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TNA IMPACT Wrestling Wrestlers of the Week 12.5.13
By Neil Borenstein

Each week here at, I will select three of the top wrestlers from TNA’s IMPACT Wrestling and present them to you in inverse order as the show’s Wrestlers of the Week. In choosing the show’s top three superstars, performances from that week’s IMPACT Wrestling and any relevant preceding programming – such as Pay-Per-Views – will be taken into consideration.

TNA IMPACT Wrestling Wrestlers of the Week for December 5, 2013

3. Magnus — for being the beneficiary of Bobby Roode’s help to beat Kurt Angle and earn a match against Jeff Hardy in the World Heavyweight Title tournament:

Magnus’ road to the semifinals of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship tournament was not an easy one. He had to win a battle royal to first earn a spot in the tournament, and then he had to go through Samoa Joe at Turning Point in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Things would get a lot more difficult for the prodigy, though, when he battled Kurt Angle in a Last Man Standing Match on this week’s IMPACT Wrestling, with a shot at advancing to the finals on the line.

This bout served as the show’s main event, and it was easy to figure Angle as the favorite considering his vast experience advantage. Plus, he seemed just a little more determined. But there was plenty of respect and admiration for what Magnus brought to the table, and it wasn’t a match the Olympic Gold Medalist was prepared to take lightly.

Unfortunately for Angle, it wasn’t Magnus he needed to worry about exactly.

The referee was taken out of the equation when, after answering the 10 count, Angle sidestepped a charge from Magnus and he nailed the ref instead. Angle was then able to hit the Angle Slam on Magnus, and he screamed for the referee to get back up to make the count. As that occurred, Bobby Roode, who lost in his semifinals encounter against Jeff Hardy earlier in the evening, attacked Angle from behind with a forearm shot to the back of the neck and put him down with a fireman’s carry slam. Roode then got the referee up, and he proceeded to make the 10 count. Magnus just managed to get to his feet at nine, while Angle remained down on the mat to surrender the match.

Magnus’ victory can’t exactly be considered well earned, but he did have an intense face-to-face with Hardy after the bout when the Charismatic Enigma prevented Roode from doing further damage to Angle. The two will square off in two weeks at Final Resolution, and they should be able to put on an entertaining match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

2. Gail Kim—for beating another open challenge opponent, Laura Dennis, with relative ease:

Gail Kim’s open challenge to any female wrestler outside of TNA is destined to net her several wins. While there is going to come a point where a competitor capable of taking her answers the challenge, she’s sure to be in for a few weeks of facing relatively easy competition.

Kim was shown during the broadcast in a previously recorded video alongside celebrity chef husband Robert Irvine, and they lambasted the level competition coming Kim’s way during this invitational period. This week’s sacrificial lamb, Laura Dennis, wouldn’t exactly put the Knockouts Champion to the test.

Kim made pretty easy work of Dennis, taunting her along the way. Dennis’ only real high moment in this match was when she strung together some forearms, a closeline and shoulder block to get a two count on Kim. But when she went to splash Kim into the corner, Kim nailed her with a boot to the face and finished the bout off with an Eat Defeat.

After the match, Kim added insult to injury by delivering another Eat Defeat. But when Lei’D Tapa tried to dish out further punishment, ODB ran out for the save.

Regardless of what goes down between ODB and Tapa, Kim once again proved her point and continues racking up the wins without having to dish out a Knockouts Title match to the opposition.

1. Jeff Hardy — for kicking Bobby Roode through a table to advance into the finals of the World Heavyweight Title tournament:

The two big matches on this week’s IMPACT Wrestling were the semifinals bouts in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament. While Kurt Angle and Magnus were slated to do their thing in the main event, the in-ring action opened with a Tables Match between Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode.

Things got heated right off the bat on the broadcast when those four combatants traded barbs, and Hardy had the last word in that exchange. He also had the last word in his match against Roode.

All one had to do was put his opponent through a table, and it’s an area that Hardy has had plenty of experience with during his tenure in the profession. He found himself in great position to put Roode through a table when a bit of a struggle to hit a suplex evolved in the corner.

With a table set up near the corner and Roode seated on the top turnbuckle, Hardy climbed up and looked to suplex Roode off the top. Roode blocked, though, and delivered a few fists to the midsection. Roode then lifted Hardy up for a suplex, but he simply crotched him across the top rope.

Hardy fell to the mat and Roode dropped to the apron. When both men got to their feet, Roode grabbed Hardy from over the rope and hoped to hit a suplex onto a waiting table right on the floor. Instead, Hardy kneed Roode on the head once he was lifted and hit an enziguri kick to send Roode sailing right through that table.

That seemed a bit surprising at the time, since a Roode vs. Angle finals appeared to be in the cards. But Hardy took away any chance of that and moved on for a finals matchup that he later learned would be against Magnus at Final Resolution.

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