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C.M. Punk came out to the OKC (Oklahoma City) crowd. He got an awesome pop from the local Sooners. Raw looked at how Punk was ambushed by The Shield, after the Wyatts kidnapped Daniel Bryan. Punk ended up on the wrong end of the Sword of Justice Triple Powerbomb. Punk said he has been trying to figure out, for a whole week, what was up with The Shield. He finally figured it out. Punk said he knew that they attacked him because he criticized Triple H. Punk said he was fighting denial of the situation. Punk said he preferred it inside his own little universe. Punk couldn’t believe HHH was “that dense” to pick a fight with him. Punk really went off on The Authority, even calling them D-Bags (edited out of the broadcast).

That brought out Stephanie McMahon. She hoped that everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Stephanie talked about how HHH founded D-X, one of the biggest proponents of Free Speech. Stephanie said she and HHH have matured, but Punk hasn’t. Stephanie explained that The Authority were upset at the attack by The Shield. Stephanie brought up the contract signing for the Unification Match. Stephanie then introduced Punk to the Director of Operations…Kane.

Kane looked so odd in a suit and tie. “You Sold Out!” rose from the crowd. Kane started rambling tons of legalese to say that The Authority had nothing to do with the attack by The Shield. Punk called Kane “The Big Red *ss-Kisser”. Punk warned Kane not to patronize him. Kane told Punk not to go down the path. Punk challenged Kane to come to the ring and get knocked or be put to sleep. Stephanie prevented Kane from getting in the ring.

The Shield’s music went off and Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose came through the crowd. Punk found himself a steel chair to try and offset the numbers advantage. Stephanie told everyone to stop. Stephanie told The Shield to respect and admire Punk. Stephanie walked to the back as Kane announced that, at TLC, Punk would face all three members of The Shield, in a Handicap Match. Jeez.

The Authority said, by social media, that after TLC, one man would walk out with both belts. The fans were going to get to choose what the new unified champ would be called.

1. The Unified Champion
2. The Undisputed WWE Champion
3. The Undisputed World Champion
Next week is the Slammys. I’ll also be posting MY Year End Awards on Monday (working on them now).

Damien Sandow was in the ring, complaining. He and Dolph Ziggler were about to square off. The winner gets a shot at Big E. Langston’s Intercontinental Championship, at TLC. Big E was at the announce desk to scout his future opponent.

Damien Sandow vs Dolph Ziggler
Number One Contender to the I-C Title Match

Big E was thrilled to hold the Intercontinental title. Damien with kicks and a punch. Dolph with a School Boy and Dropkick. 2 count. Damien reversed a Whip. Universal into a Flying Clothesline. Damien pushed off the Sleeper and hit the floor. Dolph came out and got dropped onto the ring steps. Damien rolled Dolph back in and got a two count. Damien then worked over the head and back of the Show Off. Knee Strikes into the Side Russian Leg Sweep. Elbow of Distain by Damien for another two count. Front Drop Slam by Damien but he missed a Moonsault. Flying Tornado DDT by Sandow. Damien missed a Corner Rush but Dolph didn’t. Corner Mount Punches by Dolph. Funk Neckbreaker by Dolph to get a two.

Damien blocked the Famouser but Dolph converted into the Sunset Flip. Damien went for the Spinning Neckbreaker but Dolph moved out of the way and hit the Famouser. Dolph went up the ropes but Damien hit the ropes. “You’re Welcome” (Full Nelson Bubba Bomb).

Your Winner: Damien Sandow
Raw Ranking: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Raw looked back at last week’s 14 Diva Battle Royal. It was a bit silly and not all that impressive, as wrestling matches go. Maybe this week will better.

A.J. Lee, Tamina Snuka and Summer Rae vs Natalya, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella
Six-Diva Tag Team Match

A.J. spent most of the match just skipping around the ring. Tamina and Nikki opened up the contest. Tamina with a push, which was answered by Nikki. Nikki with a slap. Nikki with a Crucifix Backslide, for two. Tag to Brie. Missile Dropkick. Running Knee Strike by Brie. Tamina dropped Brie onto the top turnbuckle. “A.J.’s Crazy” rose from the crowd. Headbutts by Tamina to rock Brie. Tag to Summer.

