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MVP, yes they are sticking with the name (for now), had something to say to the fans and Dixie Carter. Also, Magnus took on Kurt Angle in a non-title match. In addition, Eric Young took his “grand experiment” to the next level with Abyss, by way of a Monster’s Ball Match.

Welcome back to Glasgow, Scotland. The show opened with a look back at the arrival of MVP. He said things were about to get real interesting for TNA. The Wolves walked with MVP.

Eric Young vs Abyss
Monster’s Ball Match

The two started fighting, in the back. The two traded kicks nad punches, backstage. Eric took an early advantage with the wild kicks. They took the fight out into the arena. Huge pop. Abyss began punching away at his former partner, E.Y.. The bell officially sounded as Abyss stalked Eric. Abyss punched away as Eric crawled away. Eric got a steel pipe and bashed Abyss with it. Eric cracked the pipe across Abyss’ back and ribs. Back Body Drop, by Abyss, on the floor. Abyss ripped the ring apron back and found a table. The fans were loving the site of wood. Abyss placed the table where he wanted it and went for the Chokeslam. Eric fought free but Abyss with the knee. Abyss pitched Eric in and began to fill up the ring with “Toys”. Eric with a Baseball Slide Dropkick. Suicide Dive by Eric.

Eric tried to rip Abyss’ mask off. Abyss slammed Eric’s face into the ring apron. Abyss got in the ring and took a chair and wedged it in the turnbuckles. Eric climbed the ropes and flew…into a Goozle. Eric Elbowed free. Mega-Clothesline by Abyss. Abyss found a 2nd chair and put it on Eric’s chest. Abyss went for a Banzai Drop but Eric got the chair up into Abyss’ groin. Abyss reversed a Whip. Flair Flop by Eric. Eric with the Missile Dropkick. 2 count. Abyss reversesd another Whip. Abyss sent Eric into the wedged chair. Chokeslam. 1-2-Kick Out. Abyss slid out of the ring to find something special…the Black Bag o’ Doom! Abyss poured out hundreds of thumbtacks. Abyss went for the Suplex and set Eric on the ropes for a Superplex, instead. Eric fought back and hit a Sunset Flip that sent Abyss into the tacks! Dear God, that was sick. Abyss was bleeding from several places. Abyss got up and punched Eric off the ropes. Eric crashed through the table, set on the floor. Abyss still had over a dozen thumbtacks stuck in his body. Abyss took Eric in and tried for the pin. Eric got his foot on the bottom rope. Abyss went under the ring to find…Janice! The fans were going wild. This seemed like a slightly different Janice. Eric reached up and ripped Abyss’ mask off. Black Hole Slam!

Your Winner: The Monster, Abyss aka Joseph Park
Impact Score: 3.5 out of a possible 5

It is confirmed that Abyss is, in fact, Joseph Park. Park picked up a piece of broken mirror and looked at himself. Now, I saw Abyss without his mask, a couple years back, so I knew that Abyss and Park were, in fact, the same person. However, I think of wrestling a lot like how magicians see magic. You almost never let the fans truly see behind the curtain.

Bobby Roode stormed into Dixie Carter’s office, demanding his title shot at Lockdown. Dixie said she couldn’t sign Bobby’s contract. Dixie said things were different now. Bobby said he didn’t care…sign the damn contract. Dixie tried to explain that she had to justify that Bobby was worthy. Dixie booked Bobby to face Samoa Joe, tonight. If Bobby wins, he gets Magnus at Lockdown. Bobby wasn’t happy about that. Dixie told Bobby that he could defeat Joe and no one would doubt Bobby’s ability to challenge. Bobby said if this was a set-up, it would come back to bite her in the *ss.

The new intro music, complete with ticking clock and Godzilla roar, heralded the arrival of the new Investor in TNA, MVP. MVP took a sign that read #newinvestor. MVP did his best Flair-like intro of himself. MVP said he took some time off and living life, on his terms. MVP touched upon his earlier legal issues and how that taught him a life lesson. There are always consequences for our actions. MVP said the fans were tired of megalomaniacal owners doing their own thing, despite what the fans want. MVP said he is a professional wrestler that loves the business. Because of that love, MVP couldn’t stand back and let things go. MVP discussed his investments and others that joined with him to put money into TNA and put a new attitude and change into the company. MVP said TNA had all the pieces needed to be success. Mismanagement and bad decision-making have kept TNA from reaching its potential. MVP gave his word that the mismanagement would stop. MVP started to discuss his agenda but he was cut off by…

RockStar Spud. The Muppet strolled out to talk with MVP. MVP wasn’t exactly impressed by “Dixie’s Lap Dog”. Spud said he was out there to suggest that MVP should introduce himself to Madam Dixie Carter. Spud said Queen Dixie was willing to speak fairness with MVP. MVP cut off Spud, saying he would give Spud the benefit of the doubt. MVP told Spud to watch his step because MVP still knew how to use his fists. MVP said he made a non-title match between Magnus and Kurt Angle. The crowd exploded with glee. MVP then dismissed Spud.

