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The Unified Championship has been re-christened as the WWE World Championship. The question is…who holds it?

The show began with a nice video history lesson about he history of championships in the WWE. The match between Randy Orton and John Cena was epic. Cena seemed to have it won but Randy pulled Cena into a table, by use of handcuffs, and captured the titles.

The entire roster stood on the stage. Stephanie and HHH were in the ring. Tonight’s show was held in my hometown, Dallas, TX. The Authority talked about the Champion of Champions, Randy Orton. HHH brought The Viper out to the ring. Randy had to walk between John Cena and Daniel Bryan. He stopped and held the two title belts high. Randy walked slowly to the ring, enjoying the disdain from the crowd.

Orton said it was a nice feeling when Faith was rewarded. He then went off on the fans for not believing in him. Randy said he hasn’t been handed everything in his career. Randy said he took the titles, they weren’t handed to him. Randy crowed about how fantastic he is. Randy told the entire locker room that he was so much better than them. Randy stated he was the most powerful man in the ring…

John Cena stopped him and called him an “idiot”. Cena said he wouldn’t ruin Orton’s moment. Cena mocked Randy’s rants and saved the fans a good 20 minutes. Cena then congratulated Randy on his win. Cena quoted “Stone Cold” with the “Put up or shut up” catchphrase. Randy refused to grant a rematch. Cena explained that he wasn’t expecting it. What he wanted Randy to deal with was the man that Cena had promised a “Fair Match”…Daniel Bryan. Randy didn’t like the idea, at all. Cena told Randy that he should further his legacy by facing Daniel Bryan, for the new unified title. Randy did his best to back out of the match. Randy said he didn’t have to listen to anyone. Stephanie corrected Randy that Orton did have to listen to them. HHH and Stephanie went into conference. HHH said Daniel did Not deserve a championship match. Stephanie reminded Randy that Daniel was voted “Superstar of the Year”. HHH said this would be a chance for Randy Orton to silence the critics, by beating Daniel Bryan.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs Rey Mysterio and Big Show
Non-Title Match

Rey opened up against Cody. Nice handshake to start. Collar and Elbow to the corner. Arm Wringer by Cody. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors by Rey. Baseball Slide and Slide Dive under the bottom rope by Rey. Rey threw Cody back in the ring and tried for a Moonsault. Cody caught him and went for an Electric Chair. Cody blocked it and nailed the Disaster Kick. Front Drop Suplex as JBL talked about the late, great Sportatorium. Goldust tagged in and worked over Rey’s wrist and arm. Tag to Cody. “You Still Got It!” tang out. Not sure who that was for but I think it was Goldy. Cody sent Rey into the ropes but Rey with a kick and Slide Under Double Trip. Tag to Big Show. Show with Clothesline to Cody. Raw went to break.

As the show returned Cody wanted a tag. Big Show blocked his path. Show held Cody and then slammed him. Elbow Drop by Show, for a two. The announcers started taking Selfies. Jeez. Back in the ring, Show with an Open Hand Slap. Ouch. Cody kicked and punched out of the corner. Cody with a series of Slaps but Show nailed a Big Boot. Show with a modified Shinu Numaki Sleeper. Cody nearly passed out. Cody fought back and hit a Jawbreaker. Show was stunned but still stopped the tag on the Rhodes Brothers side. Show punched the ribs as the fans called for Goldust. Butt Thrusts by Show. Open Hand Slap by Show that sounded like a shotgun blast. Dang. Final Cut by Show but only a two. Show climbed up to the middle turnbuckles. He missed a modified Savage Elbow. Rey screamed for a tag. Goldust got one, instead. Dropkick by the Bizarre One. Goldutin Uppercut and Flying Forearm. 1 count only. Show pushed Goldu and then nailed the Chokeslam. Cody made the save. Cody pushed Cody over the top rope. Goldy missed a Twisting Moonsault. K.O. Punch. Tag to Mysterio. Rey went up on Show’s shoulders and flew to Drop the Dime.

Your Winners: Big Show and Rey Mysterio
Raw Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Big Show and Rey Mysterio helped Goldust to his feet, after the match. That was classy. The announcers then put up the nightly vote. Who would be C.M. Punk’s partners, against The Shield:

a. The Usos
b. Los Matadores
c. Prime Time Players

Next Monday, Damien Sandow as Bad Santa will battle Mark Henry as Good Santa/World’s Strongest Santa in the “Battle For Christmas”.

