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It was time to unify the two versions of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Magnus vs A.J. Styles…Winner Takes All!

The show opened with a look at Magnus’ turn to becoming a follower of Dixie Carter. A.J. Styles showed up, last week, to challenge Magnus to a unification match. That match will happen, tonight.

Sigh. Dixie came out to chat with everyone. She ordered Styles to come out an sign his One Night Contract. A.J. strolled out with the original TNA World Title belt. Dixie told Styles to keep quiet and sign the contract. Dixie explained that the contract was for one match on one night. Styles and Magnus are getting a lot from this contract. Dixie said the match was upped to No-Disqualification. Dixie said she would never rest until she never had to see A.J. Styles again. She wanted the last sight of Styles to be a bruised and bloody loser that was being carried from the ring. She then demanded that he sign the paperwork. Styles said Dixie had a lot of confidence in her “paper Champion”, Magnus. He made fun of the DixieLand Match. Styles was confident that he would become the Undisputed TNA World Champion. He told her to give him the contract. Styles said there were “boys” in the back that would have no qualms about running down to counter Dixie’s troops. Dixie screeched about all she gave Styles over the last 11 years. Dixie said no one from the back would come out to aid Styles because she “owns them”. Dixie said she was going to break Styles. Styles told Dixie that she didn’t “Get” wrestling. “You don’t get it” rang out as Styles went off about putting respect on the TNA title. He accused Magnus of having his head up Dixie’s skirt. (No, it’s just too easy…I won’t say it).

Mgnus then came out as the crowd chanted “Paper Champ”. He ordered Dixie to leve the ring. Magnus told Dixie that this was between him and Styles. Magnus told Styles that his time in TNA was over. Magnus reminded Styles about how A.J. ran away, stealing the World title in the process. Magnus said all good things must come to an end and Magnus was going to end Styles, tonight. Magnus said he would be the one, true World Champion. Dixie asked Magnus to come with her. Styles stopped his exit by signing the contract and throwing the clipboard at Magnus. Styles explained he didn’t take short cuts, like Magnus. Styles said he was going to walk out, tonight, with HONOR, dignity and respect. Styles accused Magnus of kissing Dixie’s *ss. Time for a break.

Dixie was in the back with Gail Kim and Lei’d Tapa. Dixie had a plan to use Tapa.

Joseph Park and Eric Young vs the BroMans (Jessie G and Robbie E)
World Tag Team Title Match

Dixie talked with the BroMans. She told Robbie E not to question her. She needed to depend on the tag champs. Zema Ion did his ridiculously annoying intro thing. I so hate his character. I’d like to smack him every time he sets off that damn siren thing.

TNA so needs some new tag teams. Eric started by attacking the ref. He then cracked Jessie, over and over. Flair Flop by Eric off a Whip. Universal into a Dropkick. Close Quarters Belly to Belly by Eric. Tag to Park. Scoop Slam. Backstage, Tapa and Gail attacked ODB. Eric rushed back to help his wife. The tag champs with a two-on-one on Park. Park was down and got stomped. Robbie with a Elbow Smash, off the ropes. Robbie screamed that Park was a loser. Tag to Jessie. Jessie with Forearm Smashes. Knee Strike by Jessie and tag to Robbie. Double Whip to the corner. Back Elbow and Shoulder Tackles by Park. Scoop Slams all around. Park blocked a Whip and sent Robbie to the ropes. Chop Block by Robbie. BroDown on Park for the 3 count. Horrible match.

Your Winners: The BroMans
Impact Score: .75

BroMans went out and got a section of guardrail. They brought it into the ring. They hit another BroDown, sending Park onto the steel railing. His head and back hit so hard. Guess he’s out of helping, later on.

Samoa Joe came in to talk with Dixie Carter. Joe wanted to make sure that Dixie understood about the buddies in the back comment that Styles made earlier. Joe said Dixie would have to go through him if she expected to screw over Styles. Dixie put Joe in a match…against Ethan Carter III. She said he needed to be focused on getting to the ring in one piece. Joe warned Dixie that Ethan’s blood was on Dixie’s hands, not his.

Eric was carrying ODB when he ran into Sting. Eric told Sting that he was taking his wife to the hospital. She was out cold.

“Cowboy” James Storm was in the ring and wanted to talk with his former tag partner. Storm talked about being part of some of the best teams in wrestling. He said that you have to put your ego on hold when working with a partner. Storm admitted that he had a huge ego. Storm said the World Title has destroyed America’s Most Wanted and Beer Money and now it was about to kill the GunSlingers. Gunner admitted that he did step over Storm and took the case. Gunner showed off his case. Storm suggested a fight, without refs. Storm wanted them to re-hang the case and both of them fight for it. Storm didn’t feel Gunner could get the case, a second time. Gunner agreed to the match. Takes me back to Mr. Anderson/Kennedy vs Edge, several years back in WWE. A Money in the Bank briefcase was on the line and Kenny ended up losing his spot to Edge.

Ethan Carter jumped Joe, in the back. Break time.

