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Welcome to the 2013 Slammys! The house will be filled with tons of superstars from the past and present.

The show was “hosted” by Jerry “The King” Lawler and Booker T. Michael Cole and JBL were at the announce desk. The fans made all the decisions for the awards, this year. Tonight’s show came from Seattle, Washington. Home to the legendary Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and others. Daniel Bryan was the hometown hero, this week.

Daniel Bryan vs Fandango

Fandango had an awesome purple tux shirt that I would so wear. Love the colors of purple and green.

Side Headlock by Fandango and a Shoulder Tackle. Daniel into a Universal, followed by a nice Dropkick. European Uppercuts by Daniel. Suplex by Fandango for a two. Knife Edge Chops by Fandango. Fandango sent Daniel to the corner and punched away. Drop Toe Hold by Daniel. Daniel then kicked the middle rope up into Fandango’s jaw. Hard Crescent Kicks to Fandango’s back. Over-the-Shoulder Arm Breaker. Daniel went for the Surfboard but settled for the Double Knee Slams. Universal and Daniel was thrown out of the ring. Daniel ducked a Tope Con Hilo and hit a Tope Suicida. Whip by Daniel, on the floor, and a Running Dropkick. Daniel pitched Fandango back into the ring. Daniel went to the top but got caught on the fly. Powerbomb by Fandango. Dang. Raw went to break.

Daniel came off the ropes with the Flying Clothesline. Daniel with vicious kicks to Fandango’s kick. Daniel partially caught Fandango in the head with a hard kick. Daniel took Fandango to the corner and kept kicking. Daniel missed the Hesitation Dropkick. PowerPlex by Fandango. Fandango went to the top rope and flew. He missed the Guillotine Leg Drop. Daniel then hit the Penthouse for the Benoit Diving Headbutt. Dragon’s Tooth Flying Knee Strike by Daniel Bryan to take the win.

Your Winner: Daniel Bryan
Raw Ranking: 3.75 out of a possible 5

The Wyatts suddenly came on the TitanTron. Bray Wyatt warned Daniel that the clock was ticking and there would be no happy endings. Bray threatened destruction if Bryan did not come to them. Bray was determined to prove that Daniel was a monster, just like him. Bray asked Daniel to join them. All lights went out as the crowd started to chant “No!”.

Cole and JBL sent it to Booker T and Jerry Lawler. They came out to Lawler’s regal music. They welcomed everyone to the Slammys. They started to talk about the Laugh Out Loud. Booker T brought out The New Age Outlaws! Road Dogg and Billy Gunn came out in Dumb and Dumber tuxedos. Bad Influence has to be SO jealous that Brian and Billy pulled off the look every so much better than they did.. Road Dogg said they were there to present the LOL Moment Award. The fans began to chant “One More Match!”. Dogg said Billy couldn’t say “Suck It”

The LOL Moment of the Year Nominees:
1. Vickie Guerrero gets fired
2. Titus O’Neil hurls in JBL’s hat and more
3. Dueling Cobra Charming
4. The Rock’s Concert (trashing Vickie)

The fans began to vote. After the break, the winner was announced:

The Rock Concert. Vickie came out to accept the award. She said the trophy represented her beauty.

Santino Marella vs Damien Sandow

Damien clubbed away as Big E Langston joined the announce team. School Boy by Santino. Santino with hard punches. Power Walk out of a Whip. Knee Strike and punches by Damien. Damien choked Santino on the ropes. Side Russian Leg Sweep intothe Elbow of Distain by Damien. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by Damien. Santino with a Back Drop Suplex that stunned them both. Splitz into the Hip Toss and Falling Headbutt. Cobra! Damien swept the legs and hit the “You’re Welcome”.

Your Winner: Damien Sandow
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Big E got in the ring and confronted Damien. Langston psyched out Damien with a threatened Headbutt. I really Langston. I see a very bright future for the young man.

