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CW Pursuit Television Report 12/20/13

By Andrew Carrig

Last week we saw Kincaid be defeated by Americos to become the new Jr. Heavyweight Champion and The Hounds of Hell seek retribution on Genetic Perfection for their attack on the Hounds manager Boyd Bradford. Genetic Perfection originally gave up their Tag Team Title rematch but knowing that is their ultimate goal, Cerebus said in order to get them right where they wanted them, they will give them their rematch anyways! The Empire has been deceptively silent as of late although the Jon Saxton and Empire member Steve Anthony have torn each other apart with their brutal rivalry. This week we have a Tag Team Title match and so much more so let’s head to the ring for Matt Rhodes and Brian Thompson to give us the run down.

They are still in Vicksburg, MS and immediately announce a submission match for another of TCW’s long standing rivalries, Vordell Walker and “The Winner” Sigmon. Brian Thompson prophesizes that Walker will be the one walking out a loser. They mention the Tag Team Title match and also that Hounds manager Boyd Bradford will not be in attendance due to the injuries he sustained at the hands of Genetic Perfection. Finally we have the 7’2” monster Titan taking on former WWE Nexus star Tarver! The action guarantees to be hot and heavy so let’s get it going right now!

Match One: Submission Match — Sigmon versus Vordell Walker

This feud has been raging on for the past three or four months. They met a few weeks ago and the match ended in a double pin. Sigmon tried to claim he was the winner and after being corrected too out interviewer Jason Jones with his devastating Winners Circle submission. Legendary referee James Beard is the third man in the ring and he calls for the bell and we are set for action! Both men are extremely tentative as the circle the ring. Vordell trying to use his amateur wrestling skills and even some MMA skills with low kicks right to the thigh. He attempts a single leg but Sigmon side steps. Now they are in a greco-roman knuckle lock. Sigmon with a boot to the gut to gain the advantage. This can count as a submission but Vordell from his knees dead lifts Sigmon up and over with a modified northern lights suplex. Again he tries the single leg but Sigmon with a front chancery. Vordell quickly lifts him up and drops him to the mat. He tries to cover but James Beard right on top tells him there are no pinfalls. They lock up and Sigmon backs Vordell into the corner and shoulder into the gut. Vordell comes out quickly holding his ribs. Sigmon whips him off, goes for a close line but reversal! Vordell is there waiting and nails a picture perfect dropkick in the center of the ring. Both quick up and Vordell with a deep arm drag and then tries for an arm breaker but they are too close to the ropes and Sigmon can break it. Sigmon tells the crowd to shut their mouths as Vordell wants another knuckle lock but Sigmon again backs him in and shoulder him in the gut. A knife edged chop and a whip to the other side. Sigmon charges but Vordell is ready and lifts him up and over the top rope to the apron but Sigmon hangs on to one of Vordell’s arms and drops it over the top rope! Vordell definitely in pain but tries to keep the pursuit going. Sigmon double legs him and pulls him under the ropes to the outside and they are slugging it out! Sigmon gains the advantage with forearms. Sigmon tries to whip Vordell into the extremely oversized steel steps but Vordell stops himself and springboards on top of them and then nails Sigmon with a moonsault off the steel steps! Both men are down on the floor in pain. They both get up and Vordell with a chop and then another. He finally whips him back in. Vordell is stalking and goes for a chop block. He has a toelock on now but Sigmon will not submit. Vordell may be setting up for his Stretch Muffler. He releases the hold as Sigmon gets up and falls back into the corner. Vordell continues the assault on the leg with a single leg and back into the toe lock. He turns Sigmon over and drops him knee first a few times before locking on a modified spinning toe hold where Vordell actually squats down as much as he can for added pressure. He tries to spin once more but Sigmon with his free foot pushes Vordell off into the corner and Vordell chest bumps the corner and goes over the top rope and to the floor! Both men are down as we head to commercial.


