Posted December 30th, 2013 by Bill Apter

On the December 30, 2013 edition of RAW Triple H introduced Brock Lesnar (along with Paul Heyman) and offered him a handshake. Lesnar wanted no part of that gesture, but Heyman urged him to do so.

Heyman said Lesnar’s mission is not anyone from the past — that all that is about moving foward. Heyman told the audience what is best for business — desiring to be the WWE World Champion. He wants to be the challenger for the victor of the Royal Rumble main event between champion Randy Orton and challenger John Cena.

Lesnar took the microphone and said he doesn’t need to stand in line for a title shot and that line is right behind him. He dared anyone who doubts him to come out.

Mark Henry answered the challenge. Lesnar kicked him as he was trying to get through the ropes. Henry tossed Lesnar onto the floor and then Lesnar threw Henry through a barrier and used the F-5 on the ringside floor to destroy Henry.

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