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Fort Myers-New Era Wrestling at the Riverside Community Center: Deakon Starr pinned Richie Pardise…Stormie Lee pinned Lena Taylor…Joey Bydafoodcourt pinned Kobayashi Khoi…Mark Boswell defeated Jokob Knight & Puerto Rican Hound Dog in a Triple Threat Match…Black Flag (Dravin Frost & Zack Monstar) defeated Max Stardom & Blanco Loco…Tim Serrago & DB Harrison defeated The Roundtable (Giovanni The Greatest & Justin Matthews)…Michael Kai Rayne pinned Mike Dubz. (12/10/13)


Villa Park-Premier Pro Wrestling at the Premier Studio #1: Will Dolla pinned Shockwave…The Troublemakers (Damien Tyler & Matthew Fontaine) defeated Natural Fury (Marcello Spade & Shane Fury)…D’Angelo Steele pinned Chris Classic…Mr. Bank$ defeated Texas Pete & Backwoods Brown in a 2-Out-Of-4 Falls Match…Mirko Joecop pinned Matt Vine…Milad Akbar defeated 12 others in a Armageddon Gauntlet Match to become the new PPW World Heavyweight Champion. (12/28/13)


Indianapolis-Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws at the Outlaw Arena: Hillbilly Jedd pinned Anthony Lee…Cody Nunn pinned Anthony Lee…Nate Stone pinned Pogo…TKO (Joey Owens & TJ Kemp) defeated Team Dragon Den (Gabriel Grey & Josh Crane)…VIP Inc. (TJ Powers, Weider & Vinnie Vachetti) vs. Don Basher, EZ Cruz & Dru Skillz went to a No Contest…Baron Von Claus pinned Bob Rogers…Tom Van Zant pinned GT Vega. (12/20/13)


Escanaba-UPW at the Delft Theater: Johnny Shane pinned Party Animal…Vito Von Guido pinned Shaun Hughes….Brad Sharpe defeated The Patriot in a Flag Match…Tyler Jackson pinned Kody Rice…Judge Jesse Vs. Slick Rick went to a Draw…Bryan Skyline defeated Chase McCoy by Submission…Dysfunction, Brett Powers, Nathan Gust & Jonathan Smash defeated Seth Gambino, Jordy Lee, Peter Schwanz & Rex Ritchie in a Survivor Match…Brock Hall & Devan Nash defeated InkJET Xpress in a Scaffold Match to win the UPW Tag Team Titles. (12/28/13)


Portland-UIWA Blue Collar Wrestling at the North Portland Eagles Lodge: Psycho Sailor pinned Buddy Highway…DeMarcus James pinned Meat…Garibia pinned Latino Blanco…The Orochi Warriors (Komodo & Draco) defeated Psydshow & Big V…Keith Atkins pinned Damon Scythe to become the new UIWA Northwest Champion. (12/22/13)


Lewisburg-All-Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: Sexy C pinned Anthony Wayne…Norman Cross pinned Lawrence…JP Jones pinned Drew Haskins…Larry Cooter defeated Mikey Dunn by DQ…Forsaken & The Great Mephisto defeated Steve & Shane Morton in a No-DQ Match. (12/28/13)

Lewisburg-All-Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: Cody Morton pinned The Ringmaster…Mike Jablonski pinned Ray Dunnavant…Anthony Wayne defeated Sexy C by DQ…Norman Cross defeated Sexy C by DQ…JP Jones pinned Jeremiah Plunkett to become the new ASW Heavyweight Champion…Shane & Steve Morton won a Four-Way Elimination Match to become the new ASW Tag Team Champions. (12/31/13)

Sherman-NWA Texoma at the Sherman Elks Lodge: Armani pinned Gregory James…Miss Disslexia pinned Breeann…Apoc Vs. Akbar Farat went to a No Contest…Andy Dalton pinned Randy Wayne…Tim Storm vs. Al Farat went to a No Contest…Dark Circle defeated the Crimson Family. (12/20/13)

Beausejour, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Brokenhead River Community Hall: Anderson Tyson Moore pinned Jess Youngblood…Rex Roberts pinned Bobby Collins…Heavy Metal pinned Red Thunder…Danny Duggan & AJ Sanchez defeated M.A.N….Darren Dalton pinned CAM!!KAZE…Rhyno pinned Moses Luke. (12/15/13)

Mystery Lake, MB-International Wrestling Alliance at the Mystery Mountain Winter Park School: Bobby Sharp pinned Sydney Steele…Bulldog McBain pinned Silverback…Irishman pinned Massive Damage…Kat Von Heez pinned Evan Adams…Massive Damage & Silverback defeated Bulldog McBain & Irishman. (12/28/13)

Neepawa, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Yellowhead Arena: CAM!!KAZE pinned AJ Sanchez…Tyler Colton pinned Brian Rich…ThunderBlood, Jess Youngblood & Red Thunder defeated Blake Broadway, Mr. Inkredible & M.A.N. by DQ…Heavy Metal pinned Danny Duggan…Bobby Collins pinned Kevin Cannon. (12/12/13)

Selkirk, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Selkirk Memorial Hall: Red Thunder pinned Mr. Inkredible…Heavy Metal pinned AJ Sanchez…Dick Blood pinned SYKO…Darren Dalton defeated The Super Friends in a Handicap Match…Jess Youngblood defeated Blake Broadway by DQ…Danny Duggan pinned CAM!!KAZE…Robby Royce pinned Rex Roberts…Jon Cutler & Matt Fairlane defeated Tyson Moore & Moses Luke…Rhyno pinned Tyler Colton. (12/14/13)

Transcona, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at Rookie’s Sports Bar: Brian Rich & La Sombra defeated Samuel & Zamil…Adam Race defeated Bobby Collins by Submission…Anderson Tyson Moore pinned Justin Tyme…Danny Duggan pinned Cory Diamond…Robby Royce defeated Kevin Cannon by Submission…Mike Mission pinned JJ Sanchez…Dick Blood defeated CANNIBAL in a Bar Room Brawl…Robby Royce & Kory Kinkake defeated Stefan Epic & Kelly Russell…Blake Broadway defeated Kevy Chevy by Submission…AJ Sanchez pinned Moses Luke. (12/30/13)

Winnipeg, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Holy Cross Gymnasium Hall: Tyler Colton pinned AJ Sanchez…Dick Blood pinned Moses Luke…M.A.N. Vs. ThunderBlood went to a Double Count-Out…Stefan Epic pinned JJ Sanchez…The Saints of Los Angeles defeated The Sons of Anarchy…Brian Rich vs. Kevin Cannon went to a No Contest…Danny Duggan pinned CAM!!KAZE…Darren Dalton & Rex Roberts defeated Robby Royce & Rhyno…Heavy Metal won the 50-Man Rumble to Remember. (12/13/13)

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