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Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt faced the Usos in a brutal match. In addition, WWE announced the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame, Class of 2014…proving the adage “Never say never, Brother”.

The show opened with a video package about The Wyatt Family and the addition of Daniel Bryan. Bray Wyatt cackled about Daniel being lost before learning “Bray’s Truth”. Daniel now has a home.

The Usos vs Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan

Wow. They kicked off the show with this one? The quartet of Wyatts appeared out of nowhere. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan were at ringside for their leader. Daniel started the match against Jey. Jey clubbed away on Daniel and ran him into the corner. Daniel rebounded and kicked away at Jey’s chest. Bray took the tag and stomped away. Jey with wild shots that were answered by Bray. Headbutt and tag to Daniel. Daniel twisted Jey in the ropes and pulled back on the nose. Back Kicks by Daniel. Bray talked trash to Jey. Daniel slid out to the apron and then flew off to crack Jey.

Bray tagged back into the match. Daniel with the Slingshot to send Jey up into the bottom rope. Bray stomped and punched away. Bray threw Jey into the corner and punched away. Corner Splash by Bray. Wyatt just laughed maniacally. Daniel tagged back in and unloaded with the chest kicks. Ouch. Daniel ripped at the face of Jey Uso. Daniel with a Running Kick and Rear Chin Lock. Crossface by Daniel as the crowd tried to rally the Usos. Spinning Enziguri by Jey. Jimmy got the tag and dropped Daniel, several times. Thrust Kick into the Samoan Drop by Uso. Rikishi Run by Jimmy. Bray made the save. Jimmy tossed Bray to the floor. Jimmy then elevated Daniel over the top rope. Stereo Flying Usos! The Usos tossed the Wyatts back in. Jimmy and Jey got on the top turnbuckles but Harper and Rowan got in the ring and attacked.

Your Winners (by Disqualification): The Usos.
Raw Ranking: 2.5 out of a possible 5

The Wyatts tried to destroy the Usos but the Islanders did a bit of Hit and Run on the four members of the Wyatt Family. Daniel looked extremely ticked off at what just happened. Bray whispered something to Daniel that the microphones couldn’t pick up. Daniel struck the “Raven Pose” and dropped to his knees. Bray took out Daniel with Sister Abigail. I guess that was punishment for not winning. Seeing that pose makes me wonder if “The Devil” that Bray often mentions might be…Raven?

Damien Sandow vs John Cena

Raw looked at how Damien failed when he cashed in his Money in the Bank on John Cena. Now, Sandow wanted revenge for the embarrassment. Cena liked the crowd reaction to his arrival. After the extended entrances, the tow men got down to it. Collar and Elbow and Damien with the Side Headlock. Cena powered to his feet and sent Damien into the ropes. Universal into an Arm Drag. Side Headlock by Cena. Damien sent Cena into the ropes. Another Universal but Cena countered the Hip Toss into one of his own.

Damien bashed and stomped away on Cena. The ref forced Damien to step back. Headbutts by Sandow as Raw went to break. Sandow hit a huge Scoop Slam just as the screen went dark.

Damien dropped knees into Cena’s ribs, multiple times. Sandow missed a Kneedrop. Cena went Vintage on Sandow. Five Knuckle Shuffle! Sandow escaped the Attitude Adjustment and hit the Back Drop. Cena powered out of the Crosstie Neckbreaker. Sandow kicked out of the STF. Sandow kicked Cena’s knee nad applied the Royal Arch (modified Walls of Jericho). Uranage Neckbreaker by Cena for a two. Wow, John’s been watching Ring of Honor videos, I think. Cena went up top but got caught. Cena blocked the Superplex and sent Damien sailing. Cena with a Tornado DDT. 1-2-no. The announcers were stunned that Damien was still in this one. Cena wanted the AA but Damien with the Sunset Flip Counter. Damien with a Spinning Face Plant. Damien has a whole new slew of moves, as well.

Sandow wanted his finisher but Cena converted it into the STF. Sandow got to the ropes to force the break. Sandow trapped Cena in the Crippler Crossface. Cena powered up to his feet, while still in the move! Attitude Adjustment!

Your Winner: John Cena
Raw Ranking: 4.25 (excellent outing by both men)

Cena jumped out of the ring and hugged his dad, John Cena, Sr.

