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Welcome to Turning Point. Yes, TNA has taken another PPV and made into two weeks worth of the weekly show. The final two opening round matches of the World Tournament would go down. Plus, Gail Kim’s Open Challenge would be answered, again. Add to that, Bully Ray vs Mr. (Ken) Anderson in an Aces and Eights vs Career Match. If Bully wins, Ken has to retire from TNA, for good. If Ken wins, Aces and Eights has to disband. Be sure to cinch up the seat belts, this is going to be one wild ride.

Taz and Tenay opened the show with footage of an attack on James Storm, by Bobby Roode. Roode jumped Storm at a local bar in Orlando.

A promo for the Tournament ran.

I still think Jeff Hardy is going to win this so they can dig that ugly Power Rangers belt out of mothballs.

The promo moved on to Bully Ray vs Ken Anderson. “There will be an end…but for who?”

Dixie walked up and chatted with Samoa Joe. Dixie talked about watching herself, over and over, to make herself the best. Dixie told Joe that his tone was unacceptable, last week. She threatened to throw Joe out of the company, if he ever talked to her like he did, last week, again. Dixie told Joe to keep prepping, as the fans wanted to see her first. Not everyone wants to see her. One of my best friends, Scooter, sent me a text that simply said “please shut this b**** up”. I don’t know that I would call her that, myself, but I do agree with the shut up sentiment.

There were tons of A.J. Styles hand signs around the crowd. Dixie got wildly booed by the Orlando crowd. Dixie bragged about being in Sports Illustrated. Dixie then had to discuss A.J. Styles. Dixie whined about Styles being “Mean” to her. Seriously? What is she, like 13? She complained that Styles took her “intellectual property” and toured the world with it. Dixie started talking about suing Styles but was cut off by…

James Storm. Storm had the bull rope and beer in hand. Storm traded the beer for a microphone. “Cowboy” rang out. Storm said the bull rope just wasn’t enough. Storm wanted to add more “Toys” to the mix. Storm demanded a “Florida Deathmatch” against Bobby Roode. Dixie said she wouldn’t change the match. Storm said the police gave Storm the option of having Bobby arrested but he declined. He warned Dixie that if she didn’t sanction the Florida Deathmatch, he’d call the cops and have Bobby arrested. Dixie quickly lost control of the situation. Storm told Dixie that TNA was about what the fans want, not what Dixie wanted. Storm sweetly asked Dixie to give the fans the Florida Deathmatch so he could make the cops go away. Dixie said she would do it if he got rid of the po-po.

Magnus vs Samoa Joe
World Title Tournament Match, Falls Count Anywhere Rules

Joe didn’t come out. He ordered Magnus to come to the back, where he was to fight. Impact went to break while Magnus headed to the back, to fight.

The two former Main Event Mafia members were out in the parking lot. Joe ran Magnus into a wall after Joe and Magnus went wild on each other. The two ended up back in the arena. Magnus got a two after an Elbow Drop. Magnus choked Joe with his boot. Kneelift by Magnus. Joe with stinging punches. Magnus rocked Joe with a Forearm. Magnus raked Joe’s back but Joe shrugged it off and punched away. Magnus threw Joe into the ring. Joe reversed a Whip but ate a boot. Inverted Atomic Drop and Big Boot. Joe missed the Backsplash Senton. Joe came back with the Snap Powerslam.

Joe got planted with the MagnuSlam. 2 count. Snap Suplex by Magnus. Magnus climbed the ropes but got caught. Magnus fought out of the Superplex. Jumping Knee by Magnus to send Joe off the ropes. Savage Elbow! Joe kicked out at two. Joe was sucking wind, big time. Magnus tried for the Cloverleaf but Joe kicked out. One Arm Uranage by Joe, in the corner. Magnus rolled out to the floor. Joe with the Suicide Dive/Clothesline.

Magnus slammed Joe’s face into the ring apron. Magnus then went looking under the ring to find something. He found a steel chair and wedged it between the middle and bottom rope. European Uppercut by Magnus. Joe reversed a Whip into a version of his Kokina Clutch. Joe didn’t wrap the legs. Magnus ran Joe’s back into the apron. Joe charged at Magnus and ended up striking the chair, still between the ropes. Joe knocked himself out and Magnus picked the bones.

Your Winner: Magnus
Impact Score: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Backstage, Joseph Park talked about facing his brother, Abyss. This should be interesting…or maybe not.

Kaz and Daniels came out to the ring. Kaz said Bad Influence were their for the fans’ viewing pleasure. Kaz said they wanted to be there to watch Josep Park battle Abyss. Kaz said they were going to watch this match.

Joseph Park vs Abyss
Special Challenge Match

Park came out first and got in the ring. Park wanted the microphone. Park addressed Bad influence, telling them to sit down and shut the Hell up. Park said he has been looking for his brother for a year and a half. Park said he wanted to quell all the wild rumors, plus prove he wasn’t a loser. Park then asked for Abyss to be introduced. Man, Christy Hemme looked Incredible in a slinky black dress. Abyss’ music then hit but The Monster didn’t show up. (Big Surprise). Kaz mocked the fact that Abyss didn’t’ show up. Daniels told Park that he wasn’t a man. Daniels accused Park of being a loser and a failure. Daniels was ready to have Park hit him. Kaz dumped blood all over Park. He had a Carrie moment as he stared at the two members of Bad Influence. Daniels ordered park to bring out the Abyss in him. Daniels really ripped into Park, ordering him out of the ring. Park stepped out of the ring and walked to the back.