Ethan Carter III vs Samoa Joe

The two men were fighting on the ramp. Headbutt by Joe into straight shots. Joe pitched Carter into the ring. Ethan jumped on Joe and pounded, as Joe got in the ring. Cravat by Ethan. Joe got to his feet and hit a Discus Forearm. Ethan reversed a Whip. Inverted Atomic Drop, and Backsplash Senton by the big Samoan. Knife Edge Chops by Joe into a huge Whip. Running Back Elbow and Jumping Enziguri. Low Dropkick and Leg Whips by Ethan. Ethan went up to the top but stumbled. “You Can’t Wrestle” broke out. Knife Edge by Joe. Joe went for the Muscle Buster but Rockstar Spud rushed out and held the ankle. Joe went after Spud but Ethan clipped the knee…with a pipe wrench.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Impact Score: 1.5

So, Samoa Joe, Eric Young and Joseph Park are neutralized.

Jeremy Borash talked with Kurt Angle. Kurt said the steel cage match, tonight, was a tune up for Bobby Roode.

A.J. was psyching himself up before going into his (potentially) final match in TNA. The annihilation of ODB, Joseph Park and Samoa Joe was focused on. The medics said Joe had a potential fracture of the patella. He ordered Joe to go for medical treatment. Sting came up on James Storm and Gunner, who were knocked out. Sting went off on Dixie for having all of Styles’ friends taken out. Sting said Dixie has gone too far. Dixie would not stop until Styles was carted out of the arena. She accused Sting of being a “Dr. Phil”. Dixie put Sting in a match. Sting said it would not stop him from doing what he needed to do. She told Sting to get out of her face. Sting kept saying that he had had enough of Dixie.

Kurt Angle vs Bad Influence
Steel Cage, Handicap Match

Bobby Roode walked out and reminded Kurt that they would battle, next week, in a Steel Cage…at Genesis. Roode was certain that Kurt’s Hall of Fame spot would be gone, forever, after that battle. Roode told Kurt to take a good long look at him. Roode knew Kurt wanted him in the cage. He made it look like he was going to enter. He stopped and said it would be stupid to give Kurt what he wanted. Roode said he found two guys that hate Kurt as much as Bobby does. He brought out Kazarian and Christopher Daniels.

Kaz scaled the cage as Daniels started to come in the door. Kurt caught Kaz at the top of the cage. Daniels pulled Kurt off the ropes and Kurt straddled the ropes. Daniels threw Kurt into the cage wall. Double team Ax Bomber by Kaz. 2 count. Kaz choked Kurt with his shirt. Bad Influence joined forces to slam Kurt’s back into the cage wall. Daniels and Kaz both stomped away on Kurt. Daniels slammed Kurt into the corner. Corner combo. Kaz with a Flying Forearm to get a two. Daniels also got a two count.

Double Ship but Kurt clocked both men. Back Body Drop to Kaz. Small Package by Kurt. Kaz held the ref to prevent the ref making a pin. Kaz with a huge Clothesline. Kaz with Forearm Smashes. Double Boot Choke, in the corner. Scoop Slam by Daniels. Springboard Legdrop by Kaz. 2 count. Elbow Drops to Kurt’s neck. Kurt dodged a Flying Clothesline and exploded with Clotheslines on both opponents. Kurt with a Flying Forearm. Close Quarters Bell to Belly on Kaz. Hat Trick Minus One Germans by Kurt. He then switched to Kaz and hit a Belly to Belly Throw to Daniels and a German to Kaz. Kurt dropped the straps and went for the AngleSlam. Kaz made the save. Daniels crashed into the corner. Kaz with a big kick. Kaz started to escape the cage but Kurt hit a German that sent Kaz into Daniels. Kurt slung Daniels into the cage mesh. AngleSlam to Kazarian!

Your Winner: Kurt Angle
Impact Score: 3.25

Dixie ordered the cage to be left up. Bobby Roode came in and was told he was going to be in a cage match. Roode didn’t realize that he was going to have to face Sting. He freaked out but Dixie said she needed him to be a “Team Player” tonight. She said she would take care of him tonight. She said this was very important to her.

Kurt was doing a photo shoot went Al Snow came up and said there was an emergency and Kurt had to get to the airport. They took off, thus taking Kurt out of the corner of A.J. Styles. Hmm…

Bobby Roode vs Sting
Steel Cage Match

Collar and Elbow to open. They moved to the corner. Sting with the clean break. Bobby with a Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Roode. Universal into a Hip Toss by Sting. Roode tried to run Sting’s face into the steel but Sting put on the brakes. Stinger Splash failed as Bobby got the boots up. Measured Punch and kicks by Roode. Back Elbow by Bobby for a two count. Snap Suplex by Bobby. 2 count. Bobby opened the door and started to leave. Sting grabbed the leg and pulled him back in. Roode ran Sting into the corner and hit a Knife Edge Chop and punch. Whip by Bobby into a Corner Clothesline. Back Elbow by Sting and Big Boot. Double R Spinebuster by Bobby. 2 count. Bobby started to climb out of the cage. Sting caught him, right at the tippy top. He pulled Bobby back down. Bobby tried to kick away but Sting wouldn’t let him get out. Sting tossed Roode back into the ring. Clotheslines by Sting. Bobby was bounced off the cage walls, twice. The fans screamed “One More Time” and Sting bounced Roode’s face off the cage a third time. Stinger Splash, then another one. Sting kicked the leg and tried for the Scorpion Deathlock. Bobby went to the eyes. Bobby went for the Determining Factor (Attitude Adjustment) but Sting with the Scorpion DeathDrop. Scorpion DeathLock! Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud rushed out from the back. Spud screamed at Bobby and threw a baton to him. Bobby blasted Sting with it and then threw it out. Bobby limped over opened the cage door. He easily went out to the floor.

