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Tommaso Ciampa defended his TV title against the former champion and the top contender in a Triple Threat Match. Plus, the Top Prospect of 2014 was decided.

Welcome to Pittsburg, PA. Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino worked the announce duties for this one

Adrenaline Rush (ACH and TaDarius Thomas) vs The Decade (Jimmy Jacobs and B.J. Whitmer)

The streamers were flying all over the arena. Roderick Strong walked alongside his comrades. Corino, as usual, trash talked B.J. Whitmer. The Decade refused to follow the Code of Honor in shaking hands with their opponents. Jacobs started against T,D,,. Collar and Elbow and they danced around. Heel Trip sent Jacobs to the canvas. Jacobs ranted and then asked for the Knuckle Lock. Test of Strength went to T.D.. Jacobs with the Reversed Airplane Spin by T.D. Cartwheeled out. Deep Arm Drag and Single Leg Dropkick by T.D. Rolling Snap Mare into a Back Kick. Tag to ACH. And Whitmer. Kneelift and clubbing blows by Whitmer. Knife Edge Chops by Whitmer. ACH reversed the Whip and nailed an Enziguri. Whitmer pushed out of the Bulldog and tagged out. Jacobs with a Choke Press. Low Bridge by ACH. ACH flew over the rope s with the Crossbody. ACH then went to the top, almost slipping. Discus Punch by ACH but Whitmer with an Assisted Spear on ACH. RoH took a break.

Whitmer was still in charge, after the break. Knife Edge Chop on ACH. Roderick Strong was taking pictures of the action. Jacobs and Whitmer with double team moves. Rolling Neckbreaker by Jacobs. Jacobs stomped on ACH’s hand. Double Team Drop on ACH. Jacobs threw ACH into the corner. ACH drew Jacobs, face first, into the corner. Tag to T.D. Thomas with a wild kick and Leg Sweep. Thomas ran Whitmare into the corner and hit a modified Shining Wizard to Jacobs. Back Kick to Jacobs’ ear. Thomas pitched Whitmer out of the ring. Jacobs went over onto the apron and then Thomas with the Enziguri. Rolling Suicide Dive by Thomas. That was nice. ACH danced in the rign nad went to fly. Whitmer cut him off. Knife Edge Chops on Thomas. Jacobs with the Springboard Legdrop as Whitmer held Thomas. Thomas with the Half Nelson Suplex. Tag to ACH. Knife Edge Chops on Whitmer, followed by the Dropkick. Enziguri form the floor. Springboard Inverted DDT Faceplant. Jacobs tagged in and took hoots. Jacobs Speared Thomas off the apron and into the barrier. Wow. Jawbreaker by Whitmer but ACH with the Hurancanrana. Small Package by ACH for two. Hard Boot by Whitmer. All-Seeing-Eye by The Decade (Reverse Powerbomb by Whitmer with Jacobs nailing a Diamond Cutter, at the same time).

Your Winners: The Decade
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Stills from Final Battle 2013 were shown.

The Top Prospect Tournament was highlighted. Raymond Rowe and Hanson have made it to the final. Rowe has an incredible finisher with the Death Rowe (I called it Skid Rowe but Death Rowe more fits the move). Hanson has his own finisher, the Spin Kick o’ Doom. It’s like a Leg Lariat on steroids.

Hanson vs Raymond Rowe
Top Prospect 2014 Tournament Finals

I have to admit that I’m a fan of both men but Rowe reminds me of a couple of buddies that wrestle professionally. Plus, Rowe is a Texan. Cod e of Honor and then Henson nailed a Kneelift. Rowe with the Cactus Clothelsine to send them both to the floor. Hanson blated Rowe as Ray went for a Suicide Dive. Hanson with measured punches to the face. Hanson with Crossfaces, on the apron.

Back in the ring, Hanson argued with the ref. Knife Edge by Rowe. Knee Strikes by Hanson. Michael Elgin watched the action, from the stands. Hard shots went back and forth between Hanson and Rowe. Fistdrop by Hanson for a 1 count. Hanson with a Crescent Kick and Knee Trembler. Scoop Corner Drop by Hanson. Rowe dropped Hanson with the Shotgun Knees. Love that move. Rowe with strikes into a German Suplex. 2 count. Kicks and punches by Rose but Hanson with a Spinning Powerslam.. 1-2-no. Incredible Gut Wrench Slam by Rowe. He muscled Hanson as if the behemoth weighed 100 pounds. High Velocity Back Elbows bu Hanson. Saito Suplexes by both men. Hanson dropped down to avoid Death Rowe. Cartwheel by Hanson. Jeez. Rowe with the Powerbomb off the Spin Kick o’ Doom attempt. 2 count. Hanson escaped the Death Rowe, again, and clocked Rowe with the Spin Kick o’ Doom.

