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TNA IMPACT Wrestling Final Resolution Wrestlers of the Week 12.19.13
By Neil Borenstein

Each week here at, I will select three of the top wrestlers from TNA’s IMPACT Wrestling and present them to you in inverse order as the show’s Wrestlers of the Week. In choosing the show’s top three superstars, performances from that week’s IMPACT Wrestling and any relevant preceding programming – such as Pay-Per-Views – will be taken into consideration.

TNA IMPACT Wrestling Final Resolution Wrestlers of the Week for December 19, 2013

3. Madison Rayne — for pinning TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim in her return match alongside ODB:

Madison Rayne made her surprise return to TNA one week ago when she came to the aid of ODB, who was outnumbered in an attack by Knockouts Champion Gail Kim and her muscle, Lei’D Tapa. Rayne’s return was a bit random, but it certainly makes sense for the former four-time Knockouts titleholder, especially to help fend off the current champion, who just so happens to be her ex-partner and former co-Knockouts Tag Team Champion.

The first in-ring action for Rayne in her return would occur on this week’s Final Resolution edition of IMPACT Wrestling. She teamed with ODB to face Kim and Tapa in tag team competition. While not an invitational match and no titles were on the line, a good showing from Rayne could potentially leapfrog her straight into a Knockouts Championship opportunity against Kim.

Rayne did as good as she could have hoped for by coming out strong and being the one to pick up the winning pinfall.

Just after Tapa followed ODB outside so the two bigger gals could handle business on the floor, Kim nailed Rayne from behind with a forearm shot. She then pulled Rayne to the center of the ring to deliver a short-arm closeline. A little taunting followed before Kim lifted Rayne off the mat with hopes of hitting the Eat Defeat. Rayne countered with a backslide, though, and Kim’s shoulders were kept to the mat for the three count.

Kim was beside herself and even seemed to place a little blame on Tapa for that result. Regardless, Rayne made her point, and it would be shocking if she didn’t cut the line for a shot at the Knockouts Championship.

2. Bobby Roode — for picking up two falls in his best-out-of-three match against rival Kurt Angle:

Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle have been at each others’ throats ever since Roode tainted Angle’s Hall of Fame deal back at Bound for Glory. Angle has had it rough in the ring, particularly against Roode, and the tension remained high enough that their bitter feud was nowhere near settled.

A brawl at the top of last week’s IMPACT Wrestling was proof of that, and it resulted in a Two out of Three Falls Match being booked for this week’s program. The first man to net two falls would be victorious. It would either be a way for Angle to gain redemption over all the wrongs Roode has done to him, or a way for Roode to solidify the dominance he has maintained over the Olympic Gold Medalist.

Roode took the first fall when, after recovering from taking a series of German Suplexes to reverse an Angle Slam with an arm drag, he used the referee as a shield and delivered a low blow to Angle. Roode then hit the fireman’s carry slam to get the three count, going up, 1-0, in the match.

Angle evened the score not that much later when Angle countered the start of a crossface attempt from Roode and delivered an Angle Slam that connected this time. The pinfall followed and the bout was tied up at 1-1.

Unfortunately for Angle, the comeback would not be completed. Much like Roode’s win in the first fall, underhanded tactics enabled Roode to best the Olympic Gold Medalist. Angle had an Ankle Lock slapped on, but Roode rolled through and held onto Angle for a pinning combination, in which further leverage was added by Roode grabbing the middle rope, enabling him to snag the three count.

That’s a major blow to Angle, and he was feeling it backstage after the match. Roode, on the other hand, just added another big victory to his résumé, and perhaps he has finally proven he’s better than Angle at this stage.

1. Magnus — for taking whatever road was necessary to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion:

The main attraction for Final Resolution was the finals in the TNA World Heavyweight Championship tournament established by Dixie Carter, who was dead-set on finding a replacement champion for the real titleholder, AJ Styles. The bout would be contested under the Dixieland stipulation, which would call for a superstar to escape a steel cage and then climb a ladder atop the stage to grab hold of the championship belt.

Based on Jeff Hardy’s meeting with Carter at the end of IMPACT Wrestling last week, there was some doubt as to Hardy’s intentions. Considering he sold out previously in his TNA tenure, Magnus and others questioned Hardy for meeting with Carter.

Hardy spent the whole night before the main event defending his honor. Little did he know that was basically being set up.

Carter stood at the top of the ramp to get a good view of the contest the whole way through. She was joined by her nephew, Ethan Carter III, who got involved once both Hardy and Magnus left the confines of the steel cage. He ate a Twist of Fate from Hardy before Hardy went back to work on Mangus on the floor near the bottom of the ramp.

Hardy got the best of Magnus when he managed to deliver a Twist of Fate, and he proceeded to head toward the ladder in hopes of making that final climb. Dixie Carter was intent on not allowing that to happen, but she couldn’t stay in his way. Instead, it required Rockstar Spud appearing from the back to shove the ladder over and send Hardy slamming head-first into the ramp.

Magnus, seeing an opportunity to achieve his primary goal of becoming World Heavyweight Champion, decided to take advantage of the situation. He moved to the ladder, climbed up and snatched the title to become champion. He then stood side-by-side with the Carters and Spud to reveal his true allegiance.

Magnus finally gets what he wants and makes the full switch to being that guy that will do it at any cost in the process. Being aligned with Carter will help his status, but he won’t truly cement his spot at the top of TNA so long as the real champion is still making the

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