We are back and Vordell is still down. Sigmon on the prowl. He lifts Vordell up and whips him into those steps and finally succeeds. He bounces Vordell’s head off a couple times before whipping him back into the ring. He has set his sights on that arm he dropped down on earlier with an arm twist and then a double knee DDT like move to Vordell Walker. Sigmon is feeling it now. Looking out into the crowd letting them know they are all losers and he is the only winner in TCW. Sigmon back to Vordell with a top wrist lock but Vordell is able to bridge himself up with forearms to follow. He hits the ropes but is met in the center of the ring with a headbutt and forearm combination. Sigmon goes for a duplex but his leg gives out and Vordell quickly capitalizes with a Figure Four! Both men seemingly in intense pain but are in the center of the ring. Sigmon tries to club the knee of Vordell but there is absolutely no where to go. He starts swaying side to side but to no avail. The people are all chanting “Tap Tap Tap” but Sigmon is finally able to turn over and put the pressure on Vordell and Vordell has to release it. Both men limping and exhausted. They stumble down into the corner. Sigmon with a slight advantage and starts head butting Vordell in his tricep but Vordell answers back with a forearm. Sigmon grabs Vordell’s hand into a knuckle lock and turns it into an overhead suplex! He now drops down into a triangle choke but Vordell is able to keep his hands clasped together to keep the pressure off his jugular. His head is starting to turn purple, he might be going out anyways! With his last ounce of strength he pulls Sigmon up into the power bomb stop and then power bombs Sigmon into the corner! He follows it up quickly with a roll through and into a knee bar in the center of the ring! Sigmon rakes the eyes and is quickly free. He bounces back up and tries to take Vordell by the arm. Maybe trying for the Winner’s Circle but Vordell won’t go down and body slams Sigmon to the mat. Vordell backs up as Sigmon rises and charges with a standing Shining Wizard! Sigmon is down and is out! Vordell uses this opportunity to grab Sigmon’s leg and he is going for the Stretch Muffler and he has it! Sigmon is try and finally gets to the rope! What a match these two are laying it all out on the line here. Sigmon rolls to the apron and gets to his feet. Vordell charges but is met with an elbow. He backs away and charges again and gets another elbow to the jaw. He is dazed on his feet and Sigmon from the apron grabs Vordell by the neck and gives him a jawbreaker stun gun combination over the top rope! He is trying the shake the cobwebs and then goes to the floor and eyes the ring bell. He grabs with with a sick grin on his face and enters the ring. James Beard right on top of it is quick to point out this is a submission match, not a hardcore match and tries to take the bell away. Sigmon and Beard are in a tug of war and Sigmon wins by pulling too hard and sending James Beard into the turnbuckle. Sigmon doesn’t give it a second thought and turns towards Vordell who has been sitting, plotting and waiting and when he has Sigmon in his sights he charges and nails the standing Shining Wizard right into the ring bell which nails Sigmon right in the face! James Beard was down and didn’t see it. Vordell Walker locks on the Stretch Muffler on an unconscious Sigmon and James Beard has no choice to call for the bell!

Your winner in 15:04 via TKO, Vordell Walker!

Match Rating: ****

After the match Vordell barely is able to celebrate as he has just been through a war. Sigmon still hasn’t moved since getting a face full of bell. At ringside Brian Thompson and Matt Rhodes once again go over the remaining matches before sending us back to Tom Simon for our next match.

Match Two: TCW Tag Team Title Match — Genetic Perfection versus The Hounds of Hell (c)

Neither team has their manager in their corner as both managers have been assaulted in the past few weeks. As the Hounds are making their way to the ring, Genetic Perfection with a suicide dive to the outside on top of them and this match is already hot and heavy in the first three seconds! Genetic Perfection is pounding on the Hounds. Whipping them into anything and everything at ringside. The Hounds are finally able to get some type of advantage but there is so much chaos the camera cannot keep up with it. They are at the commentator’s table and I think both might have made a bowel movement at that sight. They are begging both teams to get into the ring. This isn’t about the titles anymore, this is personal and they are showing it by beating the heck out of each other. A close up of Roosevelt of the Hounds shows that blood is starting to flow from his forehead. Finally Alan Steele and Roosevelt come in but Steele tools out and Michael Berry just walks in. The referee must know how important this match is and how personal it is because he has let everything go in the first five minutes in this match. Now in the ring and Genetic Perfection see the blood on Roosevelt and are hitting it like a giant bullseye. They have Roosevelt in their corner and are brutalizing him. They whip him into the ropes and a double back body drop! A cover but only a one count. They are keeping him in their corner and Cerebus is like a caged animal ready to pounce at any moment. Berry whips Roosevelt into the corner and charges but Roosevelt moves! Berry kinda catches himself as well but as soon as he turns Cerebus with a close line from the apron that sends Berry crashing to the mat. Roosevelt finally makes a tag and now they double team. Roosevelt with a front chancery as Cerebus climbs to the top rope and drops down with a headbutt right into Berry’s liver. Cerebus has absolutely lost his mind with all the pent up rage he’s had building in the corner watching his partner get assaulted. He stomps, gouges and chokes Michael Berry. Alan Steele jumps in to try and stop it but the referee stops him. Cerebus lets out a howl as Roosevelt and Cerebus double team Berry. No official tag made and Roosevelt is in the ring now continuing the assault. Berry may be in trouble here. He looks out and his nose is leaking blood. They get a fantastic closeup of Berry’s nose as we head to commercial.


