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Genesis, Part Two

TNA continued with its January tradition by presenting Genesis. The former PPV was split into two shows, on Spike. This week, Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle fought in a steel cage. In addition, Sting put it all on the line to face Magnus. Plus, Who is the “Mystery Investor?”

The show opened with a look back at Part One of Genesis. Sting challenged Magnus to face him for the World title. Magnus upped the ante by saying Sting had to put his career on the line. If Sting wins, he gets the World title. If he loses, his contract with TNA is shredded.

Rockstar Spud tried to calm Dixie down. She wasn’t having any part of it. Magnus came up and talked with Dixie’s lawyer. The lawyer discussed a “Hostile Takeover” by someone. The person or persons unknown were buying up stock to force a change within the hierarchy of TNA. Dixie was ticked that the Board of Directors called a meeting while she was at the Television Taping. The Lawyer said Magnus had to “Play Fair”. It was also announced that Sting would be allowed to have a second in his corner. Magnus didn’t like the idea of just cooperating. Magnus said they should change the match, as well. No Count Out or Disqualifications was added to the match. Magnus felt Sting was the power behind the Mystery Person/s. Magnus got really cranky when told to “Stand Down”.

Magnus, Spud and Ethan Carter 3 all came out in dress clothes (ok, Spud looked like Hornswoggle’s Big Brother). Magnus took the stick and grumbled about Sting’s politicking. Magnus questioned Sting’s manhood for going behind everyone’s back to change the match.

That brought out The Icon. Sting went off on Magnus about how Magnus screwed over A.J. Styles. Magnus wanted to know how much Sting paid the “New Investor” to get special treatment. The two discussed the new stipulations of their match. Magnus knew that Sting couldn’t defeat Magnus. Magnus reminded Sting that he made the Icon tap out at Bound For Glory. Sting acknowledged the loss but said he has now gotten his head back in the game. Sting called Magnus a “Paper Champion”, again. He accused Magnus of trading Honor for Greed. “Paper Champion” rang out from the crowd. Sting said Magnus had lost the respect of everyone. Magnus slapped Sting in the face. Sting laughed at the Brit and then went wild on him with punches and kicks. Spud and EC3 went after Sting but Samoa Joe rushed down to take out Ethan with a huge Clothesline. Spud skittered like a cockroach when the lights come on. Sting officially announced Samoa Joe as his Corner Man.

A history lesson video ran about the issues between James Storm and Gunner. Gunner stepped over Storm, literally, to grab the Feast or Fired Briefcase that gave Gunner a future World Title Shot.

Gunner vs “Cowboy” James Storm
Briefcase-on-a-Pole Match

The winner must have complete control of the briefcase to win. Whoever has the briefcae, at the end of the match, will get the future World Title Shot.

Before the match started, the cameras went backstage. Spud and Dixie talked about how to counter Samoa Joe. Dixie put Spud in a match against Samoa Joe. Spud freaked out at the thought of facing the Samoan Submission Machine. Dixie motivated Spud by saying she wanted everyone to see why she picked him to be on her team. As Spud walked off, she whispered, to herself, “Please don’t let him get killed’.

Back to the ringside area for this wild match. Storm stared at the briefcase, up on the pole. The bell rang and Storm made a run for the briefcase. Gunner stopped him and made his own run for the case. Shoulder Tackle by Gunner. Storm with hard punches and a Forearm, off a Reversed Whip. Storm Skinned the Cat and kicked Gunner. Flying Forearm by Gunner. Enziguri by Storm. Gunner caught Storm on the top rope and Knife Edge Chopped him. Headbutt by Gunner. Storm blocked the Superplex. Gunner with another vicious Headbutt. Super Fallaway Slam by Gunner. Both men were down and stunned.

Gunner got up first and tried to go for the corner. Storm held the ankle. Storm converted the Blanchard Slingshot Suplex into the Back Stabber. Closing Time (Code Breaker) by Storm. Storm called for the Last Call Superkick but Gunner reversed it into a Uranage Slam. Gunner went up the ropes but Storm caught him. The two battled just under the case. Super Hurancanrana by Storm. Wow!

