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Ring of Honor Recap

The Top Prospect Tournament moved into the semi-finals. Plus, Adam Cole made his decision regarding Jay Briscoe’s challenge.

Welcome back to Nashville, TN. RoH got right down to the action.

Raymond Rowe vs Corey Hollis
Top Prospect 2014 Tournament, Semi-Final Match

Code of Honor handshake. Rowe moved Corey to the corner but Corey with a wild Knife Edge Chop. Ray brushed it off like it meant nothing. Rowe went for his own Knife Edge but missed. Rowe connected with a Knife Ede and a couple of punches. Hollis with a boot. Universal into a baseball Slide and punch by Hollis. Corey with a Dropkick that went Rowe to the outside. Tope Con Hilo by Hollis. Corey pitched Rowe back in and hit a Shoulder Block. Corey went for a Hurancanrana but Rowe caught him and put him down, hard.

Rowe with a hard Forearm and Whip. Close Quarters Belly to Belly Throw by Rowe. Hollis escaped a Whip and hit a Kick. Basket Slam by Rowe to get a two count. Rowe took out Corey Hollis with his Skid Rowe Knee Strike

Your Winner: Raymond Rowe
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

R.D. Evans (w/Veda Scott) vs Matt Selis

Code of Honor Handshake. Evans went for a kick but Matt caught the foot. Roll Up by Matt. Snap Mare to Evans. Evans claims to have a 13-0 winning streak, though it is questionable. Evans with a Rolling Destroyer and Legdrop. Elbow Strike by Evans. Veda talked about her man being the True Top Prospect. Clothesline by Matt. Modified Side Russian Leg Sweep by Selis. Flair Flop by Evans, off the Whip. Selis with a kick to take Evans off the apron. Veda grabbed Matt’s leg. Flying Clothesline by Evans. Benoit Diving Headbutt to take the wing

Your Winner: R.D. Evans (14-0_
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

Veda got in and made the foolish mistake of offering an “Open Challenge”. She wanted Evans to reach 15-0. Never, EVER do that, especially in Ring of Honor. Veda dropped the name of Michael Elgin and out he came.

R.D. Evans vs “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin

Elgin took the stick and said “Ring the Bell!” It was a good thing Evans was wearing dark tights. I’m just saying…

Elgin offered the Code of Honor Handshake. Evans took it and ended up in the Black Hole Slam. Evans fell out of the ring but Elgin went to get him. Elgin whipped Evans into the ring barriers. The second one flipped Evans upside down. Elgin screamed at Adam Cole that this was just the beginning of what was coming for Cole. Elgin hoisted Evans on his shoulder and hit a Running Bulldog Bounce Powerslam. Elgin then nearly decapitated Evans with a Running Boot to the face.

Elgin pitched Evans back the ring. Elgin tossed Evans into the corner and punched away. Elgin put Evans on the top rope. Evans tried to hit a Super Bomb but didn’t have the strength. Dropkick by Evans that took Elgin off his feet. Veda screamed at Evans to stop but Evans went up top. Elgin with a Dropkick. Elgin then pulled Evans back up, from the apron, into a Stall Suplex…on the turnbuckles! Buckle Bomb by Elgin into the Elgin Bomb. Elgin refused to take the count. Elgin went out and got a pair of steel chairs. Elgin set them up and hit an Elgin Bomb…sending Evans into the chairs. The ref called for the bell.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): R.D. Evans (15-0)
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

After the match, Elgin tore through all of the security forces.

Remember, A.J. Styles returns to Ring of Honor…next week!

Matt Tavin vs Tadarius “T.D.” Thomas

This is a Top Prospect Rewind Match. These two men were the finalists in last year’s Top Prospect Tourney. Collar and Elbow into a Side Headlock. Hammerlock into a Side Headlock by Thomas. Tavin reversed it into a Top Wristlock. Thomas tried to reverse the move but Tavin would not be denied. Thomas with a Forearm and an attempt at a Snap Mare. Tavin reversed it into his own Snap Mare. Side Headlock by Tavin. Thomas kept trying to roll Tavin over. Thomas with the Rolling Snap Mare. Hard Kick to Tavin’s face. Whip, Float Over and Under Roll by Tavin. Missile Dropkick by Tavin. 2 count.

Side Headlock by Tavin. Hurancanranat but Thomas landed on his feet. Spin Kick by Tavin. 2 count. Tavin with the Walking Suplex and Kip Up. I’ve tried to do that move and it’s so difficult. Thomas with a Clothesline and Flying Neckbreaker. Running Back Elbow and Spin Kick by Thomas. Honestly, Thomas missed by a mile but Tavin still sold it. Inside Out Suplex by Thomas. Whip by Thomas but Tavin held the ropes. Thomas flipped Tavin to the apron and nailed an Enziguri. Thomas flew off the turnbuckles and nailed Tavin on the floor. Tvin caught Thomas on the top turnbuckle. Double Enziguris by Tavin. Thomas blocked the Top Rope Hurancanrana. Tavin with a Superkick and Frog Splash!

