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Mr. Anderson started his campaign to destroy Aces and Eights. Plus, Kurt Angle faced Austin Aries in a Submission Match, as part of the World Title Tournament.

Austin Aries was walking into the building, as the show opened. Kurt arrived, as well. From that, a recap of how this whole tournament got set up and going. Chris Sabin and Jeff Hardy had a brutal Full Metal Mayhem match, last week. Jeff Hardy survived that insanity and moved on. In addition, Gail started her Open Challenge. I guess this is supposed to replace the Gut Check thing.

The remaining members of Aces and Eights strolled out to the ring. Brooke bounced her rather round butt. They came around and Taz hugged Bully Ray. Ray taunted Mike Tenay for buying the deception, last week, when Aces and Eights seemed to fall apart. The three guys and Brooke got in the ring. Ray said he was the “Puppet Master” that played the crowds. Ray said Aces and Eights was about Quality, not Quantity. Ray felt he no longer had to be the World Champion to be the center of attention. Ray then turned his talk to Ken Anderson. Ray accepted Ken’s challenge for a No-DQ match on November 22nd. Ray warned Ken that he was going to Piledrive Ken through the stage.

That brought out Ken Anderson. Ken mocked Ray’s threat about the Piledriver. Ken said everyone was sick of Aces and Eights. Ken was ready to finish off Aces and Eights, next week. Ken wanted to sweeten the pot, in the match against Bully Ray. Ken talked about his wife being pregnant with twins (congrats). He offered that if he couldn’t beat Bully Ray, he’d go home and just be a dad. Bully said he would like to Piledrive Ken’s pregnant wife. Jerk. Ray thought Ken was crazy to risk his career. Ken admitted he was crazy. He blasted Ray and hopped the ropes. Bischoff and Knux attacked as Ray went for a chair. Ken got free and took out all three guys. Ray hid behind his girl. Ken told the crowd he was feeling kinda frisky. He wanted either Knux or Bischoff, right now.

Ken Anderson vs Knux

Once the decision was made, Ken started kicking and punching away. Corner Mount Punches by Ken. Ken nailed a Clothesline but Knux didn’t go down. Flying Crossbody by Knux. Knux choked Ken on the middle ropes and then hit the Leg Lariat, in the ropes. Knux with hard punches and a Hammer Throw. Double Sledges to Ken’s neck. Ken then ended up on the floor.

Knux rammed Ken’s face into the ring steps. Elbow Drop by Knux, on the floor. Knux rolled back into the ring as Ken tried to catch his breath. Knux went to Suplex Ken into the ring and held him aloft for a few extra seconds. 2 count. Neck Wrench by Knux. Ken began to fight back and lifted Knux was put in a Fireman’s Carry. Knux slipped free and sent Ken into the corner. Splash to Ken’s back and then a Side Slam by Knux. 1-2-no. Taz talked trash about Ken as Knux nailed a Short Arm Clothesline. Knux hit another Short Arm Clothesline. Ken blocked a third Short Arm Clothesline and took out Knux with a surprise Mic Check.

Your Winner: Mr. Ken Anderson
Impact Score: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Joseph Park talked about how Bad Influence threw an Appletini in his face, last week. Park challenged Christopher Daniels to a 1-on-1 match, tonight. Park said partners should stay in the back. Daniels then accepted, in a separate video piece. Daniels joked about the whole Appletini thing. Daniels told Kaz to stay in the back for the battle. Daniels then suggested that either he or Kaz would find Abyss and take the TV title off him. Bobby Roode came in and showed off his new t-shirt. They talked as TNA went to break.

A promo video for the Kurt Angle vs Austin Aries match aired. Both men talked about the different aspects of submission matches.

Christopher Daniels vs Joseph Park

Park chased Daniels out of the ring. Daniels ducked Park and punched and kicked away. Hip Toss by park and a Double Thrust Forearm to drop Daniels. Park pulled up Daniels and hit a Clothesline. Whip by Park and Daniels collapsed, near the corner. Park wanted the Boston Crab but Daniels inched to the ropes. Park chased Daniels around the ring. Daniels kicked and punched away. Daniels clubbed Park in the back of the neck. Slider Clothesline to the back of Park’s neck. Park failed to pin Park. Park would not be Whipped. Universal into a Sunset Flip attempt. Park missed the Butt Drop and Daniels with a kick to the face. Rear Chin Lock by Daniels. Park got to his feet and tried to fight free. Daniels worked over the neck of Park but ended up on the wrong end of a Samoan Drop. Daniels rushed the corner but Park moved. Scoop Slam and aside Slam by Park. 2 count.