Summer choked Brie on the ropes. Butt Bump and shimmy by Summer. Tag back to Tamina. Tamina stomped away and then choked Brie. Summer tagged back in and choked Brie. Brie with a huge shot. Summer with a horrible Reverse Sunset Flip thing that looked sloppy as Hell. Summer with a variation of the X-Factor. She missed an Elbow Drop and Natalya got the tag. Huge Clothesline but Nattie hit the turnbuckles on the charge. A.J. finally decided to get in the ring. She got a huge pop. Nattie went almost immediately for the Sharpshooter. Tamina broke it up. Mosh Pit! Natalya rolled up A.J. for the win.

Your Winners: Natalya and the Bella Twins
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Wade Barrett…now calling himself “Bad News” Barrett…did an announcement, basically trashing Oklahoma. The only “Real” Bad News was also the man who was the Original Ultimate Warrior…Allen Coage (PKA Bad News Allen/Bad News Brown)…may he Rest in Peace.

In the back, Randy Orton ordered Brad Maddox, the GM of Raw, to go find The Authority and tell them that he demanded to be recognized as the greatest wrestler of all generations. Cocky? Arrogant? Ya Think? Orton even said he was bigger than the WWE, itself.

Daniel Bryan made his way to the ring. He was kidnapped, last week, but apparently left unharmed.

Daniel Bryan vs Erick Rowan

Erick stalked Daniel and pushed him ot the corner. Daniel dodged the big man. Daniel with a kick and got on his bicycle. Shoulder Tackle by Erick. Headbutt by Rowan. Daniel tried to hurt Erick with kicks but they had little effect. Daniel cinched in a Sleeper, while riding Erick’s back. Erick flipped Daniel off. Daniel was offered inclusion in the Wyatt Family. Daniel kicked away and then tried to lock in the Yes Lock. Rowan shoved Daniel off. Scoop Slam by Rowan.

Rowan punched away and lifted Daniel. Bryan escaped and Dropkicked the knee. He then kicked at the thigh. Daniel tried, again, to apply the Yes Lock. Rowan got to the ropes to avoid it. Rowan pitched Daniel out of the ring. Daniel slid back in and hit a Baseball Slide and the flew over the ropes. Rowan caught the Flying Goat and spun him into the barricade. Break time.

Neck Crimp by Rowan. Luke Harper watched the madness. Rowan with a Scoop Slam. Rowan Missiled the back of Daniel. Gut Wrench into a Flying Bear Hug. Daniel Elbowed his way free but took a huge Clothesline to the face. Bray Wyatt wants to convert Daniel into a “Monster”. Rowan threw Daniel into the ring steps. Erick brought Daniel back into the ring and tried for a pin. He got a two. Drop Toe Hold by Daniel sent Erick into the corner. Hesitation Dropkick by Daniel but a 2nd one failed. Erick dropped Daniel, hard, and then kicked Bryan in the face, multiple times. Rowan with a Chin Pull. Rowan stood on Daniel’s face. Daniel wih wild kicks but Rowan with a Fallaway Slam. Corner Splash by Rowan. 2 count.

Rear Chin Lock by Rowan. Daniel powered up to his feet and punched the ribs of Rowan. Inverted Scoop Buster by Rowan. Rowan missed a Splash. Low Bridge by Rowan. Daniel took out Harper and then hit a Suicide Dive on Rowan. Daniel with a Missile Dropkick and Kip Up, when they got back in the ring. Wild kicks by Daniel. Daniel avoided a Powerbomb and kicked Rowan. Rowan came back with a Big Boot, as Daniel was on the top rope. Daniel slid out of a Gorilla Press Slam and Rolled Up Rowan for the win.

Your Winner: Daniel Bryan
Raw Ranking: 3.25

Bray Wyattt came on the Tron and told his boys to “Stand Down”. He promised Daniel that Erick and Luke would not hurt him. Bray said he was wrong about Daniel. Bray played major mind games saying “They” would never understand him. Bray went all Manson-ish on him to try and brainwash him into destroying “The Machine”

After the break, Kane talked with his old partner, Daniel Bryan. Kane told Daniel that he would be in a Handicap Match, against all three Wyatts, at TLC. I’m getting so bored with Handicap Matches.

