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Traditional Championship Wrestling Pursuit TV Report 12/13/13

Last week we saw a brand new International Heavyweight Champion as Scott Phoenix dethroned the monster 7’2” Titan who had been champion for almost six months. This may be considered an upset by some but Scott Phoenix has always been presented as a guy that would beat anyone at any time. What will come of Titan as his former girlfriend has left him? How will Scott Phoenix fare as the new champion? How will the Empire continue their domination with Lance Hoyt, Shane Williams and Jon Saxton hot on their trails? Let’s find out as we head to Vicksburg, Mississippi for this weeks edition of TCW Wrestling!

The show starts as it normally does, Matt Rhodes and Brian Thompson are in the ring to give a rundown of this weeks action. Tonight the Main Event will be former teammates, now bitter enemies Jon Saxton taking on The Empire’s own Steve Anthony in a lumberjack match. Last week they had the contract signing and as you would expect that was as contentious as it could be. Tonight’s match promises to be stiff and intense. Also we will see Shane Williams taking on another Empire member Greg Anthony. Shane Williams was a former Empire member who was ousted by Anthony and Mr. “5 Mil” Matt Rivera and is now looking to gain retribution. The next match is the Magic Men (somebody watched Magic Mike several times) taking on the TCW World Tag Team Champions The Hounds of Hell Roosevelt and Cerebus (most famously known as Wolfie D and Slash in TNA). Finally we have Kincaid, who is one of the most sought after wrestlers in the south east, defending his Jr. Heavyweight Championship against Americos who is doing a Midnight Rider like gimmick losing to then TCW Champion Lance Hoyt in a loser leave TCW match but then came back as Americos.

The show starts with Roosevelt and Cerebus talking with their manager Boyd Bradford. They make some lame dog related jokes and ends with Bradford telling them to take it easy and they go off leaving Bradford on his own. Big mistake as Genetic Perfection and Rich Rude, who was previously kidnapped by the Bradford family the past few weeks in order to have Genetic Perfection relinquish their Tag Team Title rematch for his safe return. They beat Bradford good behind the curtain with what sounds like a hammer. They leave him laying and Rich Rude gives him the business saying “that’s what you get!” Cerebus and Roosevelt finally return and Roosevelt looks in tears as Cerebus lets out some howls in despair as we head to commercial.

Joined in progress we come back to Shane Williams versus Greg Anthony on the floor. Back in the ring Greg Anthony is dominating Williams throwing lefts and rights and now has Williams in the corner choking him for a break. Anthony tries to juke and jive but Williams tries to make a comeback but when he throws a punch with his bad wrist he hurts himself. Anthony attacks the wrist of Williams to take back over. He rolls to the outside and smashes the wrist of Williams on the steel steps. Back in he lays some stomps on the wrist. Brian Thompson quickly points out that Williams finisher is the fist drop ala former TCW Tag Champion and Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler so that may be in jeopardy. In the ring Anthony has slowed down the action with a top wrist lock as the crowd wonderfully chants “oompa loompa.” Matt Rhodes quickly makes mention of the wonderful chant. Brian Thompson heels it up saying they can’ break the “golden boy.” Williams works his way back up and whips Anthony off ducks down and goes for a sunset flip but Anthony uses his massive girth to give a Rikishi like sit down drop on Williams. Anthony for a cover but only gets a two. Anthony has really dominated this match so far. Back to the wrist Anthony is digging a knee into the wrist along with using his forearm to rake the eyes of Williams. The referee forces the break and Williams is finally making a comeback. He backs Anthony in the corner with boots but Williams is reversed and Anthony grabs his hair and hair whips him out of the corner! Another cover, another. Now the two are on the match with a greco roman knuckle lock. William refuses to keep his shoulders down and works his way back up. Again Williams tries to punch with the bad wrist and pays for it with pain. Anthony with a closeline and another cover. Williams barely kicks out but it seems the end is near. Again Anthony with a juke and jive and jabs and even pops the strap to mock Williams and Jerry Lawler. It has a reverse effect and it incenses Williams to the point where he starts a come back. He whips Anthony off and lands a leg lariat. Back into the corner goes Anthony and Williams with a tornado DDT! He goes for the cover but two count. He goes to the outside and climbs to the top but is crotched! Anthony climbs up with Williams and a superplex from the top rope! Both men are down and the referee is counting. Anthong is slowly moving for the cover and a slow cover for the one, two and at the last second Williams gets the shoulder up! Williams and Anthony both back up and Anthony goes for a belly to back but it is reversed and barely Anthony kicks out, shocked he was reversed. Both men up and Anthony with a inside out closeline. Both back up in the corner. Anthony with a few chops and whips him into the corner. Anthony charges after but Williams was ready and tries to leap frog over but is caught! Alabama Slam time maybe? No as Williams is able to bring Anthony down and lifts him up and nails a jumping piledriver! The cover, the count and the three!

Your winner: “King” Shane Williams in 10:13 with the jumping piledriver

At ringside Rhodes and Thompson goes over what we saw earlier with Boyd Bradford being attacked by Genetic Perfection. Thompson wants Genetic Perfection fired and all Matt Rhodes could say is “are you nuts?!?” These two might throw down right now but then they get civil again and talk about the main event once again, the lumberjack match. The New Orleans Fight Club once best friends now bitter enemies.

