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Final Resolution had Magnus vs Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Title. Also, Bobby Roode went up against Kurt Angle in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match. In addition, the fates of those who held the Feast or Fired Briefcases would be decided…with shocking outcomes.

An Opening Video talked about the changes inside TNA, recently. It all centered on A.J. Styles and his departure from TNA, while taking the TNA World Title with him. That led to the current Title Tournament to find a “replacement” World Champion. The new champion (Magnus or Jeff Hardy) will be determined in a bizarre match known as a “Dixieland” Match. It’s a combination of a Steel Cage Match and a Ladder Match. The video also talked, briefly, about Feast or Fired.

Magnus walked up looking for Dixie Carter and Jeff Hardy. Neither of them was there. Magnus said to alert Dixie that he was about to say something that would stir up things.

Magnus began by discussing his love of the business. Magnus was proud to live and work in the U.S.. Magnus learned that “Money Talks”. The crowd finished the sentiment. Magnus said it wasn’t about the money and such, as much as pride, dignity and respect. Magnus questioned those qualities in Jeff Hardy. The crowd was split in their thoughts on Hardy. Magnus gave respect to Jeff Hardy for “Slaying the Demons”, except Greed. Magnus brought up Jeff’s “meeting” with Dixie, last week. Magnus felt everyone deserved an explanation. Magnus would not let Hardy, Dixie or anyone fool him…

Jeff Hardy’s music went off and the Charismatic Enigma came out. He wasn’t partying with the crowd, like normal. Hardy said Magnus was jumping to conclusions. Magnus cut him off and reminded Hardy that this was the biggest night of his life and he needed an explanation. Magnus brought up “10-10-10” (Hardy’s Heel Turn). Hardy said that was a different Jeff Hardy. Magnus said Hardy has made “deals with the devil” before and might be getting ready to do it again. Magnus said so many people forgave Hardy for what he did in the past. Magnus wondered how the Creature of the Night would change their feelings if Hardy “Sold Out”. Jeff went off with a simple “Hey, Worry about your life, DO NOT worry about mine”.

Christy Hemme talked with Kurt Angle about the big match against Bobby Roode. Kurt discussed his recent downward spiral. Kurt was determined to turn things around, tonight, to start the New Beginning of Kurt Angle. That led to a video package about the whole Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle rivalry.

Jeremy Borash chatted, briefly, with Zema Ion and Chavo Guerrero, Jr.. Chavo said he was ready. He knew there was a 75% chance of getting a title shot. Zema was just annoying and Chavo was ready to punch Zema in the face for making stupid sounds.

Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode
2-out-of-3 Falls Match

First Fall:

Side Headlock by Bobby into a Shoulder Tackle. Leg Sweep by Kurt. The crowd showed their appreciation of the two men. Collar and Elbow into a Kurt Side Headlock. Kurt with a Shoulder Tackle into a Universal. Bobby escaped the AngleLock and Kurt got out of the Adjuster. Bobby slid to the ropes. Go Behind by Bobby. Standing Switch by Kurt into an amateur takedown. Reverse Bear Hug by Kurt by Bobby with Back Elbow. Belly to Belly that sent Bobby sailing out of the ring. Kurt went out after Bobby and clobbered him, several times. Kurt blocked a barricade slam and ran Bobby into the steel.

Back in the ring, Bobby with Double Boots. Kurt went into the German Suplexes. Hat Trick! The crowd loved it. Deep Arm Drag counter of the Angle Slam. Bobby with the Low Blow into his Cutter, The Determining Factor.

Your Winner: Bobby Roode

Second Fall:

Kurt was pounding away, as TNA returned. Bobby with a Suplex. Bobby missed the Jumping Kneedrop. Kurt started punching away and hit a Flying Forearm. He followed with Clotheslines. Kurt rushed, only to strike the ring post. Bobby went after the arm but Kurt with the Angle Slam, out of nowhere.

Your Winner: Kurt Angle

Final and Deciding Fall:

Kurt chased after Bobby, on the floor. Back in the ring, Kurt went after Bobby with Germans. Kurt looked tried as he hit the moves. Bobby got loose after two Germans. Bobby caught Kurt in the Crippler Crossface. Kurt did consider tapping out but didn’t. Kurt escaped a Backslide but Bobby quickly moved back to the Crossface. The crowd chanted for Kurt, who inched his way over. Kurt rolled around to get free. Bobby escaped an Angle Slam attempt and locked on a third Crippler Crossface. Kurt was spitting up blood. Kurt spun into the AngleLock. Bobby did his best to get to the ropes but Kurt pulled him back. Kurt then put Bobby in the Crippler Crossface. Kurt screamed at Bobby to “Tap (out)”. Bobby lifted Kurt but Kurt converted it into another AngleSlam. 1-2-no. Bobby rolled out to the floor. Kurt chased after him and blasted him in the back.

Back in the ring and Kurt went back to the AngleLock. Kurt dragged Bobby to the center of the ring. Bobby with a Roll Through. Bobby held onto the ropes to score the third fall pin.

Your Winner: Bobby Roode
Impact Score: 4.25 out of a possible 5

Kurt Angle looked completely stunned at the loss. Taz wondered where Kurt would go from this point on.