Backstage, Bully Ray quoted cryptic poetry as he stood next to the wooden coffin. He told Ken Anderson that, next week, he would destroy Ken. Ray said the next person that he saw would go into the coffin and pay for Ken’s sins.

Chris Sabin was in a nice room with purple lighting. Sabin said Velvet Sky broke his heart, last week. He couldn’t accept the loss of Sky. He was willing to fight for her and he wanted to do something really special for her.

Curry Man vs Bully Ray.

I love this character. He made my wife, Dianna, laugh (especially when I explained who was really under the mask). Curry’s in-ring party came to a sudden halt as Bully Ray came out with the coffin. Ray took the microphone and got in the ring. “You’re in the wrong place at the wrong time”. The fans chanted fro Curry Man. C-Man tried to talk with Ray but Bully went all silent and moody. Big Boot by Ray. Ray removed his Motorhead hoodie and did the old Bruiser Brody howl. Stall Piledriver by Ray. Ray screamed for Anderson before nailing the Piledriver. Ray pushed Curry Man to the outside. He then lifted and dropped Curry Man into the coffin. Ray told Ken Anderson that he was going to end Ken’s career.

Your Winner: Bully Ray (not an official match)
Impact Score: N/A

IN the office, Magnus was not happy about facing Kurt Angle. There was a food tray on the table. Dixie was worried about her looks. Ethan came in and Dixie dismissed her. Spud refused to allow Ethan to have any of the food. Ethan wanted to talk with his aunt about something but she didn’t have time for him. Ethan was ticked that she didn’t have time for her own blood. She told him to come back in a week. I sense a Face Turn for Ethan.

Austin Aries came out to the ring. He had the stick in hand. The fans with a defending sing song chant of Austin’s name. He acknowledged it. He showed off his X-Division title belt. He explained that the “Man makes the title, not the title makes the man”. Aries reminded everyone that he created Option C, as well as holding all that titles in TNA. Aries said he was planning to cash in the X-Title to go after the World title…

The BroMans (Jessie and Robbie) crashed the part. Ion slid in the ring and blasted Ion with his Feast or Fired Briefcase. Ion cashed in.

Austin Aries vs Zema Ion
X-Division Titlte Match

Aries kicked out of the pin attempts. Ion couldn’t believe it. Ion threw Aries out to the floor. Ion with a Baseball Slide Dropkick to Aries’ back. Aries kicked and Chopped away. Ion ripped off his shirt and kept the pressure on the X-Champ. Ion with the Flying DDT. 1-2-no. Wow. Ion went up top and went for the Corkscrew Moonsault. He missed and Aries with the Discus Forearm and Kneebreaker. Full Speed Corner Dropkick. Brainbuster!

Your Winner: Austin Aries
Impact Score: 2.5

Dixie chatted with Spud. She told Spud that they could do this…

It was time for another look at the dysfunctional relationship between Samual Shaw and Christy Hemme. Last week, Shaw took Hemme to his place. It was a creepy place with hidden cameras and a room dedicated to Hemme, in a Creepy Stalker kind of way. Fast forward to this week and Hemme felt they needed to talk. Shaw said he went a bit overboard. Hemme wanted to know about the mannequin that he had with her hair on it. Hemme said they needed to step back and keep things professional. Shaw had that Norman Bates look in his eyes.

Backstage, Bobby Roode ranted about getting screwed over by Dixie. Magnus came in and told Bobby he was to do what Dixie expected. Magnus said Bobby wasn’t there during the major wins by Magnus. Magnus told Bobby to quit whining and focus on Samoa Joe. Bobby reminded Magnus that Joe made Magnus tap out, next week. Bobby said either he or Joe would take the strap from Magnus at Lockdown. Bobby, sarcastically, wished Magnus good luck against Kurt Angle.

MVP came into the office to meet with Dixie. Dixie said they should have been working together form day one. Dixie wanted MVP to share a little something about himself. Dixie then switched to talking about herself and how she built TNA, all by herself. Dixie said the talent loved working for her. Spud kissed up to Dixie, as usual. MVP brought up Jeff Hardy, Sting and A.J. Styles. She dismissed the trio of “Bad Apples”. Dixie was so interested in talking about herself. Dixie said MVP would learn a lot from her. MVP wanted to take their conversation about the future of TNA to the ring…and the fans. Dixie started to get cranky so TNA left.

Kurt Angle vs Magnus
Non-Title Match

The bell sounded and the two went into the Collar and Elbow. Arm Wringer by Magnus, reversed by Kurt. Wrist Lock by Magnus into a Hammerlock and Side Headlock. Kurt sent Magnus to the ropes but got Shoulder Tackled. Kurt whipped Magnus to the ropes and launched him with a Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex. Kurt with punches on the champ. Magnus went to the eyes and then punched away. Knife Edge Chop by Magnus. Kick by Kurt into the Hat Trick Germans. The fans showed their appreciation. Magnus blocked the AngleSlam. Forced Uranage Slam by Magnus.