Wade Barrett doing his Bad News gimmick. In another long and ultra-boring rant, Barrett went off on the upcoming Mega Millions drawing. This is one of the dumbest gimmicks in a long time. Hmmm…there is a column a brewing.

Michael Cole then talked about at WWEAuction.com. It would be an auction of a replica Slammy, signed by some of this year’s winners/

In the office, Randy Orton came in and went off on HHH, Stephanie and Kane. Stephanie explained, to Randy, that Daniel had been beaten horribly by the Wyatt Family, at TLC. Stephanie told Randy that he had a lot of responsibility to deal with, as the biggest champion in the sport. HHH echoed the sentiment by saying that he should set the pace. HHH said The Authority had his back. Randy left, slamming the door.

Fandango (w/Summer Rae) vs Dolph Ziggler

Dolph was on a Path of Redemption, after recent losses. Fandango started quickly with punches. Dolph escaped a Back Drop Suplex and hit a Dropkick. The two ended up on the floor. Fandango laid out Dolph with a Clothesline. Fandango tried for an early pin. When he didn’t get it, Fandango stomped away (and danced). Haymaker by Fandango. Nice Snap Suplex by Fandango. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by Fandango. Dolph Elbowed his way free. Flying Leg Lariat by Fandango. Fandango talked rash and then cranked away with the Rear Chin Lock. Dolph got to his feet and punched away. Spiral School Boy, by Dolph, for a two. Sharp punch by Fandango. Elbow to the clavicle, several times. Fandango went for a Kitchen Sink, off a Whip, but Dolph spun through and Rolled Up Fandango for the win.

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler
Raw Ranking: 3.25

Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter) aka the Real Americans vs Mark Henry and Big E. Langston aka The World’s Strongest Tag Team

I really like the team of Langston and Henry. Mark got a huge pop when he pushed the Texas Longhorns with the “Hook ‘Em Horns” sign. Langston is auctioning 3 of his singlets on Ebay to raise funds for Toys for Tots.

Langston and Swagger to open this one. Knee Lift and Strikes by Jack. Big E reversed a Whip into a great Universal and Shoulder Tackle. Antonio tagged in and kicked away. Running Shoulder Tackle by Langston. Jack tagged back in and tried to calm things down. An “O.U. Sucks” chant broke out to hassle Swagger. Headbutt and punch by Mark. Wild Whip by Mark. Another monster Headbutt by Mark. Corner Splash by Mark. Tag to Langston. Mark Whipped Langston into Jack’s ribs. Oof. Running Shoulder by Langston. Tag to Mark. Mark dropped his weight onto Jack’s lower back. Langston tagged in and punched away. Corner Mount Punches by Langston. Langston worked over Jack’s arm. Jack with several straight punches. Tag to Antonio. Hip Toss by Langston. Langston held the arm as Mark tagged in. Antonio blasted Mark and tagged out to Jack. Jack with a flurry of punches. Incredible Clothesline by Mark. Jack seemed to be spitting up some blood. Double Shoulder Tackle by W.S.T.T..

Gorilla Press Drop by Langston. La Bandera Clothesline by Langston. The Real Americans talked strategy, on the floor. The ref kept Langston back. Langston flipped Antonio into the ring and attacked the ribs. Back Body Drop by Langston. Mark applauded his partner and friend. Antonio with a Headbutt. Jack tripped Langston and pulled him to the outside. Jack attacked Langston, on the floor, as Raw took another break.

Antonio with an Arm Bar. Langston fought back and tried to get to his corner. Antonio stopped him. Antonio showed his incredible strength by keeping Langston at bay. Drop Toe Hold and Ride by Antonio. Antonio with the Gut Wrench Throw. Dang! Jack tagged in and hit a Belly to Belly Close Quarters Suplex. Front Face Lock by Swagger. Langston lifted and threw Jack, from the Front Face Lock. Jack kicked free of Jack but Antonio with a Warriot’s Way-like move. Antonio with a Slingshot into Jack’s arms. Jack with a Spinning Plant. 1-2-no.

Arm Bar by Swagger. Langston punched his ay free. Jack pushed Langston into the enemy corner and tagged out. Langston flipped Jack over the top rope. Antonio tried to stop Langston from making a tag. Langston with his own Belly to Belly. Tag to Mark. Mark ran over his opponent and did the JYD Headbutt from all fours. Big Thump by Mark. Jack made the save. Swagger rushed Mark and got Brick Walled. Standing Dropkick by Antonio. European Uppercut to Mark. Langston with the tag. Antonio was going for the Cesaro Swing but Langston with the Clothesline to the back of Antonio’s neck. Big Ending.