The announcers chatted about the new WWE Network. They then ran a promotional video. I have to admit, I’m a bit disappointed that it is only internet-based. I’m sure it has merit but there is a huge market that doesn’t do the streaming thing that will be left out. Since my laptop is on the blink, right now, it wouldn’t work well for me. I won’t do streaming on the desktop, because I have to keep it clear for work. I do think the system is going to loaded for bear with so much stuff.

Back in the office, Kane stood next to his abandoned mask. Brad Maddox came in and mocked Kane for having Raw break down into chaos. Kane told Brad to enforce the rules, since Maddox was the G.M.. Brad made a rematch, for later tonight. The rematch would be in a steel cage. Kane agreed that it was a good idea but he wanted to make it great. Kane said he would chain the door shut and he would hold the key.

Big Show vs Jack Swagger

Swagger had Antonio Cesaro and Zeb Colter in his corner. Before the match, Raw looked back at how Big Show tossed Brock Lesnar across the ring, like a rag doll. If you watch the footage, Show did 90% of the work as Lesnar didn’t jump hardly at all.

Back to the action, Show tossed Jack to the corner and cracked the ribs. Biel by Show. Show with a Whip but took a pair of boots to the face. Shoulder Tackle and Clotheslines by Show. Modified Rikishi Run and a Spear by Big Show. Goozle into the Chokeslam. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Big Show
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Cesaro came after Show but then thought better of it. He took off up into the crowd. Show then grinned as he noticed Zeb was still in the ring. Show stepped over the top rope and strolled up to Zeb. Zeb turned and saw the huge man behind him. Zeb tried to back off but Show grabbed him. Cesaro rushed in the ring and Show sent him flying. Show bragged Zeb by the butt and spun him into a choke. Show wound up the Big Fist. After a long delay, Show knocked out Zeb Colter.

In case you haven’t heard, Batista is coming back in 2 weeks. Of course, WWE has been pushing in like the “Second Coming” for weeks.

Road Dogg and Billy Gunn (The New Age Outlaws) and C.M. Punk vs Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns (The Shield)
Six-Man Tag Team Match

The Outlaws did their fun intro, including a bit of tribute to their partner, C.M. Punk. After the long intros, Dean started against Gunn. Side Headlock by Gunn into the Takeover. Shoulder Tackle by Gunn but Dean went to the eyes. Dean punched away and Whipped Billy to the corner. Back Elbow by Billy. Dean with a tag to Seth. Seth unloaded on the Legend with punches and kicks. Kneelift and clubbing shot by Gunn. Seth with a knee but Billy with a Tilt-a-Whirl Slam. 2 count. Tag to Road Dogg.

Seth clocked Dogg and tagged to Dean. Dean tore at Dogg’s face. Punk tried to grab Dean. Road Doff with a modified Flip, Flop and Fly and the Shuffle Kneedrop. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by Dogg. Snap Mare into a Neck Wrench by Dogg. Tag to Punk.

Dean took off, at warp speed, to his corner. He didn’t’ tag and Punk ran him from pillar to post. Dean got a boot up but Punk countered him. Seth got the tag and almost fell to the GTS. He tagged out to Roman. The huge Samoan talked trash to Punk. Punk and Roman traded hard Forearm Shots. Punk with a knee and more Forearms. Clothesline by Roman. Low Bridge by Punk into a Suicide Dive. Raw went to break.

Punk with a Shoulder Tackle on Seth. Universal into a Spinning Back Elbow and Neckbreaker by Punk. Uranage Drop by Seth. Tag to Roman. He hit the most awesome Dropkick, from the floor to the ring. Damn, that was impressive. Dean tagged back in and stomped on Punk’s hand. Rear Chin Lock by Dean. Dean blocked a Back Drop Suplex and caught Punk with the Kitchen Sink. Seth took the tag and punched away. Seth rubbed his glove across Punk’s face. Corner Splash by Seth. 2 count. Dean tagged back in and stomped the ribs of Punk. Short Arm Clothesline by Dean. Dean stomped Punk’s ribs, over and over. Dean was told to go after Punk’s eye, and he did. Punk wanted a tag but couldn’t reach the corner. Dean tossed Punk out to the floor.