In the ring we have Jason Jones with Sigimon who has the greatest shirt ever that is simply a giant index finger with the word Winner in big bold purple letters. I hope he makes one with the giant L over his forehead that has the word Loser on it as well. That is his gimmick by the way, he is the only winner and everyone else is a loser, especially Vordell Walker whom he has been in a rivalry with for some months. They faced once before that ended in a double pin. Sigimon runs all this down before calling out Walker saying simply Walker is a loser. Jones mentions he talked to Matt Rhodes and they both agreed that Sigimon might not of lost that match with Walker but he didn’t win either. Sigimon rips the mic away from Jones’s hand and then blasts Jones in the head with it! Jones who looks to be about three hundred pounds takes a champion bump and Sigmion falls on him like any MMA fighter would in full mount and starts hammering. Jones tries to roll over but that is a huge mistake as he leaves himself open for Sigimon’s finisher, the Rings of Saturn which he calls the Winners Circle. Sigimon is screaming loser at Jones and Matt Rhodes has had enough and throws his headset down in disgust and is screaming at ringside for Sigimon to stop. Finally he lets go and Matt Rhodes rushes in and is screaming for someone, anyone to help. Out comes one of the best referees in wrestling today, former World Class and Global referee James Beard and then other referees to follow as the scene fades to commercial.

We come back and The Magic Men are already in the ring as the TCW World Tag Team Champions, the Hounds of Hell of Cerebus and Roosevelt are making their way to the ring. As soon as they enter they attack the unsuspecting Magic Men and all four are in the ring. Niko is tossed from the ring and the hounds are taking care of Dallas. Cerebus lets out a howl and both have Dallas in the corner smashing his head into the turnbuckle. Finally Cerebus leaves and Roosevelt with several headbutts that leads into a belly to belly suplex. Rhodes says that it was very Magnum TA like. No cover but a tag to Cerebus. A double team but Dallas makes a short comeback but is stopped. Cerebus lifts Dallas up and hits the Eye of the Storm and makes the tag. Roosevelt slows the action down with a reverse chinlock. The crowd clapping and getting Dallas back into it and he does for a second breaking the hold but is met with a running knee and then a closeline. Tag into Cerebus and the two fall on Dallas and star biting him! Cerebus in the head, Roosevelt in the gut. Cerebus now taunting Niko which results in him rushing the ring leaving for the hounds to double team Dallas. Roosevelt in the ring with no tag and starts raking the eyes. Again Niko is distracted and Cerebus chokes Dallas on the middle rope from the outside. Another non tag switch and Cerebus is in the ring. Cerebus whips him off, misses a closeline, misses again and Dallas with a frankensteiner! Both men are down and Dallas so close to a tag but Cerebus catches him. He goes for a back body drop but Dallas rolls behind and shoves Cerebus into Niko who knocks him down and Dallas with a diving tag! Niko comes in house of fire and takes both hounds down. He is whipped into the corner but Niko jumps and hits a springboard moonsault for a two! Both men now assaulting the hounds. Niko jumps to the outside for a plancha on Roosevelt but misses! Meanwhile in the ring Cerebus is down and Dallas goes to the top rope. He goes for a 450 splash but Roosevelt from the outside grabs Cerebus and pulls him away. Cerebus rises to his feet and lifts Dallas into a backbreaker position, Roosevelt climbs to the top rope and nails Dallas with an axehandle as Cerebus tosses him like yesterdays garbage to the canvas. James Beard with the count and the three!

Your Winners: The TCW World Tag Team Champions, The Hounds of Hell in 7:21

After the match Cerebus is on the microphone and says it is no longer about the Tag Team Titles or the wins or losses. It is about revenge. He says that type of revenge is where the hounds eat the faces of Genetic Perfection off. Even though Genetic Perfection gave up their tag title rematch, Cerebus says that he will give them the bait and that is next week, a TCW World Tag Team Title match! Cerebus tells them to call their mama’s, grandmama’s and a doctor to get front row seats because they will need to be ready for the destruction of next week.
We head immediately to the next match which is the TCW Jr. Heavyeight Title match. Americos versus Jason Kincaid. Kincaid is one of the top indy workers in the country today although his look (kinda like a Lord of the Rings reject) might harm his chances of going anywhere. The two lock up and we see some excellent chain wrestling. Neither man can get the advantage. This match is fast and furious with hold and counter hold until Kincaid with a boot and a whip into the corner. Americos is going at 200% speed! He blocks Kincaid charging and jumps up with a frankensteiner that sends Kincaid to the outside. Americos quickly hits the ropes and with a dive through the middle rope nails Kincaid on the floor! He jumps back into the ring and plays to the crowd as we head to commercial break. Back from commercial and Americos is still on the offensive. Kincaid in one corner and Americos in another and Americos charges but Kincaid moves and Americos nails the post with his shoulder. He takes a fall to the apron and Kincaid follows. Americos tries to rush after but Kincaid with a backbody drop ON THE APRON!!! I know from experience how unforgiven that part of the ring is. The referee counts as Americos is on the floor barely able to move. The ref gets to seven but Kincaid breaks the count and helps Americos into the ring to cover and get a two.Kincaid with a belly to back attempt but is blocked but Kincaid is still able to continue the assault. European upper cuts and then whips Americos but Americos reverses the sidewalk slam attempt and spins around Kincaid’s body into a DDT! He charges again with a wheelbarrow type move but it is blocked into a variation of the abdominal stretch and then a drops him on his knees! Kincaid to the outside, he is looking to go for his finisher “Death From Above” which is a double stomp but Americos moved and then rushes from behind with a victory rolls for the three count! Huge upset as Kincaid has dominated the division for almost a year now. Kincaid is not a happy camper and rips most his clothes off and continues assaulting Americos until the referee is able to pull him away.