Double Cross of the Year Award was next to be presented. The Shield came out to present it. The nominees:

1. Mark Henry turns on John Cena
2. Shawn Michaels Superkicks Daniel Bryan
3. Paul Heyman costs C.M. Punk “Money in the Bank”
4. HHH Pedigrees Daniel Bryan and costs him the WWE Title

Time to vote, again. The winner ended up being:

Shawn Michaels screws over Daniel Bryan by way of Sweet Chin Music. Shawn came out to accept the award. He shook the hands of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Shawn was told not to talk to long. Shawn admitted that he has double crossed a lot of people during his 25 years in the business. He whined that it took so long to get this award. Shawn admitted that he “Sold Out” a long time ago, which is why he is still around.

Kofi Kngston vs The Miz

Kofi with a Dropkick and a mix of punches and kicks. Corner Splash by Kofi. Dropkick by Kofi. Miz tried to escape but Kofi refused to let him go. Kofi with a wild Roundhouse Kick. Kofi punched in the corner. Miz got the knee up. Big Boot by Kofi. Kofi kicked Miz in the chest. Running Leg Strikes by Kofi. 2 count. Miz pushed free and just barely avoided Trouble in Paradise. Miz went to the floor and started to leave. Kofi went after Miz to stop the runaway. Kofi threw Miz into the barrier and then back into the ring. Springboard Clothesline by Kingston. 2 cont. Miz rolled up Kofi, with a handful of tights to get the win.

Your Winner: The Miz
Raw Ranking: 2.0

After the match, Kofi laid out Miz with Trouble in Paradise.

The Diva of the Year Award was presented by Eve Torres. She looked incredible. The nominees:

1. The Bella Twins
2. The Funkadactyls
3. Kaitlyn
4. Natalya
5. Eva Marie
6. A.J. Lee

Rey Mysterio made his way out to do battle. He was part of an 8-man tag match.

The Winner of Diva of the Year was:

The Bella Twins. Figures. Nikki and Brie came out to accept. They got booed massively by the Seattle fans. The speech was weak as Hell, mostly because they were getting such heat from the locals.

Rey Mysterio, Big Show, Goldust and Cody Rhodes vs Antonio Cesaro, Jack Swagger, Curtis Axel and Ryback
8-Man Tag Team Battle

Ryback used his power to take Rey down. Gorilla Press Slam but Rey escaped and kicked Ryback in the face. Drop Toe Hold almost led to the 619. Ryback slid out of the ring. Show took the tag and stalked Big Hungry. Ryback pushed Show back. They hooked up and Show sent Ryback down onto his butt. Rib punches and a Slap led ot a hard Whip. Open Hand Slap and tag to Goldust. Dust with a Goldustin Uppercut and Elbow Drop as Raw went to break.

Cesaro had Rey down on the canvas, as Raw returned. Rey with the Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors and tag to Goldust. Dust took Cesaro down and got a two. Jack tagged in and punched away. Dust answered and took Jack down with a Clothesline. Goldustin Uppercut and Corner Mount Punches. Jack clipped Goldy’s knee. Dust fell to the outside. Cesaro Clotheslined Goldy and threw him back in the ring. Axel took the tag and nailed a Dropkick. Elbow Drop and 2 count for Axel. Tag to Ryback, who popped Goldy. Axel and Ryback are now going by the team name of Rybaxle. That name seriously sucks.

Jack with a Snap Mare into a Front Face Lock. Goldy got up and worked towards his corner. Jack lifted Goldy who turned it into a Sunset Flip. Tag to Antonio. Repeated stomps by Cesaro. Antonio with a 2 count on a pin attempt. Rear Chin Lock by Antonio. Goldy got up and Elbowed loose. Backslide and then Snap Powerslam by Dust. Jack tagged in and sent Dustin into the enemy corner. The Real Americans worked together to prevent Dust from tagging. Dust with a Double DDT and tag to Cody. Clothesline and Back Elbow on Axel. Float Over Twisting Sunset Flip by Cody on Axel. Cody with his version of the Goldustin Uppercut. Springboard Missile Dropkick for a two. Cody with a Moonsault. It broke down into total chaos as Big Show took out everyone in sight. Axel rocked with a Cody Disaster Kick. Hurancanrana by Rey, who had tagged in. 619 into Dropping the Dime!