Jeremy Borash was back to talk to Gunner and James Storm. JB brought up that Gunner stepped over Storm to get the briefcase. Gunner said Storm would have done the same thing. Storm was obviously still ticked off about his tag partner “stabbing him in the back”.

Kurt Angle was interviewed, in the locker room. Kurt didn’t know what happened. Kurt said Bobby out-smarted him, again. Kurt gave Bobby credit for what he has done. Kurt was asked if he thought Bobby Roode “Had His Number”? Kurt said his pride wouldn’t allow him to admit to that. Kurt said he needed to take some time to figure out what to do next.

The return of Madison Rayne was the next thing to be highlighted. Rayne has her sights set on Gail Kim, the Knockout Champion.

Jeremy Borash was ready to interview Ethan Carter III. EC3 laughed at the idea of getting fired. EC3 hinted that he had an inside track on the briefcase. Dixie Carter called him. Dixie told EC3 that she had no control over the briefcases. Dixie told Ethan if he got the Pink Slip (fired) Case, she couldn’t do a thing.

Elsewhere, Eric Young said he had gifts to take Joseph Park back to the “Old Times”. Eric showed one of the gifts, a badly wrapped steel chair.

Eric Young came out as a video package about Joseph Park ran. Eric bloodied his partner to unleash “The Monster”. Eric then told the world that Joseph was Abyss. Eric had a table with several badly wrapped presents on it. Park came out and Eric started talking about science experiments. Eric put Park in a Handicap Match, next week, against bad Influence. It wasn’t an ordinary match. It will be a Monster’s Ball Match. Park tripped out and kept saying that was “His Brother’s” match. Eric had the crowd chant “You are Abyss”. He then had Park open the presents. The first was the previously mentioned steel chair. The next box contained the infamous Black Bag o’ Doom that contained a gazillion thumbtacks. The crowd went wild at the sight of it. Park poked his fingers on the tacks. The third package contained a roll of barbed wire. Ouchie. Park begged Young to stop. Park didn’t want to deal with this stuff. Eric had one last present for Joseph…under the ring. The two men went out and Park found…Janice! It was Abyss’ old beloved nail-encrusted board. The crowd just went nuts. Park stared at the weapon as the crowd cheered for Janice. Joseph finally agreed to the match. Park stared, lovingly, at the brutal weapon of destruction as he went to the back.

JB teased that the results of Feast or Fired would happen…next.

A review of the Hardy/Magnus confrontation ran. Samoa Joe came in and wondered if Hardy was feeling guilty. Joe told Hardy to relax. Joe said he knew that there were always “Easy Ways” but he didn’t think Hardy would go there. Jeff blew Joe off and walked out.

Feast of Fired – The Final Decisions

Going in, this is how the cases were distributed:

1. Gunner
2. Zema Ion
3. Ethan Carter III
4. Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

Originally, my predictions were:

Fired – Ethan Carter III (later overturned)
Tag —- Zema Ion
X-Division: Chavo Guerrero
World – Gunner

JB took us inside to find out how it all played out. JB brought out Dixie, who now has the audacity to take credit for the idea. She actually bragged about coming up with this “New” concept. Jeez. JB had Zema Ion open his case, first…

Zema Ion – X-Division Title Shot

Zema ws certain before he opened it that he would be going home…with gold

Gunner was next to open his case.

Gunner – World Title Shot

Gunner crowed that he finally got what he deserved. Storm and Gunner had a vicious stare down. Gunner then left.

Down to the final two… JB let Chavo and Ethan talk. Chavo was certain that he was about to get the tag title shot. Chavo said, no matter what was in the case, he would always be a Guerrero. Ethan started to ramble but was cut off by Sting. Sting said EC3’s Legacy was on the line, thanks to Sting. Sting then went off on Dixie for what she has been doing to the business. Sting got Chavo upset at how he and the other Guerreros had been forced to work twice as hard to get anywhere in the business. Sting noticed that Ethan was squirming. Sting offered Ethan a deal. Sting said he was willing to risk his fate and take whatever was inside the case, for himself. The only thing was, Ethan would have to face Sting, one time. Ethan refused and kept the briefcase. Sting knew that Ethan didn’t have what it took to face him.

Final Opening:

Ethan Carter III – Tag Team Title Shot

Chavo Guerrero, Jr. — Fired

That is just so wrong. TNA has NEVER used Chavo the right way. Sting comforted Chavo and said it wasn’t the end for the Guerreros. Sting said it was time to finish off the Carters.

Magnus was getting ready for the biggest match of his professional life. Magnus had a lot of questions that did not get answered but Magnus would get his answers, once he won the title.