R-Truth and Xavier Woods vs Tons of Funk (Brodus Clay and Tensai)

Brodus is grumpy that Xavier “stole” his music and girls. Brodus felt Xavier was feeding off the pros. Brodus shoved Xavier, in the locker room. So, Clay goes heel? Tons of Funk came out and danced. I noticed Clay has his own look, not a match to Tensai. Clay even seemed a bit jealous of his partner.

Clay and Woods to start. Xavier with kicks and chops but Clay didn’t sell. Dropkick by Woods. Clay came back with a hard Scoop Slam and punch. Tag to Tensai. Pull in Shoulder Block. Woods came back with hard boxing shots and a Jawbreaker. Tag to Truth. Truth used his speed over Tensai’s power. Corner Mount Punches by Truth. Truth with some dancing and a European Uppercut. Shoulder Tackle by Tensai. Slingshot to send Truth up into the ropes. Tag to Clay. Clay with his own little shimmy and then started pounding on Truth. Truth started to fight back. Clay with an Ox Baker-like Heart Punch. Clay clubbed away at Truth. Truth with a couple of kicks and a Flying Leg Lariat. Tag to Woods. Low Dropkick ot Clay’s knees. Flying Forearm on Clay. Woods with rapid punches. Honor Roll by Woods but Clay kicked out. Woods knocked Tensai off the apron. Clutch Fallaway Slam by Clay. Corner Splash by Clay. Clay then climbed the ropes and flew. He missed and Woods used a La Magistral Cradle to pin Clay.

Clay was irate at his partner but nothing came of it…yet.

Your Winners: R-Truth and Xavier Woods
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Sin Cara (version II) vs Alberto Del Rio

No, this is not the man who used to be Mistico, in Mexico. It is the same guy (Hunico) that played Dark Cara, some time back. Not sure why he’s doing Sin Cara now. This version of Cara has a huge tattoo on his shoulder. Alberto came out and trash talked Sin Cara. He berated Sin Cara and said he would call immigration (La Migra) and have Sin Cara deported.

Side Headlock by Sin Cara. ADR took Cara to the corner and kicked and punched away. Arm Drag by Cara. Cara with hard kicks and a Arm Drag after an Old School Rope Walk. JBL threw out respect to Oklahoma Announcing Legend, Boyd Pierce. I grew up listening to him and he actually influenced my announcing style. Cara with a Moonsault, off the apron, to take down Del Rio. Cara kicked away at ADR.

Back in the ring, Del Rio with a Thrust Kick. ADR pitched Cara into the ring barricade. Jerry Lawler asked if Del Rio ever thought about wearing a mask. JBL said Del Rio wouldn’t wear one. Well, in Mexico, Del Rio worked, under a mask, as Dos Caras, Jr., El Dorado, and El Hijo de Dos Caras.

Del Rio rolled Cara in the ring and tried for a pin. When he didn’t get it, Del Rio applied a Rear Chin Lock. Del Rio threw Cara to the canvas. Del Rio with a hard kick. Double Stomp by Del Rio. 1-2-no. ADR went back to the Rear Chin Lock. Cara fought back but a knee stopped him. Whip by Del Rio but Cara with the Flying Head Scissors. Del Rio flipped Cara to the apron but took an Enziguri to the face. Flying Headbutt by Cara. Del Rio pushed Cara away but Cara with the Crossbody. German Suplex by ADR but Cara kicked out at two. Del Rio with repeated Headbutts.

Del Rio called for the Cross Armbreaker. Cara escaped and hit a Back Elbow. Del Rio missed the Step Up Enziguri. Swanton by Sin Cara. 1-2-3! Seriously?

Your Winners; Sin Cara
Raw Ranking: 3.5

Renee Young talked with John Cena. Renee asked about the upcoming Unification Match. Cena said it was all about tradition. He threw out respect to both Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan with imitations of them. Cena said there is only one WWE, so there should only be one top champion (Amen!). Cena said holding that unified title would mean everything to him.

The Shield talked about how any one of the three of them could destroy Punk. A 3-on-1 would be a Walk in the Park.

Goldust and Cody Rhodes and Big Show vs The Shield (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins)
Six-Man Tag Team Match

Big Show was cleared for competition. He did not have a concussion, after all.