Your Winners: Rey Mysterio, Big Show, Goldust and Cody Rhodes
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Lawler and Booker were back to announce “Superstar of the Year”. The presenter of the award was…Shawn Michaels. Shawn now wanted to be called “Mr. Slammy”. He wanted the award renamed the “H-B-Shizzle”. Whatever. The nominees were:

1. Brock Lesnar (seriously?)
2. C.M. Punk
3. Big Show
4. Daniel Bryan
5. Randy Orton
6. John Cena

Sin Cara came out for a rematch against Alberto Del Rio. The “New” Sin Cara is so much better than the original. I hate to disrespect the 1st Sin Cara but the former Hunico is doing so much better under the mask.

The WWE put up a quick IN Memory of…Nelson Mandela. He was a great man that did a lot of good for a whole lot of people. Rest in Peace.

Shawn announced the Superstar of the Year:

Daniel Bryan!

HBK didn’t look comfortable making the announcement. JBL and Cole considered this as a major upset. Daniel stared daggers at his former coach and trainer. HBK didn’t want to let the statue go. HBK quickly walked away. Daniel thanked Shawn for the “H-B-Shizzle” Award. He did say that it was Shawn that made it possible to be in the WWE. He also reminded everyone that it was Shawn who kept him from being WWE champ. Daniel cheered for the Seahawks. (Well, he just lost major points with me).

Sin Cara vs Alberto Del Rio

Raw looked at the upset victory, from last week, when Sin Cara defeated Alberto Del Rio. If you haven’t been over to my Shanny/Year End Awards, I’ll do a little spoiler…that match took Upset of the Year. Del Rio cut a promo, in Spanish. Basically, he said Sin Cara was nothing and tonight he would defeat Sin Cara and embarrass him.

Sin Cara toe into Del Rio, from the opening bell. Del Rio with a Back Kick. Crossbody and punches by Sin Cara. ADR rolled to the apron. ADR with a Snap Suplex. Sin avoided the Superkick and took down ADR. Sin with punches that sent ADR to the floor. Dropkick sent ADR off the apron. Sin with a Top Con Hilo to drop ADR. Sin with kicks and then a toss back into the ring. Sin with wild kicks and punches. Del Rio with the Step Up Enziguri and a kick to the back. Del Rio flew off the middle ropes but missed. Sin stomped away and went to the top. Del Rio rolled out of the ring. Raw took a break.

Del Rio with a Rear Chin Lock. Del Rio took the advantage, during the break. Del Rio started to fight back but ADR with wild Headbutts. Back Elbow by Sin and a Missile Dropkick. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by ADR to get a 2. ADR pushed Sin Cara out of the ring. ADR threw Sin into the Barricade. Del Rio slid back in the ring and waited. Snap Mare into another Rear Chin Lock by Del Rio. Del Rio began to fight free. Springboard Sunset Flip by Sin but ADR rolled through and nailed a Dropkick.

ADR missed a Corner Charge. Sin Cara with the Tornado DDT. Sin Cara with a Head Scissors. Backspring Elbow by Sin Cara for a two count. Flying Arm Bar by Del Rio. Sin Cara with an Olympic Slam on Del Rio. Sin Cara went up top and got caught. Del Rio with more Headbutts. Sin Cara fought back and hit the Rolling Powerbomb, off the ropes. Swanton!

Your Winner: Sin Cara!
Raw Ranking: 3.5

The Prime Time Players came out to award the Fan Participation Slammy. Darren Young and Titus O’Neil were slightly miffed that they weren’t included in the nominations. They gave themselves “Honorable Mention”. The actual nominees were:

1. Fandango-ing (Fandango)
2. Yes! Yes! Yes! (Daniel Bryan)
3. Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks (John Cena0
4. What’s Up! (R-Truth)

And the Winner is…Daniel Bryan! Yes! Daniel wasn’t sure what to say…except “Yes!” He got the chant going, big time.

