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Welcome to the Halloween episode of TNA Impact. A.J. Styles is dressed up as the 2011 C.M. Punk doing the leaving the company with the belt character. Dixie Carter has a plan to deal with it…ok, it’s a “borrowed” plan but it’s still a plan.

Since the show ran on Halloween. I thought I”d include my Halloween photo from this year. Your recap is being presented by “Sheriff Jay”.

The Flashback Segment looked at Kurt Angle, A.J. Styles and Bully Ray. Styles decided to take off, without signing his new contract. He took the World Title Belt with him.

Dixie came out with her new “Dixie Land” graphic after Mike Tenay ran down the night’s card. She drew massive heat from the Salt Lake crowd. Dixie whined about how A.J. Styles walked out on her, last week. Dixie said Styles was no longer “Her” World Champion. Dixie said Styles said A.J. could keep the belt and the car that he stole from her. Styles said she needed a “Real” World Champion. Dixie had an idea. She set up an 8-man Title Tournament. She announced the first seven, all former World Champions:

1. James Storm
2. Samoa Joe
3. Kurt Angle
4. Jeff Hardy
5. Austin Aries
6. Bobby Roode
7. Chris Sabin

Dixie started to discuss the 8th position but one former World Champ came out, ticked that he wasn’t included…Bully Ray. Dixie cut off Bully’s music. Dixie announced a Gauntlet Match to fill the final spot. Ray wanted to know how he was supposed to win back the title. “You Tapped Out!” rang out from the crowd. Ray wanted to know if Dixie knew who he was. She said Bully was the man who lost, twice, to A.J. Styles. Bully said it was Earl Hebner’s fault and Ken Anderson’s fault. Ken rushed down and attacked Bully Ray. The two traded hard, wild punches. Impact went to break.

In the back, Brooke screamed and yelled at Anderson. It was a trap to distract everyone. Bully rushed in and whipped Ken with the chain. Ray told Ken that Anderson was too stupid to stay gone. Ray warned Ken to stay away. Ray then left Ken for dead.

Garret Bischoff was asked about the Ken Anderson situation. Bischoff started to stated his thoughts but Knux came in and took him away from the cameramen.

Gunner and James Storm vs Robbie E and Jessie Godderz (BroMans)
World Tag Team Rematch

The BroMans have a new intro. Before it was finished, the GunSlingers rushed out and attacked. Storm sent Jessie into the ring steps. Gunner, in the ring, with a Knife Edge Chop and Wip. Blanchard Slingshot Suplex by Gunner. 2 count. Storm took the tag and the challengers with the Double Back Elbow. Kneedrop by Storm. Jessie tagged in. Storm with a Knife Edge on Jessie, who looks more like John Cena, every single day. Tag to Gunner. Inverted Atomic Drop by Storm. Storm with a Side Russian Leg Sweep as Gunner nailed a Running Clothesline. Gunner took down Jessie and got a two. Tag to Storm. Rib Shot, by Storm, who flew off the ropes. Eye Of The Storm by Storm. 2 count, as Robbie made the save. Robbie took down Storm. Gunner then came in to attack Robbie. Double Team on Gunner. Gunner was sent up and over the ropes. Robbie with a Clothesline, on the floor. Back Stagger, by Storm, to Jessie. Robbie pulled Jessie out of harm’s way before the Last Call Superkick. Robbie tripped Storm and held his leg so Jessie could pin Storm. Jeez.

Your Winners: The BroMans
Impact Score: 1.5 out of a possible 5

Dixie chatted with Sting. Dixie decided to give Sting another chance at the World Title. If he could win the Gauntlet Match, Dixie would lift the lifetime ban. Sting said he earned everything and he never had a sense of entitlement. Dixie didn’t know if Sting accepted her offer or not.