Dean started the fight by facing Big Show. Dean looked nervous as Hell. Go Behind by Dean. Show with a Side Headlock Takeover. Headbutt by Show into an Elbow Drop. Open Hand Slap to the bare chest of Dean. Whip by Show. Show yelled at his other opponents and then hit another Headbutt and Open Hand Slap. Even Cody and Goldy cringed at that one. That so reminds me of the Chop Initiation that some wrestling schools force their students to endure. Fortunately, a pacemaker and chest scar kept me from suffering that (Unnecessary) barbaric crap. JBL said Show wasn’t being fair to Dean. Dean retreated to his corner and tagged to Seth. Seth with a few kicks but Show dropped Seth with a Shoulder Block. Scoop Slam by Show. Elbow Drop by Show. Show threw Seth into his corner. Roman took the tag and the crowd came alive.

Roman shoved Show and got kicked and clubbed for his efforts. Show ran Roman into the corner. He ripped open Roman’s vest and hit an Open Hand Slap to Reigns. Jeez. Roman tried to slap Show but it backfired. Roman went to the eyes and tagged to Dean. Dean kicked away. Dean got caught on the top rope and Rocket Launchered across the ring. Arm Wringer and tag to Goldust. Goldy with a couple of hard shots and he then ran Dean to the corner. Snap Mare into a Kneedrop to the arm. Cody took the tag and tried to pin the US champ. Tag to Seth.

Hip Toss by Cody. Stall Front Drop Suplex by Cody. Tag to Goldy. Dust with punch. Seth sent Dust to the ropes. Universal into a kick by Dust. Dust got a two after a kick. Armbreaker by Dust. Cody tagged back in and punched away at Seth. Elbow Smash by Cody. Whip into a Back Body Drop by Cody. 2 count, again. Seth began to fight free and shoved Cody into the Shield Corner. Knife Edge Chops by Seth. Tag to Dean. Cody brought Dean in and kicked Roman off the apron. Moonsault by Cody. 2 count. Dean escaped CrossRhoes. Dean ran Cody’s hand into the ring post. Dean yanked on Cody’s arm to injure the arm and elbow. Raw went to commercial break.

Seth worked over Cody’s arm as the show returned. Cody with a Jawbreaker but Seth laid out Cody. Tag to Dean. Dean stomped at Cody’s mid-section. Crossface by Dean and tag to Roman. Arm Bar by Roman. Roman with a punch to counter the Disaster Kick. Roman with a Jumping Stomp. Tag to Seth. Seth threw Cody into the corner. Running Forearm Smash by Seth. Cody began to try and fight back. Seth dropped Cody. Seth missed a Corner Splash. Cody was so far from his corner. Tag to Dean. Cody snapped Dean’s neck on the top rope. Double Dropkick to Dean and Seth.

Roman tagged in but missed an Elbow Drop. Tag to Show. Running Clotheslines by Show. Back Body Drop to launch Roman. Dean with the Low Bridge on the Giant One. Roman screamed at Show to stay down. Show got back in the ring, at 8. Roman with several hard stomps. Seth took the tag, as Punk watched (in the back). Flying Knee by Seth. Seth with Big Boots to keep Show off his fame. Show pushed out, easily. Dean to the tag and stomped away on Show.

Dean talked trash and got popped by Show. Roman took the tag and punched Show. Front Face Lock by Roman. Show pushed out but took a Forearm to the face. 2 count. Dean with a sloppy Power Drive Elbow Drop to Show. (He ain’t no Great Muta). Show pushed out of a Rear Chin Lock. Tag to Roman. Goozle into a Chokeslam, by Show. Tag to Dust. Clotheslines on Sth, who had also tagged in. Goldusting Uppercut and Inverted Atomic Drop. Big Boot by Dust. Corner Mount Punches but Seth escaped. Hurancanrana from Dust into a Spinebuster. Really? It broke down into total chaos. Snap Powerslam, by Dust, onto Seth. Roman Speared Show, on the outside. Cody flew off the top but seemed to really hurt his arm, on the landing. Dust and Dean fought on the top. Goldust with a Superplex to Dean. Rollins barely avoided being caught under the landing. Seth quickly rolled up the stunned Goldust to take the win. Nice ending..