Brodus Clay vs Xavier Woods

Tons of Funk and the Funkadactyls danced down to the ring. Raw went to break before the action got started.

Xavier charged and hit a Running Dropkick. Kip Up and Corner Punches. Corner Slash and Corner Mount Punches by Xavier. Brodus with a wicked Powerbomb. Clay flew off the middle ropes and hit a Jurassic Splash.

Your Winner: Brodus Clay
Raw Ranking: 1.0

After the match, Clay continued to attack Xavier. Both R-Truth and Tensai did what they could to keep Clay back. Clay yelled that it was time for him to be a Main Event Player.

The Miz came out to present Insult of the Year. The nominees were:

1. A.J. Lee insulting the Divas Division
2. Zeb Colter bad mouths the World
3. Paul Heyman talks trash about C.M. Punk
4. Stephanie McMahon bashes Big Show, verbally

After all the votes were tallied, the winner of Insult of the Year was…Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie came out to a ruthless round of boos. She held up the award high and proud. Stephanie said what she did was give out a compliment to show what is Best for Business. Huh? Whatever.

C.M. Punk vs Dean Ambrose
Non-Title Match (when WAS the last time that Dean defended the US title?)

Dean told Seth and Roman that he had this. Collar and Elbow and Punk with the Arm Breaker into the Hammerlock. Punk ran the shoulder into the corner and then yanked on the arm. Shoulder Tackle into a Seated Hammerlock. Dean reversed into a Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Dean but Punk with a Half Camel Clutch Arm Bar. Punk stomped at Dean’s knees. Flying Arm Bar into Shooting the Half for two. Arm Bar by Punk. Dean with shots to Punk’s ribs and skull.

Hammerlock, by Punk, to take Dean to the canvas. Punk rolled Dean over to try an pin him. He only got a two. Knee Strikes by Punk. Punk sent to the corner with a Reversed Whip. Punk went for a Crossbody but Dena got a knee up into the ribs. 2 count. Dean stomped on the ribs and hit a Muta Powerdrive Elbow. 1-2-no. Headbutt by Dean. Thrusts by Dean into a Laces Rub. Dean twisted Pun in the ropes. Kneelifts and a Corner Rush by Dean. Shoulder Thrust into he damaged ribs of Punk. Dean clubbed Punk’s back and then pulled back on the neck. Punk tried to fight out of the Rear Chin Lock by Dean with a Kneelift and Running Shoulder Thrust, in the corner. Whip by Dean into another Running Shoulder Thrust. Dean with another Whip and charge to the corner. Punk dodged him and Dean crashed into the ring post. Punk wanted the Go To Sleep but Dean escaped. Punk was having a hard time with his ribs. Tope Suicida by Punk. Punk put his head on a swivel to watch for Roman and Seth. Raw went to break.

Dean had Punk in a Rear Chin Lock with Arm Extender. Punk used Headbutts to get free. Dean blocked a Side Suplex and clamped on the Kokina Clutch. Punk broke the legs apart and then spun into the move. Back Drop Suplex by Punk. Knife Edge Chops and Forearms by Punk. Dean held the ropes to avoid a Dropkick, after a Whip. Knee Strikes by Dean. Punk avoided the Short Arm Clothesline and hit the Rolling Neckbreaker. Punk and Dean threw huge bombs, back and forth. Leg Lariat and Double Sledges by Punk. Elevator Knee by Punk into the Short Arm Clothesline. Punk climbed up top and nailed the Savage Elbow! 2 count.

Punk went for the Go To Sleep but Dean with a Butterfly Suplex as a counter. 2 count, yet again. Dean was showing a lot of signs of frustration. Dean put Punk on the turnbuckles and went for the Double Underhook. Punk fought out and then hit the top rope Crossbody> Dean rolled through and almost got the pin. Crescent Kick by Punk for a two. “This is Awesome!” rose in intensity. Kitchen Sink by Dean. Punk was tossed out to the floor. Seth and Roman stalked Punk but didn’t do a thing to him. Dean was a bit upset that he had the ref distracted and Roman and Seth didn’t do a thing. He berated them for their inactivity. Roman and Seth just walked away.

