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Welcome to the United Kingdom on this Veteran’s Day edition of Raw. Want to send special shout outs to two of my favorite people, Lady Jane and Peter. Jane’s been a friend for about 15 years and Pete’s been a good buddy for somewhere around 22 years. Both of them live in different parts of England and I’m hoping that the fates (or the world of pro wrestling) will someday have me jumping the pond to see them.

The show opened with a very touching tribute to the veterans. I am proud to say that my step-father and beloved grandfather both served this great nation. Both are now gone…but never forgotten.

From there, the Big Show situation was examined. Big Show agreed to settle his lawsuit by getting his job back and also a title shot, against Randy Orton, at Survivor Series. HHH agreed to the match but then he put Big Show against The Shield and Randy Orton. During the match, Kane came out in full dress suit and tie. Big Show was annihilated by the quartet that he was forced to face. Show put up a great fight but still ended up being put through the announce table.

Welcome to Manchester. Stephanie and HHH are on vacation, this week. Who was in charge? Randy Orton strolled from the back to a wild round of boos. Big Show was injured, last week, and will likely not be at tonight’s show. Randy accused Big Show of “blackmailing” his way into a title shot, in a couple of weeks. Randy was certain that he would defeat Big Show at Survivor Series. Randy explained that he was in charge of the night’s show.

Brad Maddox came out to confront Randy. Brad actually got a decent pop. Brad reminded Randy that he (Brad) was in charge of Raw, as the General Manager. Brad was silenced by the arrival of Kane. Kane is now Director of Operations for The Authority. Kane so looks like John Laurinaitis. “You Sold Out!” rang out. Kane said he was in charge, since Stephanie and HHH weren’t there. Brad suggested that Kane should follow his lead. Brad started to put Cody Rhodes against Randy Orton but Kane refused to let it happen. Kane said Randy was going to fight Goldust. The two grumbled about which one Randy would battle. Randy complained and that brought out Vickie Guerrero. She shrieked at the locals. Vickie decided that, as the voice of reason, she should do what was “Best for Business” (time for a pint). The fans screamed for “Daniel Bryan” to come out and fight. Vickie put Randy in a Handicap Match against BOTH Goldust and Cody Rhodes.

Randy Orton vs Goldust and Cody Rhodes
2-on-1 Handicap Match

I so love that new Clockwork theme music of the Rhodes Brothers. I went over to YouTube and pulled up the video for that video (without all the announcer talk) and just about wrecked my computer speakers. Grin. Between that and the Wyatts theme, my neighbors certainly know how much I love pro wrestling. It was time for a break.

The bell sounded and Randy faced Goldust. Side Headlock Takeover by Goldust. Randy reversed it into a Head Scissors. Goldust then did the same thing to Randy. Randy with a shove and Dust with a Shove. Shoulder Tackle by Randy. Cody took the tag and laid out Randy with a Front Drop Suplex. Randy kicked away at Cody and nailed a European Uppercut.

Side Headlock by Cody and tag to Goldust. School Boy for a 2. Randy rushed Goldy to the corner. Headbutts and Shoulder Thrusts by Randy. Goldust reversed a Whip but ate a Clothesline. Boot Laces across Goldy’s face. Randy took his time walking around Goldy. Stomp to Goldy’s mid-section by the Viper. Choke by Randy as the crowd chanted for Goldust. The two went back and forth with punches and kicks. Whip by Randy but Goldust got the boot up. Randy kicked Goldust off the ropes. Raw took another break.

Randy had Goldust in a Side Headlock. Goldy got up and punched away. Goldust avoided the Snap Powerslam and with a modified La Magistral Cradle for two. Cody go the tag and hit a Missile Dropkick. Cody with a Roll off the turnbuckles and a Goldustin Uppercut. Moonsault by Cody, but only for a two. Twisted Sister Backbreaker blocked and Cody took down Randy. Tag to Goldust. Cody tried to whip Goldy into Randy but Orton moved. Goldustin Uppercut by the master. Double La Bandera Clothesline to send Randy ot the outside. Randy took the cowardly way out but taking the count-out loss.

Your Winners (by Count-out): Goldust and Cody Rhodes
Raw Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Big Show came out and assaulted Randy, big time. Show threw Randy into the ring steps Huge Clothesline by Big Show. Show then dismantled the announce table. Show moved the ring steps over to the edge of the announce table. Show lifted Randy and walked him around and up the steps. Show then Chokeslammed Randy through the announce table! Randy clutched his shoulder in agony. The fans were going wild. After show left, the doctor and refs checked on the WWE champ. The announcers suggested that Randy might have an injured back or possibly a separated shoulder.