Storm almost got the case but Gunner hit an Electric Chair Drop. Storm did not have full possession of the case. The case was in the ring. Gunner pulled Storm away from the case. Gunner with a Headbutt and then grabbed the case to retain his future title shot.

Your Winner: Gunner
Impact Score: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Kurt Angle talked, in the back. Kurt admitted that it has been a tough four months for him. Kurt felt that if hecouldn’t beat Bobby Roode, tonight, he didn’t deserve to be in the Hall of Fame or in TNA.

A review of the Austin Aries/Chris Sabin/Velvet Sky situation. Sky will be caged as Sabin defends his X-Division title against Aries. Sky hinted that she would leave Sabin, if he lost.

Sky then did a video. She got a package from Sabin. It had an apology note asking for forgiveness and understanding. Inside the box was a gift bag that included a lead pipe, along with a teddy bear. Seriously?

Austin Aries vs Chris Sabin
X-Division Title Match (Velvet Sky caged during the match)

Sky had her huge gift bag with her. Sky went into the cage without much of a fight. TNA took a quick break before this epic battle got started.

Collar and Elbow into a Aries Full Nelson and Cravat. The two broke and Sabin yelled at everyone in sight. Side Headlock by Sabin but Aries took them to the corner. Open Hand Slap by Aries. Japanese Arm Drag and Ride by Aries. Crucifix Backslides for 2 counts. Last Chancellory. Sabin fot free but Aries threw him out of the ring. Aries went up top but Sabin rushed and tripped him. Huge rake of the back, by Sabin. Aries ended up in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Baseball Slide Dropkick by Sabin. Aries was sent to the floor.

Sabin attacked Aries, on the apron. He Suplexed Aries into the ring and got a two count. Aries landed on the apron as Sabin tried to throw him out. Bionic Elbows by Aries. Bell Ringer after Aries hopped back in the ring. Springboard Moonsault by Aries. Sabin blocked the Brainbuster and hit a Thrust Kick. Roaring Elbow by Aries into the Hesitation Dropkick. Sabin, again, blocked the Brainbuster. He slung Aries into the ropes. Sabin came out to get the bag. All that was inside was the teddy bear. Aries flew off the top with an Ax Bomber. Aries grabbed the teddy bear and held it as he hit a Missile Dropkick. The bear went flying as Aries nailed a Hesitation Dropkick, in the corner. Brainbuster!

Your Winner (and New X-Division Champion): Austin Aries
Impact Score: 3.75

TNA ran a promo for The Wolves. Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards talked about their plans for Dixie Carter. She put them in a Try-Out Match but they had already done a deal with the new Investor. The Wolves said the Investor will be revealed…Next Week! Glasgow, Scotland is the reveal place…hmmm…Could it be?

A review of the Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle feud aired. Bobby has been dominating the series, so far. This week, they go in a cage, with Kurt’s entire career and Hall of Fame spot on the line. If Kurt loses, he can never be a part of the TNA Hall of Fame.

Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle
Steel Cage Match

Roode was sporting an all-new sleeveless robe. Kind of plastic-looking thing. Not as spiffy as his Valentine-esque robe. Kurt came out in his regular ring gear. TNA took a quick break.

The bell sounded and the fight was on. Side Headlock by Bobby. Go Behind by Bobby but Kurt with the Standing Switch. Elbow by Bobby into straight punches and kicks. Belly to Belly Throw by Kurt. Corner Stomps by Kurt. Kurt with measured punches to Bobby’s face. Corner Mount Punches by the Olympian. Bobby threw Kurt into the cage wall. Bobby then stomped nad punched away. Snap Mare by Bobby into an Elbow Drop. 2 count.