Your Winners: Mark Henry and Big E Langston
Raw Ranking: 3.5

They ran a vignette of Bad Santa vs Good Santa. Yawn.

Ryback and Curtis Axel vs Brodus Clay and Tensai (Tons of Funk)

R-Truth and Xavier Woods were at ringside. Runkadactyls looked incredible. Brodus and Tensai seemedoff their game, as they tried to dance.

Axel and Tensai opened the match. Headbutts by Tensai. Whip and Axel collapsed, in the corner. Xel dodged the Corner Rush but Tensai was still able to connect with a Shoulder Tackle. Axel with a Standing Dropkick. Axel with Elbow Drops. Tag to Tensai. “Goldberg!” started to rise. Ryback with a Snap Powerslam. 2 count. Back Elbow by Tensai. Ryback ended up hitting the corner post. Brodus refused to tag out. Ryback with the Meat Hook Clothesline. Shell Shocked.

Your Winners: Curtis Axel and Ryback
Raw Ranking: 1.5

After the match, Clay turned on Tensai and hit a Pair of Jurassic Splashes. Truth and Woods finally rushed the ring to help Tensai. They took out Clay with a Double Dropkick. He accused everyone of being “haters”. R-Truth invited the Funkadactyls to come in the ring and dance with them. Clay ordered the girls not to do it but they ignored him. Well, I guess there is one less tag team in the WWE. Michael Cole tried to dance but looked just sad. Cole diverted the insults by turning the conversation to C.M. Punk vs The Shield. Punk survived and won when Roman Reigns accidentally Speared Dean Ambrose. C.M. Punk had a message for The Authority, next.

C.M. Punk came out to a incredible pop. The announcers sent it to the video of C.M> Punk getting into it with HHH, last week. Shawn Michaels then nailed Punk with Sweet Chin Music. Punk thought that The Shield was going to take him out. He just wondered how many of them he would take out. Punk didn’t get taken out and ended up beating the entire Shield. Punk knew the feud was far from over. The fans chanted his name. Punk realized that The Authority sent The Shield after him and they wanted to sweep him under the rug. Punk admitted to having an issue with authority. Punk invited HHH to come down to the ring, so they could hash out their issues. Punk suggested that HHH might be afraid of him. There was a huge pause and Punk invited HHH, again.

Instead, he got HBK. Shawn Michaels looked like a stunt double for Ted Nugent. HHH suggested that Stephanie should come out and chat with him. He then asked Shawn if he had something to say. “You Sold Out” rose from the Dallasites. Shawn mocked the crowd for not being able to bring the chant to top level. Shawn told Punk to get over his obsession with The Authority. Shawn said Punk should have an issue with him, not HHH. “One More Match” began to swell but Punk joked about the chant being for him. Punk said everyone, including him, respected Michaels. Punk warned Shawn that if he ever tried to kick him, again, Punk would kick back. Shawn said the Superkick pained him more than it did Punk. Shawn said he was about to do something that pained him. Shawn then brought out The Shield.

Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose (The Shield) vs C.M. Punk and the Usos.
Six-Man Tag Team Match

The Usos got 57% of the vote. Jimmy and Jey chatted with Punk, for a moment, and then got in the ring. Dean and Jimmy began the match. Side Headlock by Uso. Dean reversed it. Shoulder Tackle into a Universal. Jimmy rocked Dean with a wild Punch and Back Body Drop. Dean easily kicked out. Jey made the tag and nailed Dean with a Flying Forearm. 1 count. Punk made the tag. Dean with a wild Whip. Tag to Seth. Punk twisted up the legs and tagged out to one of the Usos. It was Jimmy. Seth moved Jimmy to the corner. Hard rib shot and clubbing blow to Jimmy’s head. Flying Clothesline by Jimmy. Jey tagged in nad the Usos with the Double Elbow Drops. 1 count. Arm Bar by Jey.

Seth clubbed the back of Jey. Huge Hip Toss by Jimmy. Tag to Jimmy. Uppercut by Uso. Seth reversed a Whip into the Kitchen Sink. The two men traded shots. Uso reversed a Whip and then sent Seth to the floor with a La Bandera Clothesline. All six men moved around to a central point, on the floor, so Raw went to break.

