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If you were a wrestler, promoter, or fan in New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, at some point you crossed paths with Scott Epstein. I can guarantee that anybody’s dealings with Scott were pleasant.

Scott was one of those unsung heroes to wrestlers and fans. Scott helped plenty of promoters secure the best wrestling talent to fill up their line ups. He always went out of his way in helping wrestlers receive bookings. Scott would go out of his way in providing transportation for talent, even if they were booked by another party. Scott would help wrestlers in receiving medical attention, especially when most promoters could care less about the talent after the show was over. Like I said before, Scott is one of the good guys that did so many good things that went unnoticed.

A booking from Scott was always easy for myself and others. You never had to worry about money issues, since Scott’s word was gold. Even if Scott brokered the booking, you never had to worry about him holding your money. How many wrestlers can name another person that they trusted in the same manor?

My friendship with Scott goes all the way to 1996. Scott was more than a person that would get me bookings from time to time, he was a genuine friend. Scott would go out of his way for me if I needed him as a job reference, helping me find work when I moved back to N.Y., and just being a loyal friend. I consider myself forever blessed in knowing Scott and his family.

I wish I could articulate more than four paragraphs on all of the great things that Scott did for myself and others. I know my life is forever better in knowing Scott Epstein. My thoughts and prayers go out to Scott’s wife Ash and his two sons.

Missy Hyatt

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