Abyss returned at Bound For Glory. He destroyed Bad Influence. Abyss befriended his “brother’s” tag partner, Eric Young. Backstage, tonight, Daniels and Kazarian decided to dress like Sherlock Holmes and look into the existence of Abyss and what happened to the TV Title. They would Reveal the Monster.

Ethan Carter III vs Norv Fernum

This was the little guy that EC3 massacred at Bound For Glory. I do my best to show respect to all wrestlers for doing what they do, but I sling bails of hay that weigh more than this kid. Good grief. Ethan started the match a Big Boot. Ethan threw Norm into the corner and hit a Knife Edge Chop. Ethan threw Norv all around the ring. Another Knife Edge Chop. Ethan with Elbow Drops. Ethan with a T-Bone Suplex. Yawn. Norv tried to fight back but EC3 swung Norv around by the neck. Norm with Shoulder Tackle and a Dropkick to the back. EC3 flipped Norv over the ropes. Crossbody by Norv. Lift Drop by EC3. 1%er by EC3 to finish this joke of a match.

Your Winner (d’uh): Ethan Carter III
Impact Score:1.0 (yep, he got a 1 Percenter Score)

Ethan then got on the microphone and said the world needs the Carters.

Bobby Roode talked with the doctor, in the back, about Kurt Angle’s condition. Roode tried to get the doc to be sure (wink, wink) that Kurt is medically cleared to compete.

ODB was talking about her upcoming rematch, tonight. ODB said she would take on both Gail Kim and Lei’d Tapa. Daniels and Kaz came up, still doing their investigation thing. Daniels decided that ODB stood for “Overly Developed Bosoms”. Yeppers. Eric Young said there was a surprise coming for Bad Influence…hinting that Abyss might be in the house.

Tag Team Gauntlet Match to determine the 8th competitor in the upcoming World Title Tournament Match. This was basically fought under Royal Rumble Rules.

Sting vs Kazarian

Kaz talked trash to Sting. Sting did his Wolf Howl but Kaz tore into him. Kaz rammed Sting’s head into the corner. Whip into a Flying Back Elbow. Sting completely No Sold the move. He stomped away on Kaz and ran him into the corner. Back Body Drop by Sting. “You Still Got It!” rang out for Sting. Kaz tried to oust Sting but it didn’t happen. The clock was running down.

Vs Knux

The Aces and Eights member took his time getting to the ring. Impact took a break.

Vs Eric Young

Eric slid into the ring nad hit a Belly to Belly on Kaz. Eric wailed away on Knux. Corner Mount Punches by Eric. Eric flew off the ropes and hit a Crossbody on Kaz. Sting got a nice rest. Sting then kicked away on Knux. Taz started making fun of people in Utah. He got a veiled shot in on the Mormons. By the way, Mr. Taz, we Mormons do NOT have multiple wives. That was abolished many, many years ago. Learn your facts and quit trying to do offensive stand-up.

Back to the action. Kaz stomped on Eric and Knux went after Sting. Knux and Kaz tried to work together, for a moment, to send Eric out. Eric fought back as the clock wound down.

Vs Christopher Daniels

No one had been eliminated. Eric tried to throw out Kaz but Daniels caught him. Kaz is safe, for now. Daniels got in the ring and went off on Eric. Double team by Bad Influence on Eric. Bad Influence went to Double Suplex Sting but the Icon flipped both Kaz and Daniels over. Impact took another break.

Vs Manik

Manik went right after Kaz and Daniels. Kaz sent Manik into Daniels. Manik with a Double Dropkick on Daniels and Kaz. Eric and Sting with the 2-on-1 on Knux. Eric then tore into Daniels. Kaz stopped him cold. Kaz tried to pitch out Manik but he Skinned the Cat nad hit a Hurancanrana. The timer was down to 10.

Vs Magnus

Magnus went off on both members of Bad Influences. Double Shoulder on Daniels nad Kaz. Magnus punched away on Knux but the Aces and Eights member hit the Crossbody. Knux threw Manik into the corner after blowing off a Dropkick. Manik escaped the Pumphandle. Manik with the Hurancanrana.

