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Roll the Opening Montage!

RoH was still in Nashville, TN. The Top Prospects Tournament continued this week. In addition, Silas Young got a shot against the new RoH TV Champion, Tommaso Ciampa. Prince Nana joined Steve Corino and Kevin Kelly at ringside.

Andrew Everett vs The Romantic Touch
Top Prospect Tournament, Opening Round Match

Romantic Touch so reminds me of Buff Bagwell’s old Handsome Stranger character from GWF. (Showing my age, again). Touch carried a rose. Touch hails from “Lovers Township, NJ”. Reminds me of where I married my first wife, Linda. We were married in Thackerville, Oklahoma, which is in Love County. Our wedding license read “These two people come to be married in Love (County)”. But I digress…

Touch kissed Everett’s hand during the Show of Respect. Touch kicked Everett and took him to the corner. Whip by Touch after several hard shots. Everett missed a Corkscrew Moonsault but recovered and hit a Tope Suicida. Everett went to the top rope and jumped off. Running Hurancanrana and Standing Moonsault by Everett. Dang, this kid is good. Knife Edge Chop by Everett. Touch told the camera that it hurt so bad. Springboard Back Elbow by Touch. Touch with a Bump and Grind before a 450 Monkey Flip. 2 count.

Knife Edge Chop by Touch. Whip but Everett held the ropes. Springboard Crossbody, by Everett, for a two. Snap Suplex by Everett. Everett missed a Springboard Moonsault. Touch with a wicked Dropkick. Veda Scott came out and grumbled that she was not allowed to compete. Arm Bar by Touch. Veda claimed the masked man is Rhett Titus. Touch came over to flirt with Veda. Touch showed off before hitting a finisher and got Small Packaged. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Andrew Everett
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

RoH looked at the departure of Eddie Edwards. His leaving (to head to TNA) helped to create The Decade. The fans were showing their respect and love to Eddie, after his final match. B.J. Whitmer surprised Eddie and everyone and attacked Eddie, along with Jimmy Jacobs and Roderick Strong. The trio were tired of the revolving door in Ring of Honor. The three of them had been constants for ten years or more with the company. Jacobs drove a spike into Eddie’s skull as a parting “present” to Edwards.

Jay Briscoe stopped the next Top Prospect Match so he could share his thoughts. Jay took the stick and acknowledged the crowd. Jay said he had an offer out to Adam Cole. Cole has yet to answer. Jay wants to put his “Real World Title” on the line against the “fake” champion.

Adam walked out and confirmed that Jay wanted to face him for Jay’s title belt. Cole called Jay a “Dumb Redneck” and explained that Jay was not the champion, Adam was. He called Jay’s belt “a toy and a prop” to hide behind. Cole got up on the apron and said he didn’t care for what anyone had to say…other than Matt Hardy. Adam was ready to put all this to rest. Cole said he would have an answer to the challenge…next week. Really? The announcers argued about he legitimacy of Jay’s claim to being the “Real World Champion”.

Cheeseburger vs Hanson
Top Prospect Tournament, Opening Round Match

I so like Cheeseburger. So reminds me of a local wrestler out here that has the biggest of hearts in not necessarily the biggest of bodies. Hanson, on the other hand, reminds me of an old acquaintance, Beast Godryk.

Show of Respect before the bell. Cheeseburger bailed out, early. Hanson stomped around waiting for the smaller man to return. Cheesy backed into the corner and then tried to run. He avoided a Corner Rush. Hanson blocked a Side Headlock Takeover and sent Cheesy flying. Hanson stomped away on the fan favorite. Knee Strike by Hanson. Jawbreaker by Cheesy. Sunset Flip failed. Hanson turned it into wild Snap Suplex. Run, Forrest, Run. Hanson clubbed away as the fans chanted for Cheeseburger. Back Elbow by Cheesy. Cheesy slid under and threw Forearms. Low Dropkick to the knee. Decapitator Spin Kick by Hanson.

Your Winner: Hanson
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

Highlights of Final Battle 2013 aired. Kevin Steen took out Maria in a vicious battle against her man, Michael Bennett.

A promo piece for A.J. Styles aired. Styles returns in 2 weeks.

I want to take a minute to wish a Happy Birthday to my beloved step-daughter, Jesika. She is one of the strongest people that I’ve been honored to know. I’m so proud to call myself her “Dad”.

Adam Page vs Mark Briscoe

Show of Respect. They were stopped by the arrival of The Decade (Jacobs, Whitmer and Strong). Briscoe and Page were both confused about the arrival of the trio. Jacobs took the stick and said they could interrupt anytime that they wanted, due to being in the company for 10 years. Jacobs talked about how the Briscoes had also been in the company since day one. Jacobs wanted Briscoe to join The Decade. Jacobs slapped Page and Briscoe came to his aid. The Decade took off as RoH took a break.

Veda Scott discussed R.D. Evans. Evans is now up to a 14-0 winning streak. She issued an open challenge for someone to face “The New Streak”. Veda said the combination of Scott and Evans will never fail. She is great on the microphone and quite attractive.

