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TNA IMPACT Wrestling Turning Point Wrestlers of the Week 11.21.13
By Neil Borenstein

Each week here at 1wrestling.com, I will select three of the top wrestlers from TNA’s IMPACT Wrestling and present them to you in inverse order as the show’s Wrestlers of the Week. In choosing the show’s top three superstars, performances from that week’s IMPACT Wrestling and any relevant preceding programming – such as Pay-Per-Views – will be taken into consideration.

TNA IMPACT Wrestling Turning Point Wrestlers of the Week for November 21, 2013

3. Magnus — for advancing in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament with a Falls Count Anywhere victory over Samoa Joe:

Magnus may not exactly be the favorite in the field of former champions for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship tournament, but he’s hard to count out completely. Not only has he done well in competitions, such as the Bound for Glory Series, but his newfound arrogance has actually served him well in getting into this tournament in the first place.

His first-round matchup would come on this week’s Turning Point edition of IMPACT Wrestling, and it would be against former tag team and Main Event Mafia partner, Samoa Joe. To make matters more interesting, they went at it in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

The aggressive Joe, who received a lecture for his tone when addressing Dixie Carter last week, wanted to take it out of the ring right off the bat by challenging Magnus to fight in the back. That overzealous attitude and desire to go outside the ring inevitably did Joe in against Magnus.

While on the floor in the ringside area, Magnus pulled a steel chair from underneath the ring and wedged it between the turnbuckles, facing outside the ring. When Magnus went at Joe, some reversals took place and a rear naked choke ended up being applied by the Samoan Submission Machine. Manus broke the hold after several seconds by backing Joe into the ring apron.

Magnus stumbled right near the ring post where he wedged the steel chair, as Joe moved some in the other direction. Joe charged at Mangus, only to be sidestepped and sent crashing head-first right into that steel chair. Mangus then covered up right there on the floor to collect the pinfall and move ahead in the World Heavyweight Title tournament.

Magnus now moves on to face Kurt Angle, who still seems focused on a finals matchup against Bobby Roode. It will be tough, and Magnus will need to bring his A-game if he hopes to get past the Olympic Gold Medalist.

2. Bobby Roode — for digging into his bag of tricks to hurt James Storm to the point that his tag team partner, Gunner, threw in the towel on his behalf:

Bobby Roode has proven time and time against that he will take any measure necessary when it comes to winning or defending the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Not only does he have his sights set on that prize, but he is also hoping for a match in the finals against Kurt Angle, who he watched pretty closely move along in the bracket after submitting Austin Aries with a crossface — Roode’s own move.

Roode figured he would try and get a head start on his first-round matchup by attacking James Storm in a bar the night before. It worked for the night and seemed that maybe Roode erased any advantage The Tennessee Cowboy might have in their bout being a Texas Bullrope Match. All it did, however, was serve to enrage Storm, who interrupted Dixie Carter at the top of the evening to make some demands.

Storm wanted the stipulation of his match vs. Roode to be changed to a Florida Deathmatch. Carter was resistant at first, but under the threat of involving police over the whole bar incident — and after Storm asker her “nicely,” she made the decision to allow Storm’s stipulation to stand.

All that stipulation ended up doing, though, was allow Roode to utilize the same strategy that initially won him the World Heavyweight Title from Storm — he smashed a beer bottle over Storm’s head. Storm got up just ahead of the 10 count and Roode put him back down to the mat with a closeline. As Storm made the slow crawl to get back up by nine, Roode put a couple of chairs into the ring and opened them up side-by-side. Roode then grabbed Storm, lifted him onto his shoulders and drove Storm right through the chairs.

Storm remained resilient and got back to his feet again, which prompted Roode to grab a crutch and beat him with it. Roode then got to thinking and pulled out a barbed wire board from under the ring. He moved it into the ring and lifted Storm onto his shoulders again. With every intention of putting Storm into the barbed wire, Roode was stopped just short when Gunner ran down to the ring and threw in the towel, giving over the win on Storm’s behalf to Roode.

Storm was annoyed at his tag team partner over that move, but it could easily be argued that it only saved him from the inevitable anyway. Roode had Storm pretty well beaten and it would have taken perhaps a gutsier effort than even Storm can put up to pull out the win at that point.

Roode rightfully advances, and that highly anticipated finals matchup with Angle remains a possibility. And in anticipation of that bout, Roode and Angle will head teams next week on IMPACT Wrestling that will face each other in eight-man elimination tag competition.

1. Mr. Anderson — for beating Bully Ray in a No Disqualification contest to officially disband Aces and Eights:

Mr. Anderson waited a long time to get the opportunity he received at Turning Point. Ever since being put on the shelf by Bully Ray, Anderson has had his sights set on getting back, garnering some revenge over Ray and completely disbanding Aces and Eights once and for all.

In this main event, there were major consequences for both competitors. Should Anderson win, he would achieve that goal of splitting up Aces and Eights for good. If Ray were to win, though, Anderson would have to leave TNA.

Prior to the match, a few TNA superstars hit the ramp to get a closer view, and probably to also make sure there were no shenanigans. With Aces and Eights, though, shenanigans are almost a certainty. Fortunately for Anderson, they backfired on Ray on this occasion.

First, Anderson took Knux out of the equation when he piledrived him on the floor outside the ring, pulling off his kutte afterward.

Ray nailed Anderson from behind as he held the vest over his head, and then sent his opponent back into the ring. Once in there, Anderson stopped Ray from hitting a move off the second turnbuckle and delivered a flipping senton. Anderson tried to follow with a Mic Check, but Ray blocked it and speared him through a table set up in the corner of the ring.

They were both affected by the move, but Ray hit his feet sooner and dragged Anderson to the center of the ring. He then covered, only to get a two count. Ray signaled for Brooke to get something, and she came back with a hammer that Taz handed over to her at the announce table. Brooke tossed it into the ring, but she overthrew Ray and the hammer was caught by Anderson instead. Anderson took advantage by drilling Ray in the head with it, following with a Mic Check and covering up to get the pinfall.

Anderson collected Ray’s kutte after the bell and the guys on the ramp took Taz’. As a sign of the official end of Aces and Eights, Anderson closed out Turning Point holding the Aces and Eights kuttes over his head in victory. Mission accomplished.

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