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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross talks to Total Wrestling

Total Wrestling Magazine is a an online-exclusive offering, FREE to all
fans worldwide.

Issue 3 of the popular publication includes interview with WWE Hall of
Famer Jim Ross as he talks about working with Vince Mcmahon.

“I had good days and bad days being produced by Vince. No one likes to be
yelled at but after working for Bill Watts there was nothing that could be
yelled at me by McMahon that I hadn’t heard before.

“Vince is aggressive and a perfectionist and is set in his ways, by and
large. Working as a broadcaster isn’t easy and being overproduced can
detract from a broadcast in my view. I survived aggressive producing
better than some because I tried to not take it personally.

“Good producers should motivate and lead… not rant and rave.”

An action packed issue 3 also features an interview with Jim Cornette as
he talks about his time at Ring of Honor.

“I left Ring of Honor when I realised we had lost our chance at making a
good first impression and many of our wounds were self-inflicted. I’m not
even talking about booking or creative, I am talking about the structure
of the company and what I thought was going to go on before the purchase
and what was executed after the purchase.”

With columnists and contributors including former  WWE superstar Matt
Striker, TNA veteran Sharkboy and UK up-and-comers The Blossom Twins and
The Blackpool
Blonds, as well as extensive coverage from the US, UK, Japan and the rest
of the world, plus a strong focus on social media.

Total Wrestling Magazine is changing the way wrestling is covered.

The issue is out now and can be viewed via and

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