Seth told Dean not to do anything stupid. Punk whipped Dean into the ring steps. Punk got back in the ring and the Outlaws begged for the tag. Roman tossed Dean into the ring and Seth took the tag. Punk cracked Seth and started to the corner. Roman got he tag and did the D-X Chop. Punk with a Roundhouse Kick. Punk inched his way to his corner but the Outlaws dropped off the apron and walked out of the match. WTF? Punk looked totally crest-fallen at the betrayal. The Shield were also confused. Punk with the Rolling Neckbreaker on Roman. Punk kicked Dean off the apron and flipped Seth over the top rope. Spear by Roman Reigns!

Your Winners: Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose
Raw Ranking: 3.0

After the match, The Shield started to leave. Roman ordered them back in the ring to deliver the Sword of Justice Triple Powerbomb.

The Wyatts all chatted in their little hideaway. Bray rambled on about the fools wanting to face them in a cage. The fools were, of course, the Usos. Bray talked about society being one big cage. Bray said there would be redemption and absolution, inside the cage.

Cameron and Naomi vs A.J. Lee and Tamina Snuka

A.J. is about to become the longest reigning female champion in modern history. She’ll play Hell ever becoming the longest reign female champion of all time. Fabulous Moolah has that locked up with an amazing 27-year run.

Cameron started against Tamina. The Fijian Princess missed a Legdrop and took a Dropkick from Cameron. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors by Cameron. Cameron went for the Wheelbarrow Bulldog but Tamina dropped Cameron over the ropes. Seated Inverted Bear Hug by Snuka. Tamona threw Cameron down and tagged to A.J..

Funk Neckbreaker by Lee and she started to skip. 2 count. Lee mocked Cameron’s desire to tag out. Body Scissors by Lee. Jawbreaker by Cameron but she couldn’t make a tag. Lee knocked Naomi off the apron and nailed the Shining Wizard on Cameron.

Your Winners: A.J. Lee and Tamina Snuka
Raw Ranking: .5

Tamina attacked Cameron, after the match. Naomi came in and tore A.J. and Tamina new ones with Leg Lariats and the Rear View. Naomi should so be a singles star. Nothing against Cameron but Naomi is one of the most talented women in the business, today.

Backstage, Randy Orton rushed around looking for The Authority.

Randy Orton got up in Kane’s face, wanting to know where The Authority was. Kane calmed him down by saying Randy could take out his frustrations…on Kofi Kingston.

It was time to announce the first inductee into the Hall of Fame. The rumors have been running rampant about who it would be. I was hoping for Randy Savage or Paul Bearer. Instead, it was the former Intercontinental and WWE Champion…The Ultimate Warrior. They ran a promotional video about the man who cleanly pinned Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania VI and ended Honky Tonk Man’s record-setting I-C title run. Fans are definitely mixed on their reaction to hearing that Warrior is getting inducted. Here’s the video that WWE ran to announce the induction…

Renee Young discussed with Paul Heyman about Big Show vs Brock Lesnar. Paul chided Show for knocking out an elderly gentleman (Zeb). Paul got all scientific when talking about Show’s Agromegaly. He felt Show was stupid to challenge Brock Lesnar. Paul said neither he nor Brock were impressed or intimidated by Show.

Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston
Non-Title Match

Randy with a kick and stomp. Randy threw Kofi to the outside. European Uppercut by The Viper. Randy sent Kofi into the barricade and hit a Clothesline. Randy rolled Kofi back in the ring and went for a pin. 2 count. Randy stomped on the leg of Kofi. Whip by Randy but Kofi got the boots up. Kofi with a flurry of kicks and punches. Randy reversed a Whip into a Clothesline. 2 count, again. Randy started grinning as he stomped the lower back of Kingston. Randy dropped Kofi over the top rope. Kofi slid out to the floor.

Randy went out to get Kofi. Kofi blocked Randy’s attempt to slam him into the announce table. Kofi then slammed Randy, three times, into the desk. The two got back in the ring and Randy pulled Kofi into the turnbuckles. Randy put Kofi on the top rope and snacked him. Headbutt by Orton into the Superplex. 1-2-not yet. Randy stomped Kofi’s ankle. Flying Kneedrop by randy. 2 count, yet again. Randy struck the “Big O” pose and went for punches. Kofi fought back and rattled Randy with a La Bandera Clothesline. Kofi faked the Suicide Dive. Kofi with a Baseball Slide and then ran Randy into the ring Steps. Flying Clothesline, off the apron, by Kofi. Time for another break.