Your winner: NEW TCW Jr. Heavyweight Champion in 5:41 via Victory Roll, Americos!

We quickly get word from Matt Rhodes and Brian Thompson that we aren’t waiting for the next match, its Main Event Time as Jon Saxton battles former best friend and protege Steve Anthony in a lumberjack match.

The announcer doesn’t even get to finish as both men get in the ring and start slugging it out. Saxton gets the advantage and closelines Anthony over the top rope to the outside. Lumberjacks are quick to toss him back into the ring. Saxton continues slugging it out with Anthony who looks to take a powder and he is on the heel side so they allow him time. Saxton hits the ropes and a plancha on Steve Anthony before throwing him back into the ring. He whips Steve into the corner and Steve lays across the top rope. After a few boots, Steve Anthony crotches himself to the delight of the crowd. Saxton doesn’t relent and continues the assault. He bashes Anthony’s head on three of the four top turnbuckles and tries for a pin but gets a two. Back up, more forearms and chops as Anthony lays into the ropes. Saxton whips Anthony but reversed but it s reversed again and a school boy for a two! Both men back up and Saxton with a double leg trip and ankle lock attempt but Anthony shoves off and Saxton falls out of the ring to the heel side and the heels start laying a beating to Saxton. They finally role him back in for a cover by Anthony but only a two. Anthony pulls Saxton up and a suplex. Instead of a cover he does a Rick Rude homage. Matt Rhodes decrees that there are little children in the audience while Brian Thompson gleefully announces that three women just had heart attacks at such a magnificent site. Finally Anthony goes for a cover but doesn’t even get a two. Matt Rhodes and Brian Thompson say the match will continue and we will have highlights if it ends after this commercial break. We are back and it is now all Steve Anthony. Matt Rhodes says that the lumberjacks have been getting involved during the break helping Steve Anthony. Anthony whips Saxton into the corner but a reverse and Saxton catches him and belly to belly’s him right into the corner! Both back up and Saxton with a chip and a flip that sends Anthony onto the apron. Saxton hits the ropes to shove Anthony into the lumberjacks but TCW Champion Tim Storm trips Saxton as he hits the ropes and Saxton takes a face bump in the center of the ring. Anthony now recovered climbs to the top rope and nails Saxton with a top rose closeline but gets a very near fall. Anthony pulls Saxton up and goes for a back body drop but turns it into a side walk slam! He rushes to the outside and climbs the top rope. Big splash but Saxton moves! Closeline times three from Saxton and then a back body drop! He pulls Anthony up and sends him back down with a Tiger Driver! He stacks Anthony up and nearly gets a three count! He now looks to finish it with his cloverleaf but Anthony reverses it with a small package. Referee is waaaay out of position and both men lay awkwardly as he finally makes the two count. Both back up and trading kicks. Saxton finally blocks one and wraps Anthony up and nails a t-bone suplex! Anthony immediately pops to his feet and gives Saxton a superkick and then belly to back suplex and nearly gets the three count! Both Matt Rhodes and Brian Thompson are exhausted at ringside! Anthony just as a last resort throws Saxton to the outside to the heels who start booting Saxton and the faces have seen enough and it is a pier six brawl at ringside! Both men back in the ring. Anthony whips Saxton into the corner and goes for a Stinger splash but Saxton moves and follows it up with a face wash boot right to the head. Anthony crumbles to the center of the ring and now it looks like Saxton will be able to put Steve Anthony away with the cloverleaf. He has he locked and he turns it! In comes Tim Storm but he is cut off by Scott Phoenix. Now Greg Anthony and Shane Williams come in as Saxton still has the cloverleaf locked on. The bell is rung but what is the decision? There was absolute chaos in the last twenty seconds of this match and Saxton still had the cloverleaf locked in. Did Steve Anthony finally submit? Here is the ring announcer with the call…a double disqualification! Matt Rhodes and Brian Thompson are incensed and arguing as the scene fades to the credits and even until it fades to black.

Double Disqualification at 10:26.

My ratings:

Greg Anthony vs. Shane Williams – ***
Hounds of Hell vs. Magic Men – ** 1/2
Americos vs. Jason Kincaid – **
Steve Anthony vs. Jon Saxton – *** 1/2

That’s all from me, join me next week for more TCW action!

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