Knife Edge Chop by Bobby into a hard Whip. Corner Clothesline by Bobby. Suplex by Bobby into a two count. Bobby choked Kurt with his boot. Kurt blocked the Piledriver and used a Slingshot to send Bobby into the cage. Hat Trick Germans by Kurt. Arm Drag out of the AngleSlam. Bobby sent Kurt into the cage and nailed the Double R Spinebuster. 2 count. Kurt was bleeding from the top of the head. Roode wanted his Roode Bomb but Kurt sent Bobby into the cage. AngleSlam. 1—2—no.

Kurt dropped the straps and cinched in the AngleLock. They were dead in the center of the ring. Roode with an Enziguri to get free. Running Clothesline to the back of Kurt’s neck. 2 count, again. Kurt held Bobby’s leg to prevent Roode from escaping the cage. Bobby threw Kurt into the cage wall, once again. Roode seemed a little lost as he looked around him. Bobby started to climb the ropes to escape the cage. Kurt caught Bobby, right at the top of the cage. Kurt and Bobby fought on the top rope. Both men rammed their opponent’s face into the cage wall. Bobby fell off the ropes as the fans cheered. Kurt sent up to the top of the cage but didn’t climb down. Kurt went for (and missed) a Moonsault from the very top of the cage. OMG! Knowing a little about how one should land on a move, having your arm under you is not a good idea. Bobby slithered out the door and down the steps. He didn’t quite make it to the floor. Kurt dragged Bobby back into the ring. Bobby kicked Kurt away and tried to escape, again. Kurt caught him, again. The feet have to touch the floor. Kurt dragged Bobby in by way of the AngleLock. Kurt was sent into the cage wall. Roode Bomb! 2 plus count.

Both men were seriously exhausted. Bobby slapped his leg to get feeling back. Bobby started up the ropes but Kurt with the Ring Run into a Top Rope AngleSlam! Kurt inched his way over to pin Roode. Could be…might be…no! Kurt went up the ropes as the fans chanted for Kurt to get out of the cage. Kurt climbed to the top of the cage. Roode went after Kurt and got him, right at the very top. Kurt came back over the top of the cage and took and gave massive punishment. The two traded hard punches. Bobby slipped and straddled the top rope. Kurt went back to climbing out of the cage. Bobby couldn’t stand and decided to crawl out of the cage. It was a race to hit the floor. Kurt got there just a half second before Bobby Roode oozed onto the floor.

Your Winner: Kurt Angle
Impact Score: 4.50

Ethan Carter III tried to get Spud ready for his battle (slaughter) against Samoa Joe. Spud was freaking out but Ethan calmed him down. Ethan said he knew that Spud was a champion-in-the-making. EC3 compared Spud to the American Dream. He renamed Spud the British Dream. EC3 said it was time for Spud to take out Joe. He reminded Spud about Joe’s weakened knee. EC3 said Spud was like a lion. Ethan kissed him on the forehead and told him to go out there and take out Samoa Joe.

The BroMans were in the ring, with DJ Zema Ion. They were having a Bro-Moment. Jessie wanted everyone to take their phones and take pictures. God, I didn’t think anyone could cut a worse promo than Dixie Carter but I was wrong. Yawn. Hash Tag…Shut the Hell Up! Zema continued the pain as he blathered on. Zema said Eric Young and Joseph Park would fall to the Bro-Down.

Hallelujah! Eric Young rudshed down to shut the moron convention up. Eric went wild on all three guys. The numbers finally got the better of Eric. Suddenly, Abyss arrived on the scene. The TV Champion sauntered out to the ring and looked at the three men in front of him. Clotheslines to the BroMans. Chokeslam to Jessie. Black Hole Slam to Robbie. Zema begged off from Abyss. Shock Treatment! Sweet! Abyss then stared at Eric Young. Eric carefully walked up to The Monster. Goozle by Abyss. Abyss stopped and let Eric go with a simple push away.

Samoa Joe was asked about his knee. He said it was fine. Joe said Magnus had turned from a brother to a Scum Bag. Joe said he has stabbed others in the back while also feeling the blade, himself. Joe said it was time to get back to being the Samoan Submission Machine and began his wave of destruction.