Your Winners: The Shield (Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns)
Raw Ranking: 3.5

Raw looked back at an old John Cena vs Randy Orton match.

Renee chatted with C.M. Punk She wanted his reaction to finding out that he would be fighting all three members of The Shield. Punk got all kinds of sarcastic about the situation. He even started singing “I feel pretty”. He’s got a decent singing voice. Punk then got serious and said he knew he was going down. The only thing he wasn’t sure of was how many of The Shield has was taking with him.

Sigh. Bad News Barrett was back. He rambled on about Thanksgiving. Shut the Hell up, you annoying weasel.

Miz and Kofi were ready for one last chance to straighten things out. They were set to face Ryback and Curtis Axel, next.

Ryback and Curtis Axel vs Kofi Kingston and The Miz

Axel with a Go Behind. Standing Switch. Axel with Knife Edge Chop and slap in the corner. Whip by Axel. Float Over and Clothesline by Miz. Tag to Kofi. Snap Mare by Miz. Running Kick by Kofi. Tag to Miz. Ax Bomber by Miz. Axel reversed a Whip but Missed a Dropkick. Axel fought out of the Figure Four. Axel blasted Miz in the back of the head. Corner Kick and tag to Big Hungry. Ryback. Corner Slash by Ruback as the crowd chanted Goldberg. Big Splash by Ryback. Miz fought back with punches and kicks but Ryback was so much stronger. Stall Suplex by Ryback. 1-2-no. Seated Bear Hug by Ryback. Huge “You Can’t Wrestle!” chant to Ryback. Ryback stood on Miz’s face. Ryback threw Miz into the corner. Axel with the tag and a hard shot. Dropkick by Axel. Ryback tagged right back in and Snap Mared Miz. Back Kick to Miz’s face. 2 count. Miz tried to fight back but Ryback cinched in a Bear Hug. Miz made it to the corner. Kofi took the fight to Ryback. Ryback laid out Miz. To Rope Crossbody, by Kofi, for two. Corner Lock by Kofi. Kofi flew over to layout Axel. Ryback with an Apron Clothesline to Kofi. Shell Shocked!

Your Winners: Ryback and Curtis Axel
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Call the Ryback/Axel team “Young and Hungry”. Miz slapped Kofi, after the match.

Los Matadores and El Torito did the WWE Shop segment.

Fandango (w/Summer Rae) vs Mark Henry

I really like Mark’s new look. Some people can pull off the bald look, others can’t. Mark’s head is perfectly shaped for the hairless style.

Mark pushed Fandango away and then ordered him to come and face him. Fandango did his little dance and ended up getting Scoop Slammed. Clothesline by Mark. Mark danced at Summer. Fandango’s ambush fell flat. Mark popped Fandango and then Whipped Fandango across the ring. Dance moves by Mark. Whip and Corner Splash attempt. Fandango dodged it and smacked Mark, over and over. Low Dropkick to Mark’s knee. Seated DDT by Fandango, for two. Fandango went to the top rope and flew. Mark caught him but lost his balance. Fandango punched away but got Stone Walled, twice and then planted with the World’s Strongest Slam!

Your Winner: Mark Henry
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Mark flirted with Summer, who was having no part of it.

Michael Cole noticed JBL’s new cowboy hat. Titus O’Neil, on Smackdown, hurled into JBL’s old Stetson. Titus had been in an eating competition. After that, he was put in a match with Antonio Cesaro. A Cesaro Swing helped Titus to “Un-Eat” all the turkey and fixings. He barfed on Zeb, as well. Titus then dumped the nasty contacts of JBL’s hat onto Cole. Yuck.

Titus O’Neil and Darren Young vs Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro (w/Zeb Colter)

Zeb wasn’t happy to be in Oklahoma. Zeb complained about being thrown up on. Zeb called the team, in the ring, the Prime Time Pukers.