Big Show got his driver to take him somewhere to find a pint. The announcers were left without their announce table. It looked odd to see them sitting there.

Los Matadores and Santino Marella vs The Union Jacks (3MB in British Flag outfits)

El Torito really entertained the crowd, pre match. Santino had bull horns on, as he entered. I’m sure those are available at the concession stands. I love flags and would SO wear one of the vests/jackets. Los Matadores had to restrain El Torito. Diego started aginst Heath. Snap Mare and Knife Edge Chops by Diego. Heath with a kick. Jindar took the tag and delivered a High Knee. Drew then tagged in and the crowd loved their fellow countryman. Drew lid out Fernando. Snap Drop Suplex to Drew. Santino nad Jindar took tags. Splitz into the Hip Ross. Jindar got he knees up as Santino flew. Side Suplex by Santino. El Torito got on the apron and taunted Heath by twerking. Heath chased him around and Santino Gored Heath. Drew caught El Torito but Los Matadores took him out. Flip Dive by El Torito. Santino with a modified Stunner. The Cobra sock puppet came out and it hade horns. Gore! Gore! Gore!

Your Winners: Santino Marella and Los Matadores
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Randy Orton was being examined, in the training room. Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero came in to apologize. Randy ordered the GMs to leave. Kane then came in and told Randy he would listen to him or Randy would have problems with Kane, as well. The medico wanted to keep checking on Randy’s arm and shoulder.

The ran a promo for the Money in the Bank DVD. My buddy, Joe, recently picked that one up and said it was really well done.

Damien Sandow vs Kofi Kingston

Damien with repeated Knee Strikes. Damien threw Kofi to the outside. Damien clobbered the chest of Kofi and then stomped Kofi’s chest. Kofi’s face was wrapped in the ring apron. Rear Chin Lock by Damien. Kofi powered up to his feet and punched away. Kofi then opened up with kicks. Damien with a pair of hard Whips and some Shoulder Thrusts, in the corner. Jumping Knee Drop by Damien for a two. Sandow with the Elbow of Distain. 2 count. Damien missed the Legdrop. Kofi with a hard kick and Double Leg Trip. Kofi pounded away. Spin Kick nearly took Sandow’s head off. Kofi climbed to the middle turnbuckle nad hit a modified Crossbody to the back of Damien’s head.

Sandow punched away and then Whipp Kofi to the corner. Pendulum Kick by Kofi. Damien kicked the ropes and then nailed the You’re Welcome (Full Nelson Slam) to take the win.

Your Winner: Damien Sandow
Raw Ranking: 3.25

The WWE Rewind looked at Curtis Axel vs Dolph Ziggler, from last week. Axel lost.

Dolph Ziggler vs Curtis Axel
Intercontinental Title Match

This was your first Hour Turner match of the night. Axel came out alone, sporting the ivory belt. The bell sounded and the two locked up. They went to the corner and the ref ordered a break. Side Headlock by Axel as Cole ran down the various men that have held the I-C belt, including Axel’s daddy. Axel with hard blows to the face of the Show Off. Axel added some kicks, as well. Whip but Dolph came out of the corner. Nice Universal into a Running Dropkick, by Axel. Side Headlock by Dolph. Push Off by Dolph but Axel with a Shoulder Tackle. Universal into a wild Dropkick by Dolph. Hip Toss by Dolph. A couple of near Falls by Dolph. Heart Stopper by Dolph. Axel reversed a Whip and sent Dolph up and over the top rope. Dolph landed with a serious thud. Axel came out to get Dolph. Axel blasted Dolph, over and over. Axel threw Dolph back in and got a two count. Falling Forearms by Axel to gain a two count.

Axel choked Dolph on the ropes and therew vicious Crossfaces. Axel Paintburshed Dolph. Dolph with a Jumping DDT. Dang. Both men barely got to their feet. Axel rushed the corner and ended up striking the post. Flying Forearm by Dolph. Stinger Splash and Corner Mount Punches by Dolph. Funk Neckbreaker by Dolph. Jumping Elbow Drop. 1-2-no. Axel dodged the Famouser and used a Slingshot to send Dolph into the corner. Famouser by Dolph. 2 count. Axel reversed a Whip into a Snap Side Suplex. Axel went to the turnbuckles but Dolph with a mega X-Factor. 2 count? Really?

Axel led the ropes to block the Zig Zag. Lift Drop by Axel and the Spinning Neckbreaker to retain. Excellent match!

Your Winner: Curtis Axel
Raw Ranking: 4.5

Brad and Kane argued over who would be in trouble, especially next week. Brad decided to put The Real Americans vs John Cena in a Handicap Match. Kane waned a Tag Team Handicap Match: The Shield vs C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan.

