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Country Superstars, a major debut, a even bigger return, plus the lead-in to Survivor Series.

Raw showed how Randy Orton got Chokeslammed through the announce table. There was a power struggle over who was in charge. John Cena was attacked by Alberto Del Rio.

Welcome to Raw Country. Raw was live from Nashville, TN. Florida Georgia Line would be in house to perform, later. Plus, Big E Langston would challenge Curtis Axel. On top of that, there would be a 12-man tag team match.

HHH and Stephanie, The Authority, made their first appearance of the night. HHH was happy to be back. HHH said last week was an example of how important it was to have himself and his wife in charge. Both of them were extremely disappointed in what happened on last week’s Raw. HHH said all those responsible would face disciplinary actions.

Stephanie was cut off, mid-sentence, by the arrival of Randy Orton. Randy said HHH and Stephanie should take the blame for what went down. He said The Authority didn’t give proper instructions to everyone. Randy reminded The Authority that he was the company’s “best asset”. Randy suggested he might need help to defeat Big Show. HHH ripped into Randy for his disrespect.

Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox came out to learn their fate. Vickie was very timid in her “Excuse Me!”. Brad threw Vickie under the bus and blamed her for everything. HHH didn’t care who was at fault, punishment would be issued to both of them. Stephanie told Brad and Vickie that they would compete in individual matches. Vickie would deal with A.J. Lee and Brad would battle…Randy Orton…now. Brad wasn’t even given the chance to get dressed to fight. HHH then made it a no-DQ match. Brad started to leave but Kane came out to stop his exit. Kane ushered Brad back into position. There was a break before the slaughter…err…match.

Brad Maddox vs Randy Orton
No-Disqualification Match

Brad really didn’t want to get in the ring with Randy. The bell sounded and Brad slid out to the floor. The ref ordered him to get in. Brad tried to talk his way out of the fight and then run away. Brad blasted Randy in the face with a microphone. Brad went after Randy and hit a DDT. 1-2-no. Randy looked at Brad with severe evil in his eyes. Randy pitched Brad out of the ring and then over the announce table. Randy tossed Brad into the ring steps and ripped open his cool purple dress shirt. Barricade-Assisted DDT by Orton. Randy got the microphone that he was struck with and threw it into the ring. Brad was next to go into the ring. Randy pinned Brad and then repeatedly drove the microphone into Brad’s skull. The ref checked on Brad and called the match.

Your Winner (by ref stoppage): Randy Orton
Raw Ranking: 1.25 out of a possible 5

Bret Hart, Booker T and Mick Foley will be part of a Hall of Fame panel during the Pre-Show at Survivor Series.

Brad was carted out on a stretcher and Vickie looked panicked.

Curtis Axel © vs Big E. Langston
Intercontinental Title Match

The Finish:

This battle was off the chain. There were tons of near falls. Langston lifted Axel for the Big Ending but Axel slipped out the back door. Axel tried for a Funk Neckbreaker but Langston pushed free. Langston dropped the straps after hitting a Steam Roller. Big Ending! 1-2-3!

Your Winner (and New Intercontinental Champion): Big E Langston
Raw Ranking: 3.5

Randy Orton talked with The Shield. Randy ordered them to have his back, at Survivor Series. The Shield said if they were to have Randy’s back, he had to have theirs.

Diva Musical Chairs. (Yes, they are seriously wasting time with this.).

Jerry Lawler was the host. “Cruise” was the music for this nonsense. The little contest broke down into a mega-Cat Fight. Yawn.

Your Winner: None
Raw Ranking: 0.1

Big Show vs Ryback

The Finish:

This one was kind of plodding but Ryback showed how massively strong he is by hitting the Meat Hook Clothesline and the Shell Shocked. Big Show survived that one and caught Ryback, out of nowhere, with the Knockout Punch.

Your Winner: Big Show
Raw Ranking: 2.5 (extra points for Ryback lifting Big Show for the Shell Shocked)

Randy Orton came out to stare down Big Show.

In the back, the guys from Florida Georgia Line ran into Heath Slater, Jindar Mahal and Drew McIntyre. The wrestling trio has had another name change. They have gone from 3MB to the Union Jacks to…The Rhinestone Cowboys. Yep, they went there.

The History of the WWE releases on DVD/Blu-Ray this week. Thanks to a ton of extra time at work, I’m planning on heading to the local Wally’s World on Monday to pick it up. Monday, I’m taking Speedy (our cat) to the vet for a minor procedure and I have a ton of time to wait until he is ready to come home.

Randy Orton demanded ice for his hurting ribs. Randy wanted to know where The Shield was, when he needed them. Randy ordered the medic to leave him alone.

Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston and The Miz

The Finish:

Swagger caught Kofi, as Kingston flew off the ropes. Swagger with a Spin Slam. Swagger went for a Clothesline but Kofi rolled up and over Swagger. Kofi with the DDT. Miz refused to tag and dropped off the apron. Jack caught Kofi in the Patriot Lock and Kingston tapped out.