Titus started against Jack. Collar and Elbow and they went to the corner. Knee Shots by Jack. He threw hard punches, as well. Float Over and Corner Splash by Titus. Titus also took out Antonio. Big Boot by Titus, to Swagger. Fallaway Slam by Titus. Jack with Double Boots to Titus’ face. Tag to Antonio. Cesaro with punches and kicks. Titus was thrown out of the ring. Tag to Jack. Running Clothesline, on the floor. Jack rolled Titus in and got a 2 count. Front Face Lock by Jack. Titus inched towards his corner. Titus was taken back to the enemy corner. Antonio snapped Titus’ neck over the top rope. Swagger Bomb and Cesaro with the Leap Frog Double Stomp. European Uppercut battle between the two men. Gut Wrench Throw by Antonio. Tag to Jack. Double Whip into Double Back Elbows on Titus.

Antonio tagged back in and hit a Textbook Suplex. Rear Chin Lock by Antonio. Titus got to his feet and threw Antonio across the ring. Antonio got ready for the Cesaro Swing. Jack even said not to spin Titus around. Cesaro Swing. JBL hid his hat. Zeb got on the apron and asked Antonio to stop. He talked about he hirling on Friday. Titus looked ready to blow chunks. It was a fun way to get to the corner. Tag to Darren. Clothesline into the Double Butterfly Throw. Running Clothesline and Bridging Northern Lights Suplex. 2 count. Jack rushed the ring and got put down with the Snap Powerslam. Back Elbow by Darren. Antonio with a European Uppercut to Darren, as Young flew off the ropes.

Your Winners: The Real Americans (Swagger and Cesaro)
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Jerry Lawler revealed what the winner of the Unification Match would be called. Unified Champion won with 38% of the vote. The other choices got 31% each. I don’t care what he is called, I just want ONE top champion.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H came down for the contract signing for the Unification Match at TLC. The Authority swears that there will be ONE champion, after TLC. I don’t buy it. HHH talked about how monumental this match would be. This match is going to be so similar to the Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon Ladder Match from all those years ago. HHH and Stephanie said there would be a unified champion. Stephanie then brought out Randy Orton and John Cena.

HHH talked about all the great men who held the WWE and World titles. Of course, Stephanie made a point of reminding everyone that HHH has held both belts. I smell a HHH vs Randy Orton battle at Wrestlemania. I’m just saying…

HHH said the WWE had to be certain that the two men involved in this epic battle were worthy. HHH was certain this match would cement the legacy of one of the two men. HHH had Randy Orton sign the contract, first. He then handed it to Cena, who almost tore it out of HHH’s hand to sign it. Both men were given time to talk. Randy went first. Randy agreed that the biggest names have held the belts. He said he was better than all of them, including HHH. Randy reminded The Authority that they chose him as the Face. Randy said he was the only one capable of taking down Cena. Randy swore he would have both titles. Cena then took over an introduced himself to Randy. Randy did a little history lesson about their past relationship as foes. Randy hinted that he was going to hurt Cena, big time. Cena got tired of Randy’s ramblings and told him to shut up. Cena said he turned HHH’s dream, of making Randy a star, into a nightmare. Cena said Randy never was able to reach his full potential. Cena said Randy got cocky, then adopted a bad attitude and finally got lazy. Cena let Randy know he was the first to arrive and the last to leave. Cena cut one of his better promos on Randy. Cena said Randy would have to earn anything he got from John. Cena said Randy was pushing his buttons. Cena told Randy to leave or make a move. Cena said he was ready to go TLC on Randy. John told Randy exactly what he planned to do to The Viper. John told Randy to Step Up or Step Aside. All Hell broke loose. John and Randy went to the outside. John ran a ladder into Randy and then punched away. Randy with several Headbuts before sending Cena into the ring post. Randy tore apart the announce desk. Cena cracked another ladder into Randy. Cena cracked Randy, in the ribs and across the back, with a steel chair. Cena drove the chair into Randy’s ribs, again. John bounced Randy’s face off the ring steps and then pitched him into the ring. Randy shoved a ladder into Cena. Randy got his own chair and waffled Cena’s back. He then drove the chair into Cena’s chest and throat. Orton cleared out some of the debris, in the ring. Orton set up a table, mid-ring. Randy grinned but Cena threw Randy through a table that was propped in the corner. Dang. Cena wasn’t quite done. Cena with the Attitude Adjustment, which sent Randy through a second table. John picked up both title belts and held them high. HHH and Stephanie watched from the ramp.


–Jay Shannon

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