universal. Gunner cloeked Magnus with several strikes. Big Boot and Flying Knee by Magnus. Gunner ended up on the floor. Magnus called for help. Instead, The Wolves and James Storm came from the back. Break time.

We’re back and Gunner blocked a Suplex to hit one of his own. Drop Toe Hold by Magnus. Magnus slapped on the Camel Clutch. Taz and Tenay paid their respect to the Iron Sheik. Gunner got his arms free to break the hold. Gunner Back Ran Magnus into the corner. Sleeper by Magnus. Storm cheered on his partner. The crowd rallied Gunner back to life. Back Drop Suplex by Gunner. The ref started counting both men down. The got up and started throwing hard punches. Gunner got the best of that until he took the Kitchen Sink knee. Scoop Driver by Magnus. Magnus with the Savage Elbow. 1-2-no.

Magnus slid out and got the World title belt. Magnus missed with the swing and almost got F5d by Gunner. Magnus went to the eyes and both men went for Crossbody Blocks. The BroMans and Ethan Carter III rushed down to the ring. It broke down into total chaos. Gunner with a Powerbomb on Magnus. Gunner went to the Penthouse and hit the Benoit Diving Headbutt. RockStar Spud, who had been hiding, put Magnus’ leg on the rope. Gunner went out after Spud. Magnus was able to crack Gunner in the head with the title belt. Gunner still managed to kick out. James Storm ran back down to chase Spud around the ring.

Magnus slammed Gunner’s head into the corner. Gunner did his imitation of The Missing Link (RIP) and banged his own head in the corner. Gunner then exploded with punches, Double Sledges and Headbutts. Full Body Clothesline by Gunner into the Blanchard Slingshot Suplex. Gunner was in a zone and didn’t go for the pin. Uranage Slam by Gunner. Gunner went up to the corner. Spud rushed the ring. Storm threw Spud over the top rope. Gunner then flew…into a James Storm Last Call Superkick! WTF! Storm stood over the out-cold Gunner. Magnus crawled over and took the easy pin.

Your Winner: Magnus
Impact Score: 3.5

The announcers just couldn’t believe that James Storm cost Gunner the World title.


–Jay Shannon

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