Your Winners: The Real Americans (Swagger and Cesaro)
Raw Ranking: 3.0

In the back, Vickie faked passing out. Vickie played it up that she was out cold.

Stephanie came up as Vickie was being wheeled out. Stephanie ordered the medics to take Vickie to the hospital…after her match. She then told them to take Vickie to the ring.

Vickie Guerrero vs A.J. Lee

Vickie tried everything in her power to get out of the match. Vickie slid out of the ring and tried to suck up to Tamina Snuka. That didn’t help. Vickie then started up the ramp but A.J. came and got her. Lee put Vickie in the ring and clamped on the Black Widow to force the almost instant tap out.

Your Winner: A.J. Lee
Raw Ranking: .25

It was announced that there would be a 7-on-7 Traditional Survivor Series Match, featuring the Divas. It will be the stars of Total Divas vs the other Divas.

In the back, HHH talked with Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow. He set up a Broadway Brawl. What is that? Even HHH didn’t know.

Dabid Otunga is on the cover of Muscle and Fitness.

In the ring, there was a bunch of musical instruments set up. Apparently, this was the basis of the Broadway Brawl…

Dolph Ziggler vs Damien Sandow
Broadway Brawl Match

The Finish:

All kinds of wonderful music instruments gave their all so Damien and Dolph could look silly. Sandow was in control for most of the match. There were tons of Double J references. Sandow went to hit Dolph with a guitar but Dolph moved. Sandow hit the ring post. 2 count. Dolph bashed Sandow with a snare drum and bass drum. Dolph then went all Honky Tonk Man on Sandow with a classic Guitar Shot. Dolph did, however, do the Jarrett Strut before blasting Sandow.

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler
Raw Ranking: 2.0

After the match, Dolph played one of the guitars…even though it wasn’t hooked up to an amp.

Raw went back to Randy Orton’s opening segment rant. Back in the office, Randy asked Stephanie and HHH where they or The Shield were, earlier. Randy wanted to know if they were still confident in him. Stephanie said The Authority needed to think about it.

John Cena talked with Florida Georgia Line and officially welcomed the duo to the show. John Cena was wearing a sling. He would explain…next.

John Cena came out to talk to the crowd. The announcers tried to figure out if the arm injury would cost Cena his World title. They didn’t even know if Cena would be able to compete. Cena thanked the fans for the reception. Cena showed the various attacks on his arm, by Alberto Del Rio, recently. Cena said those attacks put him in a foul mood. Cena wondered if he came back too soon. Cena questioned whether he should be the World Champion…until he began to feed off the crowd. Cena warned Del Rio that Alberto didn’t have a clue who he was about to face. Cena would have his family, in the house, for Survivor Series.

Cena started to leave but Alberto Del Rio showed up. Del Rio mocked Cena’s speech. Cena told Del Rio that he was going to make Del Rio tap out on Sunday. Del Rio taunted Cena to hold up the title belt, with his bad arm. Cena promised to be ready, by Sunday. Del Rio wanted to take advantage of Cena’s situation. Del Rio looked ready to vulture Cena. Cena then tore off the sling and threw Del Rio up and over the top rope. The arm injury was a ploy. Del Rio was screaming some seriously bad words in Spanish. Apparently, the censors are not bilingual.

Rhinestone Cowboys (formerly known as 3MB) vs R-Truth and Xavier Woods

Woods is the former “Consequences” Austin Creed of TNA. Truth did his rap thing and then introduced Woods. Glad to see the kid final get called up. Truth and Mahal started the match. Hammerlcok into a Side Headlock by Truth. Truth with his little sshimmy. Tag to Woods. Wicked Dropkick by Woods. Jinday reversed a Whip into a Universal. Woods with a Hurancanrana. Drew McIntyre to the tag and then got tagged. Drew threw Woods into the corner and tore into him. Tag to Jindar. Double Slingshot Suplex. 2 count. Tag to Drew. Drew with a hard kick to the head and then went to a vicious Arm Bar. Woods fought out, partially, but a Knee Strike stopped him. Woods got to the corner and tagged out. Jumping Enziguri and Front Drop Suplex by Truth. Heath Slater got up on the apron but Woods pulled him down. Truth Stunner by Truth. Woods with the Honor Roll (Rolling Thunder-like move into a Flying Clothesline) into Lost in the Woods (Eat da Feet).

Your Winners: R-Truth and Xavier Woods
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Woods and Truth danced, after the match.

In the back, Stephanie and HHH said that they Did have faith in Randy Orton as the “Face of the WWE”. They explained to Orton that there would be no Shield or help from The Authority, at Survivor Series. Randy said he would show them confidence.

A Wrestlemania Promo ran. Tickets went on sale, this past week-end. I’d love to go to Mania but I will likely be here, watching it from home. That’s ok, too.

Florida Georgia Line performed “Round Here.” Good song but this IS wrestling. I love it that he drummer was wearing a C.M> Punk shirt.

