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Harper and Rowan were at ringside … Wyatt showing a lot of power early in the match … Wyatt’s left leg hurt early-on coming off the ropes … Bryan flies out of the ring onto Luke Harper … The referee orders Harper and Rowan to leave. Bray tells them also that he doesn’t need them to fight the war for him … Bryan with an amazing flying bodypress from the ring onto the Wyatt onto the floor.

Wyatt’s left leg injured again being tossed into the ring steps … Back into the ring Bryan with a series of kicks and other maneuvers to Wyatt’s left leg … The two are battling on the ring apron and Wyatt uses an armbreaker to stop Bryan … Wyatt bashes Bryan’s head against the steel post and punches him (remember Bryan had a concussion) … With Bryan on the floor Wyatt dove onto him with a senton and then dragged him back into the ring.

Wyatt continues to brutalize Bryan … Bryan back with a series of kicks and a drop toehold into the turnbuckle … “Frankensteiner” by Bryan … Wyatt with an amazing elbowsmash … Bryan with a flying Tornado DDT off the apron and Wyatt is bloody … Bryan with a great dropkick … Another one and again but Wyatt catches him with a clothesline that made Bryan spin over…Pin attempt by Wyatt but only a two count … Yes Lock by Bryan … Wyatt bites out … Headbutts exchanged on the top ropes … Wyatt is down … Bryan with a flying headbutt … Wyatt goes out of the ring … Bryan follows and is caught with a “Sister Abigail” into the barrier!

A second Sister Abigail in the ring and Wyatt wins with a pin!

Incredible physical match.

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