Ok, I want to see the new Christmas Film “Christmas Bounty” on ABCFamily. It stars The Miz. The wife is currently in full-blown Christmas Movie mode so I think I can sneak that one in. Grin.

Zack Ryder got his chance to do the salesman bit. Zack looks odd with his new goatie thing.

Tamina Snuka (w/A.J. Lee) vs Nikki Bella (w/Brie)

Tamina threw Nikki around but she came back with a School Girl. Tamina with a shot to te ribs. Nikki with a Roll Upp, for two. Drop Toe Hold by Nikki, followed by a Dropkick. Tamina went to the outside and shrieked in frustration. Tamina got back in the ring and blocked a Monkey Flip. Tamina stomped at Nikki’s ribs. Tamina with a version of the Bow and Arrow. Nikki kicked free. Tamina pulled Nikki in the ropes and almost got disqualified. Knee Strikes into a Pump Handle Slam by Tamina. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by Tamina.

Ventura Flying Backbreaker but Tamina. Nikki got free and hit a Flying Head Scissors and Monkey Flip. Faceplant by Nikki but Tamina came back with a kick. A.J. snapped Nikki’s neck on the ropes. A.J. then attacked Brie. Tamina went to the penthouse and flew with the Snuka Family Superfly Splash.

Your Winner: Tamina Snuka
Raw Ranking: 1.25

Brie took out A.J. and Tamina with Dropkicks, after the match. Both women ended up on the floor.

They showed a clip from the new WWE video game. Those games are so much fun. I have several of them.

Randy was still being evaluated. The Shield came in to talk with Orton. Randy was ticked that Seth, Dean and Roman weren’t there to help him. Dean told Randy it was none of his business where they were. The Shield explained that they don’t work for Brad, Vickie, Kane or Randy.

Fandango vs Tyson Kidd

Fandango had some killer Union Jack theme wrestling pants. Summer Rae looked incredible, as usual. Raw went to break before the match. That gave the fans so much longer to sing and dance along with the ballroom couple. I hated his character, at first, but he has so grown on me. Tyson and Fandango had an issue, during a recent training session. Fandango was with Nattie and Tyson got ticked.

JBL accused Tyson of being insecure. Go Behind by Tyson. Side Headlock by Fandango. Snap Mare by Tyson. Universal into a Spin Kick by Tyson. Slider Dropkick by Tyson and several hard shots. Float Over by Tyson got blocked and Fandango threw Tyson over the top rope and to the floor. Fandango flirted with Natalya. Bad mojo, bubba.

Fandango got a 2 count and then punched away on Tyson. Rear Chin Lock by Fandango. Tyson got to his feet and tried to punch free. Fandango clubbed the back of Tyson’s head. Hurancanrana by Tyson. Tyson with a Missile Dropkick. Fandango to the outside and Tyson with a Running Hurancanrana, off the apron. Top Rope Sunset Flip but Fandango sat down and pinned Tyson.

Your Winner: Fandango
Raw Ranking: 3.0

WWE ran a promo piece for Hire Heroes, a project that finds jobs for veterans. Fantastic organization that helps so many people.

John Cena vs Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger
Handicap Match, Non-Title

I like Cena’s new shirt, but really wish it was a different color than white. I look horrible in white, since I’m a fat man. Zeb Colter came out and mocked the British accent. Zeb, as usual, talked trash about the locals. He even called the Royal Family “evil” and talked crap about Mr. Bean. (Yes, I have both the Mr. Bean and Black Adder Collections…Rowan Atkinson is brilliant).

Collar and Elbow by jack and John. Jack went after Cena’s bad arm. Antonio took the tag but was interrupted by the arrival of Alberto Del Rio. Cena with a Whip but Antonio with a hard shot. Cesaro threw Cena to the floor. Jack with a cheap shot. Del Rio strolled to the ringside area. Raw took a break as Antonio ran Cena into the ring barrier.

European Uppercut by Antonio. The Ole chant got going. Del Rio had joined the announce team. Antonio kicked Cena in the back and then sent him flying with the Gut Wrench Throw. 2 count. Jack took the tag and clamped on the Side Headlock. Back Drop Suplex by Cena. Cesaro came in and got laid out. Tag to Swagger, who hit the Swagger Bomb, twice. Cena moved to avoid a third one. Cena went Vintage on Swagger but Antonio stopped Cena cold with the European Uppercut. Cesaro went for he Cesaro Swing but Cena countered it into the Protobomb. Jack, who had tagged in, grabbed the Patriot Lock. Cena kicked free. Tag to Antonio. Crossbody by Antonio but Cena followed through and went for the Attitude Adjustment. Chop Block by Swagger and Antonio got a two count. Antonio prepped for the Neutralizer but Cena with a Back Body Drop. Swagger with a tag but he fell to the Protobomb and Five Knuckle Shuffle. Swagger countered the AA into the Patriot Lock. They were dead center in the ring. Cena teased tapping out but spun under and nailed the AA. Cena was clutching the bad arm. 1-2-save by Antonio.