Punk rolled up Dean for a two. Dean escaped the GTS. Punk avoided the Worst Case Scenario. Punk then finished off Dean with the GTS. After the match, Roman Speared Punk.

Your Winner: C.M. Punk
Raw Ranking: 4.25

Raw then profiled the World nad WWE titles. It showed various people from the generations that held the titles. Just about every top superstar to hold the belt were showcased. Flair, Race, Rhodes, Rogers, Sammartino, etc… all had their time in the spotlight of this segment. I consider myself a historian of wrestling and I love this kind of stuff. Told my family that the one thing I really waned for Christmas was the new 50 Years of WWE Blu-Ray. Smile.

Time for another Slammy Award. It was time for Extreme Moment of the Year. Jerry joked about “Kicking the bucket” on live tv. They brought out the Hardcore Icon…Mick Foley.Foley with his Foley Pop! He joked that Daniel Bryan should leave his cheap pops alone. The nominees were:

1. The Shield destroy The Undertaker.
2. Ryback sends John Cena through a light wall.
3. C.M. Punk annihilated Paul Heyman on top of the Hell in a Cell structure.
4. The Wyatt Family kidnap Kane after a Ring of Fire Match

The Wyatts were already out as the winner was announced. Extreme Moment went to…

C.M. Punk destroying Paul Heyman. Punk cautiously came out to get his award. Foley gently hugged the hurt Punk. Punk kept looking over his shoulder for a sneak attack. Punk felt a little odd for accepting an award without wearing pants. Punk pushed his match against The Shield, at TLC. Punk was clutching his ribs during the entire acceptance speech.
Jimmy and Jey Uso vs Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

Erick was rocked from all sides by shots and Dropkicks. Rowan ended up on the floor. The twins flew out of the ring and took out Harper and Rowan. Break time.

Luke was in the ring with a Rear Chin Lock on one of the Usos. It was hard to tell which one, due to Uso being curled up. It turned out to be Jey, according to Cole. Luke laid out Uso with a Hard Forearm. 2 count. Rowan tagged in as Harper stomped on an ankle. Scoop Slam by Rowan. Slider Clothesline to the back of Jey’s neck. Rowan caught Uso and launched Jey with a massive Fallaway Slam. Rowan missed a Corner Splash. Jimmy and Luke tagged in. Samoan Drop by Uso. Rikishi Run to the corner. 1-2-not yet.

Luke dropped Jimmy onto the ropes. Luke locked Jimmy in the ropes and slapped away. Luke blasted Jey but Jimmy with the Rollup and Thrust Kick. Jimmy went to the top and hit the Superfly Splash. Rowan made the save but got Low Bridged. Rowan took out Jey. Like nailed his Mega Clothesline to Jimmy and scored the pin. I haven’t seen a Clothesline like that since JBL and Stan Hansen.

Your Winners: Luke Harper and Eric Rowan
Raw Ranking: 2.25

It was time for Match of the Year. Booker T and Jerry Lawler talked about how difficult this choice was going to be. The presenter for this prestigious award was Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

Bret looked better than I’ve seen him in many years. He looked like he could climb right in the ring and go. Bret talked about what a great match can do for a show. Bret said Match of the Year was the award that he cherished the most.

The nominees for Match of the Year are:

1. Undertaker vs C.M. Punk (Wrestlemania)
2. Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs The Shield (Battleground)
3. HHH vs Brock Lesnar (Extreme Rules, Steel Cage Match)
4. The Rock vs John Cena (Wrestlemania)

Natalya came out and hugged her uncle, Bret, as she made her way to the ring. She would fight, next.

Bret announced the winner of Match of the Year: John Cena vs The Rock. It was a good match but not my choice for Match of the Year. That went to Ring of Honor.

Cena came out to a chorus of boos. Cena joked about how deafening it was in the arena. Cena highly praised The Rock for their stellar match. Cena thanked the fans for voting for his and Rock’s match.