Knux – Eliminated

Kazarian with Springboard Back Elbow to eliminated Manik

Manik – Eliminated

Taz got very frustrated and said he needed to dump Aces and Eights. After those earlier comments, I’d rather TNA keep Aces and Eights and dump Taz. Kaz flipped Eric onto the apron. Daniels tripped EY as he got on the top rope. Enziguri by Kaz sent Eric to the floor.

Eric Young – Eliminated

Sting with a Clothesline on Kaz. Magnus with the Magnus Driver on Daniels. Bad Influence with the Double Team on Magnus. Sting was stunned. Magnus got free and Clotheslined Daniels. Stinger Splash to Kaz. Magnus with a La Bandera to eliminate Daniels. Magnus then rushed over and pushed both Kaz and Sting out.

Daniels, Kazarian and Sting – Eliminated

Your Winner: Magnus
Impact Score: 2.5

Sting looked shocked at what just happened. Magnus signed that he was going to win the World Title belt. Magnus did show some respect to Sting but seemed a little phony in his praise.

Kurt Angle was in the back, talking with the same doctor that Bobby Roode chatted with, earlier. We couldn’t hear anything that they were saying. Kurt was asked about it. He said that the doctor wanted him to take the night off but did clear Kurt, if he wanted to fight.

Dixie Carter was stopped and asked about Magnus getting the 8th spot. Dixie said it was cool but she was about to announce the brackets and unleash…The Wheel of Dixie. Oh, please help us.

ODB vs Gail Kim
Knockout Title Match

Lei’d Tapa came out just before Gail Kim. Tapa is now, I guess, Gail’s bodyguard. Tapa opened the ropes for Gail and then joined her in the ring. The bell sounded and Tapa stepped back outside. Spear by ODB to Gail. ODB pounded away and threw Gail into a couple of corners. Open Hand Slap to Gail’s chest. Hammer Throw by ODB. Breast Buster into an attempt at the Bronco Buster. Gail slid out to avoid her challenger. ODB went out and got Gail, throwing her back into the ring. Gail slid out the other side. ODB blocked the Eat Da Feet and hit a Fallaway Slam, on the floor. ODB seemed to hurt her back on the landing.

Tapa got up in ODB’s face. That let Gail nail a Baseball Slide Dropkick that sent ODB into the announce table. ODB almost got counted out. Gail with her Ring Post Figure Four. The ref forced the break. Gail then kicked at ODB’s back. ODB started fighting back but Gail stopped her with a Clothesline. 2 count. Leg Scissors by Gail. ODB powered up to her feet, turning Gail upside down. Single Leg Crab by ODB. Gail made it to the ropes to force the break. Gail with a sharp kick to the chest of ODB. Gail went for a Corner Dropkick but ODB moved. Scoop Slam by ODB. Thesz Press for a two by ODB> Tapa was up on the apron. ODB lifted Gail and put her on the top rope. ODB tripped Gail. Front Buster Suplex by ODB. Tapa distracted the ref. Gail with a School Girl, clutching the ropes, to get the pin and retain.

Your Winner: Gail Kim
Impact Score: 1.5

Kazarian and Daniels felt that they had solved the Mystery of the Monster Abyss. They were on their way to the ring to explain it all.

Detectives Daniels and Kazarian were out, in fully Scotland Yard regalia. Kaz made fun of a girl’s big butt in the front row. Daniels came out with a cheesy British accent. They decided that Abyss lived under the ring. Daniels went to look under the ring. He found…a pumpkin.

Eric Young came out, dressed as Joseph Park. E.Y. said Halloween wasn’t a real holiday (it is in Nevada). Eric said he called Abyss. Abyss wanted to send a message to Bad Influence. Eric started beating on Daniels and Kaz. The duo then took advantage and went wild.

Enter The Monster! Abyss walked down and began to pound away. Double Clothesline by Abyss. Black Hole Slam to Kazarian. Daniels tried to beg off but Abyss wasn’t satisfied. Abyss with a Black Hole Slam to Daniels, as well. Eric seemed afraid but Abyss extended the hand to help Eric to his feet.

In the back, Kurt Angle was ready to go to war.

The first round Brackets were set:

Jeff Hardy vs Chris Sabin

Bobby Roode vs James Storm

Kurt Angle vs Austin Aries

Magnus vs Samoa Joe

Interesting choices. Again, two Main Event Mafia guys square off. The other three matches look excellent, as well.

Hardy and Sabin were in Dixie’s office. She pun the wheel and got the Full Metal Mayhem match. Dixie was certain Jeff would sail through that match. So, TNA has now “Lifted” the whole concept of Halloween Havoc’s “Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal” idea. Wow.

Impact then looked back at Bobby Roode’s induction into the E.G.O. Hall of Fame. Kurt came out and challenged Rodoe for a fight at Bound for Glory. Kurt knocked himself out during that match and Bobby got the win. Kurt then declined to accept his place in the TNA Hall of Fame. Kurt wanted a rematch and that happens…now.

Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode

Collar and Elbow to open. They went to the corner and spun around and around. Go Behind by Roode. Standing Switch into a Takedown. Roode went for the Crippler Crossface but Kurt Blocked it. Kurt wanted the AngleLock but Roode got to the ropes.

Bobby got back in and hit a Kneelift and clubbing blows. Measured punches by the “It Factor”. Elbow Drop to Kurt’s neck. Kurt with a Whip and the Belly to Belly Throw. Clothesline by Kurt and Bobby bailed out of the ring. Kurt went to get Bobby and punched him silly. Roode came back with a kick and punches. Bobby blocked a Suplex, on the floor. Roode then ran Kurt into the ring apron. Time for another break.

Roode with a knee and got a two count. Reverse Bear Hug by Bobby. Kurt got to his feet but Bobby put him in an Abdominal Stretch. Kurt fought out of the painful hold. Standing Switch into the Hat Trick German Suplexes. Bobby fought free but Kurt came back and hit another Hat Trick. 2 count. Bobby Arm Dragged out of the AngleSlam. Rodoe almost got the pin. Roode with the Fireman’s Carry but Kurt slid into the AngleLock. Bobby turned and kicked free. Crippler Crossface by Roode. Kurt teased tapping out but wasn’t ready to do so. Kurt went back to the ankle. Kurt worked into another AngleLock. Bobby thought about tapping out but spin back into the Crippler Crossface. Kurt rolled back for a pin but Bobby into a Backslide. Roode went right back into the Crossface. Kurt was really thinking about quitting but he ht the AngleSlam, instead. 1—2—no. Kurt dropped the straps and went back to the AngleLock. Roode rolled under to almost pin Kurt. Modified Spicoli Driver/Cutter by Roode. Call it the Canadian Cutter. Single Leg Crab into the AngleLock. Roode tried to kick out, but couldn’t. Kurt Grapevined the leg but Roode was too close to the ropes. “T-N-A” rang out, big time. Kurt put Roode on the top rope. Kurt with a pair of hard punches. Bobby fought out of the AngleSuperSlam. Roode sent Kurt to the canvas but he was so tired. Kurt ran the ropes and hit the Belly to Belly Throw. Kurt crawled for the pin but only got two. The ref began to count both men down. Kurt almost seemed to be having some kind of seizure, in the ring. The ref called off the match.

Your Winner (by Referee Stoppage): Bobby Roode
Impact Score: 3.5

The crowd was completely silent. Even Bobby Roode seemed scared for Kurt. My late father was epileptic and this reminds me of one of his mild seizures. Please keep Kurt in your thoughts and prayers. I honestly don’t think that Kurt is putting on for the camera.


–Jay Shannon

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