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Crystal Ball: Survivor Series 2013

Jay Shannon draws upon all his predictive powers to try and figure out the winners and losers of an upcoming major wrestling event.

Kofi Kingston vs The Miz
Survivor Series Pre-Show Match


Miz is heading towards a heel turn. He stabbed Kofi in the back during a recent tag team match. To help build Miz’s heelness, I see him taking this one. Most likely, he will do something underhanded either to win the match or right after the win.

Predicted Winner: The Miz
Predicted Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Total Divas (Natalya, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Naomi, Cameron, JoJo and Eva Marie) vs True Divas (A.J. Lee, Kaitlyn, Rosa Mendes, Aksana, Tamina Snuka, Alicia Fox and Summer Rae)

7-on-7 “Traditional” Survivor Series Elimination Match


This will be the worst match of the night. 14 Divas and less than half of them can actually wrestle. For some odd reason, I expect it to come down to A.J. Lee and Eva Marie. Eva is going to get the surprise win. Sadly, Natalya’s slide is going to continue, as she will be the first eliminated. (She deserves so much better).

Predicted Winners: Total Divas
Predicted Ranking: 1.25

Big E. Langston vs Curtis Axel
Intercontinental Championship Rematch


Axel ended his relationship with Paul Heyman and now he has lost the Ivory Strap to Langston. Axel has been seriously off his game for some time and I feel that it will continue on Sunday. This little reality check will eventually lead to an Axel/Heyman reunion.

Predicted Winner: Big E. Langston
Predicted Ranking: 3.0

Goldust, Cody Rhodes, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso and Rey Mysterio vs Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger

Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Match


This is going to be the potential Show Stealer of the night. These 10 men are going to throw everything they have at each other. I think this is going to set up a future Rey Mysterio vs Dean Ambrose, for the US title, match. This one may see Rey as the only survivor, facing 3 or 4 on the other side. He will overcome it all and take out Dean to win it.

Predicted Winners: The Rhodes Brothers, The Usos and Rey Mysterio
Predicted Ranking: 4.0

C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan vs Luke Harper and Erick Rowan (of the Wyatt Family)


For some reason, I’m having a hard time picking the winner in this one. In reality, Punk and Bryan should easily annihilate Harper and Rowan. With Bray Wyatt out there, the pendulum swings a bit towards the other direction. I have a wild thought on this one. Bray keeps talking that “The Devil” made him do it. I’m wondering if said Devil will turn out to be Paul Heyman. If Heyman ends up being associated with the Wyatt Family, then Daniel and Punk are in deep trouble. I’ve also had this nagging feeling that either Punk or Bryan is going to go heel. That’s a long shot. Punk hasn’t been a face that long and it would be counter-productive, from a marketing angle, to turn Bryan. So, who am I going to pick. Think I’m going to wimp out on this one and go with the easy choice.

Predicted Winners: Daniel Bryan and C.M. Punk
Predicted Ranking: 4.0
John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio
World Heavyweight Championship Match


The WWE is really pushing how bad Cena’s arm is. They are also making it appear that Cena rushed his comeback (and maybe he did). I’m thinking Cena is going to hang on to the belt for awhile. He’s in his home town and is currently playing the “Underdog” role. I’m actually thinking Daniel Bryan may end up winning the Royal Rumble and go after Cena at Wrestlemania. With Rey Mysterio returning, Del Rio might switch to going after Rey.

Predicted Winner: John Cena
Predicted Ranking: 4.25

Rnady Orton vs Big Show
WWE Title Match


This is another one that’s tough to call. Having to deal with Big Show as champ would put a king-sized burr under the saddle of The Authority. At the same time, having Randy Orton win could push the feud through several more big shows, up to and including Royal Rumble. Big Show would seem the obvious choice to win, due to his superior size and power. However, when I step back and look at he entire card, I start to think like a booker. (3+ years of making matches will do that for you). Randy draws heat better than Show draws the cheers. Storywise, it make more sense to have Randy keep the belt. The problem is, HHH has already said that Randy would have no help from The Shield or others. Randy now seems more motivated. That motivation could be Randy’s downfall. Over-motivation could lead Randy to be sloppy. The crowd would, of course, love it if Big Show came back from such a down to succeed. I think Big Show might eventually beat Randy for the belt, but not on the first shot. Randy will pull some dirty deeds to keep his belt.

Predicted Winner: Randy Orton
Predicted Ranking: 3.75

In Conclusion:

Survivor Series is going to be an “OK” show. Nothing spectacular, as I read it. I’ll probably pick it up on DVD, down the road. (I have to work during the show, Sunday). Survivor Series is the first stop on the Road to Wrestlemania and I just hope the WWE doesn’t stumble on this Big Step.


–Jay Shannon

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