Posted December 15th, 2013 by Bill Apter


Match starts 10:18 EST–Tables, Ladders, and chairs with both the World and WWE belts hanging above the ring.


Orton with repeated brutal chair shots inside and outside the ring after Cena had injured him (left arm) with a ladder … Cena returns the shots outside the ring … Cena tossed into the steps after a failed attempt to put Orton through a table.

Orton gets into the ring and starts a ladder but is pulled down by Cena … Orton with a headbutt dazes Cena … Cena goes up the ladder and Orton punches him down and uses a backdrop … Orton with more chair shots … He secures a chair in the corner but Cena leads with some shoulder blocks but Orton bashes him into the chair. Orton goes to ringside to get a ladder. He has one belt in hand but Cen pushes him down and five knuckle shuffle off the ladder!

Cena clocks Randy (on the ring apron) with the ladder and Orton falls backwards through the table! Cena goes for the belts but Randy runs in and uses a quick RKO on Cena! … Outside the ring Cena smashes the ring steps on Randy’s head twice (Randy appears to be cut over his right eye)…Orton grabs a microphone from the announcer at the table and bashes it on Cena’s head.

Orton punches Cena in the had over and over with the microphone and then dismantles the Spanish Announce table. Cena winds up giving Orton an Attitude Adjustment sending him through the table! Cena goes back into the ring going to put the ladder up.

Cena goes up the ladder and has his hand on the belts but andy pulls the ladder and Cena is hanging from the belts and knocked down by Orton with a chair — and more chair shots until Cena puts him through a table that was in the corner.

Orton finds a pair of handcuffs under the ring and cuffs Cena to the ropes! Orton holds the key. He shows it to Cena and tosses it out into the crowd … Cena tries to pull the handcuffs off (he is outside) trying to break it with a ladder and chair.

Randy sets up a ladder and climgs the ladder. Cena unhooks the rope and goes up the ladder and beats Randy down. A tug of war and Randy pulls Cena down and into a table. Orton at the top of the ladder grabs the belts and is about to unhook them and he does and wins!

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