Your Winner: No Match
Impact Score: N/A

Gail Kim Open Challenge, Week 2

Gail had Lei’d Tapa at her side as she called for someone to face her.

Gail Kim vs Candace LaRea

Candace went wild on Gail with hard shots. Short Arm Clothesline. Kim with a Short Arm Clothesline and Running Dropkick, in the corner. 2 count. Gail with a Forearm and kick. Candace with a Twisting Hurancanrana and modified Sunset Flip for a two. Candace looked somewhat lost, at times. Candace missed a Corner Splash. The two exchanged shots and Gail nailed a Powerbomb. Eat Da Feet!

Your Winner: Gail Kim
Impact Score: .5 (very sloppy match)

There are a lot of great women, out West, that should get a shot: Buggy Nova, Vikki Vanity, Lucky O’Shea, Crystal (from Sacramento), Andrea the (Lady) Giant, and others.

James Storm was looking for “Toys” in the back, for his upcoming match.

A promo piece ran about A.J. Styles’ tour of Japan.

After that, Jeremy Borash interviewed Ken Anderson. Ken said this would not be his final match in TNA. Ken was certain that Aces and Eights were done, after tonight.

Gunner came up to chat with James Storm. Gunner tried to explain that Storm didn’t need the weapons to beat Bobby. Storm said he wanted these weapons. Gunner said he would have Storm’s back. A history lesson video about the Bobby Roode vs James Storm feud aired. Roode “stole” the World Title from Storm, thanks to a beer bottle shot.

“Cowboy” James Storm vs “It Factor” Bobby Roode
World Title Tournament Match, Florida Deathmatch Rules

Storm was waiting and attacked Bobby with a kendo stick. Roode was still wearing his Greg Valentine-like robe. The robe helped lessen the pain, but not by much. Storm punched away at Storm. Seeing this reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves” – Confucius

Storm battled Roode, on the floor. Clothesline by Storm. This is basically a Last Man Standing Match…with weapons. Roode pushed Storm into the ring post. Storm was busted open and Roode tried to take full advantage. Storm reversed a Whip and sent Roode flying up and over the ring steps. Storm threw trash cans full of weapons into the ring. Storm then blasted Roode with a crutch. Storm sent Roode into the corner. Bobby flipped Storm over the ropes but took an Enziguri. Storm got back in the ring but got waffled by a cookie sheet. Bobby then attacked Storm with the crutch, including choking Storm with it. Bobby with measured punches to the face. Bobby went back to the crutch for more damage. Storm reversed a Whip and popped Bobby in the chops. Bobby put the trash can against Bobby’s crotch and used a kendo stick to Baseball Swing the can into Bobby’s nethers.

Storm walloped Bobby with the cookie sheet. Storm tried for an Inverted Tornado DDT but had to settle for the Flying Sunset Flip. Roode rolled through and use a Slingshot to send Storm into the corner. Storm put on the brakes to avoid hitting a trash can that was wedged in the corner. Storm threw the can at Bobby but only got a partial hit. Storm then picked up the other can and cracked Bobby in the face with it. The ref started to count but Roode got to his feet. Storm went for the Eye of the Storm but Bobby escaped and used the Double R Spinebuster to send Storm into the trash can. Bobby and Storm exchange trash can lid shots. Both men dropped like stones. The ref started his count.

Both got up but Storm nailed the Last Call Superkick. Roode was stunned, big time. Roode rolled out of the ring and went under the ring. Bobby got a beer bottle and cracked Storm in the face with it. Déjà vu for the “Cowboy”. Storm came alive at the last second. Roode with a Running Clothesline. Bobby went to get a steel chair. He set up a pair of the chairs and lifted Storm for a variation of the Attitude Adjustment, through the chairs. Storm refused to stay down. Bobby screamed “Die, you son of a b*tch”. Roode left the ring to find…a board covered in barbed wire.

Roode dragged Storm over and started to hit the Attitude Adjustment onto the barbed wire bed. Gunner ran down and threw in the towel.

Your Winner (by proxy surrender): Bobby Roode
Impact Score: 4.25

There is going to be some major problems arise from this one, count on it.

After the break, Storm confirmed what I expected. Storm had a serious meltdown. Gunner tried to talk sense to his partner but Storm was so upset about losing his chance at the World Title. Storm told Gunner to get away form hi. Gunner said he was just looking out for Storm and his career. Storm stomped up the ramp and Gunner followed him. This is far from over, I’m sure.

So, the Semis are set. It will be Roode vs Hardy and Angle vs Magnus. Everyone thinks it will be Angle vs Roode in the finals. I’m thinking the exact opposite…Magnus vs Hardy. We’ll see.