Lei’d Tapa and Gail Kim vs ODB and Madison Rayne

Damn! Madison Rayne was incredible looking. Tapa threw Madison down, by the throat. Go Behind by Madison but Tapa tossed her down. Tag to ODB. Collar and Elbow and the two women held their ground. ODB ducked Tapa and threw hard Forearms. Tapa with a hard kick and Scoop Slam. Gail tagged in and kicked the ribs of ODB. Gail worked over the neck and then Whipped ODB. ODB came out with a Clothesline. Corner Rush. ODB then attacked Tapa. Running Dropkick by Gail. Tapa lifted ODB up and hit a Over-the-Shoulder Breaker. Tapa stomped the back and then dragged ODB to the ropes. Tapa choked ODB on the middle ropes. Big Boot by Tapa and tag to Gail. 2 count. European Uppercut by Gail into the Extended Leg Choke. Gail missed a Corner Splash. Front Drop Suplex by ODB. Tag to Madison

Madison with Clotheslines. Hair Toss into more Clotheslines and a Spear. Tapa came in to attack. ODB with a Sleeper, on the back. Tapa dumped ODB over the top rope. Short Arm Clothesline, by Gail, to Madison. Madison blocked Eat Da Feet and Rolled Up Gail for he win.

Your Winners: Madison Rayne and ODB
Impact Score: 2.5

Sting came in to talk to Jeff Hardy. Sting didn’t want an explanation but he felt Jeff’s fans did. Hardy didn’t think Sting understood but The Icon did. Interesting.

Dixie talked with RockStar Spud. He was falling all over himself to apologize for not getting the title back. Dixie said there was no title belt to award to the new champion. Dixie ordered Spud to find someone to make a new title belt.

Returning to this week’s show, TNA sent it to a recap of how Jeff Hardy and Magnus made it to the finals.

Jeff Hardy vs (Brutus) Magnus
World Title Tournament Finals
Held under DixieLand Rules

Jeff said he couldn’t change who he is/was. Jeff said he wouldn’t repeat his mistakes, again. Jeff said he was there for the future, not the past. Jeff didn’t want to allow Dixie Carter to own him or his Creatures. Jeff rejected Dixie’s offer…

Dixie came out and cut off Jeff’s rant. Dixie told Jeff that all he and his family had was due to Dixie. Dixie said she stood beside Jeff during his tough times. Dixie said Hardy needed her much more than she needed him. She suggested Hardy had better make the right decision. She then decided that, since this match was so important, she would just sit down, at ringside, and watch the match.

The cage was in place. Brian Hebner was the Zebra in Charge. J.B. did the official introductions. All that was left was to get down to the wild action.

Hardy was definitely the favorite. The two men started punching away and Magnus took an early advantage. Magnus ran Hardy into the corner and nailed a European Uppercut. Whip by Magnus. Float Over Head Scissors by Hardy. Corner Mount Punches by Hardy. Outer Limits Dropkick by Hardy. Shoulder Thrusts by Hardy. Magnus reversed a Whip but took a boot. Wicked Clothesline by Magnus.

Magnus started to climb the cage but stopped. He tried for the Savage Elbow but missed. Hardy tried to escape the cage but got caught. Magnus pulled hardy off the cage and the two traded hard shots. Hardy bounced Magnus’ face on the cage. Jeff missed the Swanton. Both men were down and stunned. Magnus tried to get out but Hardy stopped him. Ethan Carter came out to watch the match. Why? Back Drop Superplex by Hardy. TNA went to break.

As TNA returned, both men were still down. Hardy tried to crawl through the camera hole in the mesh wall. Interesting move. Magnus stopped him. Spinning Mule Kick by Hardy. Double Leg Drop into the Dropkick by Hardy. Magnus reversed a Whip but took a Forearm to the face. Hardy started up the cage wall. Magnus pulled Hardy’s leg loose. Hardy kicked away and hit a Reverse Springboard Splash, off the ropes. Cool move. Hardy was just as hurt as Magnus, after that move.

Twist of Fate by Hardy. Magnus stopped the second one and Clipped the knee. Texas Cloverleaf by Magnus. Hardy tapped out but it had no meaning. Magnus started up the cage. Hardy limped to the corner and pulled down Magnus. Magnus-Driver by Brutus. Savage Elbow. There was, of course, no pin attempt. Whip by Magnus but he took an elbow. Whisper in the Wind.

Magnus was down and Hardy headed up to the top of the cage. Hardy didn’t leave but hit a SUPER Whisper in the Wind off the top of the cage! Holy Moses! That was Awesome! Hardy was seriously hurting after that insane move.

Both men decided to escape the cage. They went up on opposite sides. Ethan ran down and went after Magnus. Magnus kicked Ethan off the cage. Magnus got to the floor but collapsed. Hardy was limping so horribly. Hardy with a Twist of Fate on EC3! Hardy kicked and punched Magnus. Kneelift and European Uppercuts by Magnus. Both men started up the ramp. Hardy with a Twist of Fate, on the ramp. Both men were seriously sucking wind. Dixie got in Hardy’s face. She said hardy would not be allowed to go up the ladder. Hardy threw his sweat in her face. Hardy went up the ladder and started to go after the belt. RockStar Spud rushed out and tipped over the ladder. Hardy really crashed hard on the metal ramp. Magnus wasn’t sure what to do. Spud urged him to go after the belt. Magnus started up the ladder. Magnus unhooked the belt and claimed his position as the New World Champion!

Your Winner (and New TNA World Champion): Magnus
Impact Score: 4.5


–Jay Shannon

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