Posted November 25th, 2013 by Bill Apter

This is a story about a 7 year old boy, Gavin Pierson. He lives in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN) with his Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother. A year and a half ago he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Gavin went through many surgeries and nothing seemed to be working for him. His diagnosis wasn’t good. There was a drug that his doctor wanted to use on him to try to shrink the tumor, however, the drug had never been used on children and it was a while before they could get the Pfizer Company to approve using it on him.

Finally, it was approved and it did shrink the tumor enough that he could finally have laser surgery to bust up the tumor. Gavin has named his tumor “Joe Bully.” He had surgery a little while back and has been doing fantastic. He has even been back in school full time.

Last week, Gavin got sick and was rushed to the hospital to find out he now has a blood clot on his brain. It is very serious, but he is doing better and may go home tomorrow. You ask why are we putting this on a wrestling site? Gavin is a huge wrestling fan and his favorite wrestler is John Cena.

John found out earlier in the year about Gavin and made a phone call to him. Can you imagine how excited that little boy was? John also sent him many autographed items from him.

This past Saturday, Gavin was supposed to meet John Cena, one of his big dreams, but since he was hospitalized he just couldn’t make the trip. Gavin is one of the sweetest little boys that I have ever met.

John Cena didn’t waste any time getting the championship belt to our little buddy, Gavin Pierson… … what a championship belt to have…Gavin is so happy!

He is so kind hearted and loves everyone. Gavin has never given up. So I need not say more, just watch the video! After watching this video to read about Gavin’s last year and a half you will want to go to his website. He is amazing!


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  1. By Darla, posted

    Thank you so much, Bill for posting about our friend, Gavin. He is the most amazing little 7 year old boy I have ever met. He has been so brave and continues to be one brave little champion. And kudos to John Cena for everything he has done for Gavin!!

  2. By sal "rough cuts" lasardo, posted

    very touching story …god Bless this child not many adults can go through this and he is one brave little man …glad to see cena keep his word … you can not fault him as a person outside of the squared circle, he has done more than any other professional athlete out there … i think people just have a problem with the character of cena as it has become stale in the ring but turning him heel is not going to help the wwe in what happens outside the ring … he is today what hogan was in the 80′s … he is today’s version of immortal … wish we see more professionals do what john does …make dreams come true …

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