Mark Briscoe and Adam Page vs Jimmy Jacobs and B.J. Whitmer

This match was thrown together, during the commercial break. Page and Jacobs opened the contest, in the ring. The other two were fighting, on the floor. Page with an Inverted Atomic Drop and Leg Lariat. Forearms by Page. Jacobs reversed the Whip and Whitmer held Page’s leg. Jacobs with a wicked DDT. Tag to Whitmer. Whitmer stomped Page and then punched away. Whip by Whitmer into a Back Elbow. Whitmer clawed at Page’s face. Whitmer sent Page to the corner. Page got the boot up but Jacobs with a Spear. Tag to Whitmer. The two men traded vicious shots with Whitmer getting the upper hand. Page tried to fight back but Whitmer threw Page onto the apron. RVD Springboard Roll and tag to Briscoe.

Mark and B.J. threw Haymakers, big time. Huge Redneck Kung Fu Clotheslines by Mark. La Bandera Clothesline by Mark. Jacobs with a Boot to the back but Mark clocked him. Shooting Star, off the apron, by Page. Baseball Slide Dropkick by Briscoe. Cactus Jack Elbow Drop to the floor, by Briscoe. Mark threw Whitmer back into the ring. Mark lifted Whitmer and hit a Pearl River Plunge. Page tagged in and caught Whitmer with a Leg Sweep and Standing Moonsault. Whitmer flipped Page onto the apron. Shoulder Block. Jacobs tripped Page on the top rope. Whitmer with a Top Rope Exploder Superplex. Mark Briscoe made the save. Mark with wild punches to both opponents. Jawbreaker and Jumping Enziguri by Briscoe. Whitmer sent Briscoe up and over the ropes. Page with a Roll Up for a two count. Whitmer with a Decapitation Clothesline. Wicked Running Neckbreaker and Powerbomb combo. Don’t know if it’s copyrighted but I’d call that…A Decade of Destruction.

Your Winners: The Decade, Jimmy Jacobs and B.J. Whitmer
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

The attack of Cliff Compton on Kevin Steen, from last week, aired. Cliff choked Steen with some kind of cord. Security rushed up to help Steen. Steen said he beat Chris Hero but then Cliff decided to get Steen’s attention. Steen was ready to take on Compton and put him down…for good.

A profile of Tommaso Ciampa aired. He destroyed Matt Tavin to win the TV title, recently.

Jay Lethal was sitting at ringside to do commentary.

Silas Young vs Tommaso Ciampa
RoH Title Match

The “Sicilian Psychopath” reminds me of a cross between Taz and Sycho Sid. Jay talked about Ciampa’s Monster attitude. Matt Tavin interrupted the introductions and got in Ciampa’s face. Tavin said he held the belt for 287 days, the longest reign of any TV Champ. Tavin said he took pride in being the Face of the Company. Tavin said he did things his way. Tavin said the title would be his, again. Rabin said he wanted to do something…shake Ciampa’s hand. Silas Young attacked him. Tavin chased after Silas, until security pulled Tavin away from ringside. Tavin came out solo for this massive show of respect.

The bell rang and Silas hit a Dropkick, through the ropes. Silas so reminds me of another Young, “Gorgeous” Gary Young. Silas with a hard punch to Ciampa’s head. Silas kicked at Ciampa’s face. Ciampa grabbed Silas’ face. Ciampa with a Side Headlock Takeover and wild punches. Silas with a Whip but Ciampa with a Shoulder Tackle and more punches. Corino and Lethal got into a War of Words over whether Lethal hurt Ciampa, back in 2012. Running Knee Strike, by Ciampa, on the floor. Ciampa hit a second Running Knee, as Silas was seated in a chair next ot the barricade. Ciampa wasn’t done as Silas begged off and grabbed the title belt.

Silas kicked the middle rope up into Ciampa’s crotch. Disaster Kick by Silas. RoH took as break as Silas pounded away.

Ciampa was still rocked but the earlier attack. Ciampa got a Big Boot up. Twisting Jawbreaker by Silas. The two went back and forth with Knife Edge Chops and Forearms. Ciampa with a nasty Dropkick. Float Over by Silas but Ciampa cracked him. Silas then hit a Running Clothesline. Flying Backbreaker into a Kneeling Clothesline. 1-2-no.

Silas with a Fireman’s Carry but Ciampa escaped. Ciampa went for a modified Crippler Crossface but Silas got to the ropes. Silas got the strap that he brought to the ring. Rolling plant into a Knee Strike. Light’s Out Inverted Powerbomb by Ciampa. 2 count. Lethal said there could be no mistakes in a match against Ciampa. Silas blocked Ciampa’s finisher. Ciampa charged and struck the ringpost. Silas with Pearl River Plunge into a Corkscrew Moonsault, sideways, on the ropes. Could be…might be…not quite yet. Silas was so frustrated by not getting the pin and the title. Silas screamed that it should have been a three count. Silas went for his leather strap. The ref kept Silas from using it and Ciampa almost got a Roll Up win. Paul Turner told Silas to quit using the strap. Silas listened to the ref. Death Valley Driver by Ciampa. Silas with a Clothesline. Silas hit another Pearl River Plunge but Ciampa rolled back into his Sicilian Stretch. Silas tapped out.

Your Winner: Tommaso Ciampa
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75

Silas attacked Ciampa, after the match. Lethal and Matt Tavin got involved. Tavin hit a Superkick to Silas. Lethal, Tavin and Ciampa will square off, soon, in a Triple Threat Match. Ciampa shoved both of his challengers.


–Jay Shannon

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