Christy Hemme talked with Sam Shaw. They looked around his place as he said he wanted to be known as Samuel Shaw, now. Ok. Shaw is an artist. He’s pretty good. After the interview, Samuel asked out Christy. She accepted and gave him a hug. Obsession?

In the back, Ethan Carter III ran into his recent competitors. Ethan said he wanted to end this with a “Jumping the Shark” moment. Ethan mocked Dewey and Norv, calling them losers and nerds.

Jeremy Borash then talked with Bully Ray, or wanted to. Knux told JB to take off. Brooke then took over and asked Bully what he had in store for Ken Anderson. Bully said Ken was ungrateful. Bully reached out to Ken when TNA turned their back on him. Bully brought Ken back and now he would be the one to take him out, with a Piledriver through the stage. Bully mentioned taking care of Ken’s pregnant wife.

As I write this, early on Friday morning, I just learned that Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon has died. He was a wonderful man who was highly admired by those that were blessed to know him. He is now reunited with his beloved sister, Vivian, and niece, Luna. Look out Heaven, there’s a “Mad Dog” in your midst. Rest in Peace.

Kurt Angle discussed Magnus. Kurt felt Magnus was a big threat. Someone came up and told Kurt that Dixie needed to see him…now!

Ethan Carter III vs Shark Boy

Sweet! Taz laughed at the thought of Sharky facing E-C-3. Ethan dropped Sharky with a hard punch. Sharky came back with several hard punches. Whip by Sharky but Ethan held the ropes and then slid out of the ring. Sharky chased Ethan around. Ethan tried for the sneak attack but missed. Atomic Drop band Corner Mount Punches by Sharky. Ethan blocked the Deep Sea Stunner and threw Sharky down. 1%er on Sharky.

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III
Impact Score: .75

Ethan did his typical “The World Needs Carters” spiel.

TNA looked at Ken Anderson’s relationship with Aces and Eights.

Kurt was in Dixie’s office. So was Bobby Roode. Bobby wanted to know why the Hell Kurt was there. Dixie came in and told them that next week was Thanksgiving and she decided to put together a special edition of Impact. She set up an 8-Man Elimination Tag Team match. Darn, I thought Dixie was going to shuffle the deck and have Kurt and Bobby battle in the Semis.

Bully Ray vs Ken Anderson
Club vs Career, No-Disqualification Match

Ken had new ring gear, this week. Jeremy Borash came in to do the official announcement. Several TNA guys came out on the ramp (Daniels, Kazarian, Gunner, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Pat Kenney and Magnus). Bully Ray screamed at them.

Ken didn’t even wait for his introduction before hitting a Spear on Bully Ray. JB got laid out, as well. Ken with a pair of Low Blows. Ray rolled out of the ring and Brooke checked on her guy. Ken came out and Ray used Brooke as his shield. Ray threw Brooke into Ken and then clocked Kn. Ray clubbed the back of Ken’s neck and slammed Ken’s face into the ring steps, several times. Ray with measured punches as Ray still showed the effect of the Low Blows. Ray found a table and slid it into the ring. Impact took a break.

Ray Suplexed Ken into the ring. Scoop Slam, by Ray, attempt failed and Ken and Ray threw bombs at each other. Ray with a Big Boot. Ray ripped Ken’s shirt off and Open Hand Slapped the bare chest. Ray screamed at Ken to hit him back. Ken slapped Ray in the face. Corner Splash by Ray. Ray got his chain. Ray whipped Ken’s back, unmercifully. Ray wrapped the chain around his arm and went for a Flying Elbow Drop. Ken missed and Ray’s arm was hurt. Ken got the chain and used it to lash Ray, over and over. Ken twisted the chain around his fist. Ray dodged the chain punch and hit a Uranage, for a two count.

Ray went out and pulled back the mat. Ken blocked the Piledriver and hit aback Body Drop. Ken went for his own Piledriver. Ray shifted his weight to counter. Knux rushed down and attacked ken. Ken threw Knux into the ring steps and then screamed at Brooke. Ken exposed the concrete on another side and hit a Piledriver on Knux. Knux actually hit one of the mats, not the bare floor. Ken ripped off the “Cut”.

Back in the ring, Ken hit the Green Bay Plunge…onto the chain. Ray blocked the Mic Check and Speared Ken through a table that was set in the corner. 1-2-not yet. Brooke ran off and she got the hammer from Taz. She threw it, too hard, and Ken got it. Ken cracked Bully Ray in the face. Mic Check!

Your Winner: Ken Anderson
Impact Score: 4.5

Aces and Eights are done! Taz refused to take off his cut but Kurt and Joe came up to force Taz to remove his vest. Kurt brought Ken Taz’s Cut. Ken held them high in full victory.

Friday, November 22nd, is the 50th anniversary of the death of President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy died a couple years before I was born. To me, November 22nd has a more personal passing memory. Five years ago, my first wife, Linda, died of a massive heart attack. She had been my best friend, my wife, my partner-in-crime, and my entire life. While I’ve been able to move on, thanks to my wonderful second wife, Dianna, I still remember and love Linda aka Lynne. Jetfrog, your little Jade Eagle still flies. Gone but never…ever forgotten.


–Jay Shannon

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