Your Winner: Bobby Roode
Impact Score: 2.75

Ken Anderson said he was ready to lay to rest the feud with Bully Ray. He walked into a Funeral Home.

Impact looked at Bully Ray trying to set Mr. Anderson and/or Bully Ray on fire, last week. Back to this week, and Ken was in the funeral home. Bully Ray was three, waiting. Ken wanted to finish things. Ray reminded Ken that they used to be brothers. Ray said he could have finished things, last week. Ray said forgiveness is the greatest strength. Ray asked for forgiveness for his weakness. Ray said Ken had no idea how much damage he did. Next week, Ray wanted to face Ken at Genesis. Ray ordered Ken to go open the coffin and see what Ray had put in there for him. Ken looked in the coffin and lifted out something. He turned back to talk to Ray but Bully was gone. It was hard to tell what the white cloths were that Ken held. I’m thinking possibly a straight jacket?

Impact looked back at all the guys that got taken out, tonight. Sting came in and got in Dixie face. Sting swore he would be a A.J. Styles’ side. Dixie told Sting it was time to review and renew Sting’s contract. Sting said her filthy money could not buy him. Dixie said she and Sting have always been close. Dixie knew Styles wouldn’t give it all up for Sting. Dixie said Sting had a very important decision to make. She left Sting to think things over.

A video package on A.J. Styles aired. The Unification Match is on deck!

Magnus vs A.J. Styles
Winners-Takes-All Unification Match of the TNA World Titles, No Disqualification Rules

Oh dear, Earl Hebner is the ref. That can’t be good. Magnus had about a 20 pound weight advantage over Styles. “Let’s Go A.J.” rang out. Magnus went to the floor to break Styles’ momentum. Mike Tenay and Taz talked about how all of Styles’ forces had been neutralized. Magnus got back in the ring and then jumped out, again. Really? Magnus seemed to tweak his knee on the landing. Jeez. Ethan and Spud hit the ring and jumped Styles. Ethan kicked the ribs. Magnus went t o the floor. Styles took out EC3 and Spud. He then hit a Thrust Kick by Magnus. Ethan nailed Styles to prevent the Styles Clash. This is just stupid.

Sting jogged down to the ring and attacked Ethan and Spud. Ethan stomped away on Ethan. Styles with a Knife Edge Chop and kick to Magnus. Magnus, of course, hit the floor. Sting and Styles went back to back as TNA went to break.

As TNA returned, the BroMans and Zema Ion jumped Sting. Spud got in on it too. Zema drilled Styles with a DDT. Earl was really slow with the count. BroDown on Styles. Seriously? Earl was forced to make the count but took his time and Styles still kicked out. This has to be the most disgusting match that I’ve had to endure. Sting came in and took out the BroMans and Zema Ion. Styles with a hard kick and went for the Styles Clash. Bad Influence rushed in and attacked. Dear God, this is absurd. They planed Styles with the Estocada. Earl absolutely refused to make the count. Earl shoved Kaz and got out of the ring. He laid out RockStar Spud and walked off. Dixie came out with Brian Hebner. Eal screamed at Dixie and said he would be no part of this match. Daniels and Kaz with the High Low. 2 count as Magnus picked the bones, or tried to. Sting dropped both BroMans members with Stereo DeeathDrops. He locked ECS in the Scorpion DeathLock. Zema Ion attacked Sting. Styles blocked the Cloverleaf. Bad Influence tried to attack but he laid them out. Sting joined the fight.

Kaz and Daniels into the corner. Flying Forearm and Stinger Splash. Styles threw Zema Ion over the ropes and into the cameraman. Calf Killer but Kazarian took out Brian Hebner before Magnus could tap out. Kaz with a Monkey Flip but Styles with a Clothesline on Daniels and Pele to Kaz. Styles Clash to Magnus but there was no ref! Earl rushed back down but Bad Influence pulled him out. Flip Dive by Styles to take out Bad Influence. Styles went to the top but Bobby Roode shoved him off the ropes. Deciding Factor by Roode. Roode came out of nowhere. “We want Angle!” rang out. Bobby with a second Deciding Factor. Bobby went for and nailed a third Deciding Factor. Dixie brought a third ref out to the ring. He didn’t want to make the pin count but Dixie ordered him to do so.


Your Winner (and Unified World Champion): Magnus
Impact Score: -3.0 as far as an actual match, 3.5 as far as the action

So, A.J. Styles now heads to Ring of Honor. They are already advertising him for a return on January 14th.


–Jay Shannon

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