We are back and we see Alan Steele on the middle rope trying to get the crowd involved to give Michael Berry any type of strength to get to the corner. Roosevelt whips Berry into his corner where Cerebus has his boot over the top rope waiting. They make an official tag but are still double teaming Berry in their corner and finish it off with a double chop before Roosevelt finally exits the ring. Cerebus is egging Steele to do something but he doesn’t. Berry jumps up to try and make the tag but Cerebus cuts him off with a front face lock. Berry using his last ounces of strength to push closer and closer and he is a finger tip away when Roosevelt rushes in to distract the referee who as a result misses Berry finally making the tag to Steele. The referee cuts off Steele to send him back to his corner as the Hounds now have Berry in their corner and are just abusing him with everything they have. Steele takes forever to finally leave the ring and the damage to Berry is done. Roosevelt now has a chin lock on Berry as Cerebus is letting out his victory howls but maybe a bit prematurely. Berry up and elbows to the gut of Roosevelt and then a quick snap back body drop! Both men down but quickly try to stand. They are woozy and wobbling but Roosevelt gains his wits first and nails Berry with a running closeline. He grabs Berry by the hair and lifts him back up and drags him to his corner and tags Cerebus. They continue a double team in their corner but Berry reverses it. They charge in and Berry with a double boot! The Hounds back off into the center of the ring. Berry seeing the best opportunity for a tag in at least five minutes tries to run across the ring but Cerebus with the block. Cerebus has Berry on his shoulders but can’t keep his footing and starts to fall back and Berry makes the tag! Wait…no! Roosevelt was in the other corner again distracting the referee and once again Steele has the referee distracted while the Hounds crush Berry back into their corner. Cerebus now slingshots Berry from the mat to the bottom rope right across Berry’s throat. The punishment Berry has taken would have put a lesser man into retirement but he still is getting to his feet and trying to make the tag. Cerebus with a whip into the corner and charges, Berry moves and goes for a school boy. He has it! One, Two, Three, Four…where is the referee? Roosevelt once again has the referee distracted and Alan Steele is begging the ref to turn around and count. That was at least three matches worth of pins but by the time the referee turns Cerebus kicked out. Both men up and Cerebus with an absolute devastating lariat close line. This time Steele has to break up the pin. A tag to Roosevelt and he has Berry in the corner but Berry moves. Roosevelt charges and Berry goes for a fireman’s carry but its blocked but he is able to turn Roosevelt and belly to back suplexes him across the ring. Both men down and crawling. Roosevelt with a tag and in comes Cerebus but he’s too late as Berry makes a last ditch leap and makes the tag to Alan Steele! Steele sees both Roosevelt and Cerebus charge at him and ducks through the middle rope and rams both in their midsection. He rushes in with a double close line and now he’s cleaning house! He gives the Hounds a double noggin’ knocker. Roosevelt crumbles into the corner and Steele grabs Cerebus and uses him as a battering ram right into Roosevelt. Cerebus stumbles out and gets DDT’ed!! Steele goes for the cover, this could be it but Roosevelt is able to break the pin fall up. Roosevelt tries to gain an advantage on Steele but Steele quickly pushes him off. He turns his attention to Cerebus and mounts the ropes for the standard ten punch salute but Cerebus shoves him over the top rope and to the floor! On the other side of the ring, Michael Berry has Roosevelt and nails him with the Low Down and goes for the cover but Cerebus with a running dropkick ends that pinfall. Cerebus is trying to rally Roosevelt as he goes to the apron. Roosevelt charges and Cerebus slingshots him from the ring over the top rope and to the outside on Alan Steele. Wow! Both men landed awkwardly into the guardrail and look out. This leaves Cerebus to pick the bones on Berry. Roosevelt isn’t as hurt as first perceived because he goes over to the enormous steel steps and tries to break them apart. The referee is outside trying to stop him which leaves Cerebus unnoticed to grab a Tag Title belt. He is sizing Berry up and nails him! He covers but out of nowhere Genetic Perfections manager, Rich Rude hits the ring with a briefcase and nails Cerebus in the head with it! The referee sees it and calls for the bell!

Your winners: Still TCW Tag Team Champions in 13:05 via DQ, The Hounds of Hell!