Your Winner: Hanson
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

After the match, both men showed real respect to each other. That is so nice to see.

Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe talked about the upcoming Triple Team Match, next week. The two other teams will be Chris Hero and Michael Elgin and Adam Cole and Matt Hardy. That is going to be a serious barn burner.

Another video package of Final Battle 2013 aired. Tommaso Ciampa made Mat Tavin tap out to his variation of the Crippler Crossface. Tavin would later come out to congratulate Ciampa for the win. As he went to shake Ciampa’s hand, Silas Young attacked Tavin. Ciampa would then go on to destroy Silas with the Sicilian Stretch. Tavin came back out and hit a Superkick on Silas. Coino didn’t like Tavin’s new attitude.

Matt Tavin cmae out to talk with the fans before the match. Tavin had the Hotties with him. Actually, they were several steps behind him. I seriously like the redhead, Scarlett. Corino danced in his chair as Tavin talked with the girls. They were joined by Truth Martini. Martini had a new look and called for the microphone. Martini said he had been shadowed out since Final Battle. Truth said he knew what Tavin wanted: parties, monies, honeys and the Hoopla. Martina blamed Tavin for killing the Hoopla, by losing the TV title. Martini then fired the Hotties. Boo! The crowd was chanting “No!” as if a dozen Daniel Bryan’s just walked through the door. Martini said “Hoopla is Dead!”. Tavin took the stick and said it was his time to talk. Tavin thanked Martini and explained that he had out-grown Martini and the girls. Tavin then fired Martini as his manager. Martini cackled like Aunt Margaret Hamilton and exited the ringside area.

Veda Scott talked about R.D. Evans until the rose from Romantic Touch freaked her out. Then Michael Elgin took the stick and Veda scooted her cute self out of camera. Elgin said he just wanted his partner, Chris Hero, to just stay out of his way, next week.

Matt Tavin vs Jay Lethal vs Tommaso Ciampa
Triple Threat Match for the RoH TV Title

The fight started even before the bell. Jay with a Back Kick but Tavin with kicks all around. Jay with an Enziguri to Ciampa but Tavin with a Thrust Kick. Ciampa and Tavin traded blose. Cimapa with a Knee Strike on Tavin. Jay missed a Knee Strike but Tavin connected on Ciampa. Jay laid out Tavin and Ciampa with Suicide Dives. Jay just kept flying, all around. Soaring and Scoring! RoH took a break.

Jay took Matt to the barrier and nailed a Knife Edge Chop. Ciampa came up and threw Jay into the barrier. He then pitched Tavin into another barrier section. Ciampa, if he survives this, will defend the TV title, in Europe. Ciampa exposed the floor but ran Jay into the barrier. Ouch. Ciampa then reversed a Suplex and Tavin landed on the mat, but just barely.

Ciampa rolled Jay back in the ring. Truth Martini came back to ringside. Truth said Tavin and he were just having a misunderstanding. Jay wanted the Lethal Injection but Ciampa with a Dropkick. Ciampa with Running Knee Strikes to Jay. Tavin with the Rolling Corner Dropkick on Jay. He then hit a Stall Suplex on Ciampa. Kip Up. Ciampa got the knees up to counter the Springboard Moonsault. Tavin countered Project Ciampa into the Angel’s Wings. Jay came back swinging and chopping away. Tavin threw a few good shots, as well. Discus Bicycle Kick by Tavin to Ciampa. All three men were down. Truth kept saying that he was not fired. Jay with an attempt at Lethal Injection but he got taken down by both men. Ciampa Bomb for a two on Tavin. Jay had already been laid out. Ciampa put Tavin on the top rope and Chopped him. Tavin began to punch away. Jay tripped Tavin and then planted Ciampa with the Lethal Combination. Koji Clutch by Jay but Ciampa got to the ropes. Knife Edge Chop by Lethal. Lethal Injection by Jay. Tavin immediately hit a Frog Splash on Lethal. Martini slid his “Book of Truth” into the ring. Rabin wouldn’t take the book. Truth got on the apron and Jay Dropkicked Tavin into Martini. Jay Dropkicked Tavin out of the ring. Small Package but the ref was out of position. Knockout Knee by Ciampa. Jay escaped Project Ciampa. Martini tripped Tavin as Matt came into the ring. Project Ciampa (Powerbomb into a Falling Backstabber).

Your Winner: Tommaso Ciampa
Honor Roll Rnaking: 3.75

Codes of Honor handshakes all around.


–Jay Shannon

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