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Ring of Honor presented one of the biggest and best 3 team battle. Ring of Honor World Champion, Adam Cole, joined his mentor, Matt Hardy to battle the Briscoes Brothers and Chris Hero and Michael Elgin. Be sure to secure your seatbelts, campers, this is gonna get wild…

Welcome back to Pittsburg, PA. Steve Corino and Kevin Kelly were at the announce desk. Veda Scott joined them. Ring of Honor has the best redheads in the business (Scarlett, Maria, Veda)

Romantic Touch vs Michael Bennett (w/Maria)

Touch’s music sounds like Santana circa 1970. The tune is called “Magic Guitar Man”. He had a wrapped present. Veda really can’t stand him and swears he is Rhett Titus. Maria Kanellis got on the microphone and talked about being able to take Piledrivers and other assorted vicious moves from wrestlers. Maria said the wrong women had power in wrestling (Dixie? Stephanie?). Maria said she was filled with power. Maria said Michael was now her fiancé. Maria took credit for teaching Bennett his new finisher (the Anaconda Vise or as he calls it Back to Japan). Code of Honor.

Amateur Takedown and Ride by Touch. Side Headlock by Touch. Shoulder Tackle and Rick Rude Gyrations by Touch. Universal into a Bennett Thesz Press and wild punches. Bennett had the coolest Zebra tights. Bennett with an Elbow Smash and a Whip. Float Over into a Gyrating Monkey Flip by Touch. 2 count. Knife Edge Chop by RT. Touch slid out of the ring and tripped Bennett. Touch then flirted with Maria. Veda talked about how Touch’s tattoo had rubbed off. Clothesline by Bennett. Touch was Whipped into the barrier as RoH went to break.

Rear Chin Lock by Bennett. Touch got to his feet and tried to take over. Bennett rocked Touch with a hard punch. Touch landed on his feet from a Rope Pull. Bennett missed the Full Body Clothesline. Touch bounced Bennett in one corner and then sent him to others. Back Body Drop by Touch. Touch dance in front of Maria. Jarrett/Flair Strut by Touch. Float Over into a Flying Back Elbow by Touch. Touch got distracted but recovered and sent Bennett to the floor. Bennett used Maria as a shield. Touch slid out and got Superkicked. Running Cutter by Bennett for a two count. Bennett signaled that it was all over. Touch rolled through the Side Effect and hit a Dropkick. Maria got on the apron and danced to distract Touch. (Where did I put my blood pressure pills?). Touch tried to give Maria a box of chocolates. Back to Japan!

Your Winner (by Submission) Michael Bennett
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Veda was thrilled the Touch lost. She mocked him as he rolled out of the ring. He tried to sniff her hair and then picked her up. She escaped and trotted to the back.

Jay and Mark talked about the upcoming match. It’s a little tough to tell the Briscores apart but Jay has a more defined mustache than his brother does.

“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin and Chris Hero vs Mark and Jay Briscoe vs Matt Hardy and Adam Cole
Triple Team Elimination Tag Team Match

There was a special stipulation added by Nigel McGuinness. If Adam Cole was pinned or made to submit, the person that does that will be ensured of a future World Title Shot. The six men made their entrances. Jay Briscoe, by the way, has a Mohawk while his brother, Mark, has a full head of hair.

The ring was so filled with the multi-colored streamers. Bobby Cruz got up on the apron and told the ref about the added stipulation. Matt and Adam were absolutely livid. RoH went to a quick break.

It was announced that RoH would be in New Orleans on Wrestlemania Weekend for “Supercard of Honor VIII”. That show is on Friday night and there will also be a TV taping on Saturday. New Orleans is going to be so packed, that week-end. In addition to the RoH show and Wrestlemania, Wrestlecon is also going on and there is going to be a Mid-South Reunion Show that same week-end. I’m going to try my best to be there for Wrestlecon but not sure if my work schedule will allow it. I’d so love to see the Ring of Honor show, as well (as I would have Saturday night free).

Back to the action. Jay and Elgin locked up and went to the ropes. Clean break. Knuckle Lock aborted by Briscoe. Collar and Elbow into a Briscoe Side Headlock. Jay went for a Shoulder Tackle but Elgin stood firm. Elgin brushed off a second attempt. Universal into a catch by Elgin. Standing Switch into missed punches on both sides. Cole and Hardy dropped off the apron to avoid being tagged. Go Behind by Elgin. Drop Toe Hold into a Front Face Lock by Jay. Tag to Mark. The two men threw wild punches at each other. Tag to Hero.

Knuckle Lock went into a Collar and Elbow. Hero took Mark down and twisted the arm. Mark with Thrusts. Hardy and Cole dropped off the apron, again, to avoid putting Cole in jeopardy. Mark with the Side Headlock. Float Over into a Drop Toe Hold and Headlock by Mark. Hero got to his feet and turned the Headlock into his favor. Shoulder Tackle. Mark went for the Leapfrog, as par t of the Universal, but Hero with a Boot to the chest. Tag to Elgin. Wishbone to Mark. Elbow Drop and RoH went to break.

A promo of Jay Lethal welcoming A.J. Styles back to Ring of Honor aired. Styles said he wasn’t there to entertain the fans. Next week, Styles will battle A.J. Styles. Get your DVRs ready.