Match Rating: *** 3/4

Cerebus no sells the shot but Alan Steele is back and spears Cerebus and all hell has now broken loose! All four men are brawling. Referees are coming and tossed out as soon as the jump in. Now the locker room as cleared and they are desperately trying to keep these four men apart but are not having much success. Finally about 10 guys are laying on top of each man just to keep them flat on the mat but that doesn’t work either. The TCW Sheriff Col. Parker runs out and starts yelling that all four will be suspended if they don’t stop. Finally the Hounds get to the entrance way and hold their tag titles high but this feud is definitely far from over as we head to commercial.


MAIN EVENT: Tarver versus Titan

It’s MAIN EVENT time now as we see Tarver making his way to the ring. These two men have met twice before, the first time resulting in a concussion for Tarver and the second time strained ligaments in his arm. Tarver is promising to use his massive knockout power to put the monster Titan to sleep and exact some measure of revenge. Immediately Tarver goes into a boxing stance and Titan is on the defensive taking shots to the body. Tarver is no small man himself but is dwarfed by this Titan monster. Again Tarver is sticking and moving. He nails Titan with his punch and looks like he might have gotten Titan. He tries to follow up but a big boot shows that Titan is nowhere near finished. The crowd is solidly behind Tarver chanting his name. Titan is stalking Tarver who is down and laying in some boots pushing Tarver to the apron. Titan to the outside and he is so big, Tarver is able to deliver standing knees from the apron right into Titan’s face! They seem to bother but not hurt Titan who shoves Tarver all the way into the ring post back first. Tarver is crawling and slowly gets up and Titan sweeps his legs out and Tarver lands back first on the hardest part of the ring, the unforgiven apron. He falls to the floor and Titan picks him up in a powerslam position. What is he going to do to him on the floor? Nothing…he gives him his own version of the Worlds Strongest Slam on the apron! Tarver’s back might be broken for sure. Titan now choking Tarver and lifts him up and gives him a chokeslam on the apron for good measure. Tarver now crawling into the ring but his body is broken. He is trying to stand but cannot. Titan helps him up and gives him a STIFF slap right in the face. He is now mocking Tarver asking him “where is your fight now?” Tarver responds with three right hands but you can tell the force he had earlier in the match with his first punch just isn’t there and Titan with a knee to the midsection stops him in his tracks. Titan has Tarver up and gives him a 7’2” sized him toss that literally sends him from once side of the ring to the other. That is 16 feet Tarver just travelled and landing square on his back. Titan now choking Tarver over the middle rope. Titan is stalking a fallen Tarver as we head to commercial.


We are back and Tarver has made a slight comeback with some shots to the body and a backlist to Titan’s face. He hits the ropes but Titan sends him back down with a back elbow. He lines Tarver up and tries for a leg drop but misses! Titan is off his feet for the first time! Tarver DDT’s Titan who was on his knees! He doesn’t go for a pinfall but waits for Titan to rise to his knees and now is assaulting Titan’s head like a speed bag at the gym. Titan is able to push him away and Tarver seems upset. He can’t believe he still can’t knock this monster out with his punches. He jumps up and goes back to the speed bag punches and Titan shoves him again. This time no punches and a knee to the face. Titan is still on one foot! He just won’t stay down! Tarver goes off the opposite ropes and knees Titan into his back. Titan leans forward a little but is still up! Tarver looks to the crowd in shock. He hits the ropes one more time…Roaring Elbow! that has to do it. Titan falls forward but puts his hand on the mat to keep himself up! Tarver goes for the wind up knock out punch but Titan blocks it and delivers one of his own! Tarver is down and Tarver is out! Both men are extremely slow to get to a vertical base but Titan is first but Tarver not far behind. Titan charges at Tarver in the corner for a splash but Tarver moves. Tarver is winding his fist up goes straight up MMA Chuck Liddell on Titan’s chin with a picture perfect Superman Punch! Titan is down and will probably be out for the rest of 2013! Tarver with the cover and the pinfall!

Your winner via pin fall in 7:03, Tarver!

Match Rating: ***

After the match both men are showing the signs of the war they were just through but finally Tarver was able to knock Titan out. Both Thompson and Rhodes are shocked and believe that this is the first time Titan has suffered back to back losses in his life. Tarver is barely able to stand without help from the ropes as Titan is still laying unconscious as the scene fades to the credits ending another awesome edition of TCW Wrestling! This is Andrew Carrig wishing each and everyone of the TCW wrestlers and staff along with the readers and staff here at 1wrestling.com a very Happy Holidays! Until next week, wrestling is BACK!

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