Daniel Bryan, C.M. Punk, Goldust, Cody Rhodes, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso vs Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

12-Man Tag Team Match

It was announced that there would be a 5-on-5 Elimination Tag Match, at Survivor Series. It will be Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns joining forces with Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro. They will face The Usos, The Rhodes Brothers and a Mystery Partner. Hmm….

The Wyatts and The Shield tried to talk strategy. Dean and Jimmy started the match. Collar and Elbow and Dean with a Kneelift. Shoulder Tackle by Dean. Jimmy with an explosive Clothesline and Scoop Slam, Jey took the tag but Dean went to Roman for a tag. Roman threw Jey into the ropes but Jey came back with wild shots. Roman with a kick and punches. Roman ran Jey into the corner. Jey shrugged off a Headbutt and took him to the corner so Cody could tag in. Cody quickly tagged his brother, Goldust. Goldustin Uppercut. Seth got the tag. Goldy reversed a Whip and hit a Back Body Drop and another Goldustin Uppercut. Inverted Atomic Drop and Big Boot by Goldy. Tag to Jey. Side Thrust Kick by Jey.

Seth got a hard Elbow that sent Jey to the floor. Luke Harper tagged in. Seth got up in Luke’s face about tagging in. The Wyatts and Shield argued as Raw took a break.

Goldust had Seth across the top turnbuckle Goldy punched away and then kicked Seth. 2 count. Hammerlock by Goldust. Cody tagged himself in and blasted Seth. Cody with hard shots and kicks, in the corner. Seth reversed a Whip. Spinning Float Over by Cody. Seth threw Cody into the corner. Dean tagged back in and slammed Cody’s face into the canvas. Roman tagged back in and choked Cody on the middle rope. Roman yanked Cody’s arm and then tagged in Seth. Elbow Drop by Seth. Shinu Numaki by Seth. Seth threw Cody down, hard.

Roman tagged back in and Cody was Double Teamed. Cody exploded with punches but Roman stopped him cold. Goozle nad Headbutt by Roman. Tag to Dean. Dean kicked Cody in the back and hti a Short Arm Clothesline. 2 count. Dean stomped Cody’s hand and then choked him. Dean punched away and did the Hammer Throw to Cody. Snap Suplex by Dean, for two. Tag to Seth. The Wyatts are being totally shadowed out. Cody began to fight back with Headbutts. Seht with a kick. Cody blocked a Suplex and hit a Front Drop Suplex to Seth. Luke took a tag. That set Seth off. Luke blasted Goldust. Cody with the Disaster Kick to Luke.

Daniel Bryan got tagged in. Missile Dropkick to Luke. Daniel with wild kicks. Luke pushed Daniel into the corner. Drop Toe Hold into Hesitation Dropkick. Daniel took out She with a bizarre Back Suplex. Luke with a Running Powerbomb. Tag to Bray. Elbow Drops by the former Husky Harris.

Bray taunted his own partners but then tagged to Roman. Roman clubbed Daniel’s chest. Roman with a hard punch and tag to Dean. Dean punched away and tagged to Erick. Eric with a Forearm Shot and Mega Scoop Slam. Neck Wrench by Erick. Erick rocked Daniel with a Rolling Back Elbow. Tag to Dean. Den with a kick to Daniel’s chest. Dean with a modified Surfboard but Daniel got free. Kitchen Sink by Dean but Daniel hit one of his own. Daniel crawled towards his corner. All the Wyatts and Shield members rushed in and attacked. Break time.

Erick was brutalizing Daniel but he tagged to Roman. Front Face Lock by Roman. Daniel tried to fight loose and managed to plant Roman with the Lawn Dart DDT. Tag to C.M. Punk and Dean Ambrose. Punk took out Harper, on the apron. Punk went a Neckbreaker/DDT Combo on Dean and Seth. Damn. Elebator Knees to Seth and Dean. . Both Shield members were hit with Short Arm Clothesliens. Punk with the Savage Elbow to Dean. Punk called for the GTS. Bray came in to stop the move. Punk took out Bray with a Crescent Kick. Harper and Rowan saved Dean from the Anaconda Vise. The Usos came in and sent the Wyatts to the outside. Double Suicide Dives. Dean fought out of another GTS and hit the Worst Possible Situation (1%er). Goldust made the save. Roman then Speared Goldy. Cody with the CrossRhodes to Roman. Seth then took out Cody with a Corner Bomb. Daniel and Punk with a Hart Attack on Seth. Rolling Neckbreaker converted into the GTS to Dean.

Your Winners: The Usos, The Rhodes Brothers, C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan
Raw Ranking: 4.25

The Real Americans rushed the ring to attack Daniel and Punk.

Suddenly…REY MYSTERIO returned. Rey took out Cesaro and Rowan. Rey with the 619 to Harper and Swagger. Punk with the GTS to Harper. Daniel with the Flying Knee to Harper. Sweet!


–Jay Shannon

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