W’re back and Hero was being controlled by Jay Briscoe. Hardy and Cole were still hopping down to the floor to avoid getting involved. Tag to Mark and the Briscoes with Double Shoulders on Hero. Mark and Hero both tried to tag Hardy or Cole. Elgin and Jay chased Hardy around and Matt was finally tagged din. Double boots by Elgin and Hero. Elgin with the Extended Stall Suplex on Hardy. Cole came in and kicked Elgin, twice, but Elgin just kept lifting Hardy up. 1-2- no. Elgin gave Jay Briscoe the chance to bet on Matt Hardy, for a bit. Redneck Kung Fu was at its finest. Made me want to dig out my Bruce Lee Collection. Smile. Jay choked Hardy on the middle rope. Corino was having a hissy about it. Headbutt by Jay and tag to Mark.

Hardy was almost pinned but made it to his corner. Adam Cole finally tagged in. Cole took a few kicks and unleashed some Kung Fun on the World Champ. Cole pushed Briscoe into the Elgin/Hero corner and Elgin took the tag and started beating on the World Champ. Back Drop Suplex by Elgin for a two count. Jay tagged in and went wild on Cole’s forehead with punches. Jay then spat at Hardy. Hardy cracked Jay in the back and Cole hit an Attitude Adjustment Neckbreaker. Hardy made the tag. Hardy cracked Jay, over and over. Cole tagged back in and the duo Back Whipped Jay into the corner. 2 count for Hardy. Cole with a tag and Scoop Slam. Leg Drop by both Cole and Hardy on Jay but they couldn’t get the three Hardy went to the ropes and did his signature Elbow Drop. Cole wanted to mimic his mentor and did something similar. More of an Ax Bomber. Illegal switch by Cole and Hardy. Fist Drop by Hardy. 1-2-no. Hardy choked Jay on the middle rope. Cole taunted Jay which got Cole smacked. Hardy popped Jay and tagged out to Cole. Kick to Jay’s ribs by Cole. Jay began to fight out of the Cole/Hardy corner. Davie to tag Mark. Mark with Thrusts and Chops, all around. Back Flip by Mark into more martial arts move. Mark ran Matt into the corner. For my buddy, Frank, and others who may not be able to see this match, directly, Mark Briscoe looks like Bruiser Brody and Moe Howard had a child. I kid you not.

Mark with a wild flurry of mini-chops. Mark was sent to the corner where Chris Hero tagged in. Cactus Elbow Drop by Mark to Matt Hardy. Hero laid out Cole as RoH took another quick break.

There still hadn’t been an elimination, yet. Mark missed an Enziguri on Elgin but took a Bicycle Kick from the Unbreakable One. Briscoe with a Pearl River Plunge and flipped up onto his feet. Hero prevented Mark from flying. Jay with a Big Boot on Hero. Elgin with an incredible Samoan Drop/Fallaway Slam aka Supernatural Strike on both Briscoes! Cole tag himself in on Elgin. Cole slid in and tried to pin Mark. 2 count. Mark fought out of the Florida Keys and the Briscoes connected with the Delaware Drop. Matt went for the Twist of Gate on Jay but Jay sent him into Mark. Froggie-Bow (Frog Splash into a Savage Elbow) by Mark for a two count. It broke down into chaos as everyone got involved. Hero was pitched out to the floor. Superkick by Cole and Twist of Fate by Hardy to Mark Briscoe

The Briscoes have been eliminated.

Jay lost it after the elimination. He did check on his brother and there was no issues between them. As the Briscoes came around, Jay pulled Cole down and went nuts on him with a huge round of punches. Security rushed out to push Jay away from ringside. In the ring, Hero almost pinned Hardy with a Roll Up. Rolling Elbow by Hero. Twisting Neckbreaker off the ropes for a two count. Hero is amazing. Hardy fought out of the Funk Neckbreaker and hit the Side Effect. Elgin made the save. Tag to Cole. Brainbuster Knee Strike by Cole. Again, Elgin made the save. Hardy was seriously breathing hard. Hero exploded on Cole with a Discus Forearm. Elgin with a blind tag. Cole blocked the Elgin Bomb but fell to Samoa Joe Corner Uranage. Inside Out Clothesline by Elgin but he only got a two count. Hero was stunned, on the floor. Elbiin took out Hardy. Cole with the Jumping Enziguri. Elgin blocked Florida Keys. Cole kicked the knees. Elgin reversed the Destroyer into a Roll up. Spinning Back Fist. Hardy with a modified La Bandera Clothesline. Spinning Bicycle Kick by Hero. 2 count. Cole Superkicked the knee. Hero dodged the Destroyer and hit a solid punch. Roaring Elbow to the back of Cole’s head. Could be…might be…it is!

Your Winners: Chris Hero and Michael Elgin
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.5

Chris Hero is now the Number One Contender to the World Championship.

The video got real jumpy after this but Michael Elgin came to Chris Hero’s aid after Cole and Hardy tried to attack. Hero went in for the Golden Elbow Pad. Roaring Golden Elbow. That Elbow helped him get…the Golden Ticket. Elgin and Hero faced off in the ring and talked. The microphone couldn’t pick up what was said. They did shake hands as the show drew to a close.


–Jay Shannon

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