Kurt caught Magnus on the top rope and Suplexed him. AngleLock! Ethan Carter rushed the ring and Chop Blocked the knee. Dropkick to Kurt’s knee. Kurt kicked free and Ethan bailed out. Kurt began to fight back. Kurt punched EC3. Kurt tattooed the face of Ethan with punches. Ethan went to the eyes and then used a chair to crack Kurt’s knee.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Impact Score: 2.5

Ethan and Kurt got back in the ring and Ethan yanked on the leg. Rolling Half Figure Four. Almost a Cross Legbreaker. Ethan refused to release the hold. Ethan finally let go of the move. Kurt was in a bad place. The ref called for medical help for Kurt. EC3 sat back and watched as Kurt was taken out on a stretcher.

TNA looked back at Ethan’s attack on Kurt from the last segment. Samoa Joe checked on his long time friend. Joe knew that Dixie was behind this. Joe said they might be gunning for him but this was a war that they could not win. Joe said Dixie and her forces would pay…for Kurt, Sting, Hardy, Styles and all the rest.

Eric Young was asked about Monster’s Ball. Eric said Crazy was all that Joseph Park/Abyss would understand. Eric wasn’t’ sure what would happen next.

The crumbling relationship of Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky was profiled. Sky got tired of Cabin always blaming her for the losses and such. Sky didn’t help Sabin defend the X-Title against Aries. Sabin lost and Sky dumped him. Sabin was still waiting for Sky to show up. Sabin said the room he stood in was where he first kissed Velvet. Sky finally showed up and didn’t understand why the cameras were there. Cabin wanted to talk. TNA went to break.

Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky sat and talked. Sky felt it was all kinds of awkward. Sabin said all relationships have ups and downs. Sabin said his soul broke into a million pieces when Sky ended it with him. Sabin said the veil was finally lifted. Sabin appeared to pop the question but he ring box was empty. He told her to get out of his life. Sabin said he was tired of playing second banana to her. Sabin decided he wanted to wrestle Velvet Sky. Seriously? What the Hell is up with that? Sabin said it was him that would decide when things were over and he was making it official that they were done. What a jerk.

Samoa Joe vs Bobby Roode
Number One Contender Match

Collar and Elbow into a Go Behind by Bobby. Standing Switch. Roode powered out but took a punch to the face. Bobby with a kick but Joe hit several kicks of his own. Chop and Kick into a Kneedrop Splash. Bobby kicked Joe and went for a Whip. Joe reversed it, hit the Corner Splash and Jumping Enziguri. Joe choked Bobby with the boot and then Face Washed him, over and over. Back Elbow by Bobby. Bobby tried to Suplex Joe but couldn’t get him over. Bobby blocked a Joe Suplex and hit a Dropkick. Front Face Lock into the Funk Neckbreaker by Bobby. Knife Edge Chops by both men. Bobby kicked Joe and hit he Buffbuster! 1 count only.

Bobby with the Snap Mare into the Rear Chin Lock. Joe reached the ropes to force the break. Measured punches by both men but Joe with the better of them. Back Elbows by both men> Bobby with a Big Boot. Joe with the Inverted Aromic Drop and Big Boot. Jo missed the Backsplash Senton. Bobby missed the Kneedrop. Double R Spinebuster after Joe with the flurry of strikes. Joe copped up and nailed the Snap Powerslam. Joe put Bobby on the top rope and got ready for the Muscle Buster. Bobby blocked it and hit an Enziguri and Running Clothesline to the back of Joe’s head. Bobby went for the Roode Bomb but Joe countered into a Kokina Clutch attempt. Bobby powered out and chopped Joe. Corner Uranage by Joe. Joe put Bobby into the Muscle Buster! Kokina Clutch! Tap Out!

Your Winner (by Submission): Samoa Joe
Impact Score: 3.5

The Investment Summit

Dixie and Spud made their way out to the ring. Spud gave the microphone to Dixie. The fans booed the Hell out of Dixie. Dixie said the night wasn’t only about her. Dixie then brought out MVP. Spud shook MVP’s hand. MVP then wiped his hand on his pants leg. Dixie welcomed MVP to TNA. Dixie said there was a lot of business to discuss. Dixie said they had a shared vision for TNA. Dixie got ticked off at the fans for interrupting her. She first focused on Magnus. Dixie said Magnus had accomplished all that was expected of him. Dixie said Magnus has set the bar to new levels for his peers. Fans started to walk out as Dixie kept rambling on. “Boring!” rang out from the crowd. Dixie said if everyone would just follow her lead, everyone would be so successful. Dixie said she has had good and bad partners, over the years. Dixie said it was time for some changes.

MVP took over, at this point. MVP said he and Dixie only agreed on one thing…agree to disagree. MVP said Dixie knew nothing about wrestling and she has almost brought TNA to its knees. MVP said he would not be a secondary persona in TNA. He said Dixie’s Reign of Terror was over and done. MVP said the party was over for her and the changes would take place, very soon. Dixie screamed in MVP’s face. Spud then wagged his finer at MVP. Spud quickly rushed out of the ring as MVP looked ready to stomp a mudhole in the little Brit. Dixie and Spud headed out of the arena as TNA drew to a close.


–Jay Shannon

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