Posted January 26th, 2014 by Bill Apter

Lesnar runs into the ring and takes Show down and beats him with a chair over and over again … Brock continues the assault as Paul Heyman at ringside smiles approvingly … Big Show has left the ring (the match has not even started yet). Show rolls back in but attacked again by Lesnar … The bell sounds and Show ducks a chair and uses his KO punch on Lesnar.

Brock leaves the ring and show follows … Show tosses him around ringside … An F5 by Lesnar and pin!

After the match Lesnar got into the ring with a chair and again beat up Big Show … He continues the assault outside the ring — it is so brutal! … More than 20 shots and the chair broke (a steel chair) and then he got another chair … Referee tries to stop him but he is pushed out of the way … Another chair and more beatings … I’ve never seen so many chair-shots.

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