Your Winner: Matt Tavin
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75

Jay Briscoe rambled on about Adam Cole. Jay told Adam that Cole still hasn’t beaten him. Jay wants to fight Cole. He even told Cole to leave the World title belt at home. Jay did want to put up his “Real World Title”.

Jay Briscoe came out with his title belt. Jay so reminds me of a young :Killer” Tim Brooks. Jay took the stick and demanded that Adam Cole come on out. To answer Steve Corino’s question about the quote “I came here to chew bubble gum and kick *ss…and I’m all out of bubble gum”. That was Roddy Piper in the John Carpenter film “They Live”. I’m sure he really knew that but some people may have missed that cinematic classic…which By the way has the longest 1-on-1 fight scene in any film (over 11 minutes). Yep, movie trivia is another of “my things”.

Bobby Fish came from the back. Fish told Jay that he was a Real Champion, as was Adam Cole. Fish told Jay that Briscoe’s championship was fake. Fish said he was insulted by the Briscoe Belt. Fish said Cole would not tarnish his reputation by competing for a made up championship and belt. Fish kept insulting Briscoe’s background. Fish said he would represent the company by beating the bag off Briscoe’s *ss, as a proxy for Adam Cole.

Bobby Fish vs Jay Briscoe

This is going to be bowling shoe ugly, count on it.

Before the match, The Decade (Roderick Strong, B.J. Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs) complained about A.J. Styles coming back to Ring of Honor. Styles will face Strong, next week. Jacobs said Strong would take out Styles.

Knuckle Lock and Fish with a questionable low kick. Fish did it a second time. Fish kicked the thigh but got hit with a European Uppercut and Headbutt. Slide Under by Fish into more thigh kicks. Jay dropped Fish and sent him to the floor. Headbutt by Jay. Jay stomped on Fish, on the floor. Jay then threw measured punches. Jay pitched chairs into the ring. Jay with another Headbutt. Jay then deposited Fish in the ring. Jay with boxing jabs. Double Sledge by Jay. Fish started to punch at Jay but Briscoe went off with kicks and a step on the throat. Jay rocked Fish with European Uppercuts. Fish bailed out of the ring to break momentum. Outside In chase but Jay with the wicked Dropkick. Jay flipped Fish into the ring barricade. RoH took a quick break as Jay continued to throw Fish into barricades.

Jay rolled in and out of the ring to break the count. Fish tried to crawl away from the madman from Delaware. Jay tossed Fish back in the ring but Bobby went back outside. Fish ran Jay into the barricade and got he Full Mount Punches. Fish whipped Jay into the barrier. Fish threw Jay in and tried for the pin. 2 count. Fish with the Kitchen Sink. 2 count, again. Snap Mare by Fish. Fish with the In and Out Senton. 2 count. Knee Strike by Fish. Back Drop Suplex to get Bobby another 2 count. Jay with a Back Elbow. Bobby with a Knee Strike. Fish with a Crescent Kick to gain a 2 count. Can the ref count to 3?

Corner Splash by Fish. Whip by Fish and another Corner Splash. Fish stopped to look at the crowd. Really? Jay pushed Fish back and hit a Back Elbow. Big Boot by Briscoe. Headbutts by Jay. Jay with a Back Body Drop, off the Whip. Flying Corner Clothesline. Corner Mount Punches. Superkick by Briscoe. 2 count for Jay. Fish with kicks and punches. Roaring Elbow by Briscoe into a Funk Neckbrekaer. 2 plus count, this time. Falcon Arrow by Briscoe. 1-2-no. I love that RoH actually uses the names of moves instead of making up things. Fish blocked the Jay Driller and ran Jay to the corner. Leg Sweep and Crescent Kick to Briscoe’s skull. 2 count. Fish took Jay to the corner. Jay blocked the Hurancanrana and sent Fish flying 3/4ers of the way across the ring. Frog Splash by Jay but Briscoe was too hurt to make the pin.

Adam Cole came out to watch the end of the match. Adam taunted Jay as he strolled around the ring. “Real World Champ” rang out from the crowd. The two men, in the ring, traded forearms and fists. Fish was seriously out of gas. Jay blocked the School Boy. Low Blow by Fish as Cole held the Real World Title. Saito Suplex by Fish but only a two count. Cole screamed at Briscoe to finish Jay. Jay shoved Fish into Cole. Double Underhook/Butterfly Puledriver aka the Jay Driller!

Your Winner: Jay Briscoe
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25

Cole tried to attack Briscoe with Jay’s title belt but Jay ducked. Briscoe took Cole’s jacket and threw it to the crowd. Jay ended up with both World title belts. Cole was about to explode as Briscoe showed off his belt and threw down Cole’s.


–Jay Shannon

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