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World League Wrestling returns to Richmond, MO!

The superstars of WLW returns to Richmond on Saturday, March 1st! On this night, local standout Rob “Robman” Kinnard will be in the ring, being a special guest referee calling the main event action! On this night, ALL of the World League Wrestling titles will be defended at the Richmond Community Center! This event will help bring in support for a very young child by the name of Evan Andrews. Little Evan has had a world of health problems, and at such a young age, he is needing help. World League Wrestling has stepped up to the plate to bring in not only monetary support for Evan, but also to show strength in numbers for him and his family!

To start off, a heated rivalry for the WLW Tag Team titles will be defended as current champions, the Black Hand Warriors, will defend their titles (pending the outcome of the event in Rolla, MO on February 15th) against the fan favorites of High Level Enterprise. For the past several months, these 2 teams have been going at it tooth and nail, this event will decide who is “the better tag team” in WLW. The Black Hand Warriors couldn’t be reached for comments, but both Jack Gamble and Jon Webb had this to say “It’s about time to see how good Magnuson and Delorean really are. I (Gamble) have been through a world of hurt, and that didn’t stop me. They really think they can?” Webb also had this to say “I’ve had the odds stacked against me my entire life. So when it comes to the Black Hand Warriors, there’s nothing that’ll stop me, nothing that’ll stop Gamble, and NOTHING that will stop High Level Enterprise!”

The WLW Ladies Championship will also be defended in a special 3-WAY ladies match. The participants, Devyn Nicole, Miss Natural, and current Ladies champion Stacey O’Brien will wrestle to see who the best ladies wrestler in WLW truly is. Miss Natural, 5-time Ladies champion, was asked what she thought of the match and responded with the following: “I have been around WLW for years now. I have fought and wrestled some of the best ladies in professional wrestling, and I have also won against some of the best ladies in professional wrestling. On March 1st, I’ll prove it again against not only 1 wrestler, but 2.” Stacey O’Brien, the current champion, was asked what she thought of the match and said “I have been the WLW Ladies champion now for a long time, every person that I have been in the ring against has had something to prove, but I’ve put them in check and made them realize that I am the ladies champion of this company. There’s nobody better than me”. Devyn Nicole is the rookie in this match. Odds are being placed on one of the two champions (current and former) in this match and on March 1st, we will so who the winner is!

The main event for this night will feature the current reigning and defending WLW Heavyweight Champion, Elvis Aliaga, going up against the current #1 contender Leland Race. On December 7th, 2013, Aliaga had some choice words for Race. “Leland, which is a stupid name, doesn’t know who he is messing with. Yea, he might have been in Japan and wrestled across the Midwest, but he didn’t come out the winner, did he? I did, and that is all that matters”. Race was asked to comment, and responded later with “Elvis who? The current champion is a detriment to that championship. He doesn’t exemplify what a champion is. He might go to the gym and have a presentable look to him. However, I have been around long enough to know that physique is just a small part of this industry. You have to have experience and knowledge, both of which I possess a great deal more than he does. The biggest part of being a champion is attitude, and his needs to be knocked down quite a few notches and on March 1st, I’ll be happy to do just that.” Special guest referee Rob Kinnard will be calling the action that night and has vowed to call everything right down the middle. “I have seen WLW come to this great town many times, and love everything that they do. I am excited to be part of this monumental main event. Can’t wait to see everyone there!”

Other wrestlers set to appear is Richmond’s own John E. Rock, 2 WLW newcomers Kyle Roberts and the masked wrestler known as “Air-Raid”, and more! Tickets are available at Academy Bank in Walmart (Richmond, MO), The Richmond City Collectors Office, and the Richmond Chamber of Commerce. Ticket prices are $10 for General Admission and $15 for Golden Circle if purchased in advance. Ticket prices rise $2.00 per ticket if purchased the night of the event. Tickets can also be purchased online at www.harleyrace.com/onlineticketstore.htm. Also, World League Wrestling now takes debit/credit cards at our events for ticket purchases as well merchandise purchases. To get more information, please call 573-392-4100!

Harley Race wanted to finish up this press release by saying the following: “For a lot of years, I have wrestled in and around the Richmond and Kansas City area. Memorial Hall is where I won my first NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship. I am extremely excited to see what I did for so many years being kept alive. WLW is my company, nobody else’s. However, the kids you see wrestling time and time again be it in Richmond, or anywhere else throughout the Missouri area, are the people that will (in time) be the guys and girls you see carry this great sport forward. Look forward to seeing everyone of you at the Richmond event on Saturday, March 1st at the Richmond Community Center!”

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