Daniels went for a Suplex but Park blocked and reversed the move. Park decided to do a move from the ropes but Daniels rolled to the far side of the ring. Huge Corner Splash by Park. Park boxed the ears of Daniels. Park pushed the ref away and got kicked in the nether region. The ref didn’t see a thing, of course.

Your Winner: Christopher Daniels
Impact Score: 2.5

Aces and Eights had a little chat, in the back. Knux was beating himself up but Ray and Bischoff calmed him down. Ray said Ken was right where Aces and Eights wanted him. Ray decided to take his boys to a strip club, but no one was to tell Brooke.

Ethan Carter III vs Norv Fornam and Dewey Barnes
2-on-1 Handicap Match

Seriously? Norv got in there and blasted EC3. Tag to Dewy. Weak Ax Bomber and tag to Norv. Moev with the same move. Norv danced and then tagged out. Dewey flew off and stomped the arm. Flying Forearm by Dewey. EC3 came back with a hard Clothesline. Snap Suplex by Carter. Ethan taunted the duo by keeping Dewey from making a tag. Back Drop Suplex by Carter. Back Elbows by Dewey. Hurancanrana and tag to Norv. Flying Crossbody and Missile Dropkick by Norv. Tornado DDt by Norv for a two. Carter with a hard kick. Dewey made the tag as Carter with a 1% on both guys.

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III
Impact Score: .25

Carter grabbed the stick and crowed about being a Carter.

Impact looked at A.J. Styles. It was a look at his trip to AAA, in Mexico. Styles said he was going to do what he does best, wrestle. He defeated El Mesias aka Judas Mesias to retain. Dixie had a hissy fit at the footage.

TNA then showed Jeff Hardy move forward in the tournament. Hardy ended up with a chipped tooth from a chair shot to the face.

A video package about Austin Aries’ World title win, last year. Aries was getting ready to fight, Kurt, later on.

Dixie Carter came out to an annoying Bluegrass-tinged theme song. The crowd was severely hostile to the Big Chiefette. She bragged about how right she was for kicking A.J. Styles off her show. Dixie said she was the only person in TNA that couldn’t be replaced. Dixie whined about Styles taking the TNA title to Mexico. She accused Styles of stealing the belt, even though she gave it to him. Dixie said Styles was not or would not be the World Champion. She then started talking about he bogus World Title Tournament. She really disrespected Chris Sabin in her rant. Dixie invited four men to come out. Bobby Roode, James Storm, Samoa Joe and Magnus.

Dixie said she spun the Wheel of Dixie and it turns out:

Bobby Roode vs James Storm in a Bullrope Match. Samoa Joe vs Magnus in Falls Count Anywhere Match.

James Storm was offended by Dixie telling him to step up his game against Bobby Roode. Storm cut one of the best promos in his career as he talked trash to Roode and Dixie. He said it was time for a Redneck to take over. Dixie told them to calm down.

Joe said he was tired to this fallacy. Joe told Dixie that this tourney was just to cover up Dixie’s bad business. Joe said he would cover Dixie on this one. Joe said when he won the title, he would defend it against A.J. Styles, first. Dixie told Joe that she could replace him in a heartbeat. Magnus tried to calm things down. Magnus said the tournament was all about competition. Magnus said he knew he had to beat the best to become the World Champion. Magnus was certain that he could defeat Joe and the others. Dixie said the new World Champion would be there to follow her lead and do what she wanted. She wished them all well and left the ring.

Bischoff jumped Anderson, in the back. Bad move, as Ken tore him a new one. Ken then handcuffed Bischoff and then explained that they needed to have a little talk. Ken swigged a beer as TNA went to break.

A promo about Kurt Angle ran. There were stills of Kurt’s first World title win.

Lei’d Tapa and Gail Kim walked from the back.

Gail Kim Open Challenge Match

If the opponent from outside TNA could defeat Gail, that person would get a future Knockout Title Shot. Gail said someone actually showed up to face her…

Gail Kim vs Hanna Blossom

Wait, I thought she was already a part of the company? Gail with a Running Boot. Gail then ran Blossom into the corner and rocked her with a European Uppercut. Pass Through Shoulder Thrust by Gail Kim. Hanna started to fight back but Gail kicked her in the hamstring. Crossface by Gail. Gail threw Blossom into the corner and kicked away. Ring Post Figure Four! The ref forced Gail to break the hold. Gail mocked the British girl and then swept her leg. Gail got a high five form Tapa. Hanna started to fight back and hit a good Clothesline and Snap Suplex. Odd Twisting Splash by Blossom.