The two were fighting on the floor. Randy with a Back drop Suplex that had Kofi striking the ring barrier. Randy then ran Kofi into the announce table. Randy threw his opponent in and tried for another pin. Still, he only got a two. Rear Chin Lock by Randy. Kofi with a Back Drop Suplex. Kofi with a series of strikes but Randy with a Headbutt. Randy dodged Trouble in Paradise and then sent Kofi over the top rope and to the floor. Randy had a busted lip (according to Lawler).

Randy ran Kofi into the ring steps. Randy threw his opponent back into the ring to avoid the count out. Randy slithered over to his fallen foe and stared at him. Orton Stomp to the side of Kofi’s face. Randy dragged Kofi to the center of the ring to go for a pin. Rear Chin Lock by Randy. Kofi got to his feet and tried to fight free. Randy with a clubbing blow to rock him. Kofi with Controlled Frenzy but it was deflected by Orton. European Uppercut by Randy. Backslide by Kofi for a two count. European Uppercut by Randy. Crossface with the Arm Bar by Randy. Randy converted to a Rear Chin Lock. Kofi forced his wy to his feet and punched free. Randy sent Kofi to the canvas. He missed the Flying Knee. Randy clutched his knee. Controlled Frenzy! Randy avoided the Boom Drop. Randy wanted the Rope Assisted DDT but Kofi surprised Randy Orton with the SOS! 1—2—3!

Your Winner: Kofi Kingston
Raw Ranking: 4.0

That was awesome. Randy was beside himself with fury. Randy stomped around ringside as Kofi’s music faded out. He had a serious hissy fit as the crowd booed him. Randy screamed at the fans to shut up. “You Suck!” began to rise from the crowd. Randy started to beat up John Cena’s dad but security pulled him off. Cena rushed down and checked on his pop. The medics checked on Cena, Sr. as Orton continued to circle the ringside area. Randy started to leave but stopped to stare back at Cena and family. They brought in a neck brace and stretcher for John’s dad as Raw took a break.

John Cena, Sr. was being stretchered out as the show returned. Raw recapped what led to the attack on Cena, Sr. They took Cena, SR. to the ambulance. Junior went with his dad to the hospital. JBL really went off on Orton, saying that Randy didn’t deserve to be a champion, acting like that. The announcers all felt Randy was a stick of dynamite ready to explode.

The Brotherhood (Cody Rhodes and Goldust) vs Rybaxle (Ryback and Curtis Axel)
Non-Title Match

Both Cody and Goldy are in the Rumble, now. Goldust and Curtis to open the match. Axel with a kick and strike. Axel worked over the ribs. Universal into a Goldustin Uppercut. Michael Cole announced several people who are going to be in the Rumble. Ryback tagged in and went after Dust. Ryback wanted a Test of Strength. Dust with punches and kicks. Tag to Cody. Moonsault! 1 count only. Dust tagged back in but got kicked. Tag to Axel. Dust with shots to both men. Clubbing show to the back of Dust’s head. Corner kicks and punches by the third generation star. Dropkick by Axel into a two count. Kneelift by Axel.

Ryback whipped his partner into Goldust. Ryback then ran into Dust. Rear Chin Lock by Ryback. Dust got to his feet and punched away. Gorilla Press Slam by Ryback. That came right out of the Ultimate Warrior Playbook. 2 count. Tag to Axel. Curtis craked Dust in the ribs and the Whipped him to the corner. Backspring Elbow, from the corner.

Axel and Cody got tags. Clotheslines by Cody. Float Over Twisting Sunset Flip by Cody. Hardcore Holly Upkick by Cody. Springboard Missile Dropkick by Cody. Cody went up top but had to change gears. Disaster Kick to Ryback. Goldy took out Ryback. School Boy by Axel for a two. Cody converted a Neckbreaker, by Axel, into his CrossRhodes finisher.

Your Winners: The Brotherhood
Raw Ranking: 3.5

Another Batista promo video ran.

Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio

Rey did an insert video, talking about winning the Rumble, 8 years ago. He was in the match longer than anyone else. Del Rio has stated that he is going to personally throw out Batista.

Collar and Elbow into kicks and punches by Del Rio. Universal into a Tilt-a-Whirl. ADR slid out to the floor. Rey with the Seated Senton, off the apron. Rey Dropped the Dime on ADR. Rey rolled through a Sunset Flip and Dropkicked Del Rio. 2 count. ADT with an Flying Arm Breaker after blocking the Wheelbarrow Bulldog. Arm Bar by Del Rio. Rey with a kick and Forearm. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Del Rio. 2 count, again.