Seth with a Falling Fist into Jey’s chest. Jey bounced back with massive shots. Seth rocked Jey with a Haymaker nad stomps. Seth missed a Cornser Splash. Tag to Jimmy. Clothesliens nad a Thrust Kick. Seth with a kick, which Uso No Sold. Samoan Drop on Seth. Jimmy rallid the crowd and took out Roman. Seth with a wicked Enziguri. Tag to Dean. 2 count. Dean stomped the mid-section of Uso. Power Driver Elbow by Dean. Crossface Arm Bar by the U.S. Champion. Jawbreaker by Uso. Back Elbow by Dean. Ambrose went to the middle rope and flew off, into a big stomp. Roman finally tagged in and rocke dhis cousin with multiple power moves. 2 count. Roman stomoped Uso’s hand. Seth with a tag and clubbing shots. Seth bickered with the ref. Seth put Jimmy on the top rope and went for the Superplex, Jimmy with a Headbutt and Top Rope Splash. Jimmy was hurt on that one, as well. Roman with the tag and a Side Slam, for two. Rear Chin Lock by Roman. Punk got the crowd going into overdrive. Jimmy started to punch away. He hit Roman in his blackened eye before popping him with an Enziguri. Punk got the tag and took out Dean and Seth with Elevator Knees. Rolling Neckbreaker on Dean and DDT on Seth, at the same time. Brainbuster by Punk. Roman made the save and all Hell broke loose. Seth threw Jimmy into the barricade. Punk the took out Seth with a Suicide Dive. Punk also cracked Dean, who was charging. Savage Elbow by Punk. 1—2—no. Punk signed for the Go To Sleep. Punk stopped to attack Seth. GTS to Dean. Roman had made a blind tag and hit the Spear!

Your Winners: The Shield
Raw Ranking: 3.25

The fans voted which WWE Personality/Superstar would get Coal in their stocking for Christmas. Stephanie McMahon bested A.J. Lee, Brock Lesnar and Ryback by getting 30% of the vote. JBL was seriously offended by the vote.

They then looked at the new WWE2K14 game. They were interrupted by the arrival of the Wyatt Family. Bray said he was fighting against The Machine. Bray said Daniel Bryan was an ant trying to pierce the armor of a scorpion. Bray apologized to “Abigail” for doubting her. Weird. Haven’t seen anything that odd since Norman Bates chatted with his mom.

Brie Bella, Nikki Bella and Natalya vs Tamina Snuka, Alicia Fox and A.J. Lee
Six-Woman Tag Team Match

Fox and Nattie opened the match. Nattie with a quick pin attempt. Total Divas will return in March. Nattie reversed a Tilt-a-Whirl move. Tag to Brie. Double Hip Toss. Fox yanked Brie off the ropes. 2 count. Fox with a Rear Chin Lock. Brie Elbowed to try and get free. Fox stopped her by throwing her down. Tag to Tamina. Hard shot by Snuka. Brie kicked out of the pin attempt. Snuka ran Brie into the corner. Tamina threw her vest at Brie. Roll Up by Brie, for two. Back Elbow and Kneedrops by Snuka. Rear Chin Lock by Tamina. Tamina threw Brie down, hard. Whip by Tamina into a Samoan Drop.

Lee made the tag and skipped around. Brie with a Standing Dropkick. Tag to Nikki. Clothesline and Back Elbow. Nikki also took out Tamina and Fox. Nikki with the Torture Rack by Tamina with a Thrust Kick. Mosh Pit Time. Shining Wizard by Lee to score the win.

Your Winners: A.J. Lee, Tamina Snuka and Alicia Fox
Raw Ranking: 2.0

They ran another vignette for Good Santa vs Bad Santa. Mark Henry was Good Santa. Hornswoggle was an elf as were the Bellas.

Renee interviewed Randy Orton, or tried to. She went to congratulate Randy but he went off about having to face a “Troll” (Daniel Bryan). He took shots at The Authority and Daniel Bryan. Orton told the WWE Universe to Kiss his *ss. Nice attitude. Dianna came in as I was watching that segment and said “Well, I see Orton is still a jerk.”

Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton
Non-Title Match

Randy came out with both of the old belts. JBL thought everyone was jealous of the WWE World Champion. Collar and Elbow to the corner. The ref had a heck of a time breaking them apart. Randy went to the floor. Orton eventually slithered back into the ring. Side Headlock Takeover, by Daniel. Head Scissors by Randy but Daniel reversed the move into a variation of the Indian Death Lock. Daniel dropped back to further injure the legs. Daniel with a Roll to put so much more pressure on the hold. Daniel let go and Randy bailed out to the floor.

Randy finally got back in the ring and kicked and punched and Headbutted away. Rabdt stalked Daniel but Bryan with a Leg Screw and kicks. Daniel twisted Randy’s leg in the ropes and then Dropkicked it. Daniel wrapped Randy’s knee around the ring post. Punch by Daniel. Randy easily kicked out of a pin. European Uppercut by Daniel> randy answered with one, as well. Randy then hit several more as the crowd started chanting “Ole”. Speaking of that song, I want to send a special Happy Birthday to a trio of dear friends, all born on the same day (the 17th). O’Cat and Vinny Poochanelli are a couple of wrestlers that I’ve known for years. Add to that, a very bright young man named Doyle that I’ve known almost as long as the other two. I hope you three have wonderful birthdays.

Daniel with the Kitchen Sink to send Randy flying. Daniel Punted Randy’s ribs. Daniel dragged Randy out and went for another Leg Lock. Randy bit the knee to escape. Ouch. The ref went off on Randy for biting Daniel. Randy with Headbutts, in the corner. Randy then clocked Daniel with a European Uppercut. Daniel reversed a Thesz Press into a Half Crab. Randy got to the ropes to force the break. Daniel continued to rock Randy with shots until a Short Arm Clothesline by Randy stopped him cold.

Randy stomped Daniel’s arm and Bryan shrieked in sheer agony. Randy took his tme and then hit a Headbutt. Randy twisted Daniel’s arm in the ropes. Randy then stomped on Daniel’s foot. Back Elbow off a Whip by Randy. Arm Bar by Randy. Daniel worked to his feet and tried to attack. Arm Whip Drop by Orton. Orton Stomp. Randy posed for the booing crowd. Daniel bit Randy in the face. Daniel then punched Randy around the ring. Flying Dropkick sent Randy over the ropes. Daniel went for a Suicide Dive but Randy Side Stepped the flying goat. Raw took a break.

Randy with a Rear Chin Lock. Daniel Elbowed loose but Randy stopped him. Randy knocked Daniel off the apron. Randy went to the floor and put Daniel in a Hammerlock. He then shoved Daniel’s arm into the ring post. Randy Back Dropped Daniel onto the ring barricade. Randy then pitched Daniel into the ring and got a two count. Daniel wanted to fight back but a Headbutt stopped Daniel. Randy with measured punches. Top Rope Superplex by Randy. 2 count. The two traded punches and kicks. Daniel ran the turnbuckles nad hit he Flying Clothesline. Daniel hurt his arm on the strike. Randy had a loosened tooth. Hesitation Dropkicks by Daniel into the Crescent Kicks. Daniel with a Super Hurancanrana. 1-2-no.

The fans chanted “This is Awesome!” as both men tried to get to their feet. Twisted Sister Backbreaker by Orton. Daniel almost got Orton into the Yes Lock. Randy got loose and threw Daniel over the ropes. Daniel tried to Skin the Cat but Randy blasted him. Rope Assisted DDT by Randy. Daniel reversed the RKO into a Backsldie. 2 count. Vicious Crescent Kick to the face. 2 count. Orton blocked the Benoit Flying Headbutt. Daniel blocked a 2nd Superplex and Headbutted Randy off the ropes. Air Goat! Could be…might be…no! Daniel missed a Hesitation Dropkick. Daniel trapped Randy in the Yes Lock by Randy reached the ropes. Suicide Dive by Daniel. Bryan whipped Randy into the barricade and hit the Hesitation Dropkick. Missile Dropkick and Kip Up by Daniel. Chest Kicks by Daniel, Low Blow by Randy in plain view of the ref. That sucks.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Daniel Bryan
Raw Ranking: 4.5 (points off for lousy ending)

John Cena rushed out and took out Randy Orton. John went to check on Daniel and ended up getting nailed with the RKO. Randy held up both of his title belts as his music went off.

I’ll be back with you later with Final Resolution. I won’t be alone in watching the show. I’ll have a very special guest…my mother, Doris. , at my side. She arrives in Northern Nevada from the legendary town of Waxahachie, Texas on Thursday morning.


–Jay Shannon

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