Cesaro got the tag but Cena with a Spinning Powerbomb to get a two. Wow, Cena is really starting to expand his arsenal. The tow traded punches and European Uppercuts. Cena took the advantaged until Cesaro with the Flying European Uppercut. 2 count. Why isn’t Cesaro a champion? Cena was seriously stunned. Running European Uppercut, by Antonio. Cesaro placed Cena on the top turnbuckle and went for the Superplex. Cena fought back and sent Antonio flying. Swagger got the tag ad hit a Crossbody. Cena took out Antonio and then trapped Swagger in the STF. Tap Out.

Your Winner: John Cena
Raw Ranking: 3.5

Del Rio and the Real Americans then Triple Teamed John Cena. Del Rio went after Cena with a steel chair. Del Rio wrapped the bad arm in a chair and stomped away. He then put the Cross Armbreaker on Cena. The arm was still trapped. Big E Langston rushed down and threw Del Rio out of the ring. Why? The crowd chanted for “Big E Langston”. Glad to see the kid starting to rise in the company. I really think he could be a future major player.

Natalya will face A.J. Lee on Main Event for the Divas Championship. Raw showed how Nattie beat Lee on a recent Smackdown, in a non-title match.

Kane, Brad and Vickie were watching the monitor as Alberto Del Rio came in. Del Rio said he would beat Cena, in Boston, for the World title. Del Rio told Vickie to tell Big E to keep his nose out of his business. Kane told Del Rio to tell him, himself.

Ryback vs R-Truth

Truth trash talked Ryback in his rap. I so dislike rap. Truth ducked under Ryback. Go Behind by Truth. Side Headlock by Truth. Ryback powered out and threw Truth down bu the hair. Ryback asked Truth to hit him. Side Headlock by Truth. Ryback powered out and threw Truth down, by the hair, again. Truth came back with punches and kicks. Shoulder Thrusts by way of a Bum Rush to two corners. Hammer Throw by Ryback. Ryback put Truth down hard and stomped away. Ryback with measured punches and a Scoop Slam. 2 count. Reverse Bear Hug by Ryback. Ryback switched to a standard Bear Hug. Truth with Headbutts to try and get free. When he added some punches, he did. Spinebuster by Ryback. Meat Hook Clothesline missed and Truth with a Roll Up.

Your Winner: R-Truth (Seriously?)
Raw Ranking: 2.25

Big E Langston vs Alberto Del Rio

This was a last-minute match, put together after Langston got involved in the Cena match.

Collar and Elbow and Del Rio went wild with shots. Big Ed gave as good as he got. Running Shoulder Thrust, in the corner. Big E then Steam Rolled Del Rio. Double Boots by Del Rio. 1 count, only. Rear Chin Lock by Del Rio. Big E with a Whip but Del Rio came back with a DDT. 1-2-no. Del Rio with hard shots. Rear Chin Lock by Del Rio. Big E powered up and Del Rio jumped on Langston’s back with a Sleeper. Langston went to one knee as a Wave went through the crowd. Clotheslines by Langston. Belly to Belly Suplex by Langston. Big Splash to Del Rio’s back. Langston rushed the corner abut got blasted with the Step Up Enziguri. Still, only a two count. The crowd chanted “We are Awesome!” Langston blocked the Cross Armbreaker and dropped Del Rio. Langston went for the Big Ending but Del Rio slipped free and applied the Cross Armbreaker. Big E had to tap, to avoid having a broken arm.

Your Winner (by Submission): Alberto Del Rio
Raw Ranking: 2.5

The announcers did a nice shout out to the veterans and those who are currently serving.

John Cena and Alberto Del Rio will have an Arm Wrestling Match…on Smackdown.

Paul Heyman was in the ring. He had a neck brace, a leg immobilizer, a crutch and a wheelchair at his disposal. Paul blamed C.M. Punk for his injuries. Paul said Punk had to have help from Ryback to get the job done. Paul really trash talked Ryback, saying that Ryback was never a “Heyman Guy”. I smell a Face Turn for Ryback. Heyman also blamed the fans for his injuries. He said it was the fans that urged Punk to climb the cage and deliver the beating of a lifetime to a father of two. Whine Whine Whimper. Heyman said he has been receiving alternate medical treatment. He then bashed Manchester. Paul said he had the intention to return with a vengeance. Heyman said he was going to be a Sword of Damocles, hanging over the head of Punk.