Natalya vs Tamina Snuka

Snuka threw Nattie around and sent her to the ropes. Flying Elbow dropped the third generation star. Whip by Snuka. Nattie collapsed, in the corner. Running Knee by Snuka and a Rikishi Rush. Knee Strikes by Snuka. Tamina choked Nattie on the middle rope and then whipped Nattie to the corner. Tamina missed a Corner Splash. Nattie with the Discus Clothesline. Snuka lifted Nattie up and spun her, accidentally, into A.J.. Nattie then trapped Snuka in the Sharpshooter. Tap out.

Your Winner: Natalya
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Triple H and Stephanie came out for the final segment…

The Championship Ascension Ceremony.

In the ring were:

1. Rey Mysterio
2. Great Khali
3. The Miz
4. Jack Swagger
5. Christian
6. Bret Hart
7. Shawn Michaels
8. Big Show
9. Daniel Bryan
10. Mick Foley
11. Mark Henry
12. Dolph Ziggler
13. Alberto Del Rio
14. Kane
15. Booker T
16. HHH (of course)
17. C.M. Punk

JBL stayed at the Announce Table (making it 18 past champions)

Stephanie turned things over to her hubby, Triple H. HHH started talking but got drowned out by the “Daniel Bryan” chant. He tried to talk over it but failed, big time. Mark Henry raised Daniel’s hand, which got the “Yes!” chant going. JBL and Michael Cole were loving it. The Authority…not so much. After the chants finally settled down, HHH chalked it up to a big Daniel Bryan family. HHH talked about how the unification would happen. HHH said the winner, on Sunday, would be the “Champion of Champions”. HHH and Stephanie then brought out Randy Orton and then John Cena. That brought the total number of WWE/World Champions around ringside to an even 20!

After Cena and Orton took their time getting to the ring, it was time to get down to business. HHH asked both men to surrender their individual title belts. The “Daniel Bryan” chant started again. Cena shook Daniel’s hand. The ref secured the belts to the suspension unit. Randy then started discussing how John Cena wasn’t as ruthless and aggressive as he once claimed to be. Randy reminded Cena that he accused Orton of being lazy. “Boring!” rose to a crescendo as Randy continued to ramble. Randy said Cena wanted to be the “Face of the WWE”. Randy taunted Cena by saying John was going to lose the most important match in WWE history. Randy then crowd about how great he is. He discussed shortening Mick Foley’s career and life. He then focused on Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. Randy then turned back to Cena and said he was going to take it all away from John, at TLC.

Cena finally got the chance to speak. Cena took a minute to praise Daniel Bryan, which went over big with the Washingtonians. Cena asked Daniel to tell everyone his name and where he was from. Mega Foley Pop for Aberdeen, Washington. Cena asked Daniel if any of his family were in wrestling. Nope. Daniel said he did have to work for everything he got. Cena then went off on Orton for being handed everything on a silver platter. He told Randy that he has been bullet-proof since day one. John said Randy was hiding behind HHH and Stephanie. John talked about Randy’s behavior issues, inside and outside the ring. He also felt Randy was selfish. John said if Randy gets the belt then he would finally reach the point he should have reached…10 years ago. Ouch. John said the others around him did respect him, even if they didn’t like him. John showed major respect to Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan. John said if he wins, on Sunday, he wanted a fair rematch against Daniel Bryan. John told Randy that he can be just as brutal as The Viper. John promised to be at his very best at TLC. He hoped Randy would bring all he had, because he didn’t want to hear any more Orton Excuses. The two men shook hands but it broke down into one Hell of a fight. All the others got involved. Randy shoved Punk, who blasted Randy. HHH then attacked HHH. Punk stood back up and blasted HHH. Shawn Michaels with Sweet Chin Music to Punk. Daniel Bryan with the Dragon’s Tooth Knee to Shawn. Randy went to attack Daniel but he pushed Randy away. Randy crashed into Stephanie. HHH lost it and Pedigree’d Randy Orton! Kane, John Cena and HHH checked on Stephanie as the Slammys drew to a close.


–Jay Shannon

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