ADR twisted Rey’s arm in the ropes. Del Rio charged and hit the ring post. Del Rio ended up on the floor. Rey with boots to the face. Rey countered the Alabama Slam and nailed the 619. Del Rio caught Rey on the top rope. Superkick! Cross Armbreaker. Rey tapped out, quickly. Del Rio didn’t want to let the move go but did.

Your Winner (by submission): Alberto Del Rio
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Del Rio screamed at Batista that this would happen to him if he did show up, next week. Del Rio said he would be the man who throws Batista out of the match. Del Rio said it was time for people to start talking about him, not Batista.

A video package about he new WWE Network aired. The jury is still out whether this will be a good move or a disaster.

C.M. Punk came in to talk with Kane. Punk wanted to talk with The Authority. Punk was not happy about dealing with a 5-on-1 situation. Punk said if HHH has a problem with him, he should face him, straight up. Kane announced that Punk was now in the Royal Rumble. Punk said he had a problem…with Kane.

The Usos cut a promo, in both Samoan and English, about what they were going to do to Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt. Much thanks to my good friend, Samoan Sapp, for teaching me a few words in the Samoan language. :

Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan vs Jimmy and Jey Uso
Steel Cage Match

It is so cool that the Usos are getting this push. Put he tag belts on them, will ya? Luke Harper and Erick Rowan were lurking outside the cage. Kane then came out, in business suit, clutching the length of chain and lock. Kane secured the door. The bell rang.

The Usos took the early advantage with wild shots. Dropkick to Bray after he took a Thrust Kick. Drop Toe Hold by Daniel, on Jey. Jimmy with a Headbutt to Daniel. Bray flipped Jimmy into the cage wall. Daniel with a Running Dropkick to send Jey into the steel wall. Bray with a Slingshot to send Jimmy into the wall. Jey started to punch away and jumped up the cage wall. Daniel barely managed to catch him. The two fought on top of the cage. They threw Headbutts, left and right. Bray came up to bring Uso back into the ring. Bray slammed Uso’s face into the cage. The other Uso then pushed Bray into the mesh. Daniel was trying to escape but got caught by Jimmy. Headbutts into a Side Russian Leg Sweep, off the top rope! Wow. That led to a break.

The war was still going hot and heavy, after the commercials. The Wyatts were getting the beter of it but the momentum kept going back and forth. Jimmy slammed Bray’s face into the cage, several times. Whisper in the Wind by Jimmy Uso. Daniel pitched Jey into the cage wall and went after Jimmy. Jey ended u in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Slider Dropkick to Jey’s face. Jimmy went after Daniel and stopped him at the top of the cage. Double Back Drop Suplex by the Usos. Bray prevent a pin by the Usos.

Brey tossed Jimmy into the wall and caught Jey’s leg. He went for Sister Abigail but a Superkick saved the day. The Usos stared to go up the cage walls. Bryan and Bray caught them. All four guys ended up on the cage, 3 up top. Daniel was knocked off the cage. He hit the ropes and that caused Bray to straddle the top rope. The Usos escaped the cage! Harper and Rowan tried to attack but the Usos took them out.

Your Winners: The Usos
Raw Ranking: 3.0

After the match, Bray called for Bryan to take another Sister Abigail for his failure. Daniel looked to be taking the move but then turned on Bray Wyatt. Did Kane help his old tag partner by locking the cage? Hmm… That started one of the loudest “Yes!” chants that I’ve ever heard. That one as dwarfed by the “Daniel Bryan” chant. The announcers were totally silent as Daniel made his decision to go after Bray. Bray went too far when he called Daniel a “Coward” Daniel with a series of Hesitation Dropkick. He also hit a series of wild kicks to the chest. Harper and Rowan tried to rip the door off but couldn’t’. Daniel shed his grease monkey jumpsuit to show his old maroon ring gear. Daniel threw Bray into two walls of the cage, taking out Harper and Rowan. Dragon’s Fang Knee Strike by Daniel. Bryan then went to the top of the cage and got another deafening “Yes!” chant going. His old music hit and the fans went even wilder.

While I’m glad to see Daniel change back, that just threw a major monkey wrench into my Royal Rumble predictions. Darn it. Have to start over.


–Jay Shannon

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