Speaking of Punk, Punk’s music went off. Paul then needed a change of undies, I’m sure. Punk strolled down to the ring. Axel came out to attack Punk but Punk tore Axel a major new one. Go To Sleep on Axel. Punk then stared up at the ring. Heyman screamed at Punk to go away. Punk found a kendo stick and came to where Paul was waiting. Punk spun Heyman around in the wheelchair and then dumped him out. Punk then wore out the kendo stick across Heyman’s back. Daniel Bryan then came out to join Punk for the main event.

C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan vs The Shield (Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns).
3-on-2 Handicap Match

Raw took a break as Heyman’s carcass was carted out. Next week, WWE will present “Raw Country”. Could it be the return of Mickie James? Double J? The Godwins? Who knows?

Dean started against Punk. Collar and Elbow into a Hammerlock by Dean. Side Headlock by Dean but Punk with the Push Off. Shoulder Tackle by Dean but Punk came back with a Leg Lariat. Tag to Daniel . Double Suplex by the faces. Daniel with measured shots to the head. Back Elbow by Dean. Tag to Seth. Seth with a hard kick and punch to the ribs. Kitchen Sink Knee by Daniel. Daniel with the Flying Surfboard. Damn, I hate that freaking move! It so hurts, trust me.

Punk took the tag and kicked Seth. 2 count. Snap Mare into a Dropkick to Seth’s neck. Seth with Knife Edge Chops. Seth with a Whip. Punk with a Slingshot and Seth hit hard. Seth had to fight out of the GTS. Tag to Roman. Roman talked trash and Punk just grinned. Hook up took the m to the corner. Headbutt by Roman and then punishment ot Punk’s ribs. Daniel called for a tag. Roman with hard punches but Punk slid under and then tagged out. Daniel and Punk traded kicks. Roman with a Double Clothesline to his opponents. Roman pitched Punk out of the ring. Tag to Seth. Seth kicked Daniel in the ribs. Daniel ran the ropes and hit a Flip Suplex, Hesitation Dropkick and Top Rope Hurancanrana. Daniel with wicked kicks to Seth’s chest. Dean got laid out but Seth attacked Daniel. Raw went to break.

Daniel was trapped in a Rear Chin Lock, by Seth. Daniel Sledged his way to the corner but Seth came back with a Whip. Tag to Dean, who kicked away and hit a Power Drive Elbow. Dean pulled at Daniel’s fingers, ala Outlaw Ink (over in Ring of Honor). Roman tagged back in and stood over Daniel. He clubbed Daniel’s neck and screamed at him. Daniel began to punch up from his knees. Wild Thrust to Daniel’s throat. Seth tagged back in as JBL compared The Shield to the Freebirds. Rear Chin Lock by Seth. Punk reached for the tag but Daniel was in mid-ring.

Daniel got to his feet but Roman got he tag. Daniel made sure to have Seth and Roman hit the floor. Tag to Punk and Dena. Punk exploded on Dean and then took out Roman. Rolling Neckbreaker by Punk. Elevator Knee into a Short Arm Clothesline. Punk went up high and smiled. Savage Elbow! Daniel got involved and took out Seth. Roman nearly decapitated Daniel but Punk laid out Roman. Punk with an evil Crescent Kick. Punk wanted to send Dean out but ended up taking out Roman with the GTS. Dean tried for a sneaky move but Punk cinched in the Anaconda Vise.

Suddenly, The Wyatt Family showed up. The Shield and the Wyatts decided to take out Punk. Seth then got upset at the Wyats for interrupting their match. Dean tried to play peacemaker but Seth wasn’t having any part of it.

Your Winner: No Contest
Raw Ranking: 3.0

The Shield tore into the Wyatts. Bray attacked Roman and the big Samoan ripped him a new backside. The Shield got major cheers. I love it. The sextet, in the ring, suddenly realized it was time to go after Punk and Daniel. Daniel and Punk got back in the ring and stood, back to back. All Hell broke loose!. The Usos and the Rhodes Brothers hit the ring and it completely went berserk. The Shield and the Wyatts bailed. Let’s make Survivor Series have a 13-Man Elimination Match!

Well, Tuesday is a super busy day for me. Half shift in the morning, at work, and a full afternoon at the local Food Pantry, where my wife, grandsons and I do our volunteer work. See you all on Thursday!


–Jay Shannon

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