Blossom with a Whip but Gail came back with the Clothesline. Eat Da Feet!

Your Winner: Gail Kim
Impact Score: 1.0

Gail mocked Hanna Blossom for her attempt. Gail said this was just the first of many challengers to fall.

Joseph Park returned to the ring. Park had something to say. Park said when he came to TNA, he was just looking for his brother, Abyss. Park said Kararian and Daniels were getting under his skin. Park agreed that he would never be the wrestler that his brother is. Park didn’t know where the Hell Abyss is, at any given time. Park said he had a solution to the problem. Park issued an open challenge…to his brother, Abyss! How’s THAT going to work?

Kurt Angle vs Austin Aries
Submission Rules match as part of the World Title Tournament.

Before the match, Ken Anderson kidnapped Garret Bischoff.

After the break, the two combatants squared off. Collar and Elbow into a Go Behind by Kurt. Trip by Aries. Hammerlock into a Side Headlock Takeover by Kurt. Go Behind by Aries. Standing Switch. Aries got knocked down off the Shoulder Tackle. Universal into Arm Drags by Aries. Kurt went after Aries’ ankle but Austin kicked out. Aries flipped out of the German and tried for the Last Chancellory. Kurt slid free and went to the floor.

Kurt with a kick and punch. Kurt then stomped Aries, in the corner. Float Over by Aries into a Single Leg Crab by Aries. Aries spun around into an STF. Kurt got to the ropes. Elbow to the back of Kurt’s head. Whip and Corner Clothesline by Aries. Austin followed it up with a Bulldog. Kurt got to the ropes to break a Front Face Lock. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Kurt.

Bobby Roode suddenly came out with a steel chair. He looked ready to sit and watch. That so threw Austin off his game. Kurt caught Aries, who was going for an Ax Bomber, to the floor. He then hit the Belly to Belly Suplex to plant Aries. Kurt went back to staring at Roode. Bobby said he was just there to watch. TNA went to a quick break.

Aries with a Neckbraker, through the ropes. Aries got back in the ring and hit a Flying Kneedrop to the neck. Flying Elbow Drop to Kurt’s chest. Front Face Lock by Aries. Kurt punched loose but Aries with a Kneelift. Bell Ringer, by Aries, to avoid a Belly to Belly. Kurt came back with a flurry of moves. He sent Aries into the corner but Kurt with the Belly to Belly. Hat Trick Germans by Kurt. Aries with the Arm Drag off he Angle Slam attempt. Aries with the Discus Forearm to send Kurt flying out of the ring. Aries flew off the top and hit a Double Sledge, on the floor. Aries seemed to hurt his ankle on the landing. Aries pushed Kurt back in the ring
and went up top. Kurt caught Aires, off a Missile Dropkick, and applied the AnkleLock. Aries rolled under to throw Kurt into the corner. Kurt dodged the Full Speed Dropkick and went back to the AnkleLock. Aries rolled under, again. This time, Kurt flew out of the ring. Aires with an awkward Suicide Dive. Kurt’s head struck the floor, hard.

Missile Dropkick by Aries. Running Dropkick by Aries. Brainbuster into the Last Chancellory. Kurt was tempted to tap out. Aries released the hold and wanted another Brainbuster. Kurt started to fight back. The two traded wicked shots to each other. Angle got two of the three Germans before Aries fought back. Kurt put Aries on the top turnbuckle. Aries fought out of the German Superplex, twice. Aries took his time to measure for a 450 Splash. Aries landed badly. Aries converted an Angle Slam into a Suplex. Aries with an Arm Drag. Aries charged and ended up striking the ring post. Kurt pointed at Roode and then slapped on the Crippler Crossface. Austin Aries tapped out!

Your Winner: Kurt Angle
Impact Score: 4.75

Ken Anderson came out, dragging Bischoff. Ken stopped at the top of the ramp and listened to the crowd. Ken then hit the Piledriver to Bischoff, on the stage!

As I close out things, this week, I have to say my good-byes to one of the best people that I have met in my nearly 50 years on this planet. Bishop Roberts passed away on Monday after a lengthy battle with cancer. He was highly respected and much loved by those of us who were fortunate enough to know him. I hope your rest is a glorious and peaceful one. We’ll meet again, some sunny day.


–Jay Shannon

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