Next week, TNA heads across the Big Pond for their annual European Tour. Kurt couldn’t believe that Sting was risking it all. Kurt knew Sting was making a mistake and we might not see Sting again. Kurt was asked for advice to give to Sting. He told Sting that so many people, within the company, love him. Kurt didn’t know what would happen if TNA lost Sting. Kurt told Sting that he loved him and wished him the best.

Rockstar Spud vs Samoa Joe

Spud was talking to himself to try and psych himself up for this lop-sided battle. Spud almost tripped getting into the ring. The crowd went wild as the huge Samoan came from the back. Spud screamed at Joe as the bell sounded. Joe turned his back on Spud. Go Behind, by Spud, that was totally useless. Spud yelled at Joe, again. Spud with punches and kicks that didn’t do a thing. Knife Edge Chop after Spud did his Batista/Ultimate Warrior imitation (shaking the ropes). Face Wash by Joe. Spud slid out of the way to avoid the Big Boot. Spud went to the eyes to avoid a Chokeslam. Dropkicks to Joe’s bad Knee. One Arm Uranage by Joe. Muscle Buster! Kokina Clutch!

Your Winner (By Submission): Samoa Joe
Impact Score: 1.5 (slight elevated score due to comedy aspect of the match)

Joe took the stick and warned Dixie and her troops that they would have to go through Joe to get to Sting.

Sting vs Magnus
Career vs World Title Match

Jeremy Borash did the official ring introductions. Sting Woo’d and then locked up. Shoulder Tackle by Sting. Collar and Elbow into a Side Headlock, by Magnus. Sting with the Push Off but Magnus with the Shoulder Tackle. Universal into a Sting Back Elbow. Collar and Elbow and Magnus with the Arm Bar. Sting reversed it and put a Wrist Lock into the mix. Magnus rolled around to escape. Sting flipped Magnus over. Magnus went to the ropes to break momentum.

Magnus yelled that he was the Real World Champion. Test of Strength but Magnus with a hard Knee to break the move. Stomps by Magnus. Sting with wild Haymakers. Sting escaped a Scoop Slam and almost hit the Scorpion DeathDrop. Magnus blocked it. Dixie Carter and Ethan Carter came out. Joe blocked EC3 from getting near the ring. Ethan backed off. Sting watched the chaos on the ramp. Impact went to break.

Sting blocked a Piledriver and locked in the Scorpion Deathlock. Bad Influence and Ethan Carter rushed the ring. Ethan attacked Sting and Kaz and Daniels tried to take out Joe. Joe dodged the High/Lo. He threw both men out of the ring. Double Whip on Sting. Sting threw Carter to the floor. Joe with a Suicide Dive to take out EC3, Kaz and Daniels in one fell swoop. Sting with a Hip Toss but Magnus came right back. Scorpion Deathdrop but Zema Ion pulled out the ref. Joe clocked Ion, who still hadn’t pulled up his pants. The BroMans jumped Joe and threw him into the ring steps. This is ridiculous. Sting was attacked by so many people as Magnus caught his breath. It was a 5-on-1 Mugging. Kurt Angle rushed down and went wild on Zema. Kurt then hit the Double Clothesline on the Bromans. Germans to Kaz and Daniels. Suplex to Zema. AngleSlams to Kaz nad Daniels. Kurt then stepped out to the floor. Magnus went up top but got caught. Superplex by Sting! The ref was out of position. When the ref did get in, he only got a two. The ref got taken out with a Stinger Splash. Sting locked in the Stinger Splash! There was no ref to make the count. Magnus was tapping out but no one saw it. Bobby Roode rushed the ring and hit a Clothesline to the back of Sting’s head. Magnus Driver but still there was no ref. Dixie pulled Earl Hebner to the ring. Earl said he would not make the count. Earl took forever to make the count but he finally did.

Your Winner: Magnus
Impact Score: 1.0 (When will TNA realize that these kinds of stupid matches tick off the fans?)

Magnus stood over Sting and ripped up Sting’s contract. He let the scraps of paper float down over Sting as